Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 4: Chap 39: Sushi Bar Madness ( Chapter 39 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Sushi Bar Madness
Dateline: Mitch and Grace went to this diner and Mitch fell in love with a waitress. Taichi and Noi attacked the diner. Grace saved the day.
"How do I look mommy?" Grace asked her mother. She was wearing her pretty pink dress with ruffles, pink shoes, white gloves, and a pink ribbon in her hair. "You look wonderful." said Megan. "No, I don't" thought the princess. "Why are we dressing up in they stupid clothes again?" asked Mitch. "For mother's birthday." said Megan. Today is Boaz's eightieth birthday and the royal family is celebrating by going to a sushi bar. "It's only a sushi. It's not like were going to a big fancy restaurant." said Mitch. "Listen Mitchell! Today is mom's birthday and are you part of it. So do us all a favor and wear the suit with a smile. Is that clear?" said Megan. "Crystal." he said. "Grace, come on we're going to be late!" Megan called to her daughter. "I'm coming!" yelled Grace. Then she came out into the living. Mitch was laughing at the way she looked. "Shut up!" she said to him under her breath. Then the three of them went outside to the station wagon and drove off to the sushi bar.
Meanwhile in the huge black star shaped object, Sepheroth was spying on the royal family. "Ah, the family are going to a sushi bar." he said. Then Sepheroth turned to Tai. "I want you to go and attack the royal family." said Sepheroth. "Yes Master." said Taichi. "Shir!" yelled Sepheroth. Then Shir teleported down to the Sepheroth and Taichi. "You called?" she asked. "Go with Tai and attack the royal family." he ordered her. "With respect." she said. "Now don't fail me like your sisters did." said Sepheroth. "Yes Sir." said Shir. Then Shir and Taichi teleported down to the sushi bar.
"Please don't let anyone notice me in this place. Please don't let anyone notice me in this place. Please don't let anyone notice me in this place." Grace thought over and over as they walked into the sushi bar. It took them only about ten minutes to find Boaz. "What took you all so long?!?" yelled Boaz. "Uh... Happy birthday to..." Megan, Grace, and Mitch began singing. "SKIP THE SINGING!!!!" yelled the old woman. "What's wrong?" whispered Grace. "She doesn't like the fact she's aging." Mitch whispered back. Then Boaz's eyes turned on Grace. The princess looked scared. "And how is my little Gracey?" asked Boaz. She picked her up and hugged her. "Uh... Fine." said Grace. "Sit by me. Please?" said Boaz. "All right." said Grace. Then Grace sat down beside her. Megan and Mitch sat down on the other side of her. Taichi and Shir were watching them from the window. Shir saw all of those fish they were serving. She became angry. "What's wrong?" he asked. These people made the children of the sea into their dinner!" yelled Shir. "Well, we'll attack them right.... now!" said Taichi. Shir took out a scroll. The scroll had an evil spell in it. "I call upon the oceans of the earth! Surrender your power to me!!!!!" yelled Shir. Waves come up behind and into her. "Now! Go attack the sushi bar!" she yelled as she pointed the restaurant. The waves broke into the windows.
The people looked up and huge waves coming into the restaurant. The waves went into the food. Then suddenly the food came to life. Octopuses and squids started grabbing people. Crabs and lobsters started pinching people. "I sense something wrong." said Grace. Then an octopus's arm was coming towards the royal family. Grace shielded her eyes quickly. But Boaz used her powers to create a protection dome. Grace looked quickly. "Ready Ace?" asked Mitch. "Yeah!" said Grace. Then they both jumped out of the dome. "Grace! Wait!" yelled Megan. "Let her go." said Boaz. "Huh?" said Megan. "She's going to do fine." said her mother. "Your right mom." said Megan. Then she sat back down. Grace was trying to locate the main source of the waves. "Grace!" yelled Mitch. She turned around quickly. "I've heard of being shark bait, but this is ridiculous!" he yelled. Grace looked around for the main source of the waves quickly. Finally she found it in the smallest wave. "Circle light!" she yelled. The wave was cleared away and it revealed a water nymph. "So your the one causing the trouble!" yelled Grace. "You're so smart." said the nymph. "Crabs and lobsters! Attack this brat!" The crabs and lobsters flew straight to her and started pinching her. "What am I going to do?" she thought. Then she came up with the perfect plan. Grace quickly began eating them. "Shrimp!" yelled the nymph. The shrimp began attacking her. Grace quickly began eating them. The nymph began using all of her fish but Grace ate them all. "Water ice!" yelled the nymph. The water hit her feet. Then she began freezing really fast. "Grace is in trouble." said Megan. "Cherry kisses!" yelled Boaz. The ice broke off of her body. "Grace, she is too weak to battle! Now your time to attack!" Boaz said telepathically to her granddaughter. "Right!" yelled Grace. Then she took out her wand. "Heart of Pegasus!" yelled Grace. And the water nymph was destroyed. The sea animals turned back into food.
"I'm sorry about the whole thing." said Megan. "Sorry? Sorry? Dear that was the best celebration ever!" yelled Boaz. "It was?" asked Megan. "Yes." said Boaz. Then she hugged her children and granddaughter. Then they all went home.
The End