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Chap 1
The sun shined throught the window falling upon a young boy with his head down on his desk, masking his face. His short blond hair seemed to glisten in the sunlight. Though his face and thus his expression couldn't be shown he seemed to be a laid back person, someone without any worries. He was wearing long clothing and a blue cap, though one without a duck bill front. As his body moved and he rested his head on his let arm while his other hung limply over the side of his desk, his face was revealed. It was almost blank, yet there was a hint of a smile on his lips. His eyes finnaly opened to reveal almost clear silver eyes. With a yawn he stretched his arms out and blinked a couple of times to get his eyes working again.
"Kane!Kane, pay attention!" A voice from the front of the class shouted. The young blond looked up.
It was Mamoro, the teacher. The young boy laughed to himself as he realized he was still in class. School was nothing but a bore to him, useless and pathetic. Why teach a bunch of students about history and math when they were all going to become pokemon trainers anyway. Once they each had their very own pokemon liscence and their very own pokemon all they'll want to do is battle and train. They'll never think back to the pytagorean therum in the middle of a pokemon match. Their minds will be focused on nothing but their pokemon and having fun. Of course, some kids might realize that learning math and science can aid in pokemon battles, but the young blond knew that the kids in his class were a bunch of losers, only in school so that they can become a trainer once they reach the age of thirteen.
Of course, the young boy was in school for diffrent reasons. Naturally, he wanted to get out and get his trainers liscence once he reached the age of thirteen. But he did not want to be a pokemon trainer, going around and collecting badges and battling. That was nothing but a bore for him. The big thing abour getting his liscence was that he would no longer have to got to school, he was free to explore the world and do whatever he wanted. Not go to school five days a week. And this was important because he was an inventor; a true, one of a kind, inventor. His greatest joy is building things from scratch, drawing models, studying technology. And everything he built could help mankind as well as pokemon in some way. When he finnaly got out of school he wanted to explore the world and find inspiration for his inventions. And, of course, in school he did learn a bit about technology and science which was good for his invention making process.
"Kane! Answer the question!" The teacher shouted.
The young blond looked to the front of the class where the teacher stood. He had been daydreaming again, staring outside the window as the sunlight hit him. Grinning to himself he thought of how wonderfull it would be to create an invention that would knock some comon sense into his teacher, Mamoro. That would surely help everyone.
"Fourteen squared plus seventeed times six, Mamoro Sensei," The young blond answered with a shrug look.
The teacher glared at him and grumbled that the answer was correct. The young boy resumed his daydreaming outside the window.
Once class finnaly ended, the young blond made his way outside on the school grounds. The outside of the school was almost bare, there was no playground, no benches, and only a handfull of trees and plants. Needless to say, it wasn't a place to have fun. This didn't bother the young blond as he picked a good spot to lean against the school wall and pulled out a sketchbook from his marron backpack he had laid by his side. He casually took a pen out of his pocket then began to quickly sketch and write in the book.
"Hey, Kiyoshi, what's up?" A young girl said as she walked up to him.
The young blond known as Koyoshi looked up from his sketchbook. He recognized the girl as Tomo, from his Science class. Her long brown hair hung down almost to the beggining of her legs and it seemed to softly blow in the wind. Her face had a kind smile on it, and her cheeks were slightly flushed. Koyoshi knew she was a kind girl who loved science as much as he did, though it definently wasn't her best subject. He had always wondered if she liked him, and if she did...
"Nothing. How's it goin?" he replied.
Tomo suddenly directed her gaze to the ground. Her blush grew to a dep red and she held both of her hands behind her back. Kiyoshi realized what was happening. He tried to say somehting but words wouldn't form right in his mouth. He too blushed deeply. She was going too say it...he just knew it...
"I...I was just wondering if maybe, you know, that maybe sometime...you would like to go out..." Tomo said, blushing deeply.
It was like dynamite exploded in Koyoshi's head. He began to studder and his blush grew to a deep red. His left hand was behind his head, while his other held his sketchbook with a strong grip. he couldn't take it. He had to say something.
He managed to studder out, "Well, you k-known I uh...We'll i, er, y-you, um...M-Maybe some other time?"
It was like a slap to Tomo's face. Her blush faded, and her once smiling face changed to a slight frown. Her eyes began to shine as a few tears began to form. But she managed to hold them back.
"Oh...ok..." She replied, and quickly turned around then headed away.
Koyoshi's blush faded, his hand returned to his side, and his face was blank. He stood silent for a moment, his feet rooted to the ground. But then his blank face turned to a frown and he gritted his teeth.
"Kuso!" He shouted as he whirled around to face the school wall. With all his might he punched the wall with his right fist, dropping his sketchbook and pen. He looked at his fist. It was stained with fresh blood.
"Everytime! Why, why me!" He shouted to himself.
For this was his great problem. He was usally fine around girls, kind and respectfull. If a girl ever spoke to him, he would respond normally as if they were family. He was never shy. That was, until a girl liked him or he liked that girl. One he saw the signs that were obvious someone liked you more than a friend his mind would go haywire and he was known to studder and blush deeply. He had always cursed this problem, as it constantly ruined what could have been a good relationship. He realized he had this problem a couple of years ago, when he had tried to tell a girl who had been his good friend for a while that he liked her. It was a disaster. In the end, she totally disrespected him and no longer thought of him as a friend. He had regretted it still to the present day. Now the problem still haunted him.
