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Episode 22: Life's a Beach

Just before we start this chapter, I would like to announce that Terra, Ventus, and Aqua will be making a surprise appearance in this chapter. Terra and Aqua will a little bit older than by Sora and Kairi by two or three years, and Ventus will be a few years younger than Sora; plus he'll be Sora's cousin. Also no Xehanort. No Organization XIII. No Roxas. No Xion. Naminé will make an appearance, but she'll be Riku's love interest (for all you Riku x Naminé shippers out there) and she'll be a real human. I was originally going to have Ven as a rival, but I decided that to make him Sora's relative since they almost look alike. HaynerPence, and Ollette will make an appearance later on in the story. Also who's excited for Pokémon Sword and Shield? I will close by stating that they'll be no more Kingdom Hearts characters appearing after Hayner, Pence, and Olette.

A few days had passed since Sora has gained two new Pokémon on his ever-growing team; so Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine managed to reach a beach.

"Porta Vista," Sora said. "It's been a while since I've been here," Sora said.

"I've heard about this place," Lana said. "It's the first time that I've ever been here!"

"What's so important about this place anyway?" Hapu asked.

"This city is a famous tourist sight," Illima explained.

"I have always wanted to come here," Kairi stated. "The beach here is very beautiful."

"Well, it's way more than that," Sora said.

"And why's that?" Mallow asked.

"I have an aunt and uncle who live down here," Sora said. "We can pay them a visit when we hit the beach!"

Everyone looked at Sora surprised hearing that Sora has relatives living in Porta Vista beach.

"I didn't know you had relatives living here," Kairi said.

"What do you mean that-" Sora paused when he realized that he never mentioned it to her. "Oh right. I never told you that I did? Sorry."

"It's okay," Kairi said accepting his apology. "It just caught me off guard."

"What's your uncle like?" Lillie asked.

"My uncle is a real nice guy," Sora said. "He's my mom's older brother by two years. Also he was my dad's best friend for many years. That's how my mom met him." Sora smiled. "My aunt is also a really nice lady. In fact, she's always super doting towards me. She'd always spoil me like crazy!"

"They do sound nice," Lana said as Mina nodded.

"Do they have any kids?" Sophocles asked.

"They have one son," Sora answered. "Ven is just a few years younger than me."

"Ven?" Kiawe asked.

"It's short for Ventus," Sora said.

"Okay," Kaiwe said as he understood.

"When was the last time you saw him?" Acerola asked.

"Just last Christmas," Sora answered. "He's always excited to see me." Sora chuckles. "Like me, he loves Pokémon and dreams of being a Pokémon trainer."

"I'd believe that," Kairi giggled.

"Why does it feel like he came from the same mothership as Sora?" Sophocles whispered to Mina. She shrugged.

Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine made their way towards the beach city with Sora leading the group since he remembered where his relatives lives, but as they walked down the streets they noticed most of the stores and restaurants all had "Silas" labeled on the signs. Sora definitely knew for a fact none of that was there since his last visit to Porta Vista. But he shook it off as they continued to make their way.

Elsewhere a few miles away, a young boy with spiky golden blonde hair and blue eyes. His hair is spikey as the front concentrates the spikes on the right side of his head as if windswept, while the back is smoother and more flaky. He wore a white sleeveless shirt with a Pokéball imprinted and he wore gray swim trunks along with sandals. He was running down the streets and he stopped as he saw Sora. He laughed heartily at the sight.

"Sora!" The boy called out. Everyone stopped as they turned to the direction of the boy running up to them. Sora smiled as he knew who exactly who it is. "I missed you, Sora!"

"Ven!" Sora called back and he ran up to the boy. He hugged the younger boy before ruffling his hair. "I missed you too, squirt!"

"I haven't seen you since forever!" Ven said.

"It was only since Christmas," Sora reminded him.

Kairi, Pikachu, and Alolan nine had to assume this happen to be the younger cousin that Sora had just told them about. Ven looked at the new kids and smiled at them.

"Who are they?" Ven asked.

Sora looked back to them.

"These are friends of mine," Sora said. "These are Lillie, Illima, Lana, Kiawe, Sophocles, Mallow, Acerola, Mina, and Hapu. They're from the Alola region." Sora introduced his friends to his cousin.

"Alola!" The Alolan nine greeted.

"And this is Kairi," Sora said blushing.

"It's very nice to meet you, Ven," Kairi beamed.

Ven smiled back at her. Then he noticed Pikachu standing next to her.

"Hey! A Pikachu!" Ven exclaimed. "How cool! Just like what Auntie D said!"

"Auntie D?" Kairi and the Alolan nine tilted their heads in confusion.

"That's what Ven always called my mom," Sora explained.

The Alolan nine understood.

"Ven!" A young femine voice called to him. "You shouldn't run ahead of us!" The girl has blue in medium length to match her blue eyes. She wore a dark blue shoulder cut shirt showing a little of her midriff and blue short jeans along with white shoes and ankle socks. "What if something happened to you?"

"Cut me a break, Aqua," Ventus said.

"Aqua is right you know," an older boy's voice came. The had blue eyes and brown hair that reaches to the base of his neck in the back and is styled into rather messy, vertical spikes and bangs that frame his face. His skin is lightly tanned. He has a muscular built as he wore a black tshirt with a huge red X inprinted on it ans wore blue jean pants with black shoes. "You can get easily lost in a city like this."

"There's no way I would get lost here since I know my way back," Ventus reasoned. "You worry about me too much like she does, Terra."

Sora took a look at the two new kids as he saw they had to be at least 12 to 13 years old. Terra and Aqua took a look at the group. They both nodded as they recognized one of them.

"You must be Sora, right?" Terra asked.

"Ven's cousin?" Aqua added. "It's good to finally meet you!"

"Back at you!" Sora said. "And you two must be the Terra and Aqua that Ven had told me about."

"That's right," Aqua said smiling shaking Sora's hand.

"I remember when he just couldn't shut up about you," Sora said.

"The same with you," Terra said.

Pikachu jumped onto Sora's shoulder.

"Pika," Pikachu said.

"And I take it this is your Pikachu, Sora?" Terra asked.

"Yeah," Sora said. "My friend and partner."

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said.

"Oh, it's so cute!" Aqua said petting the mouse Pokémon. Aqua did it gently so that he wouldn't shock her. "You obviously did a good job raising it."

"Thanks," Sora said. Terra and Aqua took notice of Sora's other friends.

"Are they with you too?" Terra asked.

"Sure are," Sora said. "These are Lillie, Illima, Mallow, Kiawe, Lana, Sophocles, Acerola, Mina, Hapu all from Alola. And last and not least, Kairi."

The Alolan nine greeted both Terra and Aqua shaking their hands and all. With the introductions out of the way, they all went over towards Ven's house. Ven opened the door.

"Mom! Dad!" Ven called. "I'm home! And I've brought some visitors!"

"Now Ventus," a man's voice came out. It was a male version of Delia, but he had a small beard. "You know Aqua and Terra are always welcome here, so-" the man stopped in his tracks when he saw Sora. "Sora!" He smiled.

