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POKEMON: Card Summoners
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Episode One: “Unlock the Cards”
It was dark. Shino Akaataiko was in his grandpa's attic, searching something. “The voice….It still moves in me,” Shino thought to himself as he undusted all sorts of boxes.
Shino was in his sleep when he suddenly heard a voice in his head. (Hello, I am the one who will help become a champion.) The voice told Shino. “What are you?” (I will reveal that later. Go to your grandpa's house.) “Why? And you are you?!” Shino asked for the last time. (Me? I am…Pikachu, The Card Angel!!) The voice told Shino, disappearing in Shino's mind, just telling him to go to the attic, in the house in which he told of.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of *Flashback*~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
“I wonder, who to heck is the “Card Angel”!” Shino thought. Soon, after many boxes which were useless, Shino found a bunch of Pokemon Cards, and a disc with card holders and an analyzer. “Hmmm. Let's try this out,” Shino said as he pressed the analyzer. “Card Data Transmitter (CDT) activation. Poke-Disc: A disc that can make holo-graphic images of Pokemon Cards when inserted. Legend says when held in the right hands, the images turn into real-life Pokemon, even though they exist in another part of the world,” the analyzer told Shino as he was shocked. “Real….Life…POKEMON!!?” Shino thought as he heard the data. Then, Pikachu's voice came back coming. (Welcome, Shino. You found me.) Pikachu told Shino. After many hours of talking, Shino finally understood Pikachu. “So, all over other people like me are competing to be the Champion of the Card Dimension? And I have to collect all sorts of cards which have been able to turn them selves into real-life Pokemon!?” Shino asked Pikachu. “You a correct,” Pikachu told Shino. “Wait, now you are real!?” Shino asked once more. “Ok, I better not bore you, so it's time we set off to Gigi Town, locating a Card Summoners Gym,” Pikachu told Shino, falling asleep. “Wake up! You sleeper!” Pikachu shouted with a glare at Shino, with its eyes white and blank, and his teeth in the shape of dragon's teeth. “Ok!” Shino told Pikachu, getting up.
“Ok, son, you may go take the challenge,” Shino's mom told him the next morning. When Shino and Pikachu left, Shino told Pikachu, “Ok, we are in the challenge!” “Good, we have made it!” Pikachu told Shino back. “Next stop: Gigi Town!” Shino told Pikachu, excited to leave. “Wait up!” Pikachu shouted far behind. End of Episode.
Episode Two: “ The Forest of Poke-Chi- Shino's First Pokemon!”
Previously, Shino had just unlocked Pikachu from its eternal slumber. Now, our two heroes have made it to Yin Forest, also the “Forest of Poke-Chi”………….
“Ok, don't leave me behind!” Pikachu shouted in Shino's ear when the made it to the forest. “Cool!” Shino shouted as he stood in his spot. “Sandshreeeeeeeew! (Prepare for a fight, weaklings!)” A nearby Sandshrew shouted, in the forest. Pikachu and Shino began chase for the Sandshrew. When they got there, it was time for a showdown. “Kid, say “Disc Activate!”!” Pikachu told Shino as he was standing there. “Disc Activate!” Shino shouted as his disc began to glow. Suddenly, the analyzer went of all by itself. “Battle Data: Poke-Chips will fall out of the slot to the left. Poke-Chips can be used to make your Pokemon attack. Each turn, the Pokemon with the highest speed and stats can attack first. Wild Pokemon can attack all by them selfs. Pokemon Data: Sandshrew, the ground shrew Pokemon. This Pokemon focus' on using Ground moves and stat boosting moves to make itself powerful. Very effective on Thunder Pokemon,” the analyzer told Shino as he had began to start the match. “Ok, insert: Pikachu!” Shino shouted as Pikachu became real. Poke-Chips began to fall down the slot, a number ten in all. Shino looked at the move list. It said: Tackle + 1 PC, Quick Attack + 2 PCs, Thunder Wave + 2 PCs, Thunderbolt + 4 PCs, Thunder + 5 PCs. Shino inserted one Poke-Chip. “Pikachu, use Tackle!” Shino told Pikachu. First, Sandshrew used Roll Out on Pikachu, weakening him. Then, Pikachu hit Sandshrew, making it a little dizzy. Shino entered two chips. “Quick Attack, Pikachu!” Shino shouted to Pikachu. Pikachu hit Sandshrew first because it was dizzy and sent Sandshrew down. Sandshrew then got back up and used Roll Out again, hurting Pikachu badly. “Pikachu!” Shino shouted sadly. In the smoke, Pikachu just came back up. “I'll never be defeated!” Pikachu shouted to Shino. Shino put another two chips in the disc. “Quick Attack, again Pikachu!” Shino shouted. Pikachu hit Sandshrew, making it faint. “Disc Mode: Capture!” Shino screamed as the disk turned Sandshrew into a card and a real Pokemon. “Well, ya' got me, I'm on the team.” “Yes you are,” Shino told Sandshrew.