Picking up his sketchbook and pen, he returned them to his backback and began to walk back to the school entrance. As he rounded the corner he could hear a girls sobs. He paused then closed his eyes. How much he wanted to tell her he was sorry. That he would love to go out with her. But he realized that no matter how hard he tried his curse would come back to haunt him.
With a sigh he headed into the school and then to his next class. This time he ignored the teacher when she asked for the answer to a history question. After much yelling Koyoshi finnaly shouted out that something was bothering him and there was no reason to constantly call on him because he always knows the answer unlike the rest of the kids in the class. That silented the teacher, not to mention the rest of the class. With a sigh he continued to stare out the window. It was then that Koyoshi felt it. The pain residing on his hand. He looked at his hand, and realized that his knuckles were still bleeding from his earlied punch to the wall.
"Oh Kuso!" He shouted out loud as he quickly got up from his chair, and then headed for the door.
He quickly explained the situation to his teacher as she saw the blood. She let out a shriek then hit the floor, for she was deathly afraid of blood. Koyoshi rolled his eyes then headed for the nurses.
After a quick expection the nurse sprayed the wound with some disenfectant then wrapped it tightly with strong bandages. The nurse was in an uproar.
"However did this happen?" She asked.
Kiyoshi said nothing, he only stared at the floor.
The nurse sighed. "Perhaps it's better if I do not know."
Koyoshi was sent back to class where he found a flustered teacher and a hysterical class. He rolled his eyes once more then sat in his desk, resuming his daydreaming out the window.

After school Koyoshi was getting his bike at the bike rack when he spotted Tomo. She was waiting for her car to come and pick her up.She spotted Koyoshi staring at her which caused the young blond to blush and quickly divert his eyes to the ground. He slowly lifted his hand up and gave a small wave in her direction. Daring to look up her saw her give a small wave back before hurrying to her car that had just pulled up. He had spotted her face. It no longer had a blush, nor a smile. But it didn't have a frown either, which lifted his hoped up.
After unlocking his bike from the rack, which was required through voice activation, he peddled of on the sidewalk. After tinkering with his bike when he was younger, he had managed to get it ro run electricly. The energy was powered up as he peddled. The faster he peddled, the more energy that builded up. When it finnaly reached full power, Kiyoshi no longer had to peddle as the bike would roll along on its own for a good twenty minutes.
When he finnaly reached home he noticed the mail box was empty as he opened it up to check for any mail. That was strange. His mom usaully never checked the mail, she always let her son get it. After putting in a six digit code on the garage wall, he opened it up and put his bike on the side of the garage away from his mom's car.
As he walked into his house he looked round. His mom had obviously done some cleaning again. The house had dozens of plants around the house as well as potpouri. His mother had red and white checkered blinds all around the house and most of the furniture was maroon. There was little things here and there for decoration such as paintings and china. The floors were spotless as was everything else. Neadless to say, his mother was a neat freak. But he loved her so much because of her ability to always be spontaneous. She had even mentioned that she was doing something special today before her son had left in the morning. He knew it wasn't cleaning the house.
"Oh dear, is that you?" Koyoshi heard as his mother came down the stairs.
"Yeah. Hi, mom," He relpied as he grabbed a rice ball and sat down at the dining table.
He immediatly realized what his mom was talking about as she reached the end of the stairs. She was dressed in a nice red dress and had her long blond hair in a pony tail. He also realized that she had put on makeup. But none of this was what his mom had to be talking about, for his mothers two long bangs were dyed red.
"Woah! Mom!" Koyoshi exclaimed.
His mother laughed. "I couldn't wait to show you, but I had to dress up to go with them. Now that your here I can finnaly get this rediculous dress off, uh!"
Koyoshi laughed. His mother normaly hated formal clothing. Her favorite outfit was a t-shirt and blue jeans.
"Hey, where's Kahana?" Koyoshi asked.
His mother answered that the last she saw her she was snoozing on his bed.
'That lazy bum,' Koyoshi thought. He made his way up the stairs and up to his room. As he walked in he spotted his mess from the previous night. Multiple papers with invention designs on them, his tool kit, and a few circuits here and there. He had trying to build an emotion sensor for pokemon, but then Kahona bit one of the wires. It didn't turn out pretty. But the fire was put out soon enough by his hysteric mother.
He spotted her sitting on hsi pillow. She was snoozing away.
"Hey, Kahona! Wake up!" He laughed.
With a yawn the small fox like pokemon woke. Her light brown tail with a white tip wagged happily, and her ears perked up. Her eyes slowly opened, and as soon as she spotted Koyoshi she jumped into his arms. Koyoshi laughed, scratching him Evee lightly on her head.
Koyoshi sighed. "Tommorow's the big day. Finnaly...."
Koyoshi opened up his backpack and pulled out the sketchbook he had earlier. He laid on the bed Kahona by his side as he flipped through the book. He finnaly stopped at a page in the far back of the book. It had many complicated drawings and many small scribbles for notes. One the top of the page there was two words.
"Pokemon Translator"