Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 4: Chap 37: Sunday Fun ( Chapter 37 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Sunday Fun
Dateline: Takeru and Grace got lost in the woods. Taichi, Greymon, and Noi attacked them. Grace and Angemon saved the day.
"It's Sunday!" Grace yelled though the house. "We know stinker!" said Mitch. "I am not a stinker!" yelled Grace. "Grace, Mitch, come down here I want to see you for a moment." called Megan. Then Mitch and Grace ran down stairs to the kitchen. "Yes mommy." said Grace. "Tell me if I have this right: Ziti covered tomato sauce and melted parmesan cheese, sushi, sukiyaki, fudge chocolate brownie and milk for Grace and buck noodles with rice, boiled fish, sukiyaki, fudge chocolate brownie and milk for Mitch." said Megan. "Yes." said Mitch and Grace. "Are we ready to go?" asked Megan. "Yes." said Mitch and Grace. "Then let's go." said Megan. Then the queen, her daughter, and her brother went out the door and to the car.
Meanwhile in the huge black star shaped object, Sepheroth was spying on the princess, her mother, and her uncle. "Ah, the family is going out for a church picnic." he said. Then Sepheroth turned to Taichi. "I want you to go and attack the royal family." said Sepheroth. "Yes Master." said Taichi. "Amberus!" yelled Sepheroth. Then Amberus teleported down to the Sepheroth and Taichi. "You called?" she asked. "Go with Taichi and attack the royal family." he ordered her. "With respect." she said. Then Amberus and Taichi teleported down to the woods.
"Hi Takeru!" yelled Grace. "Hi Grace." he said as he watched her run closer to him. "I give we'll sitting by Takeru and his mother." said Mitch. "Mom, this is Grace, my friend I've been talking about." said Takeru. "Pleased to meet you." said Grace as she shook his mother's hand. "The pleasure is mine." said Nancy. Grace looked around and saw Kristy. She seemed sad. "What's wrong with her?" Grace whispered to Takeru. "I don't know, she's been like since Taichi was brainwashed." Takeru whispered back. "I'll talk to her." she whispered. Then Grace got up walked over to Kristy. "What's wrong?" she asked Kristy. "Daddy's not with me." said Kristy. Kristy talked about with Grace. "We'll get him back." said Grace. Amberus and Tai were watching the people on the picnic from a cherry tree. "Now can we attack the people?" asked Amberus. "Not just yet." said Taichi. "When?" she asked. "I'll tell ya when." said Taichi. So they waited for a few hours. "Amberus." said Taichi. "Yes?" she said. "It's time." he said. She was happy to hear that. "Now to use Minka." said Amberus. Then she pulled out a glass bottle and opened it. Red clay came pouring out and formed into a huge clay monster. "Now go and attack the people on the ground!" commanded Amberus. The clay monster floated down to the ground to attack the people. Then Taichi and Amberus left the cherry tree quickly.
A few minutes later, the people heard a roaring noise. The people looked up and saw the clay monster. The children run over to Grace "Prepare to attack!" she yelled. "Clay bomb!" yelled the monster. The bomb covered the people in clay. "Bloodstone disk!" yelled Grace. The disk held the monster but not for long. Minka broke the ropes and it turned back into a gem. "Snowballs!" yelled Gezzele. The monster assorted them. "Clay balls!" yelled monster. The children dodged them quickly. The balls hit a tree and it was completely covered in clay. "Hearts ropes!" yelled Venus. It the monster but not for long. Minka broke the rope. "Soul twister!" yelled Jessi. "Skull blaster!" yelled Jimmy. The monster assorted them. "Clay twister blaster!" yelled the clay monster. The children dodged them quickly. The twister blaster hit another tree and it was completely covered in clay. Katrina got onto her computer. Her readings were successful. "Ropes can't hold this monster and our attacks can't hurt it. But if fire and ice work together, our chances our defeating this are really good. "Let's try it!" yelled Grace. "Fire blast!" yelled Kristy. The fire melted the monster. "Snow angels!" yelled Gezzele. The angels froze the monster. "Good! Now I'll finish it off!" yelled Grace. Then she took out her wand. "Heart of Pegasus!" yelled Grace. The clay monster was destroyed. The clay melted away and the picnic continued. "Daddy come back to me!" Kristy yelled towards the sky.
After the picnic, the families started packing up and leaving. Grace looked back and saw Kristy looking up at the sky. So she ran over to Kristy. Kristy looked and Grace running towards her. "Hey Kristy! Come ride home with us!" yelled Grace. Kristy just gave weak smile and came with her. "Thanks Grace." Kristy said softly. "Anytime." said Grace.
The End