“Ok we are headed to Gigi Town, eh,” Sandshrew asked Shino. “Yes we are,” Shino told Sandshrew.
End of Episode.
Episode Three: “Gigi Town's gym: Target- Yig Yin Badge!”
Previously, Shino and Pikachu were able to catch Sandshrew and now they've made it to Gigi Town…………………………& #8230;………………………… ;…………………………
“Here we are, Gigi Town,” the trio said as they were in front of the gym, ready for a fight. “Better check the CDT,” Shino said. “Gym and Trainer Data: When you go to a Gym or have a Trainer battle, you will not use the chips, you will still keep on fighting until one Trainer or Gym Leader remains standing,” the CDT told Shino. They entered the gym. A teenage girl with black hair sticking down along with red vest and some blue boots was standing right on a lion-god statue's head. “Well, I, Sina, will defeat this mere fool,” the girl told Shino. “Who ya' callin' “Fool”?” Shino asked. “You.” “Ok that's it! Go! Sandshrew!” Shino shouted as he sent out Sandshrew. “Very well. Go! Muk!” Sina shouted as she sent out a creature which was complete waste that was purple. “Card Data: Muk, the sewage waste Pokemon. The evolved form of Grimer, Muk has many status hurting moves,” the CDT said. “Sandshrew, Sand Attack!” Shino shouted as Sandshrew used a sand which was going to blind Muk. “Muk, dodge and use `Sewage'!” Sina shouted as Muk avoided sand as sent a bunch of goo at Sandshrew. “What the--,” Shino said in shock. Sandshrew emerged, rolling at Muk. “It's a Roll Out!” Sina shouted. Sandshrew hit Muk 5 times and then after that, Muk fainted. “Return! Muk!” Sina shouted as Muk retreated into its card. “That's good. Now, Pikachu, go!” Shino shouted, bringing out Pikachu. “Go! Crobat!” Sina shouted as a bat with four wings appeared. “Card Data: Crobat, the four winged bat Pokemon. The evolved form of Zubat and Golbat, Crobat has many status effecting moves and this one has some move called “Whirl Shield”. It's weird,” the CDT told Shino. “Thunder, Pikachu!” Shino screamed as Pikachu shot a strong thunder blast. “Whirl Shield!” Sina screamed loudly as a whirl wind appeared, blocking Crobat. “What!!?” Shino said loudly in shock. “Who taught the Crobat this move!?” Pikachu thought. The thunder was sent at Pikachu. “Use Charge!” Shino told Pikachu screaming. Pikachu was hit and charged at the same time, which resulted in fully powerful Pikachu. “Now, I'm ready….to win!!!!!” Pikachu screamed. “What the heck!” Sina shouted in fear. “Thunder!” Shino shouted to Pikachu. This time, the thunder broke the shield at defeated Crobat instantly. “Return!” Sina shouted as Crobat returned to it's card. “Now for the final match you can merge with one of your cards for their powers. Choose one,” Sina explained to Shino. “Ok, I choose Pikachu!” Shino shouted as Pikachu floated backwards and combined with himself. Sina chose Muk. “Ok, Thunder Punch!” Shino shouted as he sent a punch with thunder surrounding it at Sina. Sina was hit, but came back with a kick. Shino was damaged, then used a thunder kick. Sina was hit again, then punched Shino. After many attacks, Shino was presented with a TM and Yig Yin Badge. “Mind if I come?” “Sure.” End of Episode.
Here's the fake TM: Sewage.: ACC: 100 POW: 100 Info: An poison version of solarbeam.
Episode Four: “Cave of Echoes: The Great Card Master!”