"Hi uncle Danny!" Sora greeted as he went up to hug him.

"How's my favorite nephew?" Danny asked.

"Well I'm on a Pokémon journey now," Sora said. "Does that sum it up?"

Danny chuckled as a woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes walked in the living room. She wore a white dress and a long purple skirt, her hair had ribbons tied into on each side of her head. Her face lightened up when she saw Sora.

"My little Sora!" The woman said.

"Aunt Cattleya!" Sora went up and hugged her tight. She hugged him just as tight. Kairi and the Alolan nine just looked at how young she looked. They even got a glimpse of her bust. This sexy looking woman is Sora's aunt and Ventus's mother?!

"Oh you're getting more and more handsome each time I see you," Cattleya said repeatedly kissing her nephew on his cheek.

"Aunt Cattleya!" Sora said blushing. Kiawe and Sophocles chuckled at the sight. Kairi smiled at the sight of Sora's aunt doting all over him.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said grabbing Cattleya's attention.

"You must be Sora's Pikachu," Cattleya said taking him into her arms. "You are just so adorable!" Cattleya cuddled Pikachu liking the feeling of her touches.

"So are you going introduce us to your friends?" Danny asked.

"Right," Sora said. "These are my travel companions. Lillie, Illima, Mallow, Kiawe, Lana, Sophocles, Acerola, Mina, and Hapu." Sora introduced the Alolan nine to his aunt and uncle.

"And I'm Kairi," Kairi said.

Danny looked over to his wife and nodded as she smiled.

"So, you're the same Kairi that's been traveling with Sora," Danny said. Kairi nodded. "Sora you are turning into quite a charmer! Delia did say you have such a beautiful girlfriend! I should keep my good eye on you!" Danny grabbed his nephew by his shoulder.

"It's not like that!" Sora blushed. "Kairi and I are just friends!"

"Y-Yes friends!" Kairi said also blushing. Terra and Aqua looked at her slyly; clearly they weren't buying it. Ventus looked at Sora's red face. Ventus just found something new to tease his cousin with. Sophocles did his best to stifle his chuckles while Hapu was shushing him.

"Oh, sure you are," Danny teased.

It was obvious that Delia told her brother and sister-in-law about Kairi and spoke to her briefly when they were in Lavender Town.

Cattleya looked over towards Kairi and she could tell by her blush she's indeed interested in her nephew.

Everyone sits in the living room sharing on how Sora met his friends on the way over (leaving out certain details) and that he had won four Gym Badges and is currently on his way to Fushia City.

"You did pretty well, Sora," Danny said.

"I always knew you had potential for Pokémon training," Cattleya added.

"Thanks," Sora said.

"What other Pokémon do you have?" Ven asked anxiously. "I wanna see them!" Ven said almost jumping on the couch.

"Settle down, Ven," Aqua said.

"No, it's okay," Sora said. "I'll show you if you want." Sora took out his five Pokéballs and let out the Pokémon currently with him. "Come on out, everyone!" Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and the two Nidoran.

"Wow!" Ven exclaimed with excitement. "A Bulbasaur, a Charmander, a Squirtle, and a boy and girl Nidoran! So cool!"

"That's quite a collection, Sora," Cattleya said.

"It looks like you took care of each and everyone of them," Danny said.

Even Terra and Aqua was impressed by Sora's Pokémon even if they weren't evolved. Terra could tell how tough they are just by looking at them. Aqua even looked the two Nidoran with interest since they both had marks on their horns and spines.

"Sure did," Sora said. "But Nidoran male and Nidoran female are the newest Pokémon on my team."

"Just how long did you have these two?" Aqua asked curiously.

"Just a few days," Sora said. The Nidoran nuzzled each other affectionately once again. "Oh no," Sora joked. "Here they go again!" Sora laughed joined by everyone else. Everyone stepped outside and decided to show the family their Pokémon. The Alolan nine let out their Pokémon. Ven's face lit up like a kid at Christmas at the sight of the Pokémon. There were some he recognized and some he never seen before. Terra and Aqua were stunned by looking at Lillie's Vulpix and Kiawe's Marowak. Sora and Kairi explained that they look like that because of the environmental change and change in Type that had occured to them.

Everyone called their Pokémon back and decided to go out to eat. Sora explained to his friends that Danny owns his own diner and they won't have to worry about paying for it since it's free. Sora always loved eating at his uncle's diner whenever he and his mom would come over. Danny made the best hamburgers and fries he had ever eaten. And milkshakes so thick, you can eat it with a spoon. And his staff were always sweet to him and Delia.

The group had just arrived at the diner that Sora and his relatives had told them about. It was entitled "Danny's Bay of Burgers." and it was appropriate since it faced the beach. Kairi and the Alolan nine could see why Sora loved the place so much.

Just as the group entered they could see he wasn't the only one. There were other patrons as well. Enjoying the meals presented to them.

"Well look who's here!" The redhead said. "It's Sora!"

Sora smiled as he waved.

"Hey Candy!" Sora greeted.

The rest of the staff all turned and gave their smiles as the newer members of the staff were told about him and heard that he started Pokémon training.

The cook even popped his head out of the kitchen and he smiled. When he rushed out, they all saw that he was a large muscular man wearing a white tshirt and blue jeans. He wore a white apron with "Kiss the Cook" stitched on it. He picked Sora up and gave him a big bear hug.

"SORA!" The cook said. "Come here and give your uncle Big Earl a hug!"

He squeezed Sora pretty tight.

"Good to see you too, Big Earl," Sora wheezed.

Big Earl put Sora down as he grabbed Ventus and did the same to him.

"Always glad to see you too, Venny!" Big Earl said.

It was obvoius to the rest of the group that Big Earl is terribly fond of Sora and Ventus.

"A round of burgers and fries for all of us on me, Earl." Danny said.

"Sure thing Danny," Big Earl said. "Anything for Sora, Venny, and their friends!"

Big Earl stopped hugging Ventus as he went back into the kitchen to get started. Sora chuckled a bit.

"Same old Big Earl," Sora said. "Some things never change."

"He seems very friendly," Kiawe pointed out.

"Big Earl can actually be gentle for a giant," Cattleya joked.

Everyone sat down as Candy brought some water for everyone as they waited for their meal. Kairi sat next to Sora of course, but he was between her and his aunt while Ventus sat between his parents. Just as they sat down, Kairi grabbed Sora's hand under the table. He held it for as long as she wanted him to.

Cattleya looked over to Sora and saw how much he was looking at her. She smiled once more.

"My little nephew is growing up so fast," Cattleya said in her thoughts.

The group didn't have to wait long as their burgers and fries got done. Candy brought a round of milkshakes enough for everyone. Pikachu was helping himself with a bottle of ketchup, liking every bit of it. Sora had to let go of Kairi's hand so that he wouldn't waste time taking the first bite of his burger. As he took a bite, his face lightened up as it tasted better than he remembered. Kairi and the Alolan nine did the same thing as they liked the burger at an instant. Good beef swimming with a mixtures of spices and the vegetables placed on them were just as fresh as they were just harvested. The fries were cooked to a golden yellow and the inside were as white as a fluffy cloud. And the milkshakes were pretty thick.

