Pokemon Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction ❯ Pokémon: Sora's Journey ❯ Bye, Bye, Psyduck ( Chapter 68 )

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Episode 68: Bye, Bye, Psyduck

A week had passed since the Kabuto mystery, but that didn't distract Sora long enough from his training. Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, the Alolan nine, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua were sent off to make a delivery to a colleague of his, Professor Westwood who lives on the nearby beach not too far from their latest experience. Sora had taken taken Psyduck and Pidgeotto with him as well. Once the delivery was made, Sora did a little training on the beach hoping to get Psyduck to learn how to swim.

"Okay, Psyduck. It's time that you learned how to swim in the water," Sora said.


"It's said that Psyduck are naturally born swimmers; swimming is in your blood," Sora said. "And it'll be time that it came natural for you."


Sora and Kairi changed into their swimsuits and led Psyduck to the water to learn how to swim.

"Okay, Psyduck. Come on in, the water is fine," Sora said gesturing the yellow duck Pokémon. Psyduck looked at the water. He placed on foot in the water and shivered and ran behind Ventus.


Sora sighed and stepped out of the water, "Oh, come on, Psyduck. You're a Water Type Pokémon. And cold water shouldn't be any bother to you. So come on and go for a swim."

"Duck, Psy, Psyduck."

Sora took Psyduck by the hand and carried Psyduck all the way to the water to where Kairi is.

"See? It isn't so bad," Sora said. "You love the water."

Psyduck starts splashing around hysterically, "Psy-y-y-y-Psy-y-y-y-y-Psy-y-y-y-y-y-y-y!"

"Hey, Psyduck! Take it easy! It's fine! It's fine!" Sora shouted trying to calm down Psyduck. Psyduck kept splashing around trying desperately to get out of the water only for Sora to carry Psyduck back out of the water. Sora, Kairi, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and the Alolan nine all looked at Psyduck.

"It's very unusual for a Psyduck not being able to swim," Terra pointed out.

"Most Psyduck I've seen were naturally born swimmers," Lana added.

"I know. I just thought Psyduck just had problems with performing a simple attack, but if I knew Psyduck didn't know how to swim, I would have that taken care of," Sora said.

"Also aren't Psyduck supposed to be smarter than yours, Sora?" Sophocles asked earning a glare from Sora and the rest.

"You calling my Psyduck stupid?" Sora asked in a tone of anger.

"That was a horrible thing to say!" Lillie snapped at him.

"Uncool," Mina added.

"That's why we don't open our big mouths," Acerola said.

"You shouldn't be making fun of Psyduck like that!" Mallow told Sophocles.

"Look, I'm sorry! I didn't mean anything like that," Sophocles defended.

"Well, I won't give on Psyduck," Sora said.

"And neither will I," Kairi agreed. She went up behind her boyfriend's Pokémon and gave him a hug. Psyduck felt warm at the feel of her hug. Sora bent down to Psyduck's level.

"Like I told you before, with me around, you'll be the best Psyduck you could possibly be. Just mark my words on that," Sora said.


Just then a ball of puff rolled by the group revealed to be Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff started singing to the group making everyone fall asleep. As everyone fell right to sleep, Psyduck was swept into the water before Jigglypuff stopped singing and saw everyone asleep.


Jigglypuff took the top of the marker off and started to scribble on everyone's faces in the order of Sora, Lana, Pikachu, Kairi, Ventus, Illima, Kiawe, Mallow, Mina, Hapu, Terra, Lillie, Aqua, Togepi, Sophocles, and Acerola.

A girl wearing a pink jumpsuit fishing on a boat with her Tentacruel in the water.

"It's awfully quiet today," the girl said fishing.


The girl turns to hear something coming up in the water's surface and Psyduck is splashing around and is confused at the sight. After Jigglypuff had left, everyone woke up and saw Psyduck was missing.

"Hey! Where's Psyduck?!" Sora exclaimed. "Psyduck! Psyduck! Where are you, buddy?!"

