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----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Rumble in the Heartlands
By nightdragon0
“Sure this is the place?” Kris asked.
(I'm positive.) Bahamut's voice replied. (I can sense Myollnir in there, although I get the feeling that she's letting me `see' her on purpose.)
The extra energy, which built-up in Bahamut's sword form after not melding for so long, had held Kris in her Scizor guise for long enough. She was back to human form now, but with Nightslice alongside her once more.
Together, they'd made their way to the realm's Saffron City, and were peeking out from beneath a manhole cover on the pavement. Not the most prestigious way, but certainly one that had gotten them in undetected.
“She probably wants us to find her here.” Nightslice growled. “I smell a trap.”
“Still, it was her leader who called us to this place.” Kris muttered. “This Prophet that he calls himself…”
“But this building…” Nightslice looked up.
“Yes, the version in our real world holds a lot of bad memories.” Kris nodded. “Silph Company.”
The pair simultaneously looked up, scanning the area from the fenced compound, barb wires, spotlights….all the way up to the tall building with its gleaming glass windows.
(Hello? This isn't the time for reminiscence here!)
“Um, yeah.” Kris agreed, though slightly annoyed at the interruption.
“Right now, we need a plan for getting in.” Nightslice spoke up.
(How about you two just change into me and let me blast my way through.)
“As exhilarating as that sounds, that isn't going to accomplish much.” Kris folded her arms. “Other than land us with a severe beating.”
(Aw come on! You highly underestimate me!)
“Let's leave him to deal with his superiority complex and think of something else, all right?” Nightslice huffed.
(Huh? Wa…what the heck is that?)
“Yeah, well we can try exploring these sewers more and see if there's an entrance.” Kris continued. “Or we can look for a weak point in the fence.”
“Might be difficult with those spotlights.” Nightslice interjected. “And I'm guessing that those fences have pressure sensors from all the wiring down there.”
(Hey! Quit ignoring me! Am I invisible or something!) Bahamut yelled.
Kris whipped out his sword form and banged it against the railing for good measure. Just then, the roaring of engines forced the two to duck and lower the manhole cover. An entire convoy of container trucks had just rumbled through the streets and stopped at the building's entrance for the security inspection.
Once the trucks had stopped, the group found that one truck was positioned right over their manhole. These vehicles had a high undercarriage too, perfect for…
Kris and Nightslice glanced towards each other and nodded.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
“We've got to help him somehow.” Hazuki muttered, continuing to watch.
“So, that dragon is a friend of yours, you mentioned?” Gwyen confirmed.
“Well, not exactly, but…”
(He's a Legendary Dragon, something like myself.) Asiyu told her. (Zian was sure that the other 6 dragons besides himself who survived the ancient wars were killed by this new threat. But it turns out Kioi has also survived somehow.)
“But it might not be for much longer however.” Gwyen hissed. “Listen, Juncan and the gang and speaking up again!”
“But boss, we paid a whole lot to get this one out of the slave pens!” Sano the Aggron was protesting. “They said it was a rare, one of a kind breed and…”
“That's because it's a Legendary Dragon you idiot!” Juncan yelled. “Or at least he was, but his powers, in the form of the Spirit Crystal, have been stripped away. The Master must've thought he died after the attack, but he's somehow wound up here. And just as well too, because I'm selling him along with the other one off to the bank manager as a bribe.”
“The Master they keep taking about.” Hazuki muttered. “I wonder if it's really the same Kaiser that we once fought…”
“The other one? Oh yeah the three-headed one that was frozen down at Sixth Avenue.” Uno the Rhydon scratched his head.
“That's correct. So all I need you to do is wait here and guard this one until the laboratory guys arrive to put this one in deep freeze too. Think it's something your limited minds can handle while I'm off on my bank job?”
“Yeah boss, no problem.”
The trio lowered their voices again and Hazuki pressed her ear against the wall.
“No good, I can't hear anything else.” She frowned.