"This is so good!" Sophocles beamed. "This is no burger from Alola, but this is good!"

"Glad that you like it Sophocles," Danny smiled. "Nothing but the finest ground beef money can buy."

"But why are you running it in one place anyway?" Acerola asked. "It looks like that you could run chain restaurants anywhere you want."

"Danny always said it's better to be one of a kind," Cattleya answered. "He thought that it was better for others to gather around from all over and sample it, so that they can spread the word."

"I can understand that," Mallow said. "My family owns a restaurant called 'Aina's Kitchen,'" Mallow said. "My dad and brother felt the same way."

Sora, Kairi, and the rest of the Alolan nine all understood where she was coming from. Aqua and Terra could imagine how nice a place Alola must be. They could tell that Ventus would want to go beacuse of the Kanto Pokémon having alternate forms.

Just outside the diner, a black limousine is parked outside, the license plate reads SILAS. The driver steps out and opens the back door. Out came a bald headed man with a stitch scar on the left side. He wore a white business suit and carried a gold cane with a Pokéball at the top.

Everyone was sitting happily enjoying their meal, but that joy turned sour when Danny saw that very man enter the restaurant. Danny's expression quickly turned cold at the sight of him. Ventus, Terra, and Aqua didn't like this as they knew who that was.

"Hello Daniel," the man greeted in a southern accent. "I was hoping that I'd find you here."

"Stanley Silas," Danny deadpanned. "A displeasure as usual."

Silas took a look around the table and saw the new kids sitting down.

"I didn't know that you were taking the kiddes out on a field trip," Silas said.

"Just treating my nephew and his friends for a free lunch," Danny said. He took a look over towards Sora who was looking at him with dislike.

"Didn't know that you had a nephew," Silas said ruffling his head. "It looked like that you had another son I didn't know about."

Ventus stuck out his tongue at Silas. It was obvious that Ventus didn't like him. Terra and Aqua shared that dislike as well.

"Now I'm going to cut right to the chase," Silas said. "I own most of the business here on Porta Vista. And I want to buy your diner. But you keep rejecting my offer."

"And you keep coming back," Danny said.

"Yes. But you haven't been putting my offer into consideration," Silas said. "You own a single restaurant right here facing our beautiful beach, but you refuse to expand."

"It's better being one-of-a-kind," Danny said. "And that's what I am! And I keep telling you that my restuarant is not for sale! I have no intention to spread all over the world just to make you more rich! And I have no intention to ever work for you! So I am happy to say that you came all this way for nothing! And this is the last that you ask! Now I will thank you to take your leave."

Silas had a bit of anger building up inside, but he couldn't let it out, not wanting to risk throwing a tantrum like a spoiled child not getting a toy he wanted. He kept his cool and gave a fake smile.

"Very well," Silas said. "If that is your decision, then I will respect it. I have wasted enough of your precious time. I will take my leave. But before I go, I would like to point out some of the other establishment owners felt the same way before seeing it my way. I mean who knows what accidents might happen? But I doubt that very much. Have yourself a good day."

Silas took his leave of the diner. Everyone, including Sora and his relatives were just satisfied to see him leave. But Kairi had a burning question that needs answering.

"What did that guy mean by accidents?" Kairi asked.

"There were rumors that the businesses around here started to suffer from theft and vandalism. But it was after meeting with Silas," Cattleya answered. Sora and Kairi could tell she was really disgusted with him. "I believe he's involved in those somehow. But there's no way of proving it."

Inside of Silas's limo, Silas was filled with anger at Danny's refusal.

"He will see things my way," Silas said to himself. "I always get my way!"

Sitting beside him were women wearing dresses in different colors and all had hand fans. He picked up his and dialed the number on the phone. Meanwhile elsewhere in a messy apartment, a young man within his late teens to early twenties sat on his couch watching tv. He had blonde hair and a goatee. He has a telephone sitting on his coffee table for easy access. His phone rings as he answered it.

"Hello," he said.

"Floyd, it's me," Silas said. "I want you to make some trouble at a diner called 'Danny's Bay of Burgers.'"

"Yeah, I know the place," Floyd said. "What time do you want it done?"

"After closing time," Silas said. "Break some dishes, smash a few windows, make a big mess. I don't care what you do! Just do it!"

"Sure thing, Mr. S!" Floyd said. "Causing trouble is what I live for."

"And that's what I'm paying you for," Silas said before hanging up.

Floyd hung up his phone and chuckled.

"I like the place," Floyd said. "But I like money even more!"

Floyd chuckled again.

Shortly after lunch, Sora and his friends all hit the beach. Sora wore red swimming trunks while Ven wore the same gray ones. Terra wore black trunks while Aqua had a dark blue bikini. Pikachu was relaxing on an inner tube smiling warmly.

Lillie wore a white and blue bikini consisting of a crop top and a white skirt.

Mallow wore a light-green two-piece swimsuit with red flower patterns.

Kiawe wore a wore orange swim trunks with white stripes along the top and on each side of the leg holes.

Sophocles wore an aqua and white striped one-piece swimsuit.

Lana wore a one piece swimsuit underneath her clothes.

Acerola wore a dark purple swimsuit with a ghost inprinted on the side.

Illima wore white swim trunks with brown trims and a black stripe going across.

Mina wore a white bikini with pink blots all over as it looks like that she was painting all over them.

Hapu wore a tannish green one piece swimsuit and a swimming cap with Mudbray's face.

And finally Kairi wore a white bikini with red hearts scattered all over.

Sora looked over to Kairi and he blushed at the sight of her. This was the first time that he had ever seen her in a swimsuit. Sora almost a nosebleed at the sight of her.

Unknown to the group, Gary was doing some sun bathing of his own along with his cheerleaders. He got up to get something to drink when he spotted Kairi across from him. He stopped in his tracks as his face started to turn red. He began to wonder who she is. He never thought that he would ever feel that way towards a girl, but he found her to be very beautiful.

At that moment, a frisbee nearly hits his head as he ducked out the way in time before it hit him. A guy wearing red trunks ran up to Gary.

"Sorry about that," he said. "My little sister has quite an arm."

"No problem," Gary said before he looked to the direction he was staring at before he was interrupted. He found that she was gone.

"Who was that girl?" Gary asked in his thoughts. Gary quickly shook it off and went back to what he was doing. "It's not like that I'm going to see her again."

The kids having fun in the water when Sora's aunt and uncle joined in. Most of the males on the beach both young and old looked with interest while Cattleya wore a pink bikini almost tight on certain areas. The girls were looking at her wondering why she would wear something so revealing since she's a mother. Many of the men looked at Cattleya, many of them drooling and many all had nosebleeds. She looked super sexy, her breasts bounced with each step she took.

Danny wrapped his arm around Cattleya letting them know that she's spoken for.

The group played some volleyball with boy and girl teams. First up Sora and Kairi against Kiawe and Mallow.

