Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 3: Chap 29: Survivor Party ( Chapter 29 )

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Survivor Party

Dateline: Our friends' vacation ended when they defeated Blare.

    "Gracey! Could you check the mail?" asked Megan. "Okay Mommy." she said. Then she went outside to the mailbox, got the mail, and went back into the house. Grace looked though the mail. "Bill, bill, bill, love letter that sent that has a return to sender on it and.... what's this?" thought Grace when she came to an envelope shaped like a bottle. She set the other mail on the stereo cabinet and sat in her mother's red recliner. Grace opened the envelope. Inside was a rolled up piece of paper. She slowly unrolled it. "You are invited to a survivor birthday party tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock at Oak's drive. Signed Ellen." read Grace. "Mom!" yelled Grace. "Yes, Grace." said Megan. "Could go to Ellen's survivor birthday party tomorrow?" she asked. "Of course you can." said Megan. "Thanks." said Grace. Then Grace went into the kitchen to use the phone. She called her cousin's house. "Hello?" said Lisa. "Hey Lisa. It's me." said Grace. "Hi Grace. What's going on?" asked Lisa. "Were invited to Ellen's survivor party?" asked Grace. "Yes, Me and Chillie were invited." said Lisa. "How about Erica and Serena?" asked Grace. "They're out of town, Remember?" Chillie yelled in the background. "Shut up! I'm the back seat." yelled Lisa "Oh, that's right." said Grace. "Is that all?" asked Lisa. "Yes." said Grace. "All right, bye." said Lisa. Then she hung up. "Bye." said Grace. Then Grace hung up and went back to her room.

    The next day, Grace was all packed up and ready to go. She was waiting for Jordan to drive her bus up in the driveway. Mitch was going over supplies check with her. "Do you have your canteen?" he asked. "Yes." said Grace. "Sun block?" he asked. "Yes" she said. "Lip balm?" he asked. "Yes" she said. "Long lasting snacks?" he asked. "Yes" she said. "Present?" he asked. "Yes." she said. "Then you're good to go." said Mitch. Then Jordan drove up. "I've got go. Bye!" yelled Grace. Then she ran out the door. "Thanks for taking us to the birthday party, Aunt Jordan." said Grace. "Your welcome." said Jordan. "Now where does this girl live?" "Oak drive." said Lisa. After Grace buckled her seat belt, Jordan drove away to the birthday party.
    Grace rang the door bell. Ellen's brother came to the door. "Party's backyard." he said. "All right, Thank you." said Chillie. Then the three girls ran to the backyard. Ellen's sisters hosed them down in order to make them look like they were in the ocean. The guests were all dressed all they were washed up upon a beach. "Hey Grace. Hey Chillie. Hey Lisa. Glad you could make it." said Ellen as she opened the gate for them. The girls walked in one by one. Ellen closed the gate behind them. The princesses were amazed. "We're bobbing for coconuts over there, In a few hours we're going to break the cactus piñata, you can fill your canteens with punch, we have a drawing contest over there, in a few minutes we'll have a karaoke contest, and the cake will be coming out after we hit the piñata." Ellen explained to them. When do you open the presents?" asked Chillie. "After we eat." said Ellen. "Oh!" said all three girls. The girls didn't know what to do first. "What should we do first?" Lisa asked Grace. "Why are you asking me?" asked Grace. "Because you are leader." said Chillie. "Leader? I am no leader!" yelled the little princess. "Well you lead us though the battles of Blare." said Lisa. "I did?" asked Grace. "Yeah." said Lisa and Chillie. Grace didn't know what to say. Finally she said: "Let's fill our canteens." Then the girls went over to the punch bowl and filled the canteens. Then Chillie went over to bob for coconuts, Lisa went over to the drawing contest, and Grace over went to talk to some of the girls at the party.
    "All right girls! It's time for the karaoke contest!" yelled Ellen's mother. The girls raced to the little stage that Ellen's brother made. The song was Survivor by Destiny's Child. A lot of girls tried but only Grace, Lisa, and Chillie won the prize which was a bag of candy. "I'll split between you guys." said Grace. "So between you, Lisa, and I, we'll get twenty-five pieces of candy." said Chillie. "Wait! You're forgetting Erica and Serena. If we split it with them, we'll only have fifteen pieces of candy." said Lisa. "Don't we'll get more candy." said Grace. Then it was time for the piñata. Chillie was the one who broke it. (While using her powers.) The princesses would now have fifty pieces of candy each. Then it was time for the cake. Ellen's dad bought the cake. The cake was decorated like an island. "Could we have two extra pieces of cake for Erica and Serena?" asked Grace. "Why sure." said Ellen's mother. Then she cut to pieces, put them on a plate and wrapped them in plastic. Chillie carried the cakes. Then Ellen began opening her present. The princesses couldn't stay too long. Jordan came to pick them up.  The girls said goodbye and left.
The End

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