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Heart of the Ice Dragon! Asiyu's Renewed Spirit!

By nightdragon0 (nightdragon0@hotmail.com)

<Geez, how long can these two go on?> Kris wondered, watching the struggle from within Bahamut.

<Hey, a Dragon's pride is his life.> Firestorm said. <Trust me, I know it.>

<In that case, that probably wouldn't qualify you as a Dragon.> Jade commented.


<Chill buddy.> Jade laughed nervously. <Hey Kris, I've come to one conclusion through. I understand why Storm and Nightslice are always fighting.>

<Why's that?>

<It's in their genes!> He declared, referring to the two Dragons.

Needless to say, they weren't the least amused.

"Shut up!!" Bahamut threw a sudden left hook into Lombadra's face for that.

"Dammit! I wasn't the one who said that!" The Fire Dragon protested.

"I'd like to see if you can find a way to punch your own human." Bahamut taunted. "Then again, you could always strangle yourself."

"Grrrr...why you?!!!" Lombadra roared, lunging.

A short distance away, Nala, Hazuki and Riot just yawned and lay down to have a nap.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

It was evening before Lombadra and Bahamut finally settled down and allowed the girls to talk them into going back.

"You know, what exactly are we supposed to do now?" Hazuki asked as they walked. "We're in a whole new world and have no idea about where to go."

"We can probably start by searching for any Spirit Crystals that may have been thrown into this world." Nala suggested. "And Alken too...if he's here."

"Any idea how?"

"Not for now, but it's a good suggestion nevertheless." Bahamut spoke. "I'll take that into account."

"Hey, who died and made you the Dragon King?!" Lombadra demanded.

"Simple. Kris is leader of the humans in this group. Nightslice, leader of the Pokemon. Since both of them are with me, that automatically makes me leader of this motley crew!"


<Our Dragon is rather out of hand.> Nightslice sighed.

"Yeah, and another thing. I'm not your Dragon. You're MY Pokemon. Got it?"

<Jeez, this guy's got an ego bigger than Firestorm's stomach.>

<Hey!!> Firestorm protested.

<And your stubbornness too, Nightslice.> Kris commented.

<Lombadra, just back down and don't start another fight!> Jade yelled, cutting in.

"Damn..." The Fire Dragon snorted, frustrated. "Fine, but know that if you screw up, I've got my claws on the leadership mantle."

Bahamut gave a satisfied chuckle as he brushed past Lombadra.

"That's it flame face. Be the good guy. Hahaha...."

<Hey, now that we're settled down, how about letting us out of here?> Kris asked.


<IN here. Inside you, you know?>

"Who said I was ever going to do that?!"

Immediately, everyone stared at him.

"Erm...hey, I didn't mean it that way." Bahamut laughed nervously. "What I meant was....erm....that....if anyone knows how, they could....yeah....tell me."

<Wait a minute!> Jade cried. <You two don't know how to turn this off?!>

"Not really." Lombadra muttered, hanging his head. "You'll just have to stay there for a while."


"SHUT UP!!" Everyone yelled.

<Just try to take it easy and don't make it worse for us.> Kris ordered. <We'll work this out, somehow...>

"Hi, everyone!!" Yusia called, suddenly running onto the scene.

"What are you doing here?!" Hazuki asked as her younger sister leapt into her arms.

"I brought her." Epsilon replied, walking forward. "Seems like you've managed to work things out."

<Somewhat.> Kris sighed. <But what made you come out here?>

"Yusia had something she really wanted to tell you all." The Alakazam said, eyeing the two Legendary Dragons.

"Dr. Sid actually." Yusia explained, pulling out a large map. "He said to take a look at this map of the region."

"I don't get it..." Hazuki muttered as everyone knelt down to have a look. "This looks like a map of the Hoenn Region to me. Then there's Johto and Kanto over there."

"Of course!" Nala snapped her fingers. "It's the fact that the map looks exactly like ours! This world's continents are laid out exactly like the ones in ours!"

"Here's where we are now." Yusia pointed to a large island.

<I believe that's where Sootopolis City would be in our world.> Jade noted.

