Pokemon Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon: Sora's Journey ❯ Alola Hau! ( Chapter 37 )

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Episode 37: Alola Hau!

A few days had passed since their unexpected stop at the House of Imitae. Sora wondered how things would go if he had a Ditto of his own. But along the way, they bump into a man wearing a red bandana and a black shirt with blue jeans.

"Hey you! You any good at battling?" The man called out to Sora.

"Is that a challenge?" Sora jokingly asked.

"Let's battle with all six Pokémon and find out!" He said taking out a Pokéball and throwing it in the air. "Graveler! Let's go!" The Pokéball lets out a Graveler.

"A Graveler, huh?" Sora said taking a Pokéball, too. "I know which one I'm using! Bulbasaur! Go!" Sora threw it allowing Bulbasaur to enter battle.

"Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur said.

"Graveler! Use Fire Punch, let's go!" the ordered as Graveler's fist emitted fire heading towards Bulbasaur.

"Dodge it and use your Vine Whip!" Sora ordered as Bulbasaur dodged the attack and grabbed the rock Pokémon and throwing it back. "Now fire your Razor Leaf!" Bulbasaur obeyed by firing Razor Leaf and hitting Graveler knocking it out.

"Graveler, return!" the man said calling his Graveler back. "Not bad, kid! Try this one for size! Electabuzz!" The man threw his Pokéball letting out a yellow feline-like Pokémon with bright yellow coloring and black stripes. It has lightning bolt shapes on its body and large forearms. Some of its feline properties are its long tail and large fangs. Its two legs are short, and its feet are large with two sharp claws on either one. The more human aspects of its appearance are its long arms and five-digit hands. Sora took out his Pokédex and scanned the yellow Pokémon.

Electabuzz, the Electric Pokémon

The evolved form of Elekid

Type: Electric

When a storm arrives, gangs of this Pokémon compete with each other to scale heights that are likely to be stricken by lightning bolts. Some towns use Electabuzz in place of lightning rods.

"Okay, Bulbasaur, return," Sora said calling Bulbasaur back. He turned to Pikachu. "Your turn, Pikachu."

"Pika!" Pikachu said nodding.

"Go for it! Quick Attack!" Sora called out.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said running towards Electabuzz.

"Show that pipsqeuak what a real Quick Attack looks like," the man ordered as Electabuzz ran towards Pikachu. Pikachu was sent back since Electabuzz was much larger than Pikachu. "Now use Thunder Punch!" Electabuzz obeyed by throwing a strong Thunder Punch at Pikachu.

"Shake it off and fire Electro Ball!" Sora ordered as Pikachu sent the Electro Ball towards the opposing electric Pokémon.

"Dodge it and fire Electro Web!" the man ordered as Electabuzz moved out of the way and fired a web made of electricity. Pikachu got caught im the web. Everyone, especially Kairi gasped at the sight.

"Pikachu!" Kairi gasped.

"Pikachu! Try to get out of there!" Sora called out.

"Too Late! Thunder!" the man ordered as Electabuzz's entire body crackles with electricity and it fires a huge electric energy hitting Pikachu on the mark. Pikachu was definitely knocked out.

"Pikachu!" Sora ran towards Pikachu. Sora picks up Pikachu as he looked into his trainer's face. "You okay, buddy?"

"Pika, Pi," Pikachu responded.

"You did great, Pikachu," Sora said. "You should rest up for a while."

"Pikachu," Pikachu nodded. Sora went over to Kairi and handed Pikachu to her.

"Think that you can keep an eye on Pikachu for me?" Sora asked.

"Of course," Kairi said taking Pikachu in her arms. Kairi kissed on the cheek. "For luck." Sora smiled as he blushed. Sora went back to the battle at hand. Sora took out another Pokéball and threw it.

"Okay Charmander! Go!" Sora said letting out his Charmander.

"Char!" Charmander said.

"Electabuzz, return! the man said calling Electabuzz back before taking out another Pokéball. Here's something new. Just got it in a trade and I want to test its strength. Raticate go!" He threw the Pokéball and lets out a Raticate. This Raticate was different. It was black with a brown belly and the cheeks were puffed.

The Alolan nine were shocked to see this Raticate in Kanto in all places.

"An Alolan Raticate," Mina said.

"I had a feeling we would see one of those outside of home sooner or later," Illima said.

"A Raticate?" Sora looked at this Pokémon oddly. He took out his Pokédex and pointed at the Pokémon.

Raticate Alolan Form, the Mouse Pokémon

The evolved form of Rattata Alolan Form

Type: Dark/Normal

It forms a group of Rattata, which it assumes command of. Each group has its own territory, and disputes over food happen often.

"Figured as much," Sora said putting his Pokédex away. "No matter what it looks like, a battle is a battle! Charmander! Start up with Slash!"

"Charmander!" Charmander ran towards the Alolan Raticate to deliver the attack.

"Raticate! Dodge with Quick Attack!" the man ordered as Raticate used the speed attack to dodge and hit Charmander. "Now use Ice Beam!" Raticate fired the Ice Beam towards Charmander hoping it would freeze the fire Pokémon good.

"Block it with Flamethrower!" Sora called out as Charmander fired Flamethrower to cancel out the attack. Raticate tried to give Ice Beam more power, but Charmander's Flamethrower was growing too big and powerful to hold back so it breaks Ice Beam and hits Raticate on the mark. "Finish up with Dragon Claw!" Charmander obeyed by hitting the Alolan Raticate with his dragonized claw. Raticate was down for the count. "Way to go, Charmander!" Sora ran up to Charmander picking him up. "I knew your flame wasn't easy to put out!"

