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Confrontation! The Enemy's Appearance!

By nightdragon0 (nightdragon0@hotmail.com)

"Gwyen, this shortcut seems awfully long." Kris muttered.

"It is this way..." The Suicune insisted. "Erm....I think..."

"Guys, I think we're going round in circles." Firestorm spoke.

"Why?" Jade glanced towards him.

"See the claws marks on this tree? I put them there the last time we passed it."

"I knew it! We've been walking round this forest in circles!!" Nala wailed.

The group moaned, everyone dropping to various positions on the ground. It was a thick forest too, with the sunlight barely managing to penetrate the thick canopy.

"Know what's the worst part?" Jade commented. "It took a big dumb Charizard to notice that."

"Grrrr!! Why you??!!"


Jade dashed behind the closest figure, Nightslice, as Firestorm lashed out with his claws.

"Come here you!!" Storm roared, moving to the left.

"Not a chance!!" Jade reacted by dodging to the right.

"Get back here!!"

The pair continued their 'encircling' game until Nightslice got fed-up of being the pole in the center. The Scizor swung his pincers forward, knocking Firestorm, who happened to be in front of him, out cold.

"Jeez, these two are de-maturing as they grow older." He huffed, folding his arms.

However, that wasn't the only conflict at hand.

"Nice going Gwyen." Riot scolded. "What do you have to say for yourself now?!"

"Erm...I'm sorry?"

"Sorry?! How's that supposed to help us now that we're completely off the marked path and totally lost?!"

"Errr...I could get out my cell phone and order a pizza."

"Damn, you're a real bimbo."

"What did you call me?!" Gwyen snarled.

"B-I-M-B-O. Bimbo. Would you like a definition to go along with it?"



"EVERYBODY TIME OUT!!!!" Nightslice ordered, slamming his claws onto a large boulder.

An odd silence fell over the party as they settled down.

"Not much of a team anymore, are we?" Kris muttered.

"Yeah, we haven't really been together much." Nala added in. "Not like the good old days..."

"And stress is kind of getting everyone on their edges." Hazuki nodded.

"Wait! Guys, you hear that?!" Gwyen suddenly asked. "It sounds like fighting!"

"She's not wrong this time, because I hear it too!" Nightslice pointed. "Over there!"

The party ran to the top of a slope and peered down.

"No! Stop it!! AARRRGGHHH!!!!" A scream ran out.

It was a Bayleef, and she was being assaulted by a gang of Victreebel, whipping her with their vines.

"Bandits!" Gwyen gasped.

"We have to help that Bayleef!" Kris declared, getting affirmative nods from her party.

<Finally! Some action!> Bahamut spoke from within Kris' sword. <It's boring sitting around in this thing.>

"Don't get your hopes up." Kris told him, drawing the weapon. "We've seen what you can do, so it's about time we returned the favor! Come on, let's go!!"

<What?! Hey!! You can't be serious!! Hey!!>

With a yell of fury, the ninja somersaulted down and sliced through the vines of the nearest plant creature.

"W...what are you?!" One of the creatures hissed as the others gathered to help their fallen comrade.

"Your worst nightmare..." Kris smirked. "Now, I don't think 8 on 1 is fair, isn't it? Why don't you just leave while you still can?"

"Are you mocking us, female?"


"You and what army fool?!"

"RRRAARRGGHHH!!!" Nightslice leapt onto the scene, driving a mid-air, two-footed kick into the nearest Victreebel. "Who needs an army?"

Riot and Gwyen joined them in the showdown.

"Get them!!" The commanding Victreebel shouted.

Riot immediately engaged two opponents in a vine to wing battle. She took several hits, including a short spray of Poison Powder in her face, but charging in and attacking relentlessly gave her the victory, owing to her superior strength.

Meanwhile, Gwyen fired a Hydro Pump straight into one of her attackers, slamming him into a tree.

"Gurgh!" He gasped. "Hah! That doesn't hurt!!"

