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A Sword and a Dragon

By nightdragon0

What the…?! How did I end up here?

Kris’ thoughts floated unsteadily about in the darkness. The world around her was shifting, though Kris didn’t want to open her eyes just yet. The Scizor somehow knew that she wouldn’t like it when she did.

Oh yeah…now I remember. Damn, that was stupid…

She had been making her way through the forest, keeping to the innermost parts and allowing the shadows to cover her. It had gone on for a couple of nights, with Kris hiding in caves during the day.

The path had brought her to the outskirts of what would’ve been Lavender Town in her home world, and Kris had intended to avoid going too near. But it had been raining heavily on the third night, and even with her natural night vision, the journey was slow.

Then, Kris had heard the cries. Up on a hill ahead, she’d seen a figure collapse and go rolling down the rocky path. It wasn’t a Dragon, but a Scyther instead…and it was badly hurt.

Instinctively, she left her cover and went out, catching the wounded bug before he could hit the ground.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------



“Don’t move too much. You’re badly injured.” Kris looked down at the young Scyther. He was not only bruised and scarred all over, but both his wings were badly torn up and his left scythe ‘hand’ was broken in half.

“You…you’re…” He moaned softly, opening his eyes and staring for a long time, as if he was unable to focus clearly. “You…shouldn’t be here. Or they’ll do the same thing to you…”

“Don’t talk. You need to rest.” Kris lifted his body closer to her face and whispered into his ear.

“No…it’s…too late for me now…” He replied weakly. “I just….had to leave that place….that arena…to be free…even just for….a while…”

Kris could only look on as the dying Scyther breathed out his final words. She realized that there were several long bleeding cuts across his shoulders and legs.

“One last time….before…I…ugh…before…I…” The Scyther coughed up blood through his mouth, then Kris felt his movements go limp as he closed his eyes.

((He’s gone…)) Bahamut’s voice whispered.

Kris just stood there for a while before placing his body down. A memory sprang up in her mind, one of Nightslice when she had first found him, many years ago. Badly wounded and almost as young as this one.

In those minutes of recollection, Kris failed to notice anything around her…and that proved to be a big mistake. She ended up jumping in fright when a loud roar sounded from close-by.

Turning towards the source, she was suddenly jumped on by a Shadow Drake. Kris was barely able to avoid the humanoid Dragon’s deadly claws, but another one appeared and took her from behind.

The claw slash cut downwards, resulting in a scar appearing across her armored back. A Scizor’s armor was supposed to be like steel, but even this attack hurt like hell.

Kris had kept her wings closed, and now spread them with a sword-like swipe, knocking the rear assailant away. The Shadow Drake rebounded off a tree and Kris took him on with a spinning kick, followed by a Metal Claw attack to the head.

Although the first one went down, the second Dragon moved away as Kris swung her claws at him. The dark Dragon leapt out a tree and held out a claw, chanting softly.

Kris was suddenly hit by some unseen force and felt her stomach lurch. Her vision almost blacked out, but Kris forced her eyes open…and found herself seeing two of everything.

“Gargh…Confuse Ray?!” She panted.

She swung wildly at something that wasn’t really there, and took a hard whack in the back for that. Bahamut was yelling out something that Kris couldn’t be bothered to listen to as she spun with her back leg, hitting into something hard.

Pain shot through her entire body and the Scizor dropped to her knees. Her vision was still blurry, but Kris could make out the shapes of the two Dragons before her, now having been joined by a third.

This one seemed like a third Shadow Drake at first, but at closer glance, it had a slimmer form and its scales were a metallic silver color instead. The other distinctive feature he had was a frill of spikes forming along the back of his head and the single horn on the end of his snout.

The newcomer charged and Kris saw the dual crescent-shaped blades he wielded only moments before he made contact.

With a howl of pain and a new scar across her stomach, Kris went down.

Steel…he feels like steel. Another Steel Elemental Dragon like Bahamut? No this one is more like a blade…a Saber…Dragon…

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------


Yeah…he took me down hard. Grrraghh…it still hurts…

Kris realized that the feelings were coming back into her battered body, along with the prangs of pain. That meant she was alive at least, but Kris could feel holdings around her wrists, ankles, waist and neck that were keeping her firmly tied down to a cold metal surface.

She was definitely in some sort of dark room. Light however, poured in when a door opened, forcing Kris to squint and turn away from the glare.