They hit the ball back and forth. Sora gave some powerful hits sending it back. Kiawe was giving some strong hits as well.

With one final blow, Kairi managed to spike one hitting the line. Sora and Kairi had won. They high-fived each other while Kiawe sulked.

Next it was Terra and Aqua against Lana and Sophocles. Sophocles made the first hit. But Terra and Aqua proved that they were no slouches themselves. Terra and Aqua managed to beat their opponents before they knew what hit them.

Elsewhere on the same beach, Riku walked on the beach wearing white swim trunks along with his Eevee when he spotted a girl a round his age wearing a white dress sitting on a beach chair. He stopped as he looked over to her. She was doing some drawing. She had some colored pencils. She drew a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, a Squirtle, and a Pikachu all sharing a bluish white ice cream bar. Eevee looked up to his trainer. Just then, two teen boys grabbed her sketchbook and tossed it around.

"Keep away! Keep away!" The teens sang tossing it around.

"Give it back to me!" the girl said starting to cry.

"What are you going to do about it?" One of the teens asked sarcastically. "You gonna cry?"

Riku didn't like the sight of that. Making a girl cry like that was unforgivable to him. He looked over to Eevee. Eevee nodded as he understood.

"Quick Attack," Riku ordered. Eevee ran towards the teen holding her notepad. When the attack made contact with his gut, he accidentally threw the sketchbook the direction where Eevee had come. The girl turned in time to see Riku catch it.

The teens were pissed off now.

"What's the idea of sending your Eevee at us like that?!" The first teen hissed.

"And what's the idea of being a bully?" Riku hissed back. "If there's one thing that I hate; it's bullies. Especially when they pick on girls."

"You little-!" The teens were about to rush him when a whistle was heard. It was a lifeguard.

"I saw what you two were doing!" The lifeguard said. "I won't put up with that kind of behavior in my beach! Get lost the both of you!"

The teens glared at the lifeguard just being kicked off. Riku walked over to the girl while she had tear marks on her cheeks.

"You okay?" Riku asked.

"Y-Yes," the girl said. "Thank you for getting my sketchbook back."

"It's no problem," Riku said handing it to her. "My name's Riku. What's yours?"

"Naminé," the girl answered.

Naminé looked up to Riku and looked right into his blue eyes. They were as blue as the sky itself. Riku did the same with her. She looked real cute in to him. Eevee looked up to Riku. He pawed his leg. Riku looked down and took Eevee in his arm. Naminé looked at Eevee.

"Is this your Eevee?" Naminé asked.

"Yes he is," Riku answered.

"May I pet him?" she asked.

"I don't see why not," Riku said. Naminé petted Eevee. For some reason, Eevee started to like her touch. Riku was caught off guard when his Eevee was smiling. "Eevee doesn't normally open up to anyone but me."

"Doesn't seem that way to me," Naminé said. She took Eevee in her arms and rubbed his belly like a puppy. "You're such a cute little thing."

"Eevee," Eevee said.

Riku started to blush. He wasn't sure why; he never felt anything for a girl before. Riku sat down next Naminé.

"How long do have your Eevee," Naminé asked.

"For about a year," Riku said. "Eevee is my very first Pokémon."

"Where are you really from?" Naminé asked.

"Mele Mele Island," Riku answered. "One of the islands in the Alola region."

"You're from Alola? I would love to visit there sometime," Naminé said.

"It's a good place to live," Riku said. "I would know."

"I'll bet," Naminé said.

"What about you?" Riku asked.

"I came from Saffon City," Naminé said. "I just like to travel around. Drawing pictures." She opened her sketchbook and shown him her latest drawing.

Riku looked at the drawing as he saw what the four Pokémon were holding. It looked like an ice cream bar. Riku blushed again as he looked at her. She was smiling as she looked at the drawing.

"Say Naminé," Riku said.

"Yes?" Naminé turned to face him.

"I was wondering if you would like to join me tonight," Riku said. "Don't think of it as a date or anything, but as a way to get to know you a little, I guess."

"I would like to," Naminé said. "And there's one more thing."

"What?" Riku questioned as Naminé kissed him on the cheek. Riku blushed again.

"For helping me out," Naminé said.

Eevee started to smile at the sight. Eevee knew that he has a special lady friend now.

Back at the house, Sora, Kairi, Pikachu and the Alolan nine were back in Sora's relatives house. Terra and Aqua had already went off to their homes by then. Ven was sharing a room with Sora, Illima, Kiawe, and Sophocles. Ventus didn't mind since it was Sora. Ventus's room was decorated with Pokémon merchandise just the same as Sora's room back home.

The girls were all sharing a room, Mina was doing some painting while they all laid down on the floor in sleeping bags. Kairi had stepped out to use the bathroom. On her way back, she took a look at some of the pictures on the wall. Some of them with Danny and Cattleya when they were younger and many of Sora and Ventus while they were little; especially their baby pictures. Kairi started to gush at how cute Sora was as a baby.

There was also one one with Delia along what appears to be Sora's father on the day of their wedding. She figured that out by looking at his face; he was a spitting image of Sora. And he had the same crown necklace. Both of Sora's parents looked so happy. Unknown to Kairi, Cattleya was standing right behind her. She gently tapped on her back getting her attention.

"Oh! Hi," Kairi said. "I didn't know you were back there."

"It's okay," Cattleya said kindly. "I was just on my way down for some tea when I saw you looking at our little gallery. Would you like to join me?"

"Okay," Kairi nodded.

Over to Danny's Bay of Burgers, he took out a couple of Pokéballs and let out a couple of Pinsir to do some damage.

"Okay Pinsir," Floyd said. "Cause some damage!"

Both Pinsir clamps its pincers thrice as it charged right in to cause some destruction.

Back at the house, Cattleya had poured some tea for heself and for Kairi. She sat down in the chair next to her and handed her a cup. Kairi took a small sip once she put in some cream for flavor.

"I would like to know," Cattleya said. "How did you and Sora meet?" Kairi paused when she was asked that. She looked at her cup for a moment but she didn't want to lie about their meeting, so she didn't.

"Sora actually saved my life when we first met," Kairi admitted.

"Saved your life?" She questioned. "What happened?"

"It started when I was doing a nature walk just outside of Viridian City when I spotted a Caterpie in a cage," Kairi started. "I couldn't leave her in the cage, so I broke the lock with a rock and the Caterpie got away. And that's when two Pokémon hunters grabbed me from behind and tied my hands and gagged me. They even kicked me at some point. They told me that they were going to kill me once they were done in the area. Sora had a run-in with the same hunters. He found me in their camp in a burlap sack and we tried to make a break for it. But that's when they sent their flock of Spearow after us. Sora's Pikachu ended up getting hurt bad by them. Sora was willing to give his life for Pikachu. Pikachu jumped out my arms and ran towards Sora and let out a powerful electric attack sending the hunters and their Spearow back. But we manged to get him to a Pokémon Center on time."

"Delia never mentioned anything about that," Cattleya said surprised and worried.