"Oh yeah, wrong move!" Gwyen let off an Ice Beam instead, causing him to squeal in pain. "How's that...urgh!!!"

She was suddenly whipped by a pair of vines from the side. Nightslice jumped to her rescue, clawing the two new opponents away and tossing the already injured one into the pile.

"Thanks!" She breathed.

"It's not over yet!" Nightslice warned.

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Kris stood in the center of the 3 remaining Victreebel, sword drawn and ready.

"Now!!" Came the leader's order.

As all three lunged for her, Kris leapt up, grabbing a tree branch from below, swinging herself onto the top.

"Hey boys!!" Kris dropped off the branch, angling herself so her feet bounced off the closest one.


Kris used to momentum to rebound to a tree and change her direction, spinning in the air and slashing another one down from behind. The third one, the leader, whirled round as Kris somersaulted over his head. She launched two kicks followed by a sword slash and a shoulder charge.

That easily brought the leader to the ground, groaning and screeching in pain.

"So, how's that Bahamut?" Kris whispered, grinning.

<Humph, I'll give you some credit, but I could do better.>

"Just the answer I expected from you."

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"Wow, did you see that?" Yusia whistled.

"There goes Kris again! Awesome!!" Hazuki cheered.

"Yeah, I'll never be able to get over what an amazing fighter Kris is." Jade nodded.

The remaining 3 humans stood watching the battle from the top of the hill, together with an unfortunately unconscious Firestorm.

"Can't you fight too?" Yusia asked.

"Sort of..." Jade scratched his head. "But Kris is part Scyther, and she blends with her feral half pretty naturally. Me? I can't really control my powers too well."

"Erm...." Hazuki lifted the Mitra Ankh. "I...."

<Don't worry....I understand that you don't like fighting.> Asiyu's voice told her.

Nala stood quietly to the side, lost in her own thoughts.

What I need is a good gun....then I could do some damage...

Her gaze happened to fall upon the crystal Jade held in his hand.

And a nice Dragon to turn into....me and Riot....we'd make one unstoppable....

"Urgh...what happened?!" Firestorm moaned, pulling himself up.

"Well, Nightslice decked you just now." Nala gestured. "But something came up and the others went to fight a gang who was attacking the Bayleef down there."

"The Bayleef?" Firestorm's eyes caught sight in the frightened girl, who was cowering behind a nearby boulder as the battle raged.

Man! She's cute!! If I'm the one to save her, I bet she'll go out with me!! Firestorm thought happily.

"All right!! Here I come and....urughh!!" The hasty Charizard tripped on a thick tree root and tumbled forward. "WWWWWAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!"

"Watch out!!" Hazuki warned, the humans diving out of the way.

Unfortunately, Jade wasn't able to make it in time. Storm slammed into him, sending the two rolling down the hill in a tangle of limbs.

The battle below had gone well for Kris' team, and they'd surrounded the Victreebel, who lay groaning in a heap.

"Ready to give up?!" Nightslice taunted.

"Ha! Not a chance....huh?!"

All heads turned towards the sounds of Jade's and Firestorm's screaming.

"Incoming!!" Kris yelled as her group hit the deck.

"AARRRGHHHH!!!!!" The Victreebel gang screamed.


"We'll get you for this!! I swear!!!!" The leader cursed as they went flying off into the distance.

"AARRRGGGHHHH!!!" Storm and Jade rolled towards where the Bayleef was hiding. It so happened that she peeked out as they approached.



Everything seemed to go in slow motion as they pair collided with the damsel in distress. The Bayleef was thrown into the air, Firestorm headfirst into the boulder and Jade onto a pile of leaves. The force of motion forced Jade to roll forward into a seating position, just in time to catch the Bayleef in his lap. It literally knocked the wind out of him, but it also cushioned the girl's fall.

"Oh....I'm so sorry!" The Bayleef cried.

"Don't....worry about it...." Jade panted. "You all right there?"