"Raticate, return!" The man called Raticate back and pulled out another Pokéball. "Rhyhorn! Go!" the man threw his Pokéball and it lets out a Rhyhorn. This Rhyhorn is a little bigger than the one he caught in the Safari Zone, but the horn is slightly smaller. Sora pulled out his Pokédex and scanned this Rhyhorn.

Rhyhorn, the Spikes Pokémon

Type: Ground/Rock

Rhyhorn runs in a straight line, smashing everything in its path. It is not bothered even if it rushes headlong into a block of steel. This Pokémon may feel some pain from the collision the next day, however.

"This Rhyhorn must be a girl since the one I caught is a boy," Sora said in his thoughts. He pulled out Charmander's Pokéball and called him back. "Come back, Charmander." Sora puts Charmander's Pokéball away and pulled out Squirtle's. "Your turn, Squirtle!" Sora threw the Pokéball letting Squirtle out.

"Squirtle, Squirtle!" Squirtle said.

"So using a Water Type against my Rhyhorn, huh?" The man asked. "That's a very good move on your part. But my Rhyhorn isn't afraid of water. Thunderbolt!" Rhyhorn's body emits electricity and fires it at Squirtle.

"Dodge that Thunderbolt with Aqua Jet!" Sora called out as Squirtle launches himself avoiding the attack and hitting the rhino Pokémon on the spot. "Fire Water Gun!" Squirtle shoots Water and it sends Rhyhorn back totally knocked out. The trainer Sora was battling was starting to get pissed off.

"Come back Rhyhorn!" he said calling his Rhyhorn extremely angered. "Dodrio! Get in there!" He threw his Pokéball letting out his Dodrio.

"Come on back, Squirtle!" Sora said calling Squirtle back and pulls out another. "It's your turn Pidgeotto!" Sora threw his Pokéball letting Pidgeotto get in the battle. "Wing Attack!" Sora called out as Pidgeotto swooped in to deliver the attack.

"Dodrio! Dodge and let out Fury Attack!" Dodrio ran pass Pidgeotto's attack and repeatedly hits Pidgeotto. "Use your Double Hit!" Dordrio hits Pidgeotto in twos with its three heads, and it goes four times. "Finish it Tri-Attack!" Dodrio obeys by getting a powerful attack ready to fire at Pidgeotto, but he wasn't going to back down.

"Use your Aerial Ace!" Sora odered as Pidgeotto flew back in the air and delivered Aerial Ace. The attack hits Dodrio as it sends the attack into the sky.

Meanwhile over to Team Rocket who were trying to catch up with Sora and his friends. They were floating in their Meowth balloon looking for them.

"I think we're almost there," Jessie said looking through her binoculars.

"That's what you said half an hour ago!" Meowth said in an annoyed tone. "We've been searching for them for days!"

"And all we found were nothing but trees, trees, and more trees," James groaned.

"Stop your complaining!" Jessie snapped at him. "I told you I'll find those twerps and we can nab that Pikachu! Now shut up and keep a good look out."

Before James could do so, a powerful beam hits the balloon and Team Rocket goes flying in the air.

"IT LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" Team Rocket flies in the sky as a star twinkles in the distance.

Back at the battle, Dodrio was dazed from Pidgeotto's Aerial Ace. And it looked like that Dodrio was on the ropes.

"Blow it away with Gust!" Sora called out as Pidgeotto whipped up Gust and blew Dodrio back.

The man took off his bandana and starts crumbling it as he threw it on the ground. He called Dodrio back as he pulled out one last Pokéball and threw it.

"Marowak! Go!" the man called letting out his Marowak. This Marowak was a Ground Type Marowak as it swings its bone.

"Good one, Pidgeotto. Return," Sora said calling Pidgeotto back into his Pokéball and pulls out one one more. "Okay Golbat! It's your time to shine!" Sora throws his Pokéball letting out his Golbat. "All right, Golbat! Start up with Crunch!" Golbat moved in to deliver a strong bite attack on the opposing Marowak.

"You move in with Headbutt!" The man ordered as Marowak charged in with its head. Marowak hits Golbat before he could land a Crunch attack.

"Fire Air Slash! Let's go!" Sora said as Golbat sends Air Slash right towards Marowak and hitting the Pokémon hard. "Now hit it with Wing Attack!" Golbat strikes the Ground Type with his wings pretty hard.

"Smack Down attack!" The man ordered as Marowak throws a rock at Golbat.

"Dodge it, quick!" Sora called out, but Golbat wasn't quick enough and got hit by the rock bringing him down to the ground. Once Golbat was on the ground, the man grinned.

"Bone Rush!" The man ordered as Marowak came charging towards the bat Pokémon with its bone ready to strike. Sora remembered when Brock's Geodude did the same thing with Pidgeotto during their battle, so he wasn't going to have it.

"Golbat! Air Slash again! But aim it at the ground!" Sora called out. That got Kairi and the Alolan nine confused with why Sora ordered that. Golbat fired the attack on the ground sending the bone keeper Pokémon flying before Marowak could land a good hit. "Finish up one more Wing Attack!" Golbat hits Marowak on the side knocking out Marowak.

Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine all praised Sora for his victory as the trainer Sora was battling was throwing a tantrum like a little kid by pounding the ground.

"I can't believe I lost to a little kid! I took out one and he beats my other five! No fair!" The man starts sobbing as he calls back his Marowak and picks up his bandana as he ran off. Sora and the others just looked at the guy until he was completely out of sight.

"Oooookay," Sora said totally confused. Sometime later, the group made a small stop to set up for dinner, and by that time, Sora had sent Pidgeotto and Golbat back to Professor Oak and exchanged them for Growlithe and Vulpix. Sora thought it was a good idea to see what Growlithe could do and Kairi wanted to brush Vulpix's fur. It also turns out Growlithe seems to have a crush on Sora's Vulpix. Growlithe jumped onto Sora and affectionately licked his face. "Cut that out!" Sora shouted between licks. Sora remembered when his Rockruff was this playful before evolving. Kairi went over to her boyfriend and giggled at the sight. Sora looked over to Kairi as he patted Growlithe.

"Hey there, Kairi," Sora said smiling. "Come to play with Growlithe, too?"

"You know me so well, Sora," Kairi said joining in. Kairi giggled as Growlithe ran up to the girl and jumped up to and licked her face. "You're such a good boy. Yes you are! Yes you are!"

Growlithe licked Kairi even more affectionately than he did Sora; so he figured Growlithe liked girls more since it's a male Growlithe. Vulpix looked over to the couple and nuzzled Sora for attention.

"Feeling left out?" Sora asked kindly picking her up. "Here, Vulpix. Feeling better?"

"Vul," Vulpix chirped.

Kairi giggled between Growlithe's licks. Growlithe even liked it when Kairi was rubbing the puppy Pokémon on the belly.

"Who's a cute little puppy?" Kairi asked playfully. "You're a cute little puppy!" Growlithe started to lick Kairi again as she giggled.

The Alolan nine were busy doing their own thing when Sora and Kairi decided to have themselves a nature walk, just them and Sora's Pokémon. Growlithe walked along Vulpix as Pikachu rode on Sora's shoulder with Kairi holding his hand. Growlithe tried to flirt with Vulpix, but she just wasn't interested as she turned her face.

"Vulpix," Vulpix turned away.

Growlithe tried again only for Vulpix smacked Growlithe on the side. And to run away from Growlithe. He goes after the fox Pokémon as Sora and Kairi saw them run off.

"Hey Vulpix! Growlithe! Don't run too far from us!" Sora called out to his Fire Types.

"Come back!" Kairi also called out.

The couple and Pikachu ran after Growlithe and Vulpix as they ran through the shrubs. They looked for the two Pokémon as through they went further.

"Growlithe! Vulpix! Where are you?" Sora called out. "If you two can hear me, let me know!" Sora got his answer when he heard some barking. Sora and Kairi turned and saw Growlithe sniffing around for Vulpix. "There you are!" Sora pulls out his Safari Ball and called Growlithe back. Sora, Kairi, and Pikachu eventually found Vulpix in the bushes where Growlithe was sniffing around. "There you are, young lady," Sora said calling Vulpix back to her Pokéball. "That should do it."

"At least nothing happened to them," Kairi said relieved.

"That's a good thing," Sora agreed. "Now let's head back before the others start worrying."

"Okay," Kairi said. "I need to get started to cook dinner anyway."

Sora and Kairi were about to start walking when Pikachu's ears starting twitching.

"Pika?" Pikachu looked around.

"What's wrong, Pikachu?" Sora asked.

"Pika!" Pikachu said pointing in one direction. Sora and Kairi wondered what Pikachu was pointing at when something came in front of them. It greatly resembled a Raichu, but something was off. The ears weren't as pointy as the Raichu they were familiar with and they were pointing up, and the end of the tail was oval shaped and it was floating around.

"Raichu," the Raichu chirped.

"Raichu?" Sora questioned as he pulled out his Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon.

Raichu Alolan Form, the Mouse Pokémon

The evolved form of Pikachu

Type: Electric/Psychic

It uses psychokinesis to control electricity. It hops aboard its own tail, using psychic power to lift the tail and move about while riding it.

"So it's an Alolan Raichu," Sora said putting his Pokédex away. "Not just an Electric Type, but also a Psychic Type."

"I wonder where this Raichu came from," Kairi said. "It's very unlikely to see an Alolan Raichu here."

"Yeah," Sora said. "Its trainer must be looking for it." Sora walked to the Alolan Raichu and it looks at the Pikachu sitting on his trainer's shoulder and smiled as it floated around Sora. "Say Raichu," Sora said getting the Alolan Raichu's attention. "Where's your trainer? I'm sure whoever you belong to must be looking for you."

"Raichu," the Alolan Raichu said.

"Hey Raichu!" A new voice called out. The Alolan Raichu turned in the direction where the voice came from and came running is a dark-skinned boy with dark green hair, which is tied into a short ponytail with an orange band. He wore a black shirt, yellow board shorts with orange and white flowers on them and orange shoes and a backpack. Raichu floated back to the dark-skinned boy. Sora and Kairi figured out that he had to be this Raichu's trainer. "Ever since you were a little Pichu, you always wonder around. But, it's all in good fun." He smiled as he noticed the two new people in front of him. "I hope my Raichu didn't cause any trouble for you."

"It's cool," Sora said. "I just wasn't expecting anymore surprises here."

