Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 6: Chap 48: The Clash Of Thunder ( Chapter 48 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Clash of Thunder
Dateline: The children evolved to new levels.
"Those annoying kids have got into my way for too long!!!" yelled Sepheroth. "Is something the matter?" asked Ultmacica. "It's these annoying children!" yelled Sepheroth. "Can I take over where Amberus, Noi, and Shir failed?" asked Ultmacica. Then he came up with a great idea. "Ultmacica." he said. "Yes oh great one." she said. "Sure you can go out there and attack those annoying pests." said Sepheroth. "Thank you sir." she said with pleasure. Then she teleported down to where the children and her sisters were. "This will be good to watch." he thought.
"What now Inez?" asked Grace. "We're almost there." Inez answered. "Oh little brats, Come out, come out where ever you are." said a voice. "Did you hear that?" asked Kari. "Oh little brats, Come out, come out where ever you are." the voice said again. Then a black hole opened and Ultmacica came out of it. "It's Ultmacica!" yelled Matt. "You are so smart." said Ultmacica. "Ultmacica if you hurt any of our friends, you'll be sorry!" yelled Amberus. Their sister laughed out loud. "Your friends? Since when did those little brats become your friends?" asked she. "Since they saved us." said Noi. Their sister laughed out loud again. "Since they saved you! That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" yelled Ultmacica. "That's enough! Soul whip!" yelled Jessica. Her whip hit Ultmacica in the cheek. "You little brat! You'll pay for that!" she yelled. "Thunder monster!" The children were sent running. Amberus, Noi, and Shir stopped in their tracks. "Wait guys!" yelled Noi. The children stopped in their tracks. "We'll handle her while you guys come up with a plan!" said Amberus. "But it's too dangerous for you!" yelled Grace. "Look, we know our sister's moves. We can handle it." said Shir. "All right." said Grace. Then the children ran to a safe place. Then Amberus, Noi, and Shir flew up into the sky. "Oh, and what's this? Baby sister and big sisters going to battle me! You know Amberus, you were always the weak one." said Shir. "Take that back!!!!" yelled Noi. Then they started to battle.
What are we going to do? At this rate, Amberus, Noi, and Shir will die." said Grace. Inez got onto her computer and looked for a way to defeat Ultmacica. "You guys!" she yelled. The other children turned to her. "Ultmacica is a thunder type and thunder is weak against physic, Right?" said Inez. "Right." said the other children. "So I was thinking we could use me to defeat her and then Grace to bring her back to good." Inez continued. The other children thought about this for a while.
"All right. We'll give it a try." said Grace. "I'll do my best." said Inez. Then she flew up into the sky. "Aw... How cute! But try this on for size: Thunder monster!" yelled Ultmacica. Inez got ready. "Physic bomb!" yelled Inez. The attack caged Ultmacica. She became weak. "Get away from me!" "It's okay! It's okay!" said Amberus "I'll take it from here." said Grace. Then she took out her bloodstone off of her bow on her blouse. "Bloodstone healing!" she yelled. "Noooo!" yelled Ultmacica. * You cherry blossom pedals in her eyes * Ultmacica was slowly turning good. "Now we have to get Tai back." said Grace. Then she fell to the ground.
"Ultmacica. Wake up. Come on wake up." Amberus whispered to her sister as she shook her to wake up. "Wha... What happened?" asked Ultmacica as she slowly woke up. "You're completely good now. The fight's over." said Amberus. Then she helped her sister off of the ground and the children walked on.
The End