"Yes...." She nodded. "All thanks to you!! How could I ever repay you?!"

"Hey, it's nothing..."

"You're such a modest guy!"

"Guurrgg...." Firestorm sat up rubbing his head, just in time to see Bayleef happily nuzzling Jade.

"It's no big deal!" Jade was waving his hands.

Firestorm's jaw practically hit the floor as he stared in utter disbelief.

"W....w...wha....what?! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(Everyone else sweatdrops.)

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"Once again, I thank you for saving my dear Cadalyn's life."

"It wasn't too hard, really." Kris bowed. "But we in turn, return thanks for your hospitality, Elder."

"Please, you needn't be so formal." The old Meganium smiled. "Sit down an enjoy yourselves."

The Bayleef, Cadalyn, had brought the party to her hometown to meet her father, the Village Elder. It was a small colony of Grass-types living peacefully in the depths of the forest, and such, the whole village had been invited to the feast.

They soon learned that the colony was constantly troubled by the same gang of Victreebel bandits. Cadalyn was a little too adventurous in nature and wandered off by herself. It was how Kris' party had found her as they did.

"I see." Kris nodded. "But I heard that you have a town guard team. Couldn't they be sent to take out the bandits?"

"We do, however, considering the size of our community, there aren't enough to launch an effective attack and defend the village at the same time." The Elder told them.

"You mentioned knowing where their hideout was?" Nightslice queried.

"Indeed, but we have several possible locations. We fear the town may fall under attack while the guards are out searching, hence..."

"A stalemate." Firestorm nodded. "Hey, why don't we go help these folks out? What do you say guys?"

"Yeah!" The group cheered.

"You don't have to..."

"This we insist." Storm leaned forward. "Kicking bad guys' butts is what we do best!"

"He hasn't got much in the manners department, but you get the point." Jade laughed. "It's what we do these days, as much as we try to avoid it."

"Humph, mushiness." Gwyen muttered. "Jeez, wh...urk!"

Nightslice stomped on her foot and the Water elemental immediately held her tongue.

"Well, I certainly can't stop you then." The Elder nodded. "But I must insist that you exercise the utmost caution when dealing with the situation. There are more than just those you saw today."

"We can handle ourselves." Kris said firmly. "We just need the details, and we'll leave first thing tomorrow morning."

"Guys!!" Nala suddenly called. "Something's wrong with Riot!!"

Kris pushed her way through the crowd and sprinted to Nala and Hazuki, who were lifting the Riot out of her position.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, she just fainted." Nala informed them, placing a hand on her partner's forehead. "Whoa! She's burning up!"

"Clear out and give them some room!" The Elder ordered. "And get a doctor here immediately!"

"Dad, let me." Cadalyn leapt up.

The young Bayleef reached out with a vine to examine Riot, feeling her breath, looking into her mouth and her eyes.

"Pupils dilated, sudden fever onset, and there sores in the mouth, see?" Cadalyn pointed. "It's some Victreebel toxins."

"She must've been poisoned during the battle." Nala realized. "Can you help her?"

"Let's get her to the medical center!"

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Riot! You idiot! Why didn't you say anything?!" Nala demanded. "You could've died or something!!"

"I'm sorry...." Riot replied softly. "I didn't think that bit of poison powder could do anything to me."

"Victreebel toxins are quite potent." Cadalyn said, pulling the covers of Riot's bed up. "It's lucky our medical center is well stocked. You just need several doses and a few days bed rest and you'll be as good as new!"

"Oh wonderful....that's just what I needed...." Riot moaned sarcastically. "Do you have medicine in liquid form?"

"Don't be such a baby!" Nala scolded.

"Hey! Remember that time I was down with flu you took me down to the Pokemon Center? That lady there tried to shove a pill, like twice the size of my gullet down my throat!! Then they tied my mouth shut!! And they call themselves doctors?!"

"Riot, you were screeching so much that you were disturbing the other Pokemon."