“You’re awake.” A voice hissed. “You’ve got that fighting spirit, I knew it from the way you fought just now.”

Kris made out the shape of the Steel elemental Saber Dragon from earlier, still with his crescent shaped blades equipped. In the dim lighting, his eyes gave off an eerie reddish glow, making him look ever the more intimidating.

“Your kind is quite rare indeed, so I’d like to know what you were doing in Dragon territory.” The Saber Dragon continued. “You another one of that rebel Pokemon group they keep talking about? Or just a lost runaway?”

Kris just snarled and hissed at him, channeling the energy from the pain she felt throughout her body.

“Can’t talk? Or just don’t want to?” The Dragon huffed, folding his arms. “Well, here we don’t care about your past. It’s whether you can fight that matters…and you’ll make an excellent addition to my battle team.”

Battle team? Oh no…I’ve got a very bad feeling about this…

The armed Dragon leaned forward and snapped a collar around Kris’ neck with a metallic click.

“From now on, you’ll obey my orders and mine alone.” The Dragon chuckled, fiddling with a rectangular device between his claws. “Here’s a little demonstration…”

The bindings holding Kris down were suddenly released, but the Scizor didn’t even have time to think about running before an electrical current coursed throughout her entire body. Her claws instinctively went for the collar, but that only intensified the shocks and Kris let go, dropping back against the table she’d been strapped to.

“That’s what’ll happen if you fail to follow orders.”

Kris was still leaning against the table and panting when the door opened again.

“Hey Klinge! What do you want me to do with this?” One of the Shadow Drakes was there, holding Kris’ sword up.

((Kris? Hey dammit! How the hell did you end up in a mess like this?!)) The ever arrogant voice of the spirit within the sword called privately to Kris. ((You’d better do something this instant!!))

“Just put it in one of the lockers. We might find a use for it later.” The Saber Dragon, Klinge, replied.

((WHAT?! In the locker?! Grrr…I hate this!!)) Bahamut’s voice continued. ((Look, I won’t talk to anyone else and try to be inconspicuous, since I assume that’s the best course of action for me. But you’d better not let me suffer this embarrassment for too long…))

Bahamut’s ‘voice’ seemed to grow softer and softer as the Shadow Drake departed.

((And….good luck…)) He added in at the end.

Well at least he does care a little. Kris told herself inwardly.

“Well now, where were we?” Klinge turned his head. “Oh yeah, the part where you bow down to your new master.”

Kris’ eyes went wide with fury. But the electrical charges soon came again, mingling her screams and howls with the crackling of the current.

“Come on, it’s not too hard to understand, is it?” Klinge shut off the electrical collar for a while.

Rage boiled with her blood, but Kris just didn’t have the physical or mental energy left to fight back. The Dragon started up the shocks again, each one lasting longer than the previous.

In agony, the thoughts ran wildly through Kris’ mind. It was her warrior’s pride, telling her it was better to die than submit to the enemy.

Yet, another side came up as well…the visions of the others…her friends wandering somewhere in this new world. Scenes of Zian and his kin, who’d fallen to a new darkness. No…she couldn’t choose death yet.

And Kris chose to live.

The feeling made her want to chew her guts out….but there she was, down on her knees before the Saber Dragon, who stroked the back of her head affectionately.

“Good girl. I see you do understand.” Klinge grinned, showing off his rows of fangs. “Welcome then, to the Lavender Coliseum…an Underground Network of Battle Arenas…in which you’ll be fighting…”

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------

“They’re coming!!” Alric gasped, staring across the beach.

The pirates had all been alerted, though they were slow to respond due to them drinking and partying all night long. Still, their numbers far exceeded those of the small Lapras party.

“You’ve got to hold them off until we open the gates!” Hazuki tapped Alric’s shoulder.

“Understood. But try to hurry!”

“I will.” Hazuki jumped off his back and swam the short distance to the lower wooden platform. “Gwyen!! You all right?”

“Ugh…go on first.” The Suicune panted. She was leaning against the wall of the upper platform, clutching her side with her front paws. “I’m still feeling the shocks of that Thunderbolt.”

Nodding, Hazuki pulled herself up onto the platform and ran past the bell. Hydro Pumps and Ice Beams flew everywhere as the battle begun. One of the water blasts smashed into the platform, collapsing an entire section.