"Sora! Calm down! I'm sure Psyduck didn't go too far," Kiawe said trying to calm Sora down.

"Kiawe is right, Sora. Psyduck might have been sleepwalking," Hapu said. Sora winced to that possibility and looked towards the water. Kairi the Alolan nine, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua all looked towards the water. "Sleepwalk right into the water."

"That can't be good," Lillie said.

"No," Mina agreed.

"We should look for Psyduck before something happens to him," Aqua said.

"Sora will have to agree with you, Aqua," Ventus said.

Before anyone could mount a rescue the girl rowed in to the group.

"Excuse me!" She called out to the group. "Does this Psyduck belong to any of you?" Her Tentacruel is holding Psyduck in its tentacle.



"That's my Psyduck," Sora answered. "And thanks for finding him for me!" Tentacruel handed Psyduck back to Sora. "Good go see that you're safe, buddy!"


Sora looked over to Psyduck's tail glowing pink.

"What the?" Sora asked confused. "Why is your tail glowing pink like that?" The girl went ashore and got off the boat. "Thanks again for finding my Psyduck. Anyway, I'm Sora." Sora introduced himself, "This would be my girlfriend Kairi and my cousin, Ventus; Ven for short."

"My name's Terra."

"I'm Aqua."

"My name's Lillie."

"I'm Illima."

"The name's Kiawe."

"I'm Mallow."

"I'm Lana."

"Sophocles is my name."

"I'm Acerola."

"My name's Mina."

"And I'm Hapu."

"My name's Marina," she introduced herself. She bends down to and looks at Psyduck's glowing tail. "I'm really sure, but from the way your Psyduck's tail is glowing, I'd say your Psyduck's getting ready to evolve."

"Evolve? Really?!" Ventus asked excitedly. "So cool! That means you're going to have a Golduck, Sora!"

"Ven, don't get riled up," Aqua told him. "Anyway, how do you know that Sora's Psyduck is getting close to evolving?"

"A Pokémon trainer told me," Marina answered. "She said, sometimes before they evolve, a Psyduck's tail starts to glow pink just like this is."

"This is the first time I have every heard of something like this," Lillie said.

"Same with me," Illima agreed.

Sora wasn't a hundred percent sure if that was the case. He remembered how he battled a Golduck at one point and that was a tough Golduck. Sora did like the idea of having his Psyduck evove into a Golduck.

"I'm so jealous of you, Sora," Lana said. "I mean first you have a beautiful Primarina and then you're going to have a cool Pokémon like a Golduck."

"Wait a minute! A Primarina?! You have a Primarina?!" Marina asked enthralled.

"Y-yes?" Sora answered in a form of a question.

"Please tell me what other Water Types do you have," Marina pleaded.

"Well, I have a Blastoise, a Kingler, a Poliwhirl, and a Lapras," Sora answered her.

"You have a Lapras too?! I've always wanted one of those! Lucky!" Marina said.

"I take it that you're into Water Type Pokémon, right?" Lana asked.

"I am," Marina admitted.

"I'll have you know that all my Pokémon are all Water Type Pokémon," Lana said.

"You're a Water Pokémon trainer too?" Marina asked and Lana nodded. "It must be a small world, right?"

"It sure is!" Lana agreed.

"I just love the way Water Type Pokémon can float and swim and dive and surf and squiet," Marina beamed.

"Get out of my head! I was just thinking the same thing! And don't you love the cute way they waddle around?" Lana cooed.

"What is going on here?" Ventus asked.

"It looks like Lana made a new friend," Hapu said.

"Yeah," Mina agreed.

"Shouldn't be surprising," Mallow said. "I would feel the same way if I met someone who has the same fashion for Grass Types and Kiawe for Fire Types."

"Yeah, that's true," Kiawe agreed.

Marina took her tackle box and shown her lures to Lana, "Here, look at these. I never buy my Pokémon lures. I always make them myself."