“Let me try.” Gwyen pushed forward and leaned against the wall too.
As the combined weight of the Suicune and Hazuki went against the wall, the structure suddenly gave way. It turned out that the wall was in fact a hidden, revolving door that had spun open, sending the two sprawling into full view of Juncan's group.
“Well, well, our interlopers have finally decided to make their appearance.” The Grovyle laughed. “You think we wouldn't check out the place before discussing our important issues so openly?”
“Oh no…” Gwyen looked down at the floor section that had rotated with the door and noticed a neatly concealed speaker. “They had the place bugged! They were listening to us the whole time!”
“It's elementary, my dear ladies.” Juncan smirked, chewing on the twig in his mouth. “So, are you ready to surrender peacefully?”
“Not on your life!” Hazuki yelled. “Gwyen, Asiyu! Let's get ready!”
At that, Juncan leapt back and pressed the leaf blades on his forearms against the half-conscious Kioi's throat.
“Oh really? Just try and take another step.” Juncan taunted.
“Dammit!” Gwyen snarled.
“Hahaha, well these are the times when it pays to be the bad guy. Muuwwhahahahahaha!”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
The trucks rumbled one by one into the large space designated for loading and unloading materials. A group of rough-looking dragons were already there to facilitate that movement, using mechanical cranes designed for the purpose.
The dragon groups consisted of a mix of quadrupled Rock Dragons and upright Shadow Drakes. Notably, all wore protective yellow suits over most of their upper bodies, along with helmets that had visors over their faces.
Nightslice was easily able to grab onto the underside of the truck with his razor sharp pincers whilst Kris found a loose section to hook her sword onto, thus supporting herself.
From their vantage points, the two watched and waited until their truck had docked itself in the unloading bay. The pair immediately sprang into action, dropping from their hiding places and dashing into the shadows.
In the blink of an eye, the infiltrators had made their way to a secluded spot behind some machinery.
“Well that went well enough.” Kris breathed.
(If everyone's done patting themselves on the back, how about some action here?) Bahamut growled.
“Not everything needs to be achieved with brute force you know?” Kris replied, picking up a coil of rope by her feet.
(And what are you planning to do?)
“Just watch and learn.”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
“Ow! Ow! Man, that has to be the dumbest thing we've ever done!” Gwyen pounded her head against the door. “This is so frustrating! Ow!”
The metallic cell was all gray and featureless, with nothing but the outline of the door visible by light of the ceiling lamp.
“That's not really what worries me.” Hazuki said glumly. “It's Juncan. He's got Asiyu's Ankh now and there's no telling what he'll do with her.”
“Yeah, that too.” Gwyen paused for a while, and then went back to pounding her head on the door. “Ow! Ow!”
“How long are you going to keep doing that?”
“Ow! Until you figure out a way to get us out of here. Ow!”
“That's provided that you don't suffer from permanent brain damage first.” Hazuki sighed. “And even if we do get out, they're probably waiting for us right outside the door. Without my weapon, I won't be able to help you much.”
“Did you hear what Juncan mentioned earlier about having a three-headed dragon on freeze?” Gwyen suddenly asked.
“I did.” Hazuki nodded. “You think it's of any importance?”
“If Juncan's so intent on selling that dragon along with Kioi, then our three-headed friend is probably another Legendary Dragon. It's just a hunch, but…”
“No, I think you might be on to something.” Hazuki noted. “We could…”
Gwyen suddenly strode over and clamped a paw over Hazuki's mouth. Startled, Hazuki involuntarily let off a muffled cry. However, Gwyen gestured towards the opposite wall with another paw.
Hazuki didn't see it at first, but embedded in the wall was a miniature speaker. Much like the one that had gotten them caught outside, only this one was many times smaller.
They were listening to us again! Hazuki thought furiously.
Gwyen pointed to the speaker, then the door and made a sneaky grin. Hazuki immediately realized what her partner was planning.