That left Gwyen stranded on the upper level, with a large gap separating her from Hazuki’s lower platform. Hazuki didn’t notice it over the din of the battle and kept on running.

Scanning the area, Hazuki realized that the gates were controlled by a lever close by. However, an Aqua Dragon suddenly emerged from the water and leapt up into Hazuki’s path. The blue haired girl screamed and backed away as the Dragon swung his razor claws at her.

“Hazuki!!” Gwyen glanced desperately around for any Lapras to give her a lift, but all the Lapras were busy fighting.

Gwyen saw one go down beneath the surface with an Aqua Dragon’s jaws clamped firmly around his neck. Umi was there too, freezing the legs of a Dragon who was perched on another Lapras’ back. The Dragon toppled into the water and was slammed down by Umi.

Alric fired off two continuous Hydro Pumps, then took a Slash across his face. Blood dripped down into the water as Alric backed away.

The Lapras aren’t fighters by nature, but they’re trying their best. Gwyen thought.

Hazuki screamed again as a claw swipe narrowly missed her head. She ducked down and chanted softly, firing out a series of icicles that stabbed her opponent’s knee. The pirate howled and threshed about, swinging his tail and knocking the wind out of Hazuki as she was thrown into the barrier.

Come on…I have to do this. What was it that my teacher kept telling me? Feel the flow of the water and feel the flow of the waves…

Gwyen stepped to the edge and prepared to step off. At the last moment however, she glanced down at the dark moving waters and suddenly felt uneasy. The next instant, she’d landed in the water with a loud splash.

“Gargh!! Gurghh!!” Gwyen spluttered, dragging herself up onto the lower level. “That was not good…”

The young Suicune shot another glance towards her partner, who was still busy dodging the Aqua Dragon’s attacks. Hazuki wasn’t able to get the gate open because of that, and the Lapras inside the compound were far outnumbered.

((Take heart…I believe in you.)) Asiyu’s voice rang out in Gwyen’s mind. The Ice Dragon’s spirit was probably caught up trying to guide Hazuki as well, but she made her voice sound as calm and gentle as ever.

“I can’t even do this…” Gwyen moaned softly. “Maybe I’m just good at showing off…I can’t even help my partner when she needs me the most!”

((Keep telling yourself that and it will be true. But were you not one of the two who summoned my spirit?))

“Yeah, but…”

((Then it’s my belief that I responded because you were worthy of bearing my avatar. Now it’s time to prove that!!))

“Grrr…you’re right…” Gwyen growled, turning to face the water. “One more time!!”

Taking several steps back, Gwyen held her breath and focused on the waters before her. Then…she leapt forward.

Her front paws touched the surface of the water with a soft sploosh…and kept on going. One after the other, Gwyen glided across the water.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------

“Gurgh!!” Erizar winced, seeing another scar appear across her back. “How can that thing be so fast?!”

“Hey that’s my body you’re looking at!” Arist’s soul called out to them. “I used to be the fastest thing alive!!”

“Will you shut up dead boy?!” Erizar hissed.

“Hey, you’re really dead too so don’t complain! Just that you’ve got those two to create a new form for you.”

The skeletal wyvern had taking to flying around the upper parts of the room and dive bombing Erizar. Being larger and having to fight in a relatively cramped room, Erizar was an easy target for her swifter foe.

The heads controlled by Nala and Riot sprayed out their Acid attacks, only to hit the walls instead.

“We’ve got to coordinate our strikes and catch him off guard.” Nala muttered.

“Watch for when he comes again.” Erizar instructed. “Then relax and follow my flow. You’ll feel it pretty well.”

The bone wyvern was darting around the ceiling area and now dove down from the left.

Riot curled her head back so that the neck was better protected, resulting in their foe hitting it hard. The wyvern was stunned for an instant, and Erizar quickly shot out with her main head, sinking her fangs into in. Nala sprayed a wave of Acid onto its body, causing the skeletal creature to give out a long, mournful screech.

It struggled violently and shook itself free, knocking Nala’s head aside before taking to the roof. Making a flip in mid-flight, the wyvern charged them again, snapping its wings forward at the last moment and using Wing Attack.

Another bloody slash appeared across Erizar’s back, but this time the Poison-Dragon hybrid managed to swing her tail, knocking it into the wall. Even as it created an impression of its body in the stone, Arist’s skeletal form open its jaws and fired off a breath of orange flames, the Dragon Breath ability.