"Same here," Kairi added. The boy walked up to Kairi smiling. "Um... is there something I can help you with?"

The boy smiled as he looked at here.

"It's nothing really," He said. "It's just I wasn't expecting to run into a girl as cute as you."

"Um, thanks?" Kairi blushed at the complement. The boy turned to Sora who was staring at him with jealousy and noticed the Pikachu on his shoulder. He looked over to Sora and Pikachu still smiling.

"Your Pikachu's coat is pretty shiny. You did a great job raising it," the boy said.

"Thanks for that," Sora said getting over his jealousy. "My name is Sora by the way."

"Pikachu," Pikachu chipped in.

"And I'm Kairi; Sora's girlfriend," Kairi finished with the introductions.

"It's nice to meet you two," the boy smiled. "My name's Hau. And you already met my Raichu."

"Rai, Rai," Raichu said.

"So what brings you two lovebirds out here?" Hau asked them.

"We were just doing a nature walk," Kairi simply explained taking her boyfriend's hand.

"But my Vulpix was playing hard-to-get with my Growlithe so she ran over here to get away from him," Sora added. "Luckily we found them both before something happened."

"Yeah good thing," Hau said laughing. Hau's stomach started growing and blushed in embarrassment since he's hungry. Sora and Kairi looked at Hau as they smiled along with him.

"Would you like to join us for dinner, Hau?" Sora asked him. "You're going to love her cooking."

"I don't want to be a bother to anyone," Hau tried to reason.

"It's no big deal," Kairi said. "Our friends are waiting for us to come back."

"Well, I might as well join you," Hau said. "It wouldn't be right to turn down a meal generously offered."

Sora, Kairi, and Pikachu are joined by Hau to return to camp when the Alolan nine were still doing their thing when Sophocles saw the couple come back and with a familiar face.

"Sora and Kairi. Hey!" Sophocles greeted. "Hey guys, look who's with them?"

The rest of the Alolan nine stopped what they were doing and saw Hau.

"Hau?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Lillie, Illima, Lana, Kiawe, Mallow, Sophocles, Acerola, Mina, and Hapu!" Hau recognized leaving Sora and Kairi confused. "What are you guys doing here?!"

"We were here visiting Riku since he's traveling the Kanto region," Illima said smiling.

"But then we ended up traveling with Sora and Kairi after Sora battled Riku and lost," Mallow added.

"No way! Riku's here too?!" Hau exclaimed happily. "How is he and Eevee doing?"

"They're still doing good together," Lana said.

Sora and Kairi looked at each other and figured they knew each other obviously. Kairi got to work on cooking some beef stew for dinner. Hau shared some stories about him Riku back on their school days. Sora was amazed to hear how green Riku was since getting his Eevee, but then again, Sora was pretty green himself. Once the stew was finished, Hau enjoyed the stew Kairi had made.

"I have got to hand it to you, Kairi, you are a very good cook!" Hau said as Kairi smiled at the complement.

"Thank you, Hau," Kairi said. "It just makes me happy to see someone enjoy my meals."

"So, how did you two meet?" Hau asked. Sora and Kairi were skeptical about telling him, but he did ask.

"We met when Sora saved my life from Pokémon hunters several months back," Kairi explained.

"Pokémon hunters?" Hau asked. "How did that happen?"

"I was taking my nature walk when I spotted a Caterpie in a cage. I got the poor thing out of the cage. But they grabbed me from behind and gagged me as they took me back to their camp," Kairi explained. "They even said that they were going to kill me when they were done."

"Well that sucks," Hau said. "How did you come along, Sora?"

"It was on the same day. I was just starting out as a Pokémon trainer. Pikachu wasn't too thrilled about having me for a trainer," Sora explained. "Pikachu just couldn't do a thing I say at first. And when I spotted a Pidgey in a cage, I busted it out just in time for the same hunters to show up. They tried to take Pikachu from me and sent their flock of Spearow at us. And that's when I met Kairi." Sora said taking her hand.

"I wasn't sure if anyone would come to me when I was in trouble," Kairi said smiling. "But I'm very glad he came around." Kairi kissed Sora on the cheek. Sora blushed as their friends giggled a bit.

"Sora didn't seem like the knight in shining armor type when we first met him," Kiawe said. "But we knew there was a flame of love burning between those two when we met them."

"Now that's something," Hau said.

"Well, Pikachu ended up getting hurt by the Spearow and Pikachu saved us from them despite being hurt by them. But we managed to reach the Pokémon Center on time. And we have been traveling together since," Sora said warmly holding her shoulder.

"That's a very good story," Hau said. "At least you're alright, Kairi."

"Of course," Kairi said.

Once the meal was over and done with, Hau approached Sora as he was polishing his Pokéballs. He looked up to Hau smiling.

"What's up?" Sora asked.

"I was just wondering about something, Sora," Hau admitted.

"About what?" Sora asked him.

"I was wondering if you would like to have a battle with me?" Hau challenged him. "Six of mine against six of yours. You look like a good trainer. So I would like to see how good you are." Sora smiled as he and Hau stood up.

"Sure thing. You are so on!" Sora said shaking his hand. "To be honest, I was wondering about that too!"

"Well, you won't be disappointed," Hau said to Sora.

Sora and Hau got ready for their battle while Kairi and the Alolan nine were sitting and watching them get ready.

"So who are going to root for?" Sophocles asked Lillie.