"So do I!" Lana admitted taking out her Popplio lure. "This one is my favorite lure! Isn't it cute?"

"Very cute," Marina agreed. "I would love to have a Pokémon like a Wailord! Or maybe the legendary Pokémon Kyorge!"

"Me too! Me too!" Lana agreed.

"You think we can do ?" Marina asked her eyes sparkling.

"I sure hope so," Lana said with her eyes also sparkling. Marina looked over to Sora and his Psyduck.

"Say, Sora. There's one thing I don't understand," Marina said.

"Yeah? What?" Sora asked.

"How come your Psyduck dosen't know how to swim?" Marina asked.

Sora sighed, "To be completely honest, I don't have the slightest idea."

"What do you mean you don't have any idea?" Marina asked not understanding.

"Sora and I were trying to get Psyduck to learn how to swim and he got pretty excited trying to get out," Kairi answered.

"But I'm not giving up on Psyduck," Sora said. "I know Psyduck can overcome any problems he has. Just never imagined that he'd have to evolve to do it."

"Really? What kind of problems?" Marina asked.

"Well, Psyduck had some trouble using some of his attacks. But, Psyduck made a pretty big comeback when I battled against Koga and his Crobat," Sora explained. "And that was by accident that I found out that he can perform his Psychic attacks when he gets a pretty bad headache."

"That was a pretty big shock for us all," Acerola said.

"Took us completely by surprise," Sophocles said.

"That does sound surprising," Marina agreed. "Say Sora. How about we have a battle; unless it'll make your girlfriend jealous."

"Just as long as you don't flirt with him, then it's okay," Kairi said.

"Toge, Toge, Togepi."

Sora thought for a moment then made up his mind and said, "Okay Marina. You're on."

"That's great! But let's make it an all Water Type Pokémon battle!" Marina suggested. "And it'll be three-on-three!"

"Great idea," Sora accepted. He accessed his Pokédex and exchanged his Venusaur for Lapras. He could have exchanged his Psyduck for Kingler, Primarina or Poliwhirl, but he had to see if Psyduck would evolve into a Golduck like Marina said he would. He took out a Pokéball. "Okay, Lapras! Go!" Sora threw his Pokéball letting out his Lapras.

"Your Lapras is such a cutie! I am so jealous that you have one! I want one of my own!" Marina gushed.

"Thanks for that," Sora said.

"Well, my first Pokémon will be Tentacruel," Marina stated.


"Ladies first," Sora said.

"Being a gentleman isn't going to win this battle for you," Marina said. "Tentacruel! Start things up with Poison Sting!" Tentacruel fired Poison Sting right towards Lapras.

"Lapras! Dodge it!" Sora ordered as Lapras dove underwater to avoid the Poison Type attack. Lapras resurfaces. "Body Slam!" Lapras jumped out of the water and moved towards the jellyfish Pokémon.

"Tentacruel! Dodge it!" Marina ordered as Tentacruel swerved on its right making Lapras's attack miss. "Now use Wring Out!"

"Tentacruel." Tentacruel wrapped its tentacles around Lapras's body and squeezed.

"Now use Water Pulse!" Marina ordered as Tentacruel hurled Water Pulse right towards Lapras causing some real damage. Lapras bacame confused.

"Lapras! Shake it off! Ice Beam!" Sora called out. Lapras fired Ice Beam right at Tentacruel hitting one of its tentacles.

"Tentacruel!" Marina gasped. Lapras managed to snap out of her confusion. With a tentacle frozen, this was the edge Sora needed.

"Great! Body Slam!" Sora called out as Lapras lands a pretty good hit. Tentacruel became paralyzed from the hit. "Now fire Hydro Pump!" Sora called out making Lapras fire Hydro Pump from her mouth. Tentacruel couldn't move fast because of its paralysis. The jellyfish Pokémon got hit by Lapras's water attack earning a knockout.