Nala and Riot both countered with their Acid breaths, resulting in a deafening explosion that threw both Dragons to opposite ends of the room. However, Erizar’s mass was so large that her hitting the wall caused the entire room to shake.

With a loud crash, pieces of rock and stone fell from the ceiling. Several of them slammed into the Bone Wyvern, knocking it to the ground.

“Now’s our chance!” Erizar ordered, stomping the floor with her front leg. “Earthquake!!”

The ground-type attack sent even more rocks falling from the ceiling. The triple-headed Dragon was hit by a few, but their foe ended up pinned down by a large piece.

Erizar lunged so that Nala and Riot were able to clamp their jaws against the wyvern’s wings. With her center head, Erizar bit the Crystal stuck in the wyvern’s skull and pulled hard. The skeletal creature struggled and howled, but the Spirit Crystal soon came loose.

For a moment, the purple crystal shone brightly. Then, the light faded away. With it, the skeletal wyvern collapsed into pieces.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------

A great sense of accomplishment swept through her, but the desire to aid her partner soon pushed that aside. Letting off a fierce roar, Gwyen charged towards the Aqua Dragon on the opposite platform, who froze up in surprise.

The second’s delay was enough for Gwyen to Headbutt him in the stomach, tossing the gasping Dragon aside.

“I knew you’d come!” Hazuki cried happily.

“Hey, didn’t doubt me, did you?” Gwyen smirked. With that, she turned and ducked as the pirate Dragon came in for revenge.

The Suicune sank her fangs into his injured knee and kicked him away with her hind legs. The Dragon skidded, but wasn’t about to give up and opened his jaws, spraying out a powerful jet of water. Gwyen responded with her own Hydro Pump, leaving the two water attacks at a deadlock.

Hazuki then joined in as well, casting a spell very much like an Ice Beam from her Ankh. The duo’s attacks combined and drove the Dragon’s Hydro Pump back into his face, knocking him out and into the water.

“Nice!” Gwyen panted. “Now let’s hit the switch!”

It took some effort, but Hazuki and Gwyen tugging together eventually got the lever into its down position. Various gears started grinding and the huge wooden doors slowly begun to open.

Hazuki produced a signal flare from her pocket, ignited it, and tossed it up into the air. The white and red sparks would be easily visible to the other Lapras hiding outside.

“That’s done.” Hazuki nodded. “But…”

The Lapras within the compound were still being driven back, having lost more than half their number already. Scarlet red blood stained the water, accompanied by the roar of the battlers and the wounded.

((It’s time that I joined this battle.)) Asiyu decided.

“We were just waiting for you to ask.” Gwyen growled. “Let’s go!!”

Both Hazuki and Gwyen dove into the water. At the same time, a brilliant blue light formed from beneath the surface. Like a rocket, the blue light sped underwater, heading straight towards the center of the battle.

“Urghh…we can’t keep this up much longer!” Umi was yelling. “There’s too many of them!!”

“We have to!” Alric replied. “Everyone’ depending on…garrghhh!!!”

An Aqua Dragon lunged out of the water and ploughed into the lead Lapras. Alric overturned in the water and knocked into Umi, stunning them both for a second. By the time they’d recovered, the two were in the center of a circle of pirates.

Both were glancing around in panic when a shinning form emerged from beneath the waves in a great spray of water. Time suddenly seemed to stop for everyone else.

The majestic, blue crystalline scales of Asiyu sparkled as the quadruped Dragon took to the sky. Spreading her semi-translucent leathery wings, Asiyu slowed her descent in time to execute a full 360 degrees spin, flashing the row of ice spikes that ran all along her back and down to the tail.

Her white fangs bared as the blue gem embedded in her forehead glowed. Her eyes followed suit, changing from their calm blue color to a shimmering white of rage.

Water droplets, both big and small, splashed around the Ice Dragon, adding to the moment’s display. Then, it was over as Asiyu dropped into the battle.

BAM!! Asiyu smashed down on the first pirate Dragon’s head and used it as a spring board to jump to the next, slashing his face with her foot claws. She bounded to the other side of the circle, slicing one Dragon across his throat and cracking the jaws of another.