<Look, the continents and some major cities are even named in the same way.> Firestorm gasped. <Sootopolis is on that map!>

<Weird....it's like a rikyuu...> Kris said softly.

<Erm, in English?> Jade asked.

<Reversed Sphere, literally translated from Japanese. Although here I mean it as 'Another Earth'. One thing I'm sure of is that both worlds are connected somehow.>

"Does Zian know anything?" Hazuki queried.

"He doesn't want to talk right now." Yusia looked away. "He seems...I don't know...really sad, or angry, or something in between."

"He's depressed. And frankly, I don't blame him." Riot spoke. "But until he snaps out of it, I don't think we'll be able to get much out of him. It's a large problem because I believe he's the chap who could tell us the most."

"There's another thing you guys should know." Epsilon told them. "Most of Hoenn is far away enough to be relatively neutral to the current war. However, Kanto in the East in primarily Dragon territory and Johto in the West Pokemon grounds. A figure of the opposite side caught in the wrong place wouldn't be appreciated at all."

"Great, more problems." Lombadra sighed.

"It's not all bad news through. We assume that you're searching for the Spirit Crystals Zian talked about, and Sid and myself wish to help. There's a shrine in the town up here that supposedly holds an ice crystal that fell from the sky." Epsilon continued, jabbing a finger at the map.

<Lombadra's crystal was in a shrine too.> Jade commented. <I think it's worth a look.>

"That'll be our next course of action then." Bahamut said cheerfully.

Everyone else threw him slightly annoyed looks, but decided not to argue.

"I'll arrange for an old friend of mine, Raijin, to meet you guys once you get there." Epsilon informed them.

"Can I come?" Yusia begged. "Please?"

"But Yusia, it might be dangerous." Hazuki protested. "I..."

"You guys need my help!"

"I think you should let her come." Lombadra said, causing Hazuki to look up at him. "Don't worry, nothing will happen to her as long as I'm around. I promise."

"Lombadra-san....arigatougozaimasu!" The young girl smiled. (Mr. Lombadra....thank you very much!)

(Note: In Japanese, 'san' is added after a person's name as a term of respect. It can roughly translate to Mr, Mrs, Miss, Sir or similar terms along that line.)

Hazuki too, nodded in agreement.

"Then we should give you these too." Epsilon pulled out 5 black devices that reassembled wrist watches. "These not only tell the time, but double up as communicators, so you can contact us at the Alenky Lab."

"Fancy stuff you have these days." Bahamut commented, slipping on the communicator as if it were a ring onto one of his right hand fingers.

Lombadra had to do the same, considering the larger sizes of the two Dragons.

"Good luck then people. Keep in touch." Epsilon bade them goodbye as he teleported away. "Don't worry, I'll look after Zian too."

"Zian..." Lombadra sighed.

"No time for second thoughts people." Bahamut declared. "Let's get this show on the road."

As the others started walking, Lombadra pulled him aside.

"Do you feel anything strange about the youngest girl, Yusia?"

"What, the little midget? No, don't think so..."

"Never mind then. Let's just go."

"What was that about?" Bahamut wondered as Lombadra sprinted on ahead.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

During the trip, the group took time to fill the two newly revived Dragons in on their story. Both took great interest in it, despite their differences and constant bickering.

"Hmmm...we really had an effect on both these worlds." Bahamut nodded.

<It's something we just seem to keep out of, it seems.> Kris told him.

"Yeah, well it comes with our prestigious status." Bahamut replied, looking up. "Hey Rockhead! See anything yet?"

That was directed to Riot, who was currently in the air on the lookout for the Koori Town, their destination.

"Does Mr. all high and mighty have to give everybody nicknames?" The Aerodactyl growled.

"Well, Nightslice told me you're always full of hot air. Would you rather me call you airhead instead, Rockhead?"

<Hey, Riot I swear that was just a joke!> Nightslice cried.

"Oh, and what gives Kris and Nightslice the honor of being addressed by name?" Lombadra demanded.

"Impress me, flame-face."

"Why you....!!!"

"CUT IT OUT!!" Hazuki yelled, jumping between them. "Jeez! I'm starting to feel like someone's mother!"

"Enough, we're here already." Nala gestured.