"Tentacruel!" Marina gasped. "Not wasn't bad, Sora! You're a pretty good trainer!"

"Right back at you," Sora complemented.

"Tentacruel, why don't you take a rest for a while, you've earned it," Marina said.

"Tentacruel." The exhausted Tentacruel moved back to its trainer's side.

"Well, Sora. I'm going let you have a go with one of my strongest Pokémon," Marina said holding out her Pokéball. "Psyduck! Go!" She threw her Pokéball letting a Psyduck. It flexed its arms as it entered battle.

"So she has a Psyduck, too," Ventus said. "But it's really different from Sora's Psyduck."

"You're right, Ven. After seeing Sora's Psyduck, I've forgotten how tough they really are," Lillie agreed.

"And there's no doubt how tough that Psyduck is," Terra said. "Sora won't find it easy."

"No he won't," Lana agreed.

"I don't know how you raised that rubbery Psyduck as yours, Sora. But I can show you how tough a Psyduck can be if you train it the right way," Marina said making Sora sigh.

"Lapras! Ice Beam!" Sora ordered as Lapras fired Ice Beam right at Marina's Psyduck.

"Psyduck! Psychic!" Marina ordered as her Psyduck raised its hands up and used Psychic to reflect Ice Beam and sends it back at Lapras.

"Lapras!" Sora gasped at the sight. Kairi, the Alolan nine, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua were shocked at the sight.

"That Psyduck is just as tough as you said, Terra," Acerola said.

"Wonder which on Sora is gonna send out next?" Sophocles asked.

"Probably Blastoise," Mallow said.

"Okay Blastoise! Go!" Sora threw his Pokéball letting out his Blastoise.


"Wow! Your Blastoise looks tough by the way you raised it," Marina complemented.

"Thanks, Marina! My Blastoise will mop the floor with your Psyduck," Sora said. "Blastoise! Flash Cannon!" Blastoise fired Flash Cannon right out of his cannons.

"Psyduck! Psychic again!" Marina ordered as her Psyduck reflected Flash Cannon and sends it back at Blastoise.

"Blastoise! Aqua Jet!" Sora ordered as Blastoise launched himself towards her Psyduck and cutting through his own Flash Cannon. The attack lands a pretty good hit.

"Psyduck!" Marina gasped as her Psyduck is sent flying in the air. "Not too bad, Sora. It's not over yet! Psyduck! Surf!" Marina's Psyduck lands on the water and raised it to a huge tidal wave and washes Blastoise in the fray.

"Blastoise! Hydro Pump!" Sora ordered as Blastoise fired Hydro Pump right towards the duck Pokémon. Marina's Psyduck gets hit by the blast. "Now use Water Pulse!" Blastoise forms a ball of water and hurls it towards Psyduck.

"Psyduck! Hydro Pump!" Marina ordered as her Psyduck blasts a powerful jet of water from its bill at Blastoise.

"Fire back Hydro Pump!" Sora ordered as Blastoise fired Hydro Pump and both had held their ground, not one gaining an edge over the other. Both attacks broke through hitting each other earning a double knockout.

"Blastoise!" Sora called out.

"Psyduck!" Marina also called out. She pulls out her Pokéball and calls her Psyduck back. "You did a great job, Psyduck. You deserve a good rest." She puts her Pokéball away.

"Come back, Blastoise," Sora said calling Blastoise back to his Pokéball. "You did great, Blastoise." Sora smiled and took out his third Pokéball. "Okay, Psyduck! It's your turn!" Sora threw his Pokéball letting out his Psyduck.


"I thought he was saving Psyduck for last. Sora must wanted Psyduck to evolve that badly," Aqua said.

"Or he just wanted to see for himself," Kairi said making everyone look at her.

"Why would you say that, Kairi?" Ventus asked. "I'm sure Psyduck will evolve. I just know it."