The last one turned to run, however Asiyu was faster and used Swift, sending out a series on star-shaped projectiles that shook the Aqua Dragon into submission.

Asiyu then landed in the water beside Alric and Umi, trapping water with her rear legs and dusting her webbed front claws off.

“Seems that you needed some help.” Asiyu snarled with a toothy grin.

The two Lapras could only stare dumbfounded.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------

“The crystal’s powers are neutralized.” Erizar declared.

“Hey pretty good.” Arist’s blue shimmering form materialized, hovering beside Erizar’s head. “Not the way I would really have fought, but that thing wasn’t really me in a sense.”

“But what now for you?” Riot turned her head towards his image.

“Me? I’m…” Arist’s form then begun to change colors, becoming shrouded in a wave of golden light. “Hey…with the Ghost Crystal’s power gone…I’m…my soul is finally free…”

“You can finally move on to the afterlife.” Nala added in.

The golden light also flowed upwards and out through the newly created holes in the ceiling. Nala somehow got the feeling that those lights would be putting the remaining undead down and bringing some peace to this troubled region.

A bit of light dropped on her serpentine forehead too, and Nala felt a great sense of ease. Her own affliction from the zombie bite was disappearing as well.

“Thanks to you guys.” Arist managed a grin. “But you’ll have to beware. Some form of Kaiser is reviving again. It took us down, and I hope you’ll have better luck.”

“They can knock us down, but we won’t stay down.” Nala said to him. “But is there anything else you can tell us?”

“Nothing much more than Zian probably has. It happened so fast it was hard even for me…” Arist’s voice was fading out as his ghostly form disappeared into the light. “This is farewell then…”

Erizar looked straight at Arist and bared her fangs. He responded by snarling and flapping his wings. After which, Arist was gone and the room fell into darkness once more. However, there was still some light streaming in through holes in the ceiling.

“What was that all about?” Riot queried.

“Remember we were enemies once before.” Erizar replied. “And I suppose you can say that we became allies just now. It’s my way of accepting him.”

“You Dragons are weird.” Nala sighed.

“Hey, quit talking that way when you’re a part this Dragon.” Erizar hissed.

For a while, all three of the hydra-like Dragon’s heads burst out laughing.

“Let’s get the heck out of this place.” Riot piped up. “With all the shaking we did, it might start to come down on our heads.”

“But how about your real body?” Nala asked with concern. “You know….”

“Grrr…” The Aerodactyl in Dragon form muttered unhappily.

“I might have a solution to that. There was a healing spring around this region during my time.” Erizar suggested. “If it still exists, I’m positive I could find it.”

“A healing spring?” Nala wondered.

“Just as the name suggests, dipping yourself in these waters has the effect of rejuvenating some wounds. It won’t work any miracles, but because you’re in my form now…it should be able to heal your real body as well.”

“Erm, I’m confused.” Riot moaned.

“Just stick with me.” Erizar gave a cocky grin, spreading her wings. “I’ll take you there.”

“Not like we have much of a choice.” Nala laughed. “Neither of us can get more than 2 feet away from your head.”

And so the three-headed Dragon flew, partially smashing her way through the parts of the ceiling that still remained, creating a passageway to the surface for herself.

“I wonder what happened to Sciion?” Nala suddenly glanced down.

“I hope he’s in hell.” Riot snarled.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------

“Hey! What’s going on there?!” Raguragi’s voice came over the burst of static. “Hello?!”

Groaning, Sciion fumbled about in the pitch darkness of the room, feeling around for his radio.

“Hello!! Come in Sciion!!”

“Gurghh….not well…” The Sneasel called into the radio.

The room suddenly shook again, sending rocks crashing down. Sciion was too dazed to evade them, and screamed in pain as he was smacked around.

In panic, he stumbled and fell flat on his belly….just as a large piece slammed down on his back with a loud crunch.

Raguragi was shouting something over the radio that Sciion never heard. Particularly because the black cat was too preoccupied with a long, jagged piece of rock that seemed to fall from above in slow motion.

However, there was nothing he could do but look up and watch it drop precisely towards his head.


And then, there was silence.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------

“This is a really beautiful place.” Jade exclaimed.

The female Charizard, Diane, and himself were standing by the base of a huge waterfall, which ran down into a plunge pool and along a stream. The rocks around it were an odd, orange-like color.