“That's a pretty good idea Hazuki.” Gwyen spoke. “It might actually get us out of here.”
“Oh, really?” Hazuki played along.
“Tell me how it works again.” Gwyen smirked, quietly moving over to the speaker.
“Don't know if we'll be able to pull it off with these limited resources, but chemistry should play a part.” Hazuki continued.
Gwyen waved her paw up and down, indicating for Hazuki to lower her voice.
“So, by spraying ice all over the metal door, it'll contract see? Since metal is greatly affected by cold and heat…”
On the other side of the door, Sano was seated on a couch with a pair of headphones on. Those were connected to the instruments on a nearby table, which he was using to eavesdrop on Hazuki and Gwyen's conversation.
“Hmm? Damn?” Upon hearing Hazuki's tone getting softer, Sano cranked the volume up, fully intent on hearing their secret plan.
On the other side of the wall, Gwyen took a deep, long breath.
“COME HEAR IT YOURSELF GOOFBALL!” The Suicune roared into the hidden microphone at the top of her lungs.
“Bbbaaarrrgghhhh!” Sano's eyes went wide as eardrums nearly burst. The massive dino dropped to the ground and lay dazed there for a while. “Why those kids! I'll show them!”
Stomping the ground in rage, Sano lumbered over to the cell door and threw it open…only to find that there was nobody there.
“Huh? Where'd they go to?” He wondered, stepping in to have a closer look.
Right on cue, Gwyen and Hazuki dropped down from the ceiling and stamped on his head. While the dino was stunned, the two skipped out the door and slammed it shut, locking the door with a loud click.
“Hey! No fair!” Sano pounded on the door. “Lemme outta here! Hey! Help!”
“All right!” Hazuki and Gwyen gave each other high-fives as they raced up the stairs. They did pause, however, to grab the bundle of keys left behind by Sano.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
The Shadow Drake took a seat on the stack of crates and tossed his helmet off in relief. Despite all the mechanical help, there was still much to be done manually and that had him sweating in his suit.
The unwary dragon was taking a sip of water, thinking about the nightclub he would go down to after his shift, when Nightslice crept up from behind. The Scizor had the ends of the rope tied around his wrists and threw the center portion around the Shadow Drake's neck.
He pulled the ropes taunt as the dragon struggled. All he got off was a gurgled cry before his air supply was cut off. Kris leapt into view of their panicked foe and pounded his head repeatedly with the butt of her sword.
Finally, the Shadow Drake lapsed into unconsciousness.
“Time for you to take a nice long nap.” Kris smirked as they stripped their victim of his protective clothing. With Nightslice's help, she bound the dragon, muzzled his snout and chucked him into one of the empty storage containers.
“You should be able to fit nicely into these.” Nightslice remarked, gesturing towards the protective suit. “Just pull the visor down and no one will recognize you Bahamut.”
(What? I have to put that on?) Bahamut screeched. (This has got to be the dumbest idea you…)
“Look, do you want to go after Myollnir or not?” Kris interrupted, giving the sword a shake. “This is the best way to do it without bringing down a whole army on us. And frankly, I don't care what you think! If you're after her badly enough, then…”
(All right, fine! Fine!) Bahamut sighed in defeat. (But I'm not going to like this.)
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
The two emerged into the same warehouse room as before and found Kioi still chained to the wall there. Hazuki heaved a sigh of relief as they dashed to his side.
“Kioi, if you can hear me, we're gonna get you out of here.” Hazuki whispered, fumbling with his chains. “Just hang on!”
Hazuki found the lock and begun trying each of the keys in the bundle, one by one.
“Hurry partner.” Gwyen whispered, glancing nervously towards the stairs. “I'd help, but I don't exactly have reversed thumbs.”
With all the noise Sano was making, it wouldn't be long before his buddy, or anyone else in the neighborhood heard all this.
Groaning, Kioi stirred and opened his eyes. Immediately, the dragon stared at Hazuki in a mixture of shock and amazement.