Giggling, Cadalyn left the arguing pair and walked back into the lobby to pass the news on to the rest of the group.

"Your friend will be just fine." She winked.

"That's a relief." Kris nodded. "Only problem is that she'll be sitting out the battle tomorrow."

"We can handle it." Jade assured. "Besides, we have our secret weapons, right?"

<Hey, what's that supposed to mean?> Lombadra sent him a private message, to which Jade responded by stuffing the Spirit Crystal deeper into his pocket.

"Yeah, thanks a lot Cadalyn." Hazuki knelt down to pat Cadalyn's head. "You're a great healer!"

"Erm...actually I'm just in-training." The Bayleef blushed.

"I think you're pretty good already." Jade insisted.

"Hey! Thanks Mr. Jade!" Cadalyn cried happily as she jumped into him, knocking him over.

Firestorm gazed on, shaking his fists in frustration.

"What does he have that I don't?!"

"Probably a brain." Nightslice whispered to Hazuki and Yusia.

"Ugh!! Ow..." Moaned Jade from the floor.

"Oops...I'm sorry! Dad keeps telling me I'm not supposed to do that because I'm not a Chikorita anymore." She gasped, stepping off.


"But do you have to leave so soon?"

"Sorry, but we shouldn't be long. We're helping your dad out after all."

"Yeah that reminds me, I'd better head home before dad thinks I got lost again." Cadalyn nodded. "Well, I'll see you guys later!"

As the Bayleef dashed off, Nala leaned out of the door and waved to the group.

"Everyone!! Over here!!" She was excitedly holding up her black wrist device. "We've got a transmission!!"

"Finally, managed to get you people!" The voice on the other line exclaimed. "Damn frequencies were messed up."

"Zian?" Firestorm asked.

"Yes, it's me. And....how are you doing?"

"We're all right, nothing we can't handle yet." Firestorm gave him a brief summary of their adventure so far. "But you..."

"Yeah, about me....I've been thinking too." Zian paused for a while. "I've been at the lowest point in my life, but I realized wallowing in my own sorrows isn't going to help anything, or anyone. Grix and the others I....I left..."

"No one's blaming you either, buddy."

"Haha, that's just what Grix would've said. That's why....I want to help you guys out too." Zian continued. "Even if the rest of my body is permanently paralyzed, my mind still works. But this is a new world for us all...and there are bound to be a lot of thing you'll run into that you need information on. I'm stuck where I am, but what the heck, it's a huge library! I'll be your informant of sorts. If you run into anything you need the advice and such on, give me a call."

"Not to be rude, but can you handle it?" Hazuki asked.

"Nah, I just have to get used to working the computerized database with a headset and an electronic pointer between my front teeth. They've got some pretty interesting technology here and besides, I have Sid and Epsilon to help. Got them to move me into the computer room where I can actually do something."

"Thanks Zian..."

"It's your comrade Abetos you should be thanking. He's the one who snapped me back to my senses..."

"Abetos?!" Nala gasped. "He's here?! That means Alken's with him?! Where are they?!"

"I'm afraid I don't know; they ran off on their own."

"Just like them." Nala huffed.

"Remember people, my frequency is 141.12."

"Got it." Kris nodded. "Now, for a start, you could try explaining how our Dragon Melding works."

"Erm...that...well...." Zian staggered. "I'll get back to you on that."

"He doesn't really know." Jade muttered.

"Hey, I gave you guys some theories earlier on, remember? Just give me a while to work on them and I'll get you a better explanation."

"Yeah, we got it."

"Just watch yourselves guys." Zian warned. "Whatever evil forces tore through my group like a knife through butter are likely to be in this new world too..."

Reminded of the darker side of their situation, the group gave each other firm nods before turning in for the night.

--------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The rays of the morning sun shone down through the canopy as the group made their way through the forest once again. The party was down to 6, now that they had left Nala, Riot and Yusia back in the village.