"For both of them, of course," Lillie honestly answered. "They're both our friends, so it wouldn't be fair if we rooted for one of them and not for both of them."

"Fair point," Sophocles said.

"I wonder how it'll turn out," Kiawe said.

"We'll have to wait and see," Hapu said.

"Yeah," Mina said as she nodded.

Kairi of course was rooting for Sora, but she didn't doubt that Hau had to be pretty good too. Both trainers got their Pokéballs ready.

"Hey Hau! No matter what happens, may the best trainer win!" Sora called out to Hau.

"Thanks Sora! Just don't go easy on me just because we're friends!" Hau called back to Sora.

"I wouldn't dream of it!" Sora said as he threw the Pokéball. "Vulpix! Go!" The Pokéball opens up letting Vulpix out.

"Vulpix!" Sora's Vulpix said.

"So that's a Kantonian Vulpix!" Hau pointed out. "My first time battling one of those!" Hau threw his Pokéball. "Crabrawler! Go!" The Pokéball lets out a purple crab-like Pokémon with its pincers and the tips of its feet purple and yellow at the center of the shell. It also has a yellow antenna and one eye is half closed looking like a black eye. Its pincers resembled boxing gloves. This Pokémon was punching the air. Sora got curious of this new Pokémon and scanned it.

Crabrawler, the Boxing Pokémon

Type: Fighting

Its hard pincers are well suited to both offense and defense. Fights between two Crabrawler are like boxing matches.

"It looked more like a Water Type since it looks like a crab. But this should be fun!" Sora said putting his Pokédex away. "Vulpix! Start things up with Quick Attack!"

"Vulpix!" Vulpix started running towards her opponent with such speed.

"Crabrawler! Fire at Vulpix with Bubble Beam!" Hau ordered as Crabrawler fired Bubble Beam at the fox Pokémon.

"Dodge it!" Sora called out to Vulpix as she skid to the left. "Now let out Flamethrower!" Vulpix fired Flamethrower and it hits Crabrawler on the spot.

"Hau is really enjoying this," Acerola said.

"It's no surprise to us," Kiawe said. "He's never shy from a challenge."

"Kinda like Sora," Mallow added.

Kairi and the rest of the Alolan nine all nodded in agreement with that statement.

"Crabrawler! Swing at Vulpix with Crabhammer!" Hau called out as Crabrawler swung at Vulpix with both pincers. Vulpix was hit pretty hard and she did her best to shake it off. "Now let it have it with Power-Up Punch!" Crabrawler let out a powerful punch attack sending Vulpix back. Sora needed to think fast. He knew that move gets stronger from every use. "Let out with another Power-Up Punch!" Crabrawler launched at Vulpix with another Power-Up Punch.

"Dodge it!" Sora called out as Vulpix jumped out of the way in time. Crabrawler punched the ground having its pincer stuck in the ground. "Use Flame Burst!" Vulpix formed a big fireball and hurls it towards Crabrawler as it gets unstuck and get sent flying. "Finish up with one more Flamethrower!" Vulpix fired Flamethrower again hitting Crabrawler good. The boxing Pokémon falls on its back totally beaten.

"That was awesome!" Hau exclaimed. "Your Vulpix took out my Crabrawler like it was nothing!"

"Thanks, Hau!" Sora said. "Your Crabrawler was pretty awesome too!" Hau called Crabrawler back and pulled out another Pokéball.

"Now try this on for size! Flareon! Go!" Hau threw his Pokéball letting out a quadruped mammalian Pokémon. It has vivid flame-orange fur with a bushy yellow mane, a wide, fluffy flame-shaped long tail, and a tuft of yellow fur atop its head, in a fireball shape. It has a short cat-like muzzle, wide black almond-shaped eyes, and a small black triangular nose. Its ears are long and rabbit-like, with flare-like tips. It has large, bulky paws with no visible took out his Pokédex and scanned this new Pokémon.

Flareon, the Flame Pokémon

An evolved form of Eevee

Type: Fire

Flareon's fluffy fur has a functional purpose—it releases heat into the air so that its body does not get excessively hot. This Pokémon's body temperature can rise to a maximum of 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit.

"Eevee's evolved form; and it's a Fire Type," Sora said putting his Pokédex away and taking out Vulpix's Pokéball. "Okay Vulpix, return!" Sora said calling back Vulpix. He took out another Pokéball and threw it. "Squirtle! Go for it!" The Pokéball lets out Squirtle as he makes his entrance.

"Squirtle!" Squirtle said.

"So you're using a Water Type against my Flareon, huh?" Hau asked. "I like how you think! Because it makes the battle even more fun!"

"I was thinking the same thing, Hau!" Sora said to him. "Okay Flareon! Quick Attack!"

"Squirtle! Use your Aqua Jet!" Sora ordered as Squirtle launched towards Flareon. The two attacks collided with one another and they were evenly matched. "Water Gun!"

"Squirtle!" Squirtle fired his strong Water Gun attack towards Flareon. The water comes towards the fire Eeveeloution as it just sits there.

"Flareon! Dodge it!" Hau ordered as Flareon dodged the attack just by jumping out of the way in time. "Now use Will-O-Wisp!" Flareon shoots out a sinister blusih-white flame right at Squirtle.

"Dodge it with Aqua Jet!" Sora called out as Squirtle launches himself straight into the air like a rocket. Will-O-Wisp missed its target.

"No way!" Hau shouted.

Kairi and the Alolan nine were surprised by that move.

