Pokemon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan ❯ Vol 6: Chap 51: Summer Dream ( Chapter 51 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Summer Dream
Dateline: Grace and the others defeated Sepheroth. Grace got him back to good.
While the children were in the wand's bubble, the future parents fell asleep and Takeru started to have this strange dream:
*Dream begins*
Takeru was standing in a grassy meadow with a tree and a tire. "Where am I?" he thought. "You're in the pure dream realm." said a voice. "Who said that?" he asked. Then a bright light appeared and a girl dressed in a long white gown with wings, a gold tiara, and a heart of Pegasus wand came out. "Grace?" he asked. "It's me in the angel form." she said. Takeru was amazed. "It's summer everyday here." she said." Takeru became happy. "Will you play with me?" he asked. "Sure why not." she said. Then he took her by the hand and led her to play with him.
They played on they tire swing and rolled around in the grass. They were lying down in the grass looking up at the sky. Takeru had some important questions to ask Grace. "Grace." he said. "Yes Takeru." she asked. "Why were we the ones with the gems?" he asked. "Because you are the parents." she said. "What happened to Odaiba?" he asked. "It.... It.... It.... It was destroyed during the war." she said sadly. Takeru was upset. He wished he had never asked and he wished she had never answered. They both were silent. "How am I related to you?" he asked. "I'm your wife." she whispered in his ear. Takeru was shocked. He realized that when he marries her, that he would become king. "Wanna play?" she asked. "Sure." said Takeru. Then they both played on.
*Dream ends*
"Takeru wake up." said Grace as she shook him awake. "Where are we?" he asked. "We're home." said Grace. They were all in front of the castle. "Oh." he said. "Now do you know what happened to Odaiba?" she asked them all. "Yes." said the digidestined sadly. Grace knew one thing to cheer them up. "Who wants lunch?" she asked. "I!" said everyone. Then thing all ran inside the castle. Noiz: And so ends our tale at the moment. And that's all there is.... There isn't anymore.
The End