Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 5: Chap 41: Trial and Testimony ( Chapter 41 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Trial and Testimony
Dateline: Grace and her family went to this picnic barbecue. Taichi and Amberus attacked. Grace saved the day. Katrina had some important information about Sepheroth and the girls.
At seven o'clock in the morning, Megan found a note by her daughter on the coffee. This is what the note read:
Dear Mommy and Mitch:
I went with the other immortal children and the future parents to defeat Sepheroth and his girls. Please don't wait for my return. If it one of the servants reading this, please give to Mommy or Mitch to read.
Love your only little angel, Grace
"Good luck Gracey!" thought Megan as she clenched the note in her hands and held it close to her chest. She knew the first ultimate test had come.
"Where is Grace?" asked Chillie in a country accent. Lisa hit her in the head. "Stop that you two!" yelled Mimi. "Yes aunt Mimi." they said. "I'm here!" yelled Grace as she ran closer to them. "What took you so long?" asked Matt. "Traffic." she said. "Are we ready?" asked Jimmy. "Yes." said the others. "Dad, hand me the tourmaline." he said. "Uh... Sure." said Matt. Then took out his tourmaline and handed it to his son. Then Jimmy turned to the almost destroyed alter that with built there thousands of years ago and said: Power of the tourmaline! Power of death! Take us to the underworld!" Then a glowing light came around them and they disappeared to the underworld.
Meanwhile in the huge black star shaped object, Sepheroth was spying on the group. "Ah, they're all here. Now to give them a little show" he said. Then Sepheroth turned to Taichi. "I want you to go and attack the whole group." said Sepheroth. "Yes Master." said Taichi. Then he teleported to the entrance. "Sorry girls! But Taichi will handle then." thought Sepheroth.
"I hate it here!" yelled Gezzele. It was really cold and dark. "We all do!" said Sabrina. Grace with looking around for a path when she felt something crush down hard on her foot. Deciding not to yell in pain, she looked up to see who or what was on her foot. Taichi had stepped on her foot and was holding her. "Taichi! What are you doing?!?" she asked as she tried to pull away. "Holding you here by your foot." he said. "Let me go!" she yelled tried not let her face show her pain for her foot. "Only if the do one thing for me." he said. "What's that?" asked Grace. "Say it." said Taichi. "Say what?" she asked. "That you care deeply about Takeru." he said. "I'll never say that!" she yelled. "Suit yourself then." said Taichi. He held down even longer. Grace didn't know what to do. "Let go over her Taichi!" yelled Matt as he and the others walked over to them. "What did you say?" asked Taichi. "I said: Let go over her!" he yelled again. Then Taichi punched him in the cheek. "You Jerk!" yelled Matt. "I'm sorry." said Taichi. "Good. Now let go over Grace and...." said Matt. Then Taichi kicked him about a few feet away. "Opps! And my foot apologizes as well!" he yelled.
Then he turned back to Grace. "Now where were we? Oh yeah, you were going to say the words." he said. Grace swallowed hard. "I... I... I..." she began. "Louder!" yelled Taichi. " Takeru! I really care about you!" yelled Grace. Takeru heard everything then Grace said and was blushing. Then Grace's bloodstone started glowing. Tai quickly let go of her. "Now how do we turn him back to good?" asked Grace. "Use your bloodstone!" yelled Miraiah. "Huh?" asked Grace. "Use your bloodstone!" Miraiah yelled again. Then Grace took out her bloodstone off of her bow on her blouse. "Now what?" she asked. "Say: Bloodstone healing!" said Miraiah. "Right." said Grace. "Bloodstone healing!" "Noooo!" yelled Taichi. * You cherry blossom pedals in his eyes * Taichi was slowly turning good. But then, a dark light surrounded Taichi and took him away. Kristy was crying. "Don't worry we'll get him back." said Grace. "You can count on that!" she thought.
Taichi was lying over the fire. "I've had it with little brats! Now I'm getting to his memories erased again!" yelled Sepheroth. Then he laughed out.
The End