Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 3: Chap 30: Cave Journey ( Chapter 30 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Cave Journey
Dateline: Grace, Lisa, and Chillie went Ellen's survivor birthday party.
Travis was slyly waiting for Takeru and Grace to come around the corner. When they got there, Travis quickly grabbed Grace. "Let go of me jerk!" she yelled. Takeru quickly turned around. Grace jabbed Travis in stomach with her elbow. He quickly let go of her. "What were you thinking?!?" yelled Grace. "I want you with me." he said. "That's not going to happen!" she yelled. Then she and Takeru and walked away. "Each day, she is closer to him." thought Travis. Then he quickly got a drink of water and came up with great idea. So he teleported to them. "What now?!?" yelled Takeru "I'm sorry about early. It's just when I see a honey like you, I just act an animal." said Travis. "I forgive you." said Grace. Takeru didn't trust him. "Why you take a walk with me?" said Travis as he put his arm around Takeru 's shoulders. "I don't to come." he said. "But I insist." said Travis. "I'm coming too." said Grace. "No, You stay here. This is man stuff." said Travis. Then the two boys walked on into the woods.
"You know, I don't think you're brave enough." said Travis. "Yes, I am." said Takeru "All right, then prove it." said Travis. "Okay. But how?" asked Takeru "Come with me." said Travis. Then he took Takeru roughly by the hand and lead him to a cave. "You see, inside this cave, lives a hungry monster. If you can go in there, get the monster's tooth and bring it here alive and in one piece, then I'll have second thoughts about you." said Travis. "I don't know." said Takeru "What are you scared?" Travis asked him. "No!" yelled Takeru "Then what are you waiting for?" he asked he as pushed the blond haired boy closer to the cave. "All right. All right." said Takeru Then he went into the cave. "Yes!" thought Travis. Then he ran back to Grace. "What a sucker!" he thought.
Grace was waiting for the boys to come back when she saw Travis coming towards her. "Well?" asked Grace when he got close to her. "Well what?" he asked. "Where's Takeru?" she asked. "I sent him on a little quest." he said. "Why?" asked Grace. "To test him." said Travis. "What on?" she asked. Then he violently grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. Then she pushed him away. "Why did you do that for?" she asked in anger. "I thought wanted to be kissed." he said. "Well, I wanted too, I would have said something!" she yelled. Then Grace walked away to the park. Travis followed her.
"It sure is dark in here." Takeru thought as he went deeper into the cave. Since the ground was slippery, Takeru slipped and fell. He slid down father to the center. "Where am I?" he thought. Then he looked ahead. It became really dark. Then he heard snoring noises. He looked around quickly. The noise was coming from the left. So he got up off the ground and followed the noise. The closer he got to the louder the noise got. Finally he saw the outline of the creature. The creature looked big. "The monster!" he thought. Then he picked up a rock and threw it at the creature. That woke the creature and it was growling at him. "Oh-No! I'm doomed!" thought Takeru He tried to climb out but the wall was to slippery. He was trapped! Then it jumped out at him. Takeru covered his eyes. A black dog jumped on his lap. Takeru looked down and the cute little creature. "Oh hello little fellow." said Takeru he as he pat the dog on the head. Right then, he found out about Travis' plan. "Travis was lying!" he thought in anger. Then he looked down at the dog. "Try and find a way out of here. If you can, bring something back from outside." he said to the dog. With that, The dog left him and went to find a way out of the cave. It had been about two hours since the dog left. When the dog came back, it had a stick in it mouth. "This isn't the time to play." said Takeru The dog barked hard. "What? You found a way out?" he asked. The dog barked in joy. "Where?" he asked. The dog ran away. "Hey! Wait for me!" yelled Takeru Then he got up off the ground and followed the out of the cave.
"Go away! You jerk!" yelled Grace as she tried to pull away from Travis who had her tightly by her wrist. Takeru walked over to them. Grace and Travis looked up. “Takeru!" she yelled. "What?!?" yelled Travis. Takeru walked up to Travis. "So did you get the tooth?" asked Travis. "There was no MONSTER!!!!" yelled Takeru "Oh really." said Grace. Both children looked straight at Travis. "It was a joke!" said Travis. Then he let go of Grace's wrist and ran off. Then Takeru and Grace walked home.
The End