Up ahead, the lights of the town were clearly visible. It was just as well too, since the sunlight was quickly fading and darkness taking its place.

"What was that?!" Hazuki gasped.

"What?" Bahamut asked.

"I saw something rush past. Didn't you?"

"Must be your imagination kid." The Dragon scowled. "I don't....ARGUH!!"

In a sudden flash of yellow light, the Steel Dragon was abruptly thrown over.

"OK, I knew there was something! Be on alert guys! Rockhead, you watch the left. Flamey, take right!"

The group quickly complied, with the humans falling into the center of their formation.

"Gargh!" Lombadra slashed at something in his direction. "Damn! Missed!"

A Hyper Beam from Riot gave no better result, and served only to give their opponent an opening to knock her down.

"Crap! How do we hit it if we can't see it?!" She yelled.

"If we can't match its speed, then we've got to take away that advantage." Bahamut decided. "Everyone, group up real tightly, back to back!"

"What are you planning?" Lombadra asked as they moved.

"Just watch hot-head. Attack now, forward!"

Instinctively, Lombadra threw his body forward, only to seemingly hit nothing and end up on the dirt floor.

"What the?!"

"RAARGHHH!!" All of a sudden, Bahamut spun around and lunged.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Riot screamed as she knocked Nala, Hazuki and Yusia to the ground.

However, Bahamut hadn't been aiming at them, but rather their attacker. The Steel Dragon had timed his attack just right, catching his opponent just as it was about to strike his back. The two went rolling over in a heap, and after much struggling, Bahamut managed to pin it down.

"No point having light speed if I know your destination!"

"Guargh....all right, I admit defeat!"

Damn...he really is a good leader. Lombadra said to himself. Not like I'll tell him that anyway...

The rest of the party gathered round and stared at their attacker.

"A Raikou?!" Hazuki gasped.

"Yeah, I'm Raijin, Commander of the Koori Temple Guards. I believe you're the ones I was sent to meet?"

"The why did you attack us?" Lombadra growled.

"That friends, was just a test. I wanted to see firsthand if you are truly strong enough to undertake this quest you've chosen."

"Looks like we've passed then." Bahamut said, letting the Thunder dog up.

"Heh, I went easy on you guys. But come on, let's head to the Temple where we can get acquainted over dinner."

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Gurgh...I never thought...gulp...food could...taste...this...good...slurp!" Bahamut muttered. He'd instantly taken to stuffing his face the moment they were at the table.

"Yeah...slurp...it's really...so...good to....eat again...gulp." Lombadra nodded.

Everyone else just stared nervously. (With sweatdrops)

<Guess neither of them had a chance to learn any table manners.> Kris sighed.

<Nah, Firestorm can be worse sometimes.> Jade commented.

<That's not true!>

<Oh yeah? I spent 24 hours/ 7 days a week with you. You think I don't notice?>

<Grrr....Jade, when these Dragons can finally separate back into us, you're in for a major whacking!>

"Humph, uncivilized barbarians..." Lombadra muttered in-between bites. "I would....urgh...hurghh!!"

He promptly chocked on his food and everyone started beating him on the back, much to the amusement of his rival, Bahamut.

"I take it you've enjoyed yourselves." Raijin smiled, entering with another dog-like Pokemon. "This here is my younger brother, Hojin the Entei."

"Delighted to meet your acquaintance." The Fire elemental bowed his head. "I've heard that you wish to go to the Shrine of Ice and examine the crystal there."

"Indeed." Bahamut nodded. "Can it be permitted?"

"Certainly, however, there may be a few complications." Raijin said.


"The Shrine of Ice is located up Koori Mountain, just North of town. Travelers used to visit it to pray for a safe journey through the harsh mountains. However there have been many reports recently of attacks in that area. We ourselves have lost several soldiers investigating. In the end, we closed up the mountain pass, and it has remained that way since."

"We could help out with that, and take care of who or whatever is behind these attacks." Bahamut smiled. "After all, you're looking at a Legendary Dragon. If anyone can kick butt, it's me."

"Even so, we still need to go." Lombadra continued with a slightly annoyed look on his face. "If it is a Spirit Crystal, we'll need to obtain it at any costs."