"She doesn't know about that," Kairi said. "Sora didn't want her to worry. And I don't want Sora to get in trouble for it."

"But does your mother and father know about it?" she asked.

"They died when I was just a baby," Kairi said sadly. "I lived with my grandma for my life. She even said that it was okay for me to go with Sora. And we've been traveling together since."

Cattleya was sad for the girl about her dead parents, but she smiled feeling proud that Sora had displayed some courage not only for some Pokémon, but for her as well.

"I have a question for you to answer," Cattleya said. "And you don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"What is it?" Kairi asked in curiosity.

"Do you love my nephew?" Cattleya asked. Kairi blushed at how she could be asked that. "I said that you don't have to answer if you don't want. But, I can tell how much Sora has feelings for you. I could tell by how my sister-in-law described you."

Kairi took a pretty big sigh.

"I might as well answer it," Kairi said. "I do love him. I've been in love with Sora ever since we met. Ever since he saved me from those hunters. And how I got jealous at how other girls would flirt with him. I even blushed when he called me a princess that one time. I don't know if he does like you said."

"Well, a knight's blood is flowing in his veins," Cattleya said. "And you would have to see for yourself though. I can only hope one day, Ventus will have a very special girl of his own and bring her here just so my husband and I can meet her." Kairi didn't know how to respond when Cattleya kissed her on the forehead. "But I do want you to think of me as your aunt, Kairi."

Kairi smiled at that. She hugged Cattleya knowing Sora's aunt loves her as much as she loves her son and nephew. She only knew his relatives for a short time and she was already treated like family.

Up at Ventus's room, he was playing with Sora's other Pokémon. Bulbasaur and Squirtle had him on the floor while Charmander was tickling Ven's feet.

Ventus laughed, "Stop that! That tickles!" Ventus laughed again. The Nidoran were nuzzling with each other while Pikachu was sitting in Sora's lap.

With the tickling done Sora called the starter Pokémon back since he didn't want to accidentally cause a fire or do any damage.

Ventus looked at Pikachu quite curiously.

"Hey Sora," Ven said.

"Yeah Ven?" Sora asked.

"I've been wondering about how come you keep your other Pokémon in Pokéballs, but not Pikachu," Ventus said.

"Well Pikachu doesn't like to be cooped up," Sora said.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

"There are some Pokémon that prefers to wonder about instead of being confined," Illima explained.

"That makes sense," Ven said. "Are they the only ones you have, Sora?"

"I have others," Sora said taking out his Pokédex. "I just have to access this app here and you'll see for yourself." Sora showed his cousin the Pokémon he has. Six of them are what Sora has and others below the six he's got.

"That's so cool!" Ventus exclaimed. "A Butterfree, a Beedrill, a Primeape, a Vulpix, a Psyduck, a Zubat, a Sandshrew, a Pidgeotto, and a Krabby! What about those other ones?"

"Those are Pokémon from Alola," Sora told his cousin. He pointed to each one of them. "This one is Rowlet, Alola's Grass starter. This is Popplio, Alola's Water starter. This one is Litten, Alola's fire starter. And finally this one here is a Lycanroc, in Dusk Form."

"How did you get those?" Ventus asked.

"Sora caught that Lycanroc when it was a Rockruff," Sophocles said. "He caught that one when we met him in Cerulean City."

"I had ready won my third badge by that time," Sora said.

"And what did you mean by Dusk Form?" Ventus asked.

"Rockruff can evolve into a Lycanroc depending on the time of day," Kiawe said.

Illima took out to cards with both the Midday Form and Midnight Form.

"These two are Lycanroc as well," Illima said. "The one on the left is its Midday Form and the one on the right is its Midnight Form."

"My Rockruff evolved when the sun was setting," Sora said. "Also, it was giving off a green glow.

"That's so cool!" Ventus beamed. "And how does this thing work?"

"The Pokédex tells me about the Pokémon that I point it at or look up," Sora said. "I'll show you." Sora demonstrated by pointing his Pokédex at Pikachu.

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon

The evolved form of Pichu

Type: Electric

This Pokémon has electricity-storing pouches on its cheeks. These appear to become electrically charged during the night while Pikachu sleeps. It occasionally discharges electricity when it is dozy after waking up. It also shares electricity with other Pikachu whenever they're in a weakened state.

"And I can exchange some of my other Pokémon in exchange for one of my own since I can only carry six at a time," Sora explained. "And I can choose to keep whatever Pokémon I just caught or just send it to Professor Oak.

"So cool," Ven said. "But there's something I wanna ask."

"Um, sure," Sora said.

"Are you and Kairi really boyfriend and girlfriend?" Ventus asked. Sora blached at that. Kiawe and Sophocles chuckled.

"Shut up you guys!" Sora told them. "No we're not! We're just friends!"

"You sure about that?" Sophocles chuckled.

"We've been over this!" Sora said.

"Then why are you blushing?" Kiawe teased.

"I'm not blushing!" Sora lied.

"Then why us your face red?" Sophocles teased.

They laughed at Sora's red face.

"Just how did you meet?" Ventus asked. "You were pretty sketchy on the details."

Sora looked at his cousin and sighed.

"It was when I first started my Pokémon journey," Sora started. "Pikachu wouldn't listen to a word I say so when I tried to make my very first catch when I came across a Pidgey in a cage. I got it out, but that's when two Pokémon hunters came."

"Pokémon hunters?!" Ventus exclaimed.

"Yeah," Sora said. "They sent a bunch of Spearow at me and Pikachu. We managed to get away, but that was when we stumbled on their camp. I heard a sound coming from a burlap sack in their tent. And that was how I met Kairi. I got her out of there, but their Spearow caught up. They attacked Pikachu. Kairi and I tried to lose them again. But they caught up. Before the Spearow could attack, Pikachu jumped in front of me and let those Spearow have it. We got Pikachu into the Pokémon Center in Viridian City just in time. So Kairi and I have been traveling together since."

Ventus was at a loss for words. He just heard how his cousin just risked his life for a girl he had just met and for Pikachu. He looked over to Pikachu as he nodded.

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

"I'm going to get some water," Sora said as he stepped out. He came down stairs and into the kitchen only to see his aunt on the table. "Aunt Cattleya."

"Hello Sora," Cattleya smiled. "What brings you down here?"

"Just came for some water," Sora said. He went over to the cupboard and grabbed a glass cup amd filled it with water. He sat down thinking about the tale he just shared with his cousin.

"You know, Sora," Cattleya said. "Kairi is a very nice girl. And I could easily see why you're sweet on her."

"Aunt Cattleya," Sora said. "It isn't like that."

"Don't try to hide it," Cattleya said. "You cannot fool me. I saw it back in the diner when you two were looking at each other. And when you were holding hands." Sora blushed at that and Cattleya giggled. "I thought for sure that you two would have become a couple by now."

"Well I..." Sora stammered.

"I even heard that you saved her life when you met," Cattleya said.

"She told you, didn't she?" Sora asked as he now knew that she knew.

"I was pretty surprised," Cattleya said. "But I have to say that it was a very brave thing."