Previously, Shino beat Sina and won the Yig Yin Badge, also Sina has joined the team! Now, they made it to Granite Cave…………………………& #8230;………………………… ;
“Ok, there are no card Pokemon and no one else here,” Shino told the gang. “Wrong!” A voice in the shadows told the team. “What! My tea is too cold!” Sandshrew shouted sadly. “You idiot! This isn't the time for tea!” Pikachu shouted as he slapped Sandshrew, with his dragon look. “Peekaboo, I see you!” The man shouted behind Sina, ready to attack. “Pikachu, Quick Attack!” Shino shouted to Pikachu as Pikachu ran towards the man. “Card Cage!” The man shouted he threw two cards at Pikachu, making a force-field. “No!” Shino shouted to Pikachu. “Oh God! What the Heck is this guy!?” Pikachu asked in dragon mode. “I….Card Master!” The man told Pikachu. “Thunder!” Shino shouted to Pikachu, its thunder breaking the force-field. “Card Cut!” Card Master shouted as he threw four cards at Sina. “Oh…..!” Sina screamed, falling down to the ground, lifeless. “Now, it's your turn!” Card Master shouted as he came running towards Shino. “Sandshrew, Roll Out!” Shino shouted as Sandshrew rolled in front of Shino, sending back Card Master. “You have a skillful Sandshrew, but not skillful enough!” Card Master screamed as he threw a card. “I'm sick of your cards! Go TM 08: Sewage! Sandshrew!” Shino shouted as he held a disk up, it gave off a light, teaching Sandshrew a new move. Then, Sina came back up. “Go! Crobat!” She yelled as the four winged bat came back out. “Cards of the Roses!” Card Master shouted as he threw some cards at Crobat. “Whirl Shield!” Sina screamed as the wind shield appeared, sending the cards back at Card Master. “Sandshrew, Sewage!” Shino shouted as Sandshrew sent goo bubbles at Card Master, trapping him. “Pikachu, finish it! Thunder!” Shino screamed as Pikachu sent a powerful blast of Thunder at Card Master defeating him once and for all. “Oh…” Card Master said, very, very dizzy.
“Bye-bye! Until we meet again!” Card Master shouted in the distance. “That dude is weird,” Sina told Shino. “Who cares, time to go to Skiddle Pond anyway,” Shino told Sina and the rest of the gang. “Next Stop: Skiddle Pond!” Shino shouted as they left.
End of Episode
Episode Five: “Skiddle Pond: Luxury or Mad Science? I Don't Know, How About You?”
Previously, Shino and the gang had a battle with Card Master except, it was hand to hand combat. Now, off to luxury Skiddle Pond…………………………& #8230;……….
“There's `ought be some Pokemon here, has to!” Shino said as he saw so many people on the Pond's beach. Just at that moment, a Polliwag began running into the forest. “Uh, I'll be…Back after Polliwag joins me!” Shino shouted as he, Sandshrew and Pikachu ran into the forest. Now, only Sina is left. “Hmmm. I'll think I'll go into pool and relax,” Sina thought. Sina jumped off the diving board and into the pool. Oh no! No one is left! But, meanwhile, in the lab nearby, Dr. Tinker was working on a project. “Yes! Project C.O.M.B.I.N.E. is ago!” Dr. Tinker shouted in a sinister voice. Back with Shino, he had made it to Polliwag. H inserted five tokens. “Thunder!” Polliwag had fainted. “CDT: Capture activate!” Shino yelled as the CDT caught Polliwag into a card and visible. Back at the pool, Sina had just gone out. “That was good,” She said to herself. Just when she got out, Shino had returned as well with Polliwag. But, in Dr. Tinker's lab, he saw this. “Oh no! He got my Polliwag! I'll have to get back! Grimer, go get Polliwag!” Dr. Tinker shouted as he sent out little goo form of Muk. Back outside, Shino had just began to go fish for Pokemon, but Grimer came out the window, ready to fight. “What!?” Shino shouted confused. Then, Dr. Tinker jumped out the window as well. “Give me my Polliwag! I need it for merging with other Pokemon!” Dr. Tinker shouted to Shino. “No! Not for those reasons! Sandshrew, Pikachu, Polliwag, Roll Out, Thunder and Hydro Pump!!!” Shino screamed as Sandshrew rolled at Grimer, Pikachu's Thunder hit both of them and Hydro Pump sent them flying. “We'll be back!” Dr. Tinker shouted as he and Grimer disappeared like a star. “Now, back to fishing!” Shino said loudly as he headed to the pond. Later, something got on Shino's hook. It was a-Carvanana! “Sandshrew, attack!” Shino yelled to Sandshrew. “I'm hangin' ten!” Sandshrew yelled as he hit Carvanana when he fell. “Capture Mode!” Carvanana was put into a card and became visible. “Cold!” Sandshrew said as he began to glow. “Looky-looky! I'm Sandslash now!” Sandshrew said as it transformed. “Card Data: Sandslash, Sand Mole Pokemon. Evolved Form of Sandshrew, Sandslash uses many ground attacks and can be very deadly,” the CDT told the gang. “Welcome aboard, now to Bing-Bing Bling -Bling Town for the Jewel Storm Badge!” Pikachu yelled as they set off to the city…………………………& #8230;…
End of Episode.