“You'll be all right.” Hazuki assured him. “Just hang on there.”
Kioi opened his jaws to say something, but it came out as a gurgled grunt more than anything else. In a series of satisfying clicks, Hazuki got the key and lock combination right, throwing Kioi's heavy chains off.
The Legendary Dragon immediately collapsed, breathing painfully.
It was only now that Hazuki took in the full extent of his injuries. His limbs had dozens of scars about, some still relatively fresh with dried blood. All along his back were marks from whippings, several lashed on top of the other without even giving the previous ones a chance to heal.
His leathery wings too had been ripped to shreds and it was a wonder that they were still attached to his back at all. It was obviously that Kioi would never fly again on his own.
“Help him.” Hazuki quickly shook off those thoughts. The time to feel sorry for him would have to come later.
Gwyen lowered her body and Hazuki hurriedly shoved Kioi onto her back.
“What's going on here?” Uno stomped into the room and switched on the lights. “What? How'd you get out?”
“Grrr…don't ask questions!” Sano burst out from the basement door, having smashed his way out of the cell. “And stop them now!”
“Right on bro! They're mine!” Uno lowered his head and charged.
“RRAARRGHH!” Sano followed suit, attacking from their rear.
“Oh no…” Hazuki gasped. They were trapped in the middle of the room by two raging dinosaur Pokemon.
“Which do I attack first?” Gwyen muttered.
“I…I don't know…” Hazuki staggered, feeling the empty space of where Asiyu's Ankh should've been. “What would Asiyu do in this situation?”
Asiyu…Asiyu wouldn't want to fight if she could avoid it, but…hey that's it!
“Gwyen!” Hazuki clambered onto her partner's back with Kioi. “On my mark!”
“For what? Hey!”
Sano and Uno were drawing rapidly closer.
“JUMP! Now! Jump!” Hazuki ordered.
Gwyen reacted instantly and sprang right up into the air…leaving the dinosaur duo to crash headlong into one another. She spun in mid-air and sprayed the fallen duo with a burst of water, Hydro Pump, before stomping on their heads.
“Ouch…” Hazuki cringed.
“Now that was using your heads guys.” The Suicune smirked, bounding out the door with her riders.
“Ooohh…not good…” Sano moaned, seeing stars and rubber duckies swirling around his head.
“Yeah, really…not good.” Uno agreed, with swirls in his eyes. “Wadda think the boss is gonna say?”
Both the dinosaurs pictured a very angry looking Juncan in the thought bubbles above their heads. Their boss pushed his snout right up to theirs and screamed.
“Eep…” Sano and Uno muttered together.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
(You're going pretty good.) Kris whistled. (For someone who's a first at keeping a low profile.)
“Grrumph.” Was all Bahamut could whisper without drawing attention. He didn't want anyone thinking that he was talking to himself, though in a sense, that was what he was doing.
The white walls of the corridor seemed to glimmer with their well polished surfaces. The features however, were exactly the same, hallway after hallway. And it created a sense of being in a maze of identical corridors with doors of various sizes lining their paths.
Furthermore, none of the doors were marked. Yet the other dragons around seemed to know where they were going and carried on with their own tasks without giving so much as a glance towards Bahamut.
(Better let him concentrate.) Nightslice remarked. (We can't tell exactly what he's sensing at the moment.)
In face, Bahamut felt that Myollnir's trail had run dry. What he was really doing was walking around, following his gut feeling.
It so happened that he walked past a pair of electronically locked double doors and suddenly lurched over in pain.
(Hey! Are you all right?) Kris gasped.
The Steel Dragon shook the feelings off and ducked around an isolated corner.
“Something just hit me when I passed that room.” Bahamut growled, pulling off his helmet. “There's an odd power source in there. Familiar, but…no…I just can't seem to pinpoint it.”
(Perhaps we should check it out.) Nightslice suggested. (I think we…)
Alarms suddenly begun blaring, startling all three minds present.