"I didn't even know she was there at first," Sora said. Cattleya stood up from her chair and hugged her nephew. Sora hugged her back.

"Maybe so," Cattleya said. "It was a very good thing you've done for her. Her gallant knight coming to her aid."

Sora looked up to his aunt and blushed.

"Aunt Cattleya," Sora said.

"I would like to hear how you feel about her," Cattleya said.

"Well she's sweet and kind for one thing," Sora started. "I always liked it when she smiles. When she cooks, it's like when mom cooks. And when she sleeps, she's so peaceful."

"That doesn't answer how you feel," Cattleya said. "You can tell me."

Sora sighed as he knew that he can't hide it from his aunt.

"Okay you broke me," Sora caved in. "I do love her. There I've said it. But I don't know if she loves me."

"But you'll never know unless you tell her," Cattleya said. Sora looked at her. "I won't tell you to confess; but you should tell her when you feel that it's right."

"Thanks for that, Aunt Cattleya," Sora hugged hus aunt again. "I love you."

"And I love you," Cattleya said returning the hug.

That night, the boys were asleep in Ventus's room, all but Sora thinking about he had just told his aunt. He knew that she was right, but he didn't know how and when to tell her.

Over to the girls in the other room, all the girls were asleep, except for Kairi. She still thought about what she and his aunt were talking about. She held her pillow in her arms and pretended that it was Sora she was hugging.

Over to the boys, Sora grabbed his pillow and hugged it as he pretended that it was Kairi in his arms.

By the next morning, Sora and Kairi came down for some breakfast. Pikachu was already down stairs enjoying some apples Cattleya had provided. The phone started to ring as Danny went to answer it. Just as Sora and Kairi had sat down they heard Danny's voice in the other room.

"What?!" Danny yelled. "How bad is it?! That bad?! I'll be right over!"

Danny came in the kitchen distressed.

"Honey," Cattleya spoke up concerned.

"Dad what's wrong?" Ven asked.

"Someone attacked the diner last night!" Danny exclaimed.

"WHAT?!" Everyone exclaimed at once.

Evryone raced down the street and gasped when saw the place was totalled. All the chairs and tables were smashed. All the windows were broken. Everything destroyed.

"This is terrible!" Mallow exclaimed.

"Who would do such a thing?!" Illima also exclaimed.

"I only have one guess," Sora said. "That Silas guy."

"That's a good guess," Cattleya said. "But there's no way of proving it."

"She's right, Sora," Kairi said. "Without any evidence we can't prove a thing."

Sora had to agree with that, but there was no way in hell that Silas was going to get away with this. Just then, Naminé walked down the street still thinking about Riku and his Eevee. She wasn't sure about why a boy she only met yesterday occupied her mind; it could be possible that it was because he helped her out. She saw the diner in ruins and the group observing the damage.

"Oh my!" Naminé exclaimed running over to the wreckage. "What happened here?"

Everyone turned to look at the blonde who had just shown up.

"My dad's diner was attacked last night," Ven said. "And we don't know who did it!"

"How awful!" Naminé said.

Danny went into the kitchen and started crying while Cattleya started to comfort her husband. Sora just looked at his aunt and uncle feeling sad for them.

Just then, Riku and Eevee came around the corner and saw Sora, Kairi, and his old classmates. They went up to them.

"Sora!" Riku called out.

Sora and the rest turned and saw Riku and Eevee running up to them.

"Hey Riku," Sora greeted.

"What a mess," Riku said. "What are you doing here? And what happened?"

"This place belongs to Sora's uncle," Lillie explained.

"Someone trashed the place last night," Sophocles added.

"And we have a suspect in mind, but we can't prove anything," Sora said.

Riku looks over towards Naminé in the group.

"Hey Naminé," Riku greeted. Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, the Alolan nine, and Ventus all turned to the girl. She started to blush.

"Hello Riku," Naminé said.

Sora started to grin evilly because he found a way to pay him back. Before he could ask how they met the same limo drove up. The window rolls down.

"Hello there kids," Silas greeted.

"What do you want?!" Ventus snarled.

"I only want to talk to your father," Silas said. "I assume that he's inside."

"So what if he is?" Ventus hissed at Silas.

"I just heard about what happened," Silas said. "And I for one think it's horrible."

"Funny that you should show up after you said something about an accident," Kairi pointed out.

Silas chuckled as he ruffled Kairi's hair, "Aren't you a cute one?"

"Don't touch me!" Kairi said swatting his hand away.

"You're a feisty one!" Silas said. "I like that." He set his attention to Ventus. "Say, um, Sven-"

"Ven," he corrected Silas.

"Whatever," Silas said. "Just give your father a message for me. Tell him that the offer to sale his diner is still standing. That's in case he's changed his mind. That is all." Silas rolls his window back up before leaving.

Sora and Ventus just watched the limo drive off. Riku and Naminé definitely didn't like how this turned out.

Not too long, Terra and Aqua had shown up.

"Ven!" Terra called out.

"Ven!" Aqua called out as well. "We came as soon as we heard!"

"Thanks guys," Ven said.

Riku gave a quick introduction to Sora, Kairi, and his old classmates just before they went inside; also Sora introduced his cousin Ventus and his friends Terra and Aqua to Riku and Naminé.

Just inside the diner, everyone gathered ad Cattleya continued to comfort him. Ventus even told his parents about how Silas has shown up and said the offer is still up.

"That is just typical of him," Danny said. "He thinks that he can muscle on in just because of I get vandalism."

"I figured you wouldn't cave in so easily!" Sora said.

"Your uncle isn't known to back down to anyone like Silas," Cattleya said.

"How often was that guy been making this offer?" Riku asked.

"For the last few months," Cattleya answered. "But we weren't the only ones he was doing that to almost every other business. And they've been vandalized after rejecting his offer."

"And they all caved in to him," Danny added. "But we are not!" Riku definitely knew that it was no coincidence. Businesses rolling over to Silas just after the place has been vandalized. Sora had to be right, but he couldn't prove it. "We should just rebuild our diner. Make it just as it was."

"But we can't afford the repairs," Cattleya pointed out.

"You're right," Danny said. "How are going to do it?"

Everyone thought for a moment until Sora came up with an idea.

"I've got it!" Sora said. Everyone just looked at Sora wanting to know what he thought up. "We should do a charity dinner! We'll start by sending out fliers and send them all over town hoping that it'll draw the crowd."

"Now that's an idea!" Danny said.

"Is that what you have in mind?" Kiawe asked. "I'm in!"

"Same here," Lillie said.

The rest of the Alolan nine agreed to the idea.

"Thank you all, kids," Danny said. "But how do you plan to do that?"

"I have a few ideas," Sora said. He looked at Mallow. "We can try the dinner Alolan style!"

Mallow smiled at the idea.

"We can definitely try that!" Mallow beamed.

"Kiawe and Marowak can do a fire dance," Sora added to his idea. "And the rest of us can spread the word!"

Everyone liked that idea a lot, Riku especially.

"Those are great ideas!" Riku said as he smiled. "I gotta admit I felt a bit homesick lately. Let's do it."

