Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 4: Chap 35: Earthquake Emergency ( Chapter 35 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Earthquake Emergency
Dateline: Grace and Mitch went to an arcade and got attack on the clay monster. But Grace and Mitch defeated it.
The ground shook badly as the earthquake church to get worse and the pee-wee church group was helpless in their bus. (Noiz: Okay, I should start from the beginning here.) It all started in the morning like usual, Megan would come into Grace's room and wake her up. "Mommy! I don't want to get up!" said Grace as she turned over on her side. "But you have to get up you have your church group to attend to today and this is last day." explained Megan. "All right. All right." said Grace. Then she climbed out of bed and ready for her church group. "Reports say there will be an earthquake today in between morning and noon." said the news reporter on the TV. Mitch turned off the TV. Grace became a little scared. "Don't worry he didn't say when." he said. That didn't help Grace one bit. "Come on Gracey the bus doesn't wait." said Megan. Grace got up from the table and walked with her mother to the bus stop. Grace didn't look to happy from the kitchen to the bus stop.
Meanwhile in the huge black star shaped object, Sepheroth was spying on the princess and her mother. "Ah, she's going to on the bus of the pee-wee church group and there's going to be an earthquake today. he said. Then he turned to Taichi. "I want you to go and attack her." said Sepheroth. "Yes Sir." said Taichi. "Ultmacica!" yelled Sepheroth. Then Ultmacica teleported down to the two guys. "Yes Sepheroth?" she asked. "Go with Tai and attack the princess." he ordered. "With respect." she said. Then she and Tai teleported down to earth.
Grace looked around for a seat on the bus. Finally she found right beside Takeru. "Hi Takeru." she said as she sat down beside him. "Hi Grace." he said. Then the two little kids talked about what they were to expect today. Hikari was sitting beside Gezzele and Venus. "Scoot over! I need my space!" whined Gezzele. "You have enough space all ready!" said Venus. "Stop fighting you two." said Hikari. Then the girls claimed down. Jeffrey was asleep. All seemed well until the earthquake began. The bus driver had to stop quickly. "What was that?" said Jeffrey as he woke up. "An earthquake." said Venus. "I'm too young to die!" yelled Gezzele. The ground shook badly as the earthquake church to get worse and the pee-wee church group was helpless in their bus. Taichi and Ultmacica finally tracked them down. "We'll attack within five.... four.... three.... two.... one!" said Ultmacica. Then she and Tai flew over to the bus. Takeru looked out the window and saw them coming. "Uh... Don't look now, but here comes Tai and one of those mean ladies." he said. "Huh?" said Grace as she looked up. She saw Taichi and Ultmacica coming towards the bus. "Aw Great. I don't like this, I don't like this at all." she said under her breath. "Come on you guys! We got some bad guys to defeat!" yelled Grace at Hikari, Venus, Gezzele and Jeffrey. "Are you crazy?!? I'm not going out there!" yelled Gezzele. Grace and Venus flew out of the window and sadly, Jeffrey had to grab Gezzele and take her with him. "Aw look it's the short cake pack!" said Tai.
"Why are the rest of them here?" asked Ultmacica. "We're in the middle of an earthquake crisis here. Could you attack us at another time?" asked Grace. The found began shaking again. "See what I mean?!?" she yelled. "But this is the perfect time since your helpless." said Ultmacica. "We'll see about that! Bloodstone disk!" yelled Grace. Ultmacica hit it right back at them. The children quickly dodged it. Unfortunately, the disk got Grace by the ankle. "Help! I'm stuck!" she cried. Ultmacica floated down to the princess. "It looks like I've got you." she said. "What are you going to do with * err * me" said Grace. "I'm going to destroy you." said Ultmacica. Then she held out her hand in order to destroy Grace. "What are we going to do?" asked Venus. "If they don't do something quickly, she's going to die!" yelled Takeru from inside of the bus. "Rock throw!" yelled Jeffrey. Ultmacica hit it right back at them. The children quickly dodged it. The rock landed on Venus' foot. "Ow! That's it! Hearts whip!" she yelled. Venus whipped Ultmacica in the face. "You ruined my pretty face! That's it!" she yelled. "Thunder string!" The attack got both Jeffrey and Venus. "Now that I got them of the way, I can finish you off." said Ultmacica. Grace became scared. Then she walked of to the little princess and held out her hand in order to destroy Grace. "I sense one more brat." said Ultmacica. Gezzele hiding behind a rock. "I've got to be brave! I've got to be brave!" she thought over and over. Then she slowly got up. But when she saw Ultmacica face, Gezzele ducked back down. "Come on wimp! You've got to be the hero! Now get up!" thought Gezzele. Then she slowly got back up. "Ah! There you are! You saved me the trouble of looking for you!" said Ultmacica. "Back off witch!" yelled Gezzele. "Snowballs!" Suddenly something strange happened. The snowballs changed shapes from balls to angels. "Snow Angels!" thought Gezzele. The angels froze Ultmacica in the leg. "You little brat! You're pay for this!" yelled Ultmacica as she and Taichi disappeared.
"Hi Gracey. How was your day?" asked Megan. "It's a long story." said Grace. "Then I have the time." said Megan. "All right." said Grace. Then she began explaining her day to her mother.
The End