“Alert! Alert! Unauthorized entry detected at the Level 2 transportation system.” A computerized voice boom. “All personnel are advised to remain calm and proceed to the evacuation points in a calm and orderly manner.”
(Have we been discovered?) Nightslice wondered. (This is Level 2, isn't it?)
“So, any bright ideas now?” Bahamut whispered.
(Follow the crowd.) Kris told him.
Bahamut donned his helmet again and joined in the flow of dragon employees trooping down the corridor. Along the way, he passed by those strange double doors again and paused. All of the other employees had moved on by this time and Bahamut reached out for the door, even though he knew it was locked.
A sudden roar sounded from around the corridor, causing Bahamut to jerk his head up. It was a very familiar voice…almost like…
Taking one last look at the door, Bahamut dashed towards the source of the noise. He rounded the corridor and…
“What the hell?” Bahamut was suddenly slammed hard onto his back. Lashing out instinctively with a fist, he caught his opponent beneath the chin and shoved him away.
“Grrr…why you!” The draconic voice hissed.
Then, the two dragons blinked and stared at each other.
(Hey, what are you guys doing here?) Firestorm's voice rang out.
(Funny, we were about to ask you the same question.) Nightslice replied.
“Hey! We're the ones who are supposed to ask the questions here.” Lombadra fumed. “Now where is she? Did you see her run past?”
“Who?” Bahamut growled as the pair got to their feet.
“That Blaziken! You know, the one we fought before?”
“This corridor was empty until you got here.”
(In other words, that's a no.) Kris clarified.
(Looks like you made it in one piece Kris.) Jade spoke up. (A teleporter kinda threw us here and Lombadra was running in circles from…)
“There they are!” A voice hollered. “Stop them!”
A squad consisting of Saber Dragons, Shadow Drakes and Aqua Dragons charged into the corridor. All three species were wingless, humanoid dragons that stood upright, but had different elemental properties of Steel, Dark and Water respectively. The Steel dragons were silver in color and armed with a pair of crescent shaped blades on their arms, while the black Shadow Drakes and blue Aqua Dragons carried assault rifles in their forelimbs.
Unlike the workers from earlier, these were armed guards and weren't afraid to use their weapons. Lombadra and Bahamut had to duck as bullets sprayed the walls around them.
“I'm open to suggestions, flame-face.” Bahamut muttered, throwing off his suit and helmet, now that it did him no good.
“Funny, I was hoping you'd be the bright one this time.” Lombadra hissed.
(Well the advice I have for the two of you…) Nightslice yelled. (Is move it!)
At that, a grenade rolled between their feet, causing both dragons to stare wide-eyed at it before diving for cover. Bahamut used his steel, `feathered' wings to shield the pair from the shrapnel.
“You owe me one pal!” The Steel Dragon snorted.
“Same goes for you!” Lombadra suddenly shoved him aside and spewed flames from his jaws onto the approaching troops. The first two Saber Dragons caught fire, driving the others into a panic.
“Grrr…let's head this way!” Bahamut recovered and dashed down the hallway without waiting for a reply.
Still, Lombadra had no quarrel in following him.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
“Now, that wasn't too hard after all.” Hazuki panted.
Gwyen had taken them a long distance through the nighttime streets, and the group was now perched on a rooftop looking down at the city.
“They won't be coming after us anytime soon.” Gwyen agreed.
“Guragh…” Kioi muttered something and Gwyen set him down.
“Are you all right?” Hazuki knelt down and asked. “You look really terrible.”
Kioi closed his eyes and nodded.
“Do you know anything about Juncan's plans? You know that Grovyle back there?” Gwyen took a seat beside the pair.
Once again, Kioi nodded.
“Can you tell us then?”
Kioi pointed towards a building in the distance and grunted.
“Hm?” Hazuki wondered. “I don't get it.”
Growling, Kioi pulled her closer and gestured towards his jaws.