It didn't take long before everyone started to make flyers and spread them all over the city. This got many of the people interested. Just as Sora, Riku, and Ven were passing out flyers, Ventus tripped and the flyers he was carrying scattered as they flew around a bit before falling over the floor. One of the flyers lands in the hands of Floyd. He reads the contents of the flyer and freaks out. He ran towards a payphone and dials the number frantically. Over in Silas's mansion, he is seen surrounded by seven sexy women wearing various colored bikinis. Silas's butler comes into his private room.

"Sir," the butler said. "You have a phone call from a Mr. Floyd. He said that it is urgent."

"Is that so?" Silas said. Silas reluctantly got up, wearing a blue speedo. Two maids comes in and holds a towel and the other holds a bathrobe. He dried himself off and put on his robe. Once he was alone in his bed chambers. "This better be important, like you said it is!"

"It is!" Floyd exclaimed. "The owners of that diner are setting up a charity event to help pay for repairs, and those kids are helping out!"


"I did everything like you said," Floyd said "But this time I won't let you down!"


Floyd hung up his end and swalled a gulp. Floyd started shaking as he started to walk.

Unknown to Floyd, there stood wearing black penny loafers, brown suit pants, white shirt with pink tie, lighter brown vest and an investigator coat. He has brown eyes, dark hair, wrinkle marks around his mouth, black eyebrows and an inquisitive look.

On the beach, everyone was ready to put the charity dinner on track.

"I hope it all goes accordingly to plan," Aqua said.

"Me too," Sora said.

Danny and Cattleya hoped that the people in the city had big enough hearts to contribute. Ventus even had his fingers crossed.

Before any of them knew it, people started to show up. It could either be they all had big hearts or they just wanted to sample Alolan cooking, but either way, it was a good spread out. Everyone got to work. Sora called out his other Pokémon to help out.

Floyd had turned up to make some trouble. unaware that he's being followed by the same man from earlier. To avoid him panicking he disguised himself wearing a fake beard and sunglasses.

Over to Mallow, she, Kairi, and along with Tsareena were preparing the finest Alolan dishes from her family's restaurant. Over to Floyd he pulled a walkie talkie and spoke into it.

"You guys know what to do?" Floyd asked.

We go underwater to see aquatic Pokémon swimming by. Some of them being Goldeen and others being Magikarp.

Swimming by is a dragon-like Pokémon that is serpentine in shape and covered in blue and yellow scales. It has white fins on top of its body and it has a tan underbelly. It has fins on the side of its face and a large, blue crest on its forehead. Like Magikarp, it has whiskers. This Pokémon is known as a Gyarados. A small submarine shaped like a Gyarados sits into position, inside is Team Rocket to make problems as usual.

"Of course we do," Jessie said.

"We're always ready to lend a hand for the cause of evil," James said.

"But we could have gone for some of that free food," Meowth said. Jessie swung her hair like a whip, James ducked in time for Meowth to get hit. Meowth fell to the ground. "What? I'm starving!"

"We don't eat until we get the job done," Jessie told Meowth. "Now stop complaining and get ready when we get the word."

"Right!" James and Meowth.

As the dinner got started, people from all over started to donate a small sum of money to contribute for the repairs and Sora along with Riku, Naminé, and seven of the Alolan nine were presenting the food prepared. Many of the patrons instantly liked the dish prepared for them. Among the patrons happens to be a man wearing a black tuxedo with black hair and a mustache to match his hair. He even wore a monocle. Sitting along with him is a super sexy woman with long blonde hair wearing a red long dress.

Sora came up to the table they were sitting at and presented the dish Mallow had prepared. Sora took a look and saw that they had to be rich. Sora had to consider that they had to be generous.

"Here you two go," Sora said setting the dishes down. "I hope you two will enjoy," Sora said with a smile.

"Thank you, dear boy," the man said speaking with a British accent smiling.

"This looks wonderful," the woman said in a French accent smiling as well.

They took a small forkful and took a bite.

"Exquisite," the man said. "My complements to the chef."

"And I'll see to it that she get it," Sora said. "Enjoy."

Sora takes his leave of the couple. They seemed rather nice. That made Sora wish that all rich people were like those two. But then a pair of hands went over his eyes.

"Guess who?" A familiar feminine voice said.

"Mom?" Sora asked. He turned to see his mother in a green one piece swimsuit. "What you doing here?"

"I only came to visit your uncle Danny and aunt Cattleya," Delia said. "But when I saw you here, I had to surprise you."

Sora and his mother rejoined the group. Ven looked up and saw Delia and ran up to her.

"Auntie D!" Ven exclaimed happily. Danny and Cattleya saw Delia with Sora. Ventus hugged his aunt and she hugged him back.

"Hello Vennie!" Delia greeted. "You're getting taller every time I see you." The Alolan nine had to presume that she's Sora's mother. Kairi stepped out to see what the commotion was about. She went up to Delia finally meeting her in person. Sora introduced his travel companions to her and she stated she was glad to finally meeting them.

"Hey baby sis," Danny greeted.

"Danny," Delia said hugging her brother. "How is every little thing?"

"Well, seeing Sora again and meeting his friends is one thing," Danny started. "But I wish that I could say the same for my diner!"

"Oh no! What happened?" Delia asked surprised. Danny and Cattleya explained that someone vandalized the place and they don't have any leads. And that the charity dinner going on currently was Sora's idea. "I thought this was your handy work. You have such a big heart."

Sora scratched the back of his his as he chuckled a bit. He looked over to Kiawe.

"You and Marowak are up in five minutes," Sora said. "You game?"

"I'm game as I'll ever be!" Kiawe said.

Kiawe let Marowak out of his Pokéball as they get ready for the fire dance. Sora went on the stage turning on the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Sora announced. "I hope that you're enjoying the Alolan hospitality we are generously sharing, just as we are appreciative of your generosity. But this dinner also comes with a show! So it pleases me to present another Alolan gift. I am proud to present the fire dance of Kiwae and his Marowak. And I would like to close by saying that it's hot stuff!"

The audience laughed at the pun as Kiawe and Marowak entered the stage. Kiawe lit two ends of the batons. Marowak ignited his bone as they began their performance.

Everyone looked on awestruck at the performance. It was an amazing sight to beheld. The flames cascading around giving off a splash of red, orange, yellow, and green danced.

Silas's limo shows up as his driver came out of the driver's seat and opened his door. Silas steps out as he grinned to the incoming stampede.

Floyd took out his walkie talkie giving the signal. And that's what the disguised man was waiting for.

The Gyarados submarine emerged from the water to "attack" the people. Just as they began running for their lives. Sora started to pull out his hair.

"No, no, no!" Sora exclaimed. "This wasn't part of the plan!"

The disguised man took out his Pokéball and threw it letting out an orange canine Pokémon with the same markings as Growlithe. Everyone was surprised by this Pokémon's sudden appearance.

"Arcanine!" the disguised man called. "Flare Blitz!"

Arcanine covers its body with fire as it charges at the submarine. When Arcanine made contact, the submarine explodes and Team Rocket goes flying in the air and right into the ocean.