"Seems like you've made up your minds, although I still advise against initiating any unnecessary confrontations." Raijin nodded. "However, it's far too dangerous to go at night. You'll have to wait until morning."

"Understood." Lombadra replied. "Thanks for your concern."

"Unfortunately, Hojin and myself are obliged to remain here to protect the town in case of an attack from that unknown menace."

"We can take care of ourselves."

"No, I can't send you people into unknown territory by yourselves." Raijin insisted. "Well brother, we'll need sis to bring them there. She knows the place relatively well."

"Not her!" Hojin protested. "You know how she is!"

"Just call her over."

"I'm already here. So what do you want?" A grumpy female voice called.

All heads turned as a Suicune leapt past them in a breeze of cold air. The water elemental Pokemon gracefully landed in a fancy pose before sitting down on her hind legs, vainly waving her purple mane about and pushing back the sunglasses she wore on her snout.

"A bit dark for sunshades, isn't it Gwyenvere?" Raijin asked.

"Humph, unlike you two dorks, I'm not bound by any stupid rules of honor." She snorted.

"Rules sister? It's common sense."

"That's your opinion. So, if you need to tell me something, spill it and don't waste my time."

"We need you to escort these travelers to the Shrine of Ice on Koori Mountain tomorrow. Both Hojin and myself will be busy."

"All the way there?! Take a hike bro. I ain't going to that freaky place ever again!"

"Gwyenvere, you fail to understand the importance of this...."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, long speech again. Jeez bro, I know you've got your head in the clouds over being the big leader here."

"And it's a fact that I'm the leader here and also the eldest brother." The Raikou growled, getting angry.

"So what are you going to do?! Make me go?!"

"As a matter of fact, yes."

"Humph, do your worst bro."

"All right then. If you don't go, then I'll show them this album of your baby photos!" He declared, holding up a square book in his front paw.

The Suicune's face immediately turned into one of complete shock.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Anything but that!!!! Hand it over now!!"

"Oops..." Raijin calmly stepped aside and sent her flying into the wall. "Hojin, here!"

The Lightning dog tossed the photo album to his brother, who caught it in his mouth.


Gwyenvere rushed for him, only to have him toss the album back to Raijin. This carried on (with Bahamut and company staring with sweatdrops) until they wore her out.

"Fine...whew...arghh...I'll do it." She moaned, flopping down on the floor.

"Good, then I suggest we all get some rest." Raijin smiled cheerfully, helping her up. "You've got a long journey ahead of you tomorrow."

Slowly, everyone filed out of the dining hall until just Hojin and Lombadra were left.

"Hey, you still have her photos, right?" Lombadra asked, nudging the Entei. "How bout giving me a peek? I promise I won't tell anyone."

"No way."

"10 bucks a piece."



"Deal." Hojin winked.

<Perverts...> Jade muttered.

<Hey, pay the guy already!> Firestorm yelled excitedly. <I wanna see 'em too!!>


Heheh...sweet revenge. Firestorm thought happily.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bahamut lay down on the tatami mat (A Japanese straw mat) and glanced out the window, up into the starry sky.

<Something on your mind?> Nightslice couldn't help but asking.

"Besides feeling the two of you at the back of my mind, yeah, sort of." The Dragon nodded. "It's that I feel...really different. I just can't describe it, but I feel it."

<I think it's because you're no longer a warrior of the evil.> Kris suggested. <The Sacred and Forbidden Powers, which made you and Lombadra those warriors, are gone forever now. You're your own individual now.>

"But what am I really? Am I even real...?"

That caught both Kris and Nightslice's attention.

"In the sense that am I the real Bahamut, the Legendary Steel Dragon, or merely a collection of his memories, stored within the Spirit Crystal? It's unnerving..."

There was a long silence amongst the three, but finally Nightslice spoke up.

<Even if I can't answer everything, I can say this: you're alive, a living being like the rest of us. That's what counts right now.>

"I'm mortal too." The Steel Dragon chuckled. "Not like I was really immortal back then, but the only thing that could kill me was a power from the opposing side. That isn't the case now."