“Erm, something wrong with your throat?” Hazuki wondered, peering down. “Oh my gosh!”
“What is it?” Gwyen gasped.
“His tongue has been cut out.” Hazuki said softly. “I'm really sorry.”
“Man, those bastards!” Gwyen hissed.
However, Kioi shook his head as if to tell them `Don't bother about me', and kept gesturing towards the distance.
“I'm afraid that we still don't get you.” Gwyen frowned. “Hazuki, you have a pen and notebook right? Let him write it down instead.”
“Yes, good idea.” Hazuki reached into her pocket. “Here, try using this Kioi.”
The Fighting-type Dragon took hold of the pen and attempted to scribble several characters onto the notebook. What came out was completely illegible however and Kioi eventually tossed the pen away in frustration.
“You know, I think that he doesn't know how to read and write.” Hazuki frowned.
“Great, so we're stuck with a mute illiterate who can't tell us a thing!” Gwyen blurted out. “This is pathetic!”
Kioi made a low growl and suddenly pounced on Gwyen, knocking the Suicune onto her back.
“Hey! Hey! I'm sorry!” Gwyen waved her front paws. “I didn't really mean that to hurt!”
“No wait, look at his pose.” Hazuki noted.
Kioi was deliberately hunched forward, with one of his arms held out and the other pressed to Gwyen's neck. Almost as if there were a blade attached to the forearm.
To further emphasize his point, Kioi snatched up the pen and stuck it in his jaws, chewing it like a twig.
“He's talking about Juncan.” Hazuki realized. “You know where he's gone? Is that what you're trying to tell us!”
Kioi made a `yes' motion with his hands and nodded. Once again, he pointed off into the distance.
“Let me see.” Gwyen clambered to her feet and glanced down. “Of course, now I understand!”
“What is it?”
“Juncan was talking about a bank job earlier.” Gwyen explained, pointing with her nose. “He's planning to rob that one, right over there. And he mentioned bribing the bank manager too…that's most likely for a way to bypass the security systems.”
“His goons said something about a Sixth Avenue too.” Hazuki spoke up.
At that, Kioi dragged her aside and nodded, making a motion as if he wanted to go there right away.
“Sixth Avenue is the name of a large factory just down this street. With all the signs about, you can't possibly miss it.” Gwyen told her. “According to Juncan and company, that's where this three-headed Legendary Dragon is being held.”
“Then let me take Kioi there, since he wants to go.” Hazuki suggested.
“No, I…”
“You have to stop Juncan.” Hazuki brushed her sides. “And save Asiyu too. You stand a much better chance against him than me.”
“Trust me partner.” Hazuki said firmly.
“All right, but I promise that I'll come as quickly as I can.”
“I know you will.”
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
A few minutes of running blindly through the maze of hallways led them to a large room…with a familiar face standing in the doorway.
“Were you looking for me?” Bashaamo the Blaziken folded her arms and taunted.
“Why you!” Lombadra growled, changing direction and breaking into a charge.
“Hey! Hold on you knuckle-head!” Bahamut warned.
Bashaamo stepped aside, revealing a Swampert crouched behind her. It was easily recognizable as the one named Raguragi, who pelted the Fire Dragon in the chest with a Hydro Pump. Lombadra flew back and slammed his head into the wall.
(Ouch, don't tell me you didn't see that coming?) Firestorm muttered.
“Well, I see that you've somehow managed to stumble upon our secret headquarters.” Raguragi grunted with an annoyed look on his face. “That's the last mistake you'll ever make!”
Two Zangoose and a Manectric burst out from doors behind the Legendary Dragons' backs. Both immediately took the full blunt of the Manectric's Thunderbolt attacks, shocking them into a daze.
The Zangoose duo moved in and landed several slashes in succession before either could react. Bahamut managed to catch a Zangoose's claw and hurled him into his companions, knocking all three down.
Roars and grunts sounded from further down the corridor, indicating that there were more troops on the way. Telling which side they belonged to however, was another story entirely.
