Pokemon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Where I Belong ❯ Death ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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A/N: This was made late at night while I was studying for three tests. Also since this is my first fanfic, I don’t expect much. However, please enjoy.

Where I Belong


I was having that dream again, the one where I was in the Viridian Forest. I saw himself, as a pikachu, running with other pikachu. Oh, how I wished this was true. They all stopped and were about to take a drink of water when…


“WAKE UP”, yelled April

“Ouch”, groaned Aiden

“WAKE UP!!! You’re going to make us late for school!” yelled April again

“Stop screaming”, I said “God, she’s loud enough to wake the dead”, I thought “why can’t they just leave me alone, it’s not like they care.

Everyone thinks I’m weird, just because I’m still into pokemon.”
I wish I were dead. Then I could be a pikachu. I’ve always wanted to be one.”
Little did I know that today my wish would come true…
___________________________________________________________ ____________
“Hurry up!” began April “If you’re not downstairs in 15 minutes I’M LEAVING WITHOUT YOU!”

She’s just kidding.” I thought
15 minutes later…
(As his sister’s car leaves) “SHIT!!!” cursed Aiden
(After several curse words) “Fine!” said Aiden “I’ll just walk to school.”
(As he was crossing the street a car approaches.)

(Driver talking into cell phone) “I don’t care” said the driver “I said I wanted- HOLY SHIT!!! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!”

~ I heard the ambulances come, I heard people screaming too, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was the wonderful glowing light. I saw someone walking (more like floating) towards me. I couldn’t see clearly until it was right in front of, yet I couldn’t believe his eyes. It was mew!

“I understand you want to become a pikachu.” said Mew

I nervously shook my head yes

“Then you shall become what you want most.” said Mew

Then, we were engulfed in blinded light and left.

A/N: Yes I know it does sound too good right now, but it get better in the next episode. And if you still don’t like it give some ideas. This is my first fic so I’m open to all ideas.