"Now that's impressive," Illima said smiling. "Using that Aqua Jet to launch Squirtle in the air like that wasn't something I would expect. "And I can tell even Hau is impressed."

"That's Sora for you," Kairi beamed at her boyfriend's quick thinking. "He's always finding ways to surprise us."

"And that's pretty much why you love him so much," Lana said.

"It is," Kairi admitted openly.

"The battle's not over yet," Hapu said watching the battle.

Squirtle comes down towards Flareon as Flareon stares at Squirtle hurdling downwards.

"Strike at Flareon with Aqua Tail!" Sora called out as Squirtle struck at Flareon with his tail emitting water. With one big splash, Flareon was down for the count.

"Flareon!" Hau shouted out. He pulled out Flareon's Pokéball calling the flame Pokémon back. "You did a great job, Flareon. You deserve a good long rest." He puts Flareon's Pokéball away and he looks over to Raichu. "You ready for some action, Raichu?"

"Rai, Raichu!" Raichu nodded.

"Great! Go for it!" Hau said as Raichu levitated into the battle. Sora smiled as he looks at Pikachu.

"You ready for this, Pikachu?" Sora asked Pikachu.

"Pika, Pika, Pikachu!" Pikachu said as he nodded.

"That's what I wanted to hear!" Sora said as Pikachu gotbin the battle.

"Looks like Pikachu is in!" Sophocles said.

"We all know how strong Pikachu is," Illima said. "But we mustn't forget about Raichu's advantage in this."

Kairi remembered when Sora battled Lt. Surge back in Vermilion City. She saw how determined Pikachu was to battle his Raichu. She knew his Raichu was nothing to sneeze at. She wondered how powerful this Raichu is.

"Okay Raichu! Move in with Quick Attack!" Hau ordered as Raichu surfed on its tail coming towards Pikachu.

"You use Quick Attack too!" Sora called out to Pikachu as he charged at his evolved from's Alolan counterpart. "Swing at Raichu with Iron Tail!"

"Pika!" Pikachu said swinging Iron Tail right at Raichu.

"Dodge it!" Hau called to Raichu as it floated in the air. "Fire Electro Ball!"

"Raichu!" Raichu fired his Electro Ball right at Pikachu.

"Block it with Thunderbolt!" Sora ordered.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu blocked the attck with Thunderbolt resulting in an explosion. Pikachu braces himself as Raichu floats in the air. "Okay, Pikachu! Use your Electro Ball, now!"

"Pika!" Pikachu swung his tail as he fired Electro Ball right at Raichu.

"Raichu! Block it with Psychic!" Hau called as Raichu blocked the Electro Ball with its Psychic attack.

Kairi gasped at the sight; but she wasn't the only one. Sora shared her shock.

"No way!" Sora shouted.

"Pika!" Pikachu also shouted.

"Send it back at Pikachu!" Hau called outout sending Pikachu's Electro Ball back to Pikachu.

"Dodge it!" Sora called out to Pikachu.

"Pika!" Pikachu nodded. Pikachu ran to avoid his own attack, but Raichu was still controlling it and it came too fast for Pikachu to get away in time. Pikachu was knocked out.

"Pikachu!" Sora and Kairi shouted out. Sora was about to pick up Pikachu when Kairi did that for him.

"Don't worry, Sora," Kairi said kindly. "Pikachu is in good hands."

"I know he is," Sora said to her smiling.

"Hey Sora!" Hau called to Sora. "Your Pikachu put up a great fight! It takes me back to when Raichu was a Pikachu. Isn't that right, buddy!"

"Rai!" Raichu said as he nodded.

"And I have gotta hand it to you that you have such a caring girlfriend," Hau complemented. "I have gotta admit that I'm a little jealous."

"Thanks Hau!" Sora said feeling better about it. Sora took out another Pokéball and threw it. "Okay Bulbasaur! Go!" The Pokéball lets out Bulbasaur.

"Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur said.

"Okay, Raichu! Why don't you take a breather?" Raichu nodded as he took out another Pokéball. Now here's my next one! Komala! Go!" Hau threw the Pokéball letting out a Pokémon that greatly resembles a koala, but it's clinging to a log and it happens to be asleep.

Kairi and Pikachu were caught off guard at the sight of this Pokémon.

"Is she asleep?" Kairi wondered in her thoughts.

"Pikachu?" Pikachu questioned.

"Huh?" Sora and Bulbasair tilted their heads in confusion. "What kind of Pokémon is that?" Sora took out his Pokédex to get the answer.

Komala, the Drowsing Pokémon

Type: Normal

It is born asleep, and it dies asleep. All its movements are apparently no more than the results of it tossing and turning in its dreams.

"And I thought Snorlax is a heavy sleeper," Sora joked putting his Pokédex away. "But I wonder how much of a fight this Komala will put up. Only one way to find out," Sora said in his thoughts. "Okay Bulbasaur! Tackle! Let's go!"

"Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur charged at Komala with full force.

"Dodge it!" Hau called out as Komala simply rolled out of the way on her log. "Now use Wood Hammer!" Komala swung her log at Bulbasaur, hitting him square right in the face. "Now use Shadow Claw!" Komala rolled on her log as the koala Pokémon swung her claw right at Bulbasaur. "Swing at Bulbasaur with another Wood Hammer!" Komala swung the log again and it hits Bulbasaur very hard, knocking Bulbasaur out.