Smiling, Diane gestured towards the waterfall to offer Jade a drink. Both did so, slurping down the sparkling, clear water to quench their thirsts.

“If you stay around here, you can see the geysers too.” Diane added in.

“Gysers?” Jade wondered.

Suddenly, the ground rumbled and a spray of hot water shot out from beneath Jade’s body. Jade emitted a roar of surprise and stumbled, landing in the stream with a loud splash.

Diane burst out laughing as Jade scrambled out, shaking his scales dry.

“Not funny…” Jade growled.

“Sorry, perhaps I should’ve warned you first.” Diane was still giggling a little. “I hope you’re not the kind of Charizard who’s extremely paranoid of water right? You seem like the adventurous type to me.”

“Well, I guess I consider myself that with my kind of nomadic lifestyle.” Jade bragged.

((Could you tell any worse of a lie?)) Lombadra’s voice privately barked.

“Yeah, thought so.” Diane continued. “Us Charizards shouldn’t let the fear of the water control us. Sure it’s not exactly our strong point, but even our ancient ancestors didn’t have the flames we do now to work with.”

“Is that so?” Jade wondered.

“Hmmm…I wonder if that thing I hid when I was a kid is still here.” Diane turned towards the waterfall. “Come on, I’ll show you. But you’ll have to take a quick dip beneath the water.”

Diane stepped into the stream and waved.

“And don’t worry, just a short time won’t make your tail flame go out.” With a splash, Diane disappeared beneath the surface.

Jade shrugged and followed suite, quite aware that even Firestorm could go underwater for a while, thanks to Kris’ previous training.

Together, the pair swam quickly beneath the clear water and emerged into a secret cavern at the back of the waterfall.

There was still some light streaming in from outside, though the veil of falling water blocked out most of it. However, on a rock in the center of the cave was a large, greenish sword.

“Wow, it really is still here. Guess no one bothers about this place anymore.” Diane took the sword in hand and showed it to Jade.

It was a large, flat blade, a sword bigger than the one Kris used. Jade estimated it to be the entire length of his human form’s back, and guessed that he’d probably need both hands to wield it effectively.

Most of it was green, except for the handgrip, which was a dark black and hollow inside. He noticed too that instead of its blade being entirely solid, this weapon had a couple of semi-circular holes, as if someone had deliberately carved them out. That made the weapon a lot lighter than it actually looked.

“What is this?” Jade asked. “Never seen anything like it.”

“It’s called the Kiazahoushi, an ancient Charizard weapon.” Diane explained. “It is said that before our ancestors learned to breath flames, this weapon was used to create them. Of course, it’s an old myth, so I’m not really sure whether it’s true.”

Jade took the weapon in both claws and swung it about. He was surprised to find sparks emitting from the hollow points of the blade.

“That’s how it was supposed to work.” Diane gestured. “You swing this weapon and it bursts into flames. However, this one is old and long past its time. Hmmm….you seem to like it a lot.”

“Well, I don’t really play around with swords too much.” Jade admitted, scratching his head.

“Why don’t you keep it then? It’s only going to gather dust lying around here.”

“Really? Thanks!” Jade slashed the weapon about for a while more. An idea soon slipped into his head and Jade brought out Lombadra’s orange-red colored Spirit Crystal.

((Hey, what do you think you’re doing?!)) Lombadra demanded.

“Trying a little experiment.” Jade whispered, slipping the crystal into the space at the handle.

The crystal clicked in and stuck there firmly, as if it were meant to fit nicely in. Both Charizards gasped as the old weapon glowed with a fiery aura for a few moments.

Jade then swung the weapon about, its blade bursting into flames as he whirled and thrust it around.

((Hmmm…not bad at all. Certainly better being a sword than that crystal.)) Lombadra seemed somewhat impressed. ((Haha…wait till the arrogant, metal-headed Steel Dragon sees me now. This sword is much bigger and better than his!!))

Bother, I think I might have made it worse. Jade thought.

“That’s amazing!” Diane gasped, finally able to find her words. “I’ve never know this ancient weapon to work like this before!”

“Well, the Crystal did most of it…” Jade had just started talking when he heard a scraping sound. Someone was in the cavern….spying on the two.

“Who’s there?!” Diane roared, snapping her head up. “Show yourself now!!”

Jade’s eyes narrowed as he glanced around as well.

“Diane! Over there!!”