<Bahamut...> Kris whispered.

"One more thing. Don't either of you dare tell flame-faced Lombadra about what I said!"

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gwyenvere looked up as her room door slid open.

"Oops....I'm sorry!" Hazuki gasped. "I sort of got lost. I'd better go..."

"No, don't worry about it." Gwyenvere nodded. "This place is kinda big. What were you looking for?"

"Well...a drink actually..."

"You're lucky I've got my own personal supply then. Don't stand there like an idiot, come in!"

"Thanks." Hazuki smiled.

Gwyenvere leapt over to a small refrigerator at the side and tossed her a canned drink. The Suicune then grabbed one for herself, emptying the can into a large bowl that served as a 'water dish'.

"I'm a Water type, so I always keep plenty of these spare. Getting dehydrated is not a good thing for me."

"I am too, partially at least." Hazuki nodded. Cupping her hands together, she used a little of her powers to form an ice cup by freezing the moisture in the air.

"Ice too eh? That's always a nice combination. Are other humans from your world like this too?"

"In my world, having powers like mine was always a cause for concern." Hazuki sighed. "I spent a lot of time either defending myself, my friends, or hiding. Here, it's so...different. By the way, I'm Hazuki. You were called Gwyenvere, right?"

"Just Gwyen will do."

"Ok. Gwyen, could I ask you something then?"

"No problem. Shoot."

"Your brothers both have a 'jin' at the end of their names. Is it coincidental?"

"They're both named after the Thunder and Fire Gods of our tradition." Gwyen muttered, looking down. "It's some old story that leads back to our earliest ancestors, the trio of Raikou, Entei and Suicune known as Raijin, Hojin and Suijin respectively."

"Then what about you? Couldn't you be named after Suijin?" Hazuki wondered.

"In our tradition, only guys can be named after the Three Elemental Gods."

"Oh...I'm really sorry. That was why you didn't seem very friendly in front of your brothers?"

"It's not your fault, so don't be." Gwyen replied. "It's all the stupid tradition's fault! For that and for saying only males are allowed to become Temple Leaders too!"

Furiously, Gwyen tossed her empty can aside.

"Damn! Stupid traditions! They suck! And know what?! My brothers are the worst of all!!"

"I'm sure you have your own reasons for disliking them." Hazuki said softly. "Sorry to stir up bad memories for you. I'd best be going now."

Gwyen didn't do anything to stop her blue haired girl as the door closed, leaving her alone in her thoughts.

Do I really have a good reason...?

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The odd feeling lingered in her mind even until morning, but Gwyen quickly pushed it aside as she led the party up Koori Mountain.

"Careful guys!" She called over the howling winds. "Test the ground before you step on it, just in case it collapses!"

Hazuki and Yusia, clad in winter clothing, clung on to her back.

"It had better not be much further!!" Riot shouted. The rock flyer wasn't enjoying the trip at all, having to walk using her rear legs and tips of her wings. And neither was Nala, who clung onto her partner's back for dear life.

"Just around this ridge! Look out for a small cave! Cause the shrine was built into a cavern in the mountain!"

"Hey, is it just me, or is the ground shaking?" Lombadra, bringing up the rear of the group, yelled.

"Erm...ugh-oh..." Gwyen realized. "Avalanche!!! Hurry, we've got to make it in time!!"

Throwing caution out the window, the party dashed up the narrow path. The ominous rumblings were more than enough to spur them on. The entire group managed to throw themselves into the shrine's entrance and duck down as thousands of tons of snow and rock came pouring down outside.

After those tense moments, Gwyen poked her head out from underneath the snow that had covered them, together with Hazuki and Yusia. Fortunately, the cavern's mouth hadn't been blocked up, allowing them the benefit of having light streaming in through the entrance.

"Everybody all right?"

"Ow...my ears are ringing." Moaned Lombadra.

Bahamut pulled himself to his feet and gave a thumbs-up.

"I hate snow..." Riot growled, shaking the ice off her wings.

"At least we're alive." Nala breathed. "That was a real close call."

<Unfortunately, no thanks to her.> Nightslice noted, referring to Gwyen. <I though you were trained to be able to sense something like that?>

"If it were a natural one, yes I would." Gwyen defended. "However..."