"I could tell how skeptical Sora looked when Marina mentioned about the glowing tail, so he wanted to see if she was right for himself," Kairi explained. "I just know how he thinks."

"I may have to agree with her," Illima said. "I for one want to see if it was true as well."

"Alright, Starmie! Go!" She threw her Pokéball and lets out a Starmie.

"Gotta hand it to you, Marina. That's a pretty cool Starmie you've got," Sora complemented.

"Thanks, Sora. But your Psyduck isn't going to beat my Starmie," Marina said.

"We'll see about that," Sora said. He said in his thoughts, "I hope so."

"Okay Starmie! Swift attack!" Marina ordered as Starmie fired stars right towards Psyduck.

"Psyduck! Dodge it!" Sora called out. Psyduck stood there and took the hit. "Psyduck!"


"Dosen't look good for Psyduck," Aqua said watching Psyduck taking a beating.

"Didn't Sora say anything about Psyduck unleashing his full power from a headache?" Terra asked.

"He did," Kiawe reminded him.

"And that happened when Sora battled Koga, right?" Aqua asked.

"Those attacks were aimed at Psyduck's head. The same thing happened when Sora battled a trainer with a Yungoos and a Gumshoos," Kairi remembered.


"Okay, Starmie! Psychic! Lift Psyduck in the air!" Marina ordered as Starmie lifted the duck Pokémon in the air.


"Now drop it!" Marina commanded. Starmie deactivated Psychic dropping Psyduck onto the ground landing on his head.

"Psyduck! You okay?" Sora asked concerned.

"PSY!" Psyduck's cry lets out a screeching sound as his eyes glows blue emitting a telepathic power. "Psyduck."

"What just happened?" Ventus asked.

"Psyduck must be unleashing his power," Lana said. "That conk on the head really did it."

"Now Marina is in real trouble," Sophocles said.

"Yeah," Mina said.


"Toge, Toge."

"Starmie! Swift!" Marina ordered as Starmie fired Swift right towards Psyduck. Swift kept coming towards the yellow duck Pokémon.

"Psyduck! Block it with Confusion!" Sora ordered. Psyduck stopped the stars with his Psychic Type attack. Marina gasped at the sight. "Now send them back!" Psyduck pushed the stars right back towards Starmie taking serious blows. "Now fire Water Gun!" Psyduck fired Water Gun at his opponent landing heavy damage. Starmie's core started to blink.

"Starmie!" Marine gasped.

"It looks like Sora has won," Mallow said.

"That was pretty awesome!" Ventus cheered.

"It sure was," Hapu agreed.

"Way to go, Psyduck!" Sora said smiling. "You really did shine!"


"That was a great match, Sora. You're a pretty good trainer, Sora," Marina said.

"Thanks, Marina. Your Pokémon were nothing to sneeze at. Even your Psyduck was no slouch when it took on my Blastoise," Sora said.


Everyone turned to Psyduck. This was the moment of truth. Was Psyduck about to evolve into a Golduck. Everyone waited for anticipation. After waiting for a few seconds, Psyduck let out a loud burp making everyone do an anime-style fall.

"Psyduck just has the burps," Sora said. "It must have been that sea-salt ice cream Lea fed him with earlier. Then ended up with a brain freeze as a result."


Sora, Kairi, Pikachu, Togepi, the Alolan nine, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua all looked at Marina as she knew she was in a corner.

"Didn't you say something about Psyduck's tail glowing pink before evolving?" Ventus pointed out.

"Well, I didn't say that it was really true," Marina admitted. Everyone continued to look at her. "But don't get mad at me, I just heard it from someone and..."

"It's okay, Marina," Sora said. "I didn't really get my hopes up anyway. But whenever Psyduck evolves or not, Psyduck will always be number one to me."

"And to me too, Sora," Kairi said. "Just like you would always be." That made Sora smile.