"IT LOOKS LIKE THAT TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Team Rocket shouted as they headed right into the ocean.

"Was that a submarine?" Aqua asked confused.

"And was that Team Rocket just now?" Lana also asked.

The disguised man smiled as he turned to Floyd trying to get away. He turned to Arcanine.

"Arcanine! Stop him!" He ordered pointing at Floyd. Arcanine charged at Floyd pinning him on the sand.

"Hey! Get off of me!" Floyd yelled in pain.

The man in disguise took out two more Pokéballs and let out two Growlithe. The Growlithe growls at the pinned man.

Sora and his friends runs up towards Arcanine and the two Growlithe. Sora took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the canine Pokémon.

Growlithe, the Puppy Pokémon

Type: Fire

Growlithe has a superb sense of smell. Once it smells anything, this Pokémon won't forget the scent, no matter what. It uses its advanced olfactory sense to determine the emotions of other living things.

Arcanine, the Legendary Pokémon

The evolved form of Growlithe

Type: Fire

Arcanine is known for its high speed. It is said to be capable of running over 6,200 miles in a single day and night. The fire that blazes wildly within this Pokémon's body is its source of power.

"What's going on here?" Sora asked putting his Pokédex away.

The man took off his disguise and introduced himself.

"They call me Looker," he said taking out his police badge. "And I'm with the international police! I've been doing some investigating of illegal activities going on in this city. My undercover work was nearly wasted, but when he heard about your little charity event, he got orders to ruin it, so he hired members of Team Rocket to help out."

"But who put him up to it?" Riku asked.

"Stanely Silas of course," Looker said.

"I knew it!" Sora exclaimed. "I knew this has his stink all over it!"

Silas came to the scene and saw that everyone was still there. But Looker turned towards Silas. The Growlithe charged at him tackling him to the ground.

"Get off of me you little mongrels!" Silas demanded. "What is the meaning of this?!"

Looker walked up to Silas holding up a form.

"I have a warrant for your arrest, Mr. Silas," Looker said sternly. "For counterfeiting documents, embezzlement, insurance fraud, unlawful possession of public property, and collaboration with members of Team Rocket." The Growlithe got off of him as Looker handcuffed him. "And there's also a list of crimes against you in other regions." And he turned to Floyd. "And you're under arrest for destruction of public property and and vandalism. Arcanine!" Arcanine nods as it carries Floyd in its jaws.

"Get your damn hands off of me!" Silas roared. Everyone watched as Silas struggles to get loose. Some of the people present were small businesses owners relieved to see that he's finally getting what's coming to him. Looker pushed Silas and Floyd in the back of the police van awaiting him. "Everything was going smoothly until you brats shown up! I would have succeeded if it weren't for you fu-" the door slams shut. There were those of high society who witnessed Silas's arrest. The couple that Sora had tended to were just as appalled.

Danny, Cattleya, Ven, Terra, Aqua, and Delia went up to Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine.

"Thanks a lot, Sora," Danny said.

"You just saved all the small businesses that Silas had gotten hold of," Cattleya beamed.

Sora smiled as he went up to his aunt and uncle.

"I had to," Sora said. "You guys are my family."

Danny ruffled Sora's spiky hair while Cattleya kissed him on the forehead. Ven even high fived Sora, and he gave Ven a noogie.

The couple from before walked up to the group.

"Excuse me," the man said. "My name is Sir Charles Reginald Huges III, and this is my lovely wife Claudia Eclair Barnet Huges."

"Bonjour," she greeted.

"I would like to say that I was mighty surprised to hear Stanley Silas was involved in illegal activities. And it breaks my heart to hear no one has done a thing to foil him," Sir Charles said.

"Well, we weren't going to let him get away with it," Sora said. "My uncle worked hard to get to where he is and we wanted to help out."

"Pikachu," Pikachu said.

"And I just came along for the ride," Riku added.

"Eevee," Eevee said.

Sir Charles smiled as he nodded.

"I must commend you, young man," Sir Charles said. "Commend you for helping out family in need. And I dare say that this Alolan theme was a jolly good idea. And for the fact that you have such fine Pokémon." Sir Charles looked at Sora's Pikachu on his shoulder and his Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle two Nidoran. Sir Charles looked at Danny and his family and took out his checkbook. "In fact, I will write you a personal check to pay for the damage to your diner."

"Oh, you don't have to do that," Danny said.

"Think nothing of it," Sir Charles said. "It should be more than enough to pay for all the damage."

Danny took the check and almost fainted at the sight of how much it was. It was definitely more than enough.

"Thank you so very much!" Danny said. "You have no idea how much this means to me."

"You are very welcome," Sir Charles said. "The one you should be thanking is your nephew and his wonderful friends." he chuckled. "Despite the false Gyarados attack, the fire dance performance was wonderful. And the food was excellent."

Kiawe and Mallow beamed at the complement. Even Marowak had a smile on his face.

On the very next day, Danny cashed the check that Sir Charles had generously gave him and paid for the repairs. With the help of Sora and his friends, the diner was better than ever. Riku and Eevee had already left and continued on with their own journey. But he is joined by Naminé. As Riku and Naminé walked down the road, Naminé started to hold his hand. Also Delia took her leave and hugged her son goodbye.

But it didn't take long before a storm was about to break out. It was a good thing that they weren't taking off yet, because the storm was fast approaching.

It looks like that they'll be sticking around forba little bit longer. But at least that it's someplace dry. And that's the storm started.

Elsewhere on the ocean, a group of blue plesiosaur-like Pokémon with large gray shells with "knobs" on their backs. Two of them got separated from the group. One that seems to be a male protected his mate to the best that he could. Just then, a ship came from within the storm.

Pirates spotted the two Pokémon on the crow's nest.

"Lapras ho!" The pirate shouted.

The captain steps out, wearing a typical pirates outfit. Red trenchcoat and a pirate hat with a Pokéball and two cutlasses crossing it. Sitting on his shoulder is a parrot-like Pokémon with a music note shaped head.

"Spear guns up!" the captain ordered.

"Spear guns up! Spear guns Up!" the parrot Pokémon repeated.

The pirate crew drew out their spear guns getting ready to fire. The Lapras saw the ship and tried to make a break for it. As they started firing. The Lapras dove underwater. They swam as fast as they could. The female went up ahead. As she was swimming she figured she had lost the pirates by now, but she noticed her mate wasn't with her. She swam back looking for him. She saw that he had been impaled greatly by the spears. One of them is straight into his heart. He weakly opens his eyes while his mate nuzzled him to stay with her. The male took one last look and smiled before closing his eyes for the last time.

The female Lapras just swam blindly towards the shore. She started to grieve for the loss of her mate. She beached herself on the beach of Porta Vista and started crying.

I gotta admit that it took me a bit longer than I planned to get this done. Also I figured instead of having Lapras as a baby, but as a grieving widow. I know, that's pretty tragic even to end a chapter. I can bet how interesting Lapras's meeting with Sora will be interesting. Wait up till then.