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Author's note:This fic also the third installment of the Dragon Riders Chronicles. It follows after 'Dragon Riders Chronicles', 'Dragon Riders 02: Kaze no Kaeru' and also after the Dragon Riders' appearances in 'United We Stand' (ByTheo 'Blitz' Leung).

You needn't have read any of the afore mentioned fics to enjoy this one, but it's highly recommended!

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Prologue: Bahamut's Roar! A Legend's Awakening!

By Gregory Stephen/nightdragon0 (nightdragon0@hotmail.com)

I watched in horror as the gigantic dragon's jaws closed over me.

Ignoring the protests of my battered body, I forced myself up, driving up my claws against the upper jaw.

The Rock Dragon felt this, and responded by pushing down harder.

I fought back with everything that was left in my aching body. Although my claws were built like steel, the teeth were still cutting into them.

Blood trickled down across my face and into my eyes.

I was a powerful, armored Scizor, and yet, to meet my end as a mere chew toy for this great beast? Crushed alive by a never-before seen creature in some unknown place?

The dragon then wrapped its tongue around my body, deepening my agony. I strained myself until I felt like every muscle in my body had been ripped and torn apart.

I barely even noticed the acidic sting of its saliva. I was already beyond such pain.

I turned my head and saw Kris, sprawled across the floor. Her sword lay nearby, through it was useless now.

She too was bleeding in many places, but lying completely still. If even I hadn't stood a chance, how could my human partner have?

Yet, she'd chosen to fight alongside me…and suffered the consequences.

The dragon began trashing about in frustration, sending rocks falling from the cavern's ceiling.

I could hear the screams of the others, having the dilemma of either running and diving for cover or attempting to help us.

My brain was screaming for oxygen as my senses slowly begun to fail.

Then, I slipped, moving one foot. One of the lower incisors went straight through one side of my left thigh and out the other side.

It was as if my world had suddenly ended.

My strength had been drained, however my body remained in its position, as if desperate to cling on to life.


For one last time, I looked out, over to Kris. I was surprised to see she was moving.

Kris' hand grasped around something that glittered in the dim light. It was a crystal with a metallic silver color.


The words just snapped into my mind.

Suddenly, the crystal began to glow, emitting a blinding light which startled everyone, including the dragon that was about to devour me alive.

The light wrapped part of itself around Kris, then flew over to me.

I felt an odd surge of energy as it swept throughout my body.

I closed my eyes…and when I opened them again, I found myself standing in a foggy area surrounded by white light. Kris was standing there too, looking around in confusion until she saw me.

Time seemed to slow down as both of us reached out for each other, hand to claw. There was another flash and a new figure appeared between us.

It was a muscular-looking armored dragon with a humanoid body shape. Standing upright, he stood about 5 feet tall, with a huge pair of gray feather-like wings that sprouted from his back, almost like metallic feathers.

His head was elongated like a dragon's, covered in a silver helmet with three horns pointing backwards, two at the sides, one at the tip of the snout.

The jaws were lined with silver, razor sharp teeth. The rest of his body was covered in silver armor, leaving sections like the knee pads, chest plate, waist, arm pads, fore and rear claws in black. On each of his shoulder pads was a silver and black striped horn. His tail was long and solid, also silver with black stripes on it.

His blue eyes moved, gazing from both myself, then Kris.

He had three fingers on each fore claw and three talon-like toes on each foot. Now, he raised an arm, allowing us to see a silver laser cannons attached to each forearm, protected by a black shielding.

Both of this new dragon's thighs had a symbol engraved on them. Instinctively, Kris and I reached out to touch them. I realized it was a Japanese Kanji for 'Hagane', meaning 'Steel'.

The symbol literally flew off the dragon's body and infused itself onto both my thighs and onto the back of Kris' right fist.

The dragon of steel nodded to us as the 'dream world' begun to fade.

Kris and I stared into each others' eyes and nodded.


The background had changed to an outer space setting, filled with stars. I was flying around and saw Kris further on. Some unseen force guided me as I flew into her. Suddenly, I could see us from many view points, even third person.

Silver light was running all over us, merging us together….into the body of the armored, Steel Dragon!

This is…no ordinary dragon…it's the Legendary Steel Dragon!

"Steel's Regiment…Bahamut!"

I was now back in the cavern, with a huge difference…the Rock Dragon was the one sprawled across the floor. While I still paled in comparison to the 30 foot Rock Dragon, I…we…certainly felt otherwise.

<Kris? > I asked. I could somehow feel her presence in my mind.

<I'm here…where ever here is. > She replied. <What's going on? >

<I don't know, but I think we have to go with the flow. >

'My' body moved even without the conscious thought. I sprang onto my opponent, throwing a series of slashes and kicks that never even gave it a chance to retaliate.

In the final burst, I performed a summersault kick, connecting with the bottom of the Rock Dragon's chin. The beast fell as I landed neatly on my feet.

I put the blasters on my arms together, and unleashed a brilliant burst that tore through the Rock Dragon's head. It gave one final cry before it disintegrated, leaving nothing but a charred spot on the floor.

<What…what the?! >

<I don't know… > I moaned. <AAARGHHHHH! >



I dropped to one knee, pain suddenly exploding into my head. Visions, no memories shot into my mind. Both my memories and Kris'.

In particular, memories of the events that had led us here in the first place.

Will you join me on that journey? The time to decide is now…