Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 4: Chap 31: Nature Walk ( Chapter 31 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Nature Walk
Dateline: Travis played a rotten trick on T.K. but the blond haired boy saw though his plan.
"I'll be out for a little while mommy." said Grace. "All right." said Megan. Then Grace walked out the door. Her backpack was full of the essentials. She even had her pikaball. Grace was going out into the woods for a nature walk. She stopped at the nearest ice cream stand to buy an ice cream pop. Grace bought a vanilla tasting angel ice cream pop with the five dollars in yen that was in her pocket. "Yum." said Grace as she ate her ice pop. Then she threw the stick and the wrapper away in the nearest trash can. Then she sat down on a rock near the entrance of the woods and took off her backpack. Grace took out her notebook and began writing in it. "I just had my snack at the moment and now I'm taking a short break." Grace wrote. Then she put her notebook up and took out her tape recorder.  She rested for five minutes and began her walk again.
Grace looked around the whole inter woods. It seemed nice and peaceful to her. Then she saw a bunch of bluebells and walked over there to smell them. "I'll pick these for mommy." she thought. Then she around looking for more flowers. She picked goldenrods, buttercups, honeysuckles, and foxgloves until her arms were full. Then Grace heard a light curbing sound. She looked up into the sky and saw a blue jay. She quickly got out her tape recorder and recorded the sound. Then a tiger swallowtail butterfly landed on the tip of her nose. "Oh hello there." she said to it. "Could you kindly get off my nose? Please?" The butterfly just sat there. "I would really love it if you got off my nose, please." she continued. Finally after ten minutes of pleading with the butterfly to get off of her nose, the tiger swallowtail flew away. "Finally." she thought. Then she sat down on the ground and took off her backpack. Grace took out her notebook and began writing in it. "I picked a lot of flowers and a butterfly landed on my nose. I had to plead for it to get off. Then it flew away." Grace wrote. Then she put her notebook up and got up off the ground. She saw a lot of birds, flowers, and bugs on this walk. She continued with her walk until it started to get dark. Then she headed home.
When she walked up to the door, she started to sense something coming. "Hello Gracey!" said Megan. "Hello mommy. I've bought some flowers." she said as she handed them to her mother. "I sense an evil force coming." Grace thought. "Gracey?" asked Megan. "Huh? What?" said Grace as she looked up at her mother. "Are you feeling okay?" she asked. "Yes mommy." said Grace. Then walked back to her room. Megan knew what her daughter was thinking.
The End