Raguragi pounced and Lombadra knocked him aside. A dinosaur-like Marowak stepped onto the scene too, sending his Bonemerang spinning into Lombadra's chest.
“We're gonna be boxed in at this rate!” Lombadra hissed as he stood back to back with Bahamut.
“No, I think we should run straight towards the dragons troops.” Bahamut breathed.
“What? Are you insane?”
(No, I think he's actually right.) Kris pointed out. (The dragons in this region are at war with the Pokemon. So if we lead the dragons to Raguragi's gang…)
(They'll start fighting, and then we could slip out in the chaos!) Jade realized.
“Wadda say?” Bahamut grinned.
“On three.” Lombadra nodded.
“Three!” The two dragons somersaulted over Raguragi's troops and made a beeline around the corridor…right into the path of the approaching dragon troops.
“Dragon Breath!”
Bahamut and Lombadra launched their respective breath attacks, blowing the first line of dragons over. Simultaneously, they turned and dashed back towards Raguragi's position.
“There's nowhere to run you fools.” The Pokemon commander shouted as the pair approached. There were suddenly a lot more Pokemon, practically filling up the entire corridor behind him.
The dragon troops choose this moment to arrive and got into position, bringing their weapons up. Bahamut and Lombadra tensed to make their escape, but after a few moments, they realized that none of the troops were moving.
In fact, every gun, fang, claw or tail was trained on the two of them.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
“What the hell?” Bahamut cured. “What's going on here?”
“Haha, you just haven't figured it out, have you?” Raguragi threw his head back and laughed. “Hey Citraz, that was a nice going! They never even suspected a thing.”
“Told you my squad could handle it boss.” Citraz stepped in front of the crowd of dragons.
He was different from the rest, a green scaled dragon that could almost be mistaken for a cross between a human and a Flygon. He had the same fin-like structures on his head and eyes that were large and bright red. His leathery wings were built into his arm structure, and were currently folded up, but took form as sort of a blade at his elbows.
His hands were three-fingered claws, as well as his feet. The tail too had a red scaled, fan-like structure that split into three `diamonds'.
Citraz was a Gale Dragon, with Wind or Flying elemental properties. The green drake twirled a pair of guns in his hands before slotting them into holsters on either side of his waist.
“Dammit! They're all in this together!” Lombadra realized.
“And you were wondering why we had a base right in the middle of Dragon territory?” Raguragi gave them a dark look. “We've been behind this whole war from the start, all from right here within this building! Since that damned fool who calls himself the Prophet led you here, I decided that it was necessary to prepare a little surprise, just in case.”
Bahamut and Lombadra glared from the Swampert to each other. There was absolutely nowhere to go, no where to run.
“Take them!”
On Raguragi's orders, Citraz and Bashaamo jumped forward, each stabbing a stun-rod into their foes' chests. The Legendary Steel and Fire Dragons roared in agony as they were shocked into unconsciousness.
Raguragi waved an arm and the mixed group of troops begun dragging the dragon's limp bodies away.
“The Prophet's agent could still be within the vicinity.” Citraz came up to Raguragi. “Permission to conduct a full sweep of the grounds.”
“Granted. Go and make sure that they don't interfere with our plans.”
Citraz snapped to attention and saluted before leaving. Raguragi than noticed Bashaamo and walked over to her.
“As for you…”
The sudden sound echoed throughout the corridor, causing all the troops to hasten their departure.
“I'm disappointed in you. Not only did you fail miserably in the Charizard's Valley, but you also led the Fire Dragon right into the teleporter. What do you think we're paying you for anyway?”
Bashaamo returned the gestured with a cold stare, but said nothing.
“Now, go and get that young human girl ready for the sacrifice.” Raguragi ordered as he stomped off. “And don't mess this one up. You won't like the Master when he's in a bad mood.”
The Blaziken pulled herself to her full height and clenched her fists, the flames glowing fiercely around them.