"Wait, you mean somebody caused that avalanche on purpose?" Hazuki gasped.

"Wouldn't you need a bomb or something for that?" Yusia asked.

"Not really." Gwyen replied. "A single, extremely strong Pokemon could possibly do the job."

"Hmmm..." Lombadra growled, dusting himself off. "Why do I think Raijin's mysterious attackers are the same ones that want us dead?"

"Because he's right behind you!" Bahamut warned. "Get down!"

Lombadra instinctively dropped to the floor. However, before Bahamut could fire, a blue beam of ice flew into his body, freezing his blasters and chest solid.


"What the hell?!" Lombadra cursed as their attacker moved into view.

Its body seemed to have been carved out of the ice itself, forming it into basically a main body with four limbs. Hidden amongst the snowy cavern, it had been concealed so well that no one spotted it until now.

The Regice uttered an odd screeching sound as it hovered intimidatingly in front of them.

"He's mine!" Lombadra declared. "Salamander..."

Regice interrupted his attack by firing an Ice Beam at the ceiling, sending snow pouring onto the Fire Dragon, temporarily blinding him. Lombadra had barely managed to get the snow out of his eyes when he suddenly found the ice golem at point blank range.

Before he knew what was happening, he was frozen up to his neck in ice. The golem proceeded to continue pounding him, finishing by slamming him into the ground.

Unable to fly due to the cramped conditions, Riot could only attack with a Hyper Beam, which Regice warded off with a Reflect attack, and countered by sending off a Blizzard, freezing the unfortunate Aerodactly.

"Riot!!" Nala cried, catching the golem's attention.

With a diving tackle, Hazuki knocked her friend out of the Ice Beam's path.

"Yusia, this way!" Hazuki ordered, grabbing her sister's hand as she and Nala ran.

The trio slipped on the icy floor and went rolling head over heels, finally ending when the floor gave way under them, sending the girls screaming down a large hole.

"NO!" Gwyen gasped, horrified. She let loose with a powerful Hydro Pump from her mouth, which ended up clashing with the golem's Ice Beam.

Bahamut, although with his arms immobilized, charged and rammed Regice with his shoulder. The icy golem ceased attacking Gwyen and turned on him instead.

In desperation, Bahamut lashed out with his tail. Unfortunately, it only ended up being frozen, along with the rest of his lower body. Roaring in pain, he managed to turn towards Gwyen.

"Go...after the...kids!!"


"Just go no...aauurrghh..." The rest of his sentence was promptly cut off as his opponent completely encased him in ice.

Reluctantly, Gwyen utilized the distraction and sprinted, leaping down the hole.

Meanwhile, a dazed Lombadra looked up just in time to see an Ice Beam hitting him in the face, turning his entire world an icy white.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Hazuki!!" Gwyen screamed, diving down into the darkness.


Gwyen sighed in relief upon seeing the trio had managed to haul themselves onto an outcropping ledge. The Suicune joined them on the platform, where they took a few moments to catch their breaths.

"Damn, whatever that thing was, it just kicked our butts." Nala panted. "This doesn't look good at all."

"No kidding." Hazuki replied. "What do we do now?"

"Onee-san! Look there!" Yusia pointed.

Further down, a faint light glowed in the middle of the seemingly bottomless pit.

"That light..." Hazuki gasped. "Is it..."

"What is it?" Nala asked.

"Don't know, but we have to find out." Hazuki declared, standing up. "Can you look after Yusia for me?"

"What are you going to do?"

"Climb." She said firmly. "If that's what I think it is, then it's the only chance we have."

Looking down, Hazuki spotted a smaller platform a couple of feet below theirs'. Carefully positioning her feet, she dropped down onto the outcropping, bracing herself against the rocky wall. That left her with several scars on her hands.

"Hey, be careful!" Nala called with concern.

"I will!" Hazuki replied. She then turned to find Gwyenvere on her platform as well.

"Get on my back." Gwyenvere told her. "I'll give you a hand."

"Gwyen, this isn't your fight...."