Leading the group, Kris and Nightslice were hunched over a tree stump in the middle of the path.

"This is definitely the Victreebel's trail." Nightslice growled. "Seems they came limping through here after the whacking we gave them yesterday."

"How can you tell?" Hazuki asked.

"Scyther sense." Kris and Nightslice grinned simultaneously.

Everyone else moaned.

"Nah, it's these obvious signs of Razor Leaf cuttings. And there's also their scent." The Scizor replied. "It's rather poorly concealed, if any effort was put into it at all."

"Almost as if they wanted to be found..." Firestorm muttered.

"Let's keep moving." Kris decided. "But keep a watch out for traps."

However, the party encountered no difficulties as they continued on their venture. The path eventually led them to a partially hidden cavern at the base of a mountain.

Kris signaled to her group to stay hidden in the foliage as she approached the entrance. She knelt there, listening and occasionally peering in before returning to the others.

"I don't hear anyone near the entrance, but it's too dark for even me to see." She reported.

"So what, do we go for the silent approach or charging in the hard way?" Jade asked.

"Wait, we may not need too...." Storm growled. "I smell...smoke!"

"From the cave?"

"He's right." Gwyen agreed, sniffing the air. "But what did those guys do? Let their campfire go out of control?"

The next sound that rang out was the high-pitched screaming of the Victreebel.

Nodding to each other, the party immediately entered the cave. It led into a series of winding tunnels which eventually opened up into a huge, central chamber.

"What the?!" Hazuki gasped.

The left part of the ceiling had a large hole in it, sending rays of sunlight streaming in. Besides the tunnel they'd just entered from, there were two more doors, which presumably led further into the hideout. Various pieces of poor quality furniture were scattered around the room, but most notable was the extremely large fire pit in the center of the room. The remains of a wooden cage lay burning, through an odd smell lingered in the air.

"Just what happened here?" Nightslice wondered.

"That'll have to be our doing." A voice laughed.

All heads turned as a Grovyle kicked open the left door, leaning against the wall with his arms folded.

"Are you one of the bandits?!" Kris demanded, drawing her sword.

"Those guys? Peh!" The Grovyle spat. "Even a Togepi could've beaten them. But they were good at swiping goodies from defenseless travelers. Pity they chose to steal the wrong thing, otherwise they wouldn't have ended up as deep fired vegetables."

He casually stuck a twig in his mouth as gestured towards the fire pit.

"That smell...then it's the vapor of the Victreebel acid!" Firestorm realized. "The smoke and the screaming....he just had those Victreebel burned alive!"

"That's so cruel!" Hazuki yelled.

"They happened to be in the way....just like you are now." The Grovyle laughed. "Hey! Bashaamo! Raguragi! You two find it yet? Cause we have a little more company."

The group stepped backwards as a Swampert barged through the other door, smashing it to pieces.

"Hmmm...perhaps there'll be a challenge in here after all." The Swampert snarled, eyeing the new set of intruders. "Whatever it is, we have the cargo."

A Blaziken appeared from behind the water elemental, juggling a small pouch.

"We're in for a fight." Nightslice whispered. "I don't know who these guys are, but I doubt they're on our side."

<Something's strange about them.> Bahamut's voice commented.

<Yeah, I feel it too.> Lombadra agreed.

<Don't underestimate them.> Asiyu finished.

There wasn't any more time for conversation as the enemy trio attacked, forcing Kris' party to split up.

Grovyle leapt in, slashing with the Leaf Blades mounted on his arms. Nightslice met his strokes, bringing up his claws to block the attacks. Grovyle suddenly drew back, and Nightslice saw his opportunity to strike. However, as he lashed forward, Grovyle sidestepped and parried a sword-stroke from Kris. Grasping Nightslice's wrist with his other hand, Grovyle rolled over, using his body weight to hurl the Scizor into his partner, taking them both to the ground.