"I'm so lucky to have a girlfriend as good as you," Sora said giving Kairi a kiss on the cheek. "Very, very lucky," Sora said giving her another kiss. Kairi giggled between kisses. Psyduck watches Sora repeatedly kiss Kairi on the cheeks as Pikachu watches them sweetly.

"Pika, Pika."

"Toge, Toge, Togepi."


"You're a lucky girl, Kairi. You have such a great Pokémon trainer as your boyfriend. But I would like to know how you two met," Marina said.

"Well, Sora saved me from some Pokémon hunters when he was just starting out," Kairi said. "And I fell for him just like that."

"Same with me," Sora added, putting his arms around her.

"So romantic!" Marina cooed enthralled. "I hope I get lucky to meet someone like you, Sora."

"Same here," Kairi said.

The group decided to have themselves a private beach party before heading back to Pallet Town since they weren't in any rush to head back and Professor Oak did say to have a little fun. Marina joined in when she switched into a pink bikini splashing Lillie and Lana. Lana showed Marina her Cloyster, Seaking, and Gyarados to her and she adored them right away.

Before the sun started to set, everyone changed back into their clothes and said their goodbyes to Marina, but she and Lana said to write to each other from time to time. Once they returned home to Pallet Town.

Once reaching Professor Oak's lab, Sora looked over to his Psyduck.

"Okay, Psyduck. So far, you did good with Water Gun, but let's see if we can work on Scratch," Sora suggested, pulling out a sandbag. "But on something a wee bit softer since we don't want any accidents."


"Okay, Psyduck! Scratch!" Sora told Psyduck. Psyduck scratched the Sandbag. "Not bad for a first try. But let's try a little harder!" Psyduck did try a little harder each swipe. Psyduck kept scratching the sandbag until it ripped open; sand started to pour out. "You're getting better with Scratch. Just keep at it and you'll get the hang of it in no time."


"And maybe after that, we can work on your swimming. And I can get Kairi to help out. Isn't that right, Kairi?" Sora asked, making Kairi come out from her hiding place.

"How did you know I was here?" Kairi asked in a pouting tone.

"I kinda heard you coming," Sora admitted.

"Boo! You spoiled my fun. And I was going to surprise you too," Kairi said.

"With what?" Sora asked curiously.

"Nothing," Kairi lied.

"Oh, come on! Don't be like that. Come on and tell me," Sora pleaded her. "Don't make me beg." Kairi turned to her boyfriend with her tongue sticking out.

"Okay. With this," Kairi said giving Sora a kiss on the lips. Sora kissed her back putting his arms around her. They parted lips when they saw Psyduck hugging the both of them.

"Psyduck," Psyduck said sweetly.

"You wanted in on the love right?" Sora asked.

"Psyduck," Psyduck smiled.

"Well, we love you too, sweety," Kairi said. "Because you are super-duper cute."

"And you'd be the best Psyduck ever, cuz you have a trainer like me," Sora added.

Pikachu and Togepi joined in. Pikachu climed onto Sora's shoulder as Kairi picked up Togepi in one arm and they all hugged each other like a loving family.

Lea and Isa were watching the two of them smiling warmly at the sight. At another part of the ranch, Riku, Naminé, and Eevee were watching the couple and the Pokémon as well. Naminé wanted to give Riku a loving hug as Kairi would do for Sora, so Riku placed his arm around Naminé. The blonde blushed feeling his warm and welcoming touch.

Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and the Alolan nine along with Delia and Kairi's grandmother were looking at them smiling while Delia cried tears of joy for her son as did Kairi's grandmother.

"My Sora is a lucky boy. It feels like only yesterday since I held him into my arms," Delia said tearfully. "Sora kinda reminded me of my late husband since I first met him."

"The same can be said for Kairi. She is so much like my daughter when she met her husband. I only wish she was alive to witness this sight," the elderly woman said tearfully.

Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and the Alolan nine all agreed with the two women. Ventus wondered if Sora and Kairi would get married one day, but he remembered Terra and Aqua say only time knows the answer to that. He just had to wait and see.