"Don't concern yourself with my safety." Gwyen snorted. "What you should be worried about is your friends up there, and your sister."


"Well, don't just stand there!"

"Thank you." Hazuki smiled, pulling herself onto the water Pokemon's back.

Gwyenvere continued the descent, carefully leaping from outcropping to outcropping. Some barely had enough room for her to put two feet on them, but the nimble Suicune simply balanced herself against the walls and carried on.

"You know Hazuki, I thought about what you said last night." Gwyenvere spoke as they moved. "And I realized I didn't have a good reason for disliking my brothers. I just keep looking at what they can do and I can't, when really, I should've been viewing it the opposite way round. Let's see those fat dummies try doing this!!"

"Wow, you've been thinking a lot." Hazuki whistled. "I guess you still dislike the traditions?"

"Those, I'll always hate, but I don't want to associate my brothers with them any more. I saw your friend's concern for you earlier and I realized that, if it were my brothers frozen solid up there, I'll be as willing as you to jump into a black hole to save them."

"Watch it!"

Gwyenvere accidentally stepped on a loose rock, which caused her to slip and fall, sliding down the side of the wall.

"Dammit!" She cursed.

"Wait, look there!"

Gwyenvere glanced in Hazuki's indicated direction and gasped. Hovering in mid air was a glowing, ice colored white crystal. Its soothing light immediately caused the pair to relax.

Hazuki stared down and realized that they too, were floating. She reached out her hand and the crystal flew into her arms.

"A Spirit Crystal...we were right after all!"

"That bas***d trashed the shrine so badly that the crystal ended up all the way down here?!" Gwyenvere growled. "That, I cannot forgive!"

"But...what if..."

"No time for hesitation now. You want to become a Dragon, right? And save our friends up there? Well so do I." Gwyenvere nodded firmly. "We'll soar the skies together Hazuki. After all, we're friends, right?"

"Partners." Hazuki grinned. "Water and Ice are a good combination after all."

"Then what are you waiting for?! Let's go already!"

Clutching the Spirit Crystal tightly, Hazuki held it to her chest.

"Hakkei! Dragon Meld!"

(Note: Hakkei - Japanese. Used in martial arts terms, it refers to the release of inner power.)

The scene Hazuki saw in her mind was that of a snow covered tree beside a lake. Glancing around the snowy area, she found a new Kanji symbol, Koori (Ice), on the back of her right hand. Then, Gwyenvere burst out from beneath the frozen river, with the same symbol engraved on her sides, near the stomach area.

Hazuki closed her eyes as the hail around them become more intense, completely shrouding their forms, changing them into a new one.

This one was a large, quadruped Dragon about 5 feet, standing on all fours. She was covered in bluish-white crystalline ice scales with a white belly at the parts beneath. More of a standard dragon shape, with four limbs with five fingers on each fore and rear claw. Her claws were white and fingers webbed in-between, adapted for water.

The eyes first seemed to be a light blue, but then began to glow purely white.

Her head was elongated with a snout like most Dragons, with an icy colored mane at the top and back of her head, covering those parts and the neck.

The teeth were white and beautiful, but sharp and deadly nevertheless. 2 white horns adorned the back of head, pointing backwards. A small blue gem was embedded on center of her forehead.

She spread her leathery wings, revealing the translucent 'skin' sections, allowing light to shine through. The symbol for Koori (Ice) was viewable at the upper edges of her wings, closer to the tip.

A line of ice spikes ran all the way along her back and down to her long and thick tail. And that ended with a 'mace' like series of ice spikes.

"Winter's Redemption.... Asiyu!"

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Further up, Nala and Yusia were staring down when a bluish-white shape abruptly leapt up from within the pit, grabbing them and pulling them up along with it.

"Ow! What the...huh?" Nala found herself gawking at the sight of the beautiful Dragon.

The Dragon's glowing white eyes first turned towards her, then stared at Yusia with interest.

"You are..." The young girl walked up and touched Asiyu's leg in awe.

"Once again..." Asiyu spoke softly. "I must become....the Legendary Dragon of Ice..."

Raising her head, she let off a fierce roar.

"It seems like I have no choice now." She continued. "Let the battle be joined..."