Firestorm jerked his head left and right to evade Blaziken's swift kicking. Eventually, the attacks forced him back into a wall. Only this time Storm first let his opponent drive a Blaze Kick into the wall, then grabbed her leg and let off a burst of flame.

It utterly startled him when all she did was hold up her claw and literally knock his flames away. Storm was so stunned that he forgot about her other leg, which came up in a fantastic aerobic feat that sent him sprawling face first onto the floor.

Swampert was firing balls of mud in his Mud Shot attack, which Gwyen literally ran up the wall to avoid. She flipped off it and somersaulted over his head, sending a Hydro Pump towards his back. Despite his large size, her opponent was swift, whirling around and holding his arms up.

He took the blow head on, but then began to glow in a purple light. The Mirror Coat ability threw an energy beam straight back at Gwyen with double the force, slamming her out of the sky and into Firestorm.

"So, are you done yet?" Swampert taunted, glaring at his downed foes. "Huh? Ugh!!"

A small hail suddenly blew into his face. That was followed by a wall of fire that ran between him and the party, forcing him to step back.

"Whew, that was close." Hazuki panted, the glowing Mitra Ankh in her arms.

"Yeah." Jade muttered, lowering his hands. "I'd better not try that again."

"Everyone all right?" Kris called, dashing over together with Nightslice.

"They're tough..." Gwyen groaned, pulling herself to her feet.

"Damn, here they come again!" Storm warned.

<Hello? People? What are we? Invisible?> Bahamut's voice called, Kris' sword rattling in her hands. <OK, maybe we are, but that's no reason to forget!!>

<Calling on us at the last minute, jeez.> Lombadra huffed.

"Yeah, seems like we have to." Kris nodded. "Everyone, let's go!"


"Dragon Meld! Activate!"

"Execute! Dragon Meld!"

"Hakkei! Dragon Meld!" (Release! Dragon Meld!)

By the time Swampert had put out the fires with his Water Gun, the Steel, Fire and Ice Dragons stood in place of the previous group.

"Now, that's an interesting ability." He grinned. "Sacrificing your numbers for a trio of Dragons."

"Hey! We're Legendary Dragons, and we're here to kick your butt!!" Bahamut roared.

"Raguragi, aren't these the ones we were told about?" Grovyle asked. "Those weird creatures with their party, they must be the ones from that other world."

<Who does he think he's calling weird?!> Jade yelled.

"I already figured that out." Raguragi replied. "I'm the leader here, Juncan."

"Jeez, no need to be so sore about it, big blue." Juncan shrugged.

"Males...humph." Asiyu snorted.

"Forget it, we'll take one each and get this done and over with." Lombadra cracked his knuckles. "I think I'll fight that hot chick over there."

Blaziken's two companions instantly stepped away from her as the bird-woman's face went even redder.

"What did you call me, dirtbag?!" She snarled, speaking for the first time, notably with a Russian accent.

"Uh-oh! Big mistake pal!" Juncan cringed. "Ya don't ever call Bashaamo that!!"

With a scream of fury, the Blaziken went straight for Lombadra, who stood his ground as Bahamut and Asiyu rolled away. However, she slid between his legs and kicked him from behind.

"Huh? ARGH!!!" Lombadra went face-first into the floor, and was immediately grabbed from behind and lifted up.

"Insulting me is insulting the Unit!" Bashaamo fumed, throwing Lombadra into the wall. "The Unit I've been with since I was born! I grew up on the battlefield, where conflict and victory were my parents. Pride and glory my way of life!"

She walked over, pulled the stunned Dragon up and kicked him in the chest.


"Whoever you are, your insolence is unforgivable!!" She roared, sending a final Blaze Kick to the side of his face.

Lombadra sprawled on the floor near his comrades, spitting out blood from his mouth as he staggered to his feet.

"She's scary." Juncan nudged Raguragi.

"Certainly, but that's why we hired her unit in the first place." Raguragi smirked. "Now, on to business."

The six combatants faced each other in a tense stare down, moments before their battle began.