"Whao!" Sora had to admit that he did not expect that to happen. But he was impressed by how Komala had knocked out Bulbasaur even while asleep. "I guessed I judged the book by the cover," Sora jokes despite losing another round. He called Bulbasaur back and took out a Safari Ball this time. "It's your time to shine, Growlithe!" Sora threw the Safari Ball letting his Growlithe out.

"This will be Growlithe's very first battle," Kairi said holding Pikachu.

"Yeah," Mina simply said nodding.

"I wonder what Hau has in store next?" Kiawe asked.

"We'll have to wait and see," Lana said.

"Great job, Komala. Come on back," Hau said calling Komala back. He pulled out another Pokéball and threw it. "Okay Tauros! It's your turn!" Hau threw his Pokéball letting out a Tauros. This Tauros was slightly different than Sora's Tauros. It was a bit bulkier and the horns were slightly larger, and it had a scar at its left eye.

"Moo!" Tauros shouted out more aggressively.

"Think your Growlithe is up for a battle against my Tauros?" Hau asked Sora.

"Let's find out, shall we? Growlithe! Start up with Flame Charge!" Sora ordered as Growlithe charged towards Tauros with burning speed.

"Tauros! Take Down!" Hau ordered as Tauros did the same. Tauros landed a perfect hit at Growlithe as Tauros got a recoil hit. "Horn on in with Horn Attack!" Tauros obeyed its trainers order as the bull Pokémon charged at Growlithe.

"Growlithe! Dodge it!" Growlithe runs on the right as Tauros misses. "Crunch time!" Sora joked as Growlithe bit Tauros on the left hind leg. Tauros gave a loud moo as it kicked the puppy Pokémon off. "Now use Flame Wheel!" Growlithe covers his body entirely of flames and as the name suggested, it rolled into a huge fireball. The attack hits Tauros dead on knocking the bull Pokémon out.

"Not bad," Hau said calling back his Tauros. "You're an awesome trainer, Sora. I haven't had this much fun a battle since I battled against Riku."

"You're not so bad yourself," Sora complemented. "Now let's make the last one decide the winner."

"You've read my mind," Hau said grinning holding up his last Pokéball. Kairi and Pikachu wondered what Hau had in store, but the Alolan nine already knew which one was next to play. "Just as you know! This was my very first Pokémon! Decidueye! Go!" Hau threw his Pokéball letting out a tall owl-like Pokémon. The upper segment of its face is black with a thin, orange cover like a mask circling its eyes. It has orange pupils and a green hooked beak. The feathers covering its wings and back are light brown, while its body is fundamentally white with an appearance of a six pack. The three plumes at the tip of each wing are organized like fingers and have lighter tips. It has long legs, feet with two toes confronting forward and two in reverse, and short dim green claws. It tail comprises of three long, green leaves. On the front of its wings are a line of orange upside-down triangles pointing downward. It has a green leafy hood that covers its head and shoulders. Around the head, the hood shapes many pointed projections that stretch out over its face. It has a white plume with a red base reaches out from the highest point of its hood. On its chest is an orange X shaped marking made out of dead leaves with two vines. Sora was pretty amazed by the sight of this new Pokémon.

"Hau's very first Pokémon," Sora said in amazement as he took out his Pokédex and scanned this bird Pokémon.

Decidueye, the Arrow Quill Pokémon

The evolved form of Dartrix

Type: Grass/Ghost

It nocks its arrow quills and shoots them at opponents. When it simply can't afford to miss, it tugs the vine on its head to improve its focus.

"Figured that was Rowlet's fully evolved form," Sora said in his thoughts. "And since it's also a Ghost Type Pokémon, it won't be easy, though. But I know I can do this." Sora pulls put Growlithe's Safari Ball. "Okay Growlithe, return," Sora said calling Growlithe back and pulls out his last Pokéball. "Okay Charmander! Go for it!" Sora throws his Pokéball letting out Charmander.

"Charmander, Char!" Charmander shouted.

"I had a feeling Hau was saving Decidueye for last," Illima said smiling.

"Decidueye is what Rowlet will evolve into after Dartrix, right?" Kairi asked.

"Right, Kairi," Lillie answered. "Decidueye is Hau's strongest Pokémon next to his Raichu."

"Decidueye's been in some pretty tough battles since it was a Rowlet," Kiawe said. "But some of the Pokémon Hau and Rowlet battled against were nothing to sneeze at."

Kairi looked at the fully evolved Pokémon and knew it was a strong one.

"I know you can do it, Sora," Kairi said in her thoughts. "I believe in you."

"Pikachu," Pikachu said worringly.

Hau smiled as Decidueye shared his trainer's smile.

"We've been through so much since the day we met," Hau said in his thoughts. "This may be the final round, but for you, the battle is just getting started." Decidueye peered to the Charmander in front of him. Charmander did the same thing wanting to prove his strength to the larger opponent.

"Char," Charmander said.

"Okay Decidueye! Spirit Shackle!" Hau ordered as Decidueye took an arrow from his wing as it emits a shadowy aura. Decidueye fired the arrow at Charmander. The arrow loops around Charmander before striking the ground in front of him, creating a burst of blue fire-like energy around Charmander.

"What the?!" Sora exclaimed.

"Pika!" Pikachu also exclaimed.

"What was that?" Kairi asked.

"That was Spirit Shackle," Acerola explained. "It pins the opponent to battle on that the trainer won't switch Pokémon. It's also good for use on Pokémon that could get away."

"So that's it," Kairi said in her thoughts. She knew very well Sora wasn't going to make anymore switches since he's sticking with Charmander.

"Okay, Charmander! Fire Fang!" Sora ordered as Charmander charged towards Decidueye. The owl Pokémon just smirked as he wasn't afraid of fire.

"Leaf Blade!" Hau called out as Decidueye swiped at Charmander as his wing gave off a light green aura. The attack strikes Charmander good. "Now use Phantom Force!" Decidueye creates an eerie purple portal beneath him and sinks down. This move caught Sora and Charmander off guard.

"What the?! Where did it go?" Sora questioned. Charmander looked around as the portal appeared right behind Charmander. "Behind you!" Sora called out making Charmander turn around. Decidueye kicked Charmander as he fell on his back. Kairi gasped at that as did Pikachu.

"Very good, Decidueye! Now use Leaf Blade again!" Hau called out as Decidueye dove in for an attack.

"Charmander! Get up and dodge it!" Sora called out. Charmander got up and moved just before the Leaf Blade could hit. "Flamethrower!" Charmander fired his Flamethrower right at Decidueye. The attack hit before Hau told him to dodge.

"Shake it off! Use your Leaf Storm!" Hau ordered as Decidueye flapped his wings as leaves makes an appearance and the leaves heads towards Charmander.

"Use Flamethrower to burn through the leaves!" Sora called out as Charmander fired Flamethrower burning the leaves making them come down like a rain of fire.

"Didn't Sora use this move when he battled Erika?" Mallow queationed.

"He did," Illima remembered. "And that was a sight to beheld." Illima chuckled. "And compared to her Weepinbell's Razor Leaf, that was just an ember."

Decidueye's Leaf Storm was raining down Decidueye as he was getting hit bad.

"I didn't expect Sora to make a bounce that high," Hau said in his thoughts. "I knew he was good; I didn't know he was that good!" Hau smiled as he was feeling even more fired up now. "Yeah Sora! That was pretty epic! But you won't withstand this! Decidueye! Phantom Force!" Decidueye obeyed as he sank into the ghostly portal once again; butbthis time, Sora was ready for it.

"I knew he would try that again," Sora said in his thoughts. "This time, I'm ready for ya, Hau." Sora called out to Charmander, "Charmander! Stay where you are!"

"Char," Charmander nodded as he didn't move an inch. Kairi and the Alolan nine wondered what he was planning to do. Sora didn't wait long until the portal appeared behind Charmander again. Sora grinned as the opportunity has come at last.

"NOW!" Sora called out as Decidueye stepped out and Charmander fired Flamethrower right at Decidueye right on mark. That caught Hau completely by surprise. He stared in awe as Sora's Charmander had made a burning comeback.

"That was pretty wicked, Sora," Hau said as he smiled. "Next one who lands a hit wins! Decidueye! Leaf Blade!" Decidueye ran on the ground with a wing ready.

"You are so on!" Sora said to Hau. "Charmander! Dragon Claw!"

"Char!" Charmander ran towards Decidueye with his claw out emitting a purple glow. The two attacks mixed so it was hard to tell which attack landed the finishing blow. Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine watched anxiously to see which one had won. Sora and Hau did the same as sweat ran down their faces. After a few seconds, Decidueye fell to the ground totally wiped. It was clear that Sora had won the battle.

"Whoa!" Everyone exclaimed.

"I don't believe it," Hau said falling to his knees. "I lost." He looked at the ground for a moment before he suddenly got a burst of energy. "Oh yeah! That was an awesome battle!" Hau ran up to Decidueye helping his first Pokémon up. "You were awesome, Decidueye. You battled hard for me." Decidueye smiled feelimg better that his trainer will always be proud even losing. He went up to Sora and shook his hand. "I had fun battling you, Sora! You were even more awesome than I thought you were!"

"I'm thinking the same about you, Hau," Sora said shaking Hau's hand. "You gave it everything you had."

"You too," Hau said as he smiled.

Kairi and Pikachu went up to Sora and they both hugged him. Pikachu hugged his leg.

"Come here, winner," Kairi said giving her boyfriend a kiss on the lips. Hau blushed at the sight as his Raichu just chuckled. Hau joined Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, and the Alolan nine in their campout for the night.

On the very next morning, Hau walked out to a path and they stand on the path to go their separate ways.

"This is where we have to part ways," Hau said.

"You sure you can't join us?" Sora asked.

"Sorry but, I have to go see if I can find Riku," Hau said. "But I'm totally stoked for our next battle. So don't stop being awesome!"

"The same for you, man," Sora said shaking his hand. Hau pulled Sora over and whispered in his ear.

"You don't mind if I kiss Kairi on the cheek, do you?" Hau whispered. "I promise I won't go for the lips."

Sora was skeptical about it, but he had to go with it.

"Just this once," Sora whispered back to him. Hau went up to Kairi and kissed her cheek before he took off. Kairi blushed at the peck on the cheek. And then Sora kissed her on the lips. "Shall we get going?"

"Yeah," Kairi said taking her boyfriend's hamd as the livebirds and their friends continued on with their journey.

Sora not only made a new friend, but a new rival as well. The battle he shared with Hau is something he would never forget. And he knew Hau won't forget it either. Sora did wonder how Riku and Naminé were doing since they last saw them. Only time knows the answer to that.