Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Behind the Scences ❯ Diamond and Pearl ( Chapter 4 )

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"Behind the Scenes: Diamond and Pearl"
by Dr. Thinker.
Alexander Keyoko, who played Ash Ketchum on Pokémon, leaned back in the planning room. It's was a breathe break between series. Alexander looked at Billy Rokugu, who played Brock--and sighed. He know Ash will be dropping off most of his Pokémon a, but they going to have problem with that female monkey Pokémon with the long tail, Aipom

He wonders who's going to be next--the Pokémon Master: Ash Ketchum had make a lot of friends, rivals, and enemies over his long six year journey. Giovanni Oak dissolved Team Rocket--after Ash's Pokémon. Team Aqua and Team Magma dissolved after the Cave of Origin mess. Team Galactic left Cyrus in the Dimensional World. Brock is now Gym Leader of the Seventh Gym in the Pokémon--the reason is that Gym Leader of the Eight Gym is Misty. May has become a well-known Pokémon trainer--and have been the Champion of her Heonn region for the long time since Seven Stone. Her youngest brother, Max played himself--but May had her cousin, Kara Makura, play her.

Jonnka, the female who played Jessie of the TV version of the lame Team Rocket members asked, "Is their sigh in here?"
Jagurica, the male who played James of the TV version of the lame Team Rocket members asked, "It's as clear as a sunny day."

Jonnka said, "Past the city!"
Jagurica said, "Past the moon!"
Jonnka stated, "Moving at the speed out of light!"
Jagurica remarked, "Jagurica!"
Jonnka remarked, "Jonnka!"
Their pet, Meowth, remarked, "Meowth, is the name!"
Jagurica and Jonnka remarked together, "When the episode had conflict, our work is done."

Alexander makes three huge sighs.
They was a similar between male Meowth of the TV show and the female Meowth that is the pet of Jagurica and Johnna--they can both talk in English-but they is a different--the male TV Meowth used New York accent--but the real female version talked in Valley Girl accent: "Three sigh. LIKE this is a MAJOR BUMPER for US. Ash Ketchum is be so hyper LIKE he had 600 bowls of LIKE sugar-coated cereal!"
A writer, Nina Tendo, not her real name, but a name to kiss-up to the Nintendo Inc. and owners of Pokémon USA. Nina Tendo was humming the Pokémon Center music--as she walked in.

Nina stated, "Good morning, Alex, Jagurica, Jonnka and Meowth. Where's Billy?"
Alex replied, "He's been training on his Bonsly and Sudowood."
Nina said, "Let's up this Bonsly doesn't know Mimic."

Alex said, "That's the attack that on level-up evolves Bonsly into Sudowood."
Nina nodded, "And I don't want us to end on Pokémon Blooper special again."
Durning a "Battle Frontier" episode, turning a scene in Bonsly had to hit Brock with a Take Down attack to stop Brock's usual silly woman crush--it evolved into Sudowood--and send Billy out of the studio. With the expect of his ego, Billy was fine--laughing all the way back into the studio."
Alex saw on the table that another Pokémon had joined his Pikachu, who played Ash's Pikachu on the TV show, Alex works on, "Pokémon" . The Pokemon that joined Pikachu was looks like a strange brown rabbit with fur even on it's ears, Buneary. Alex know those common in the Shinnoh region. Alex recalled Dawn, a well-known first time success story in the Sinnoh's Pokémon Contest circuit had a Buneary. Buneary was about to kiss Pikachu, Pikachu rolled over--but too much--allowing Buneary to kiss him on the lip--but Buneary got paralysis status thanks to Pikachu's static ability. Buneary upset--used ice beam.
A female voice stated, "Rhoda, return!" The female was dressed in a beautiful pink gown--her purple hair done up in a ponytail. "Sorry about that. The name's Eve."
Alex said, "You got to be playin' Dawn--if you dress that way and having a Buneary as your one of her Pokémon."
Meowth said, "I LIKE I heard of LIKE opposite attraction, but this LIKE the first time I heard of LIKE opposite playing."

Eve said with out emotion, "Cute. Really cute."--but paused being to sighed--revealing that she did have emotions, "Seriously, it's looks like the TV Ash Ketchum is going to Sinnoh with just Pikachu and Aipom--and after looking though hundreds of Pokémon trainers-they picked me to play Dawn, Ash's female friend in Sinnoh."
Ash said, "Do you have a version of Dawn's casual outfit?"
Eve replied, "Yes."
Alex replied, "Then let's go find Billy and introduce him to you--then we talk about how we going to handle your intro with all the writers."
Nina stated, "Ok. We introduced Eve, our actress who going to play Dawn. We known from Dawn's own journey journal that she started out with a huge ego--four time as big as TV's Ash Ketchum."
Alex said, "Hey, Ash stated in his own novels that he had a ego twice the size of Giovanni Oak when he started out--same go with Gary Oak, the present day Pokémon researcher. They seems to a unwritten rule about starting Pokemon training having egos when starting out."

Nina stated, "That's what most of the World Pokémon Trainer Club agrees on. We got a some odd balls to make this a little different from the Heonn region. A mean rival for Ash, another rival for Ash--based on the rival from the Diamond and Pearl game, a female trainer with a personality matching Ash, a few rivals for Dawn, lots of Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny, and most of the Aqua and Manga actors and actress are willing to play Team Galactic--we looking to get to a good looking United Kingdom actor to play Cyrus. We may being having a Elite Four and Champion meetings in this series--we see what talk to a famous ex-Champion and legend research, Cythina. Aslo, we may a Pokmon Ranger pop up.""
Alex said, "With Team Rocket added, Ash and co are going to have a handful this trip with or without Pokémon."
Cythina said, "Beside the usual Pokémon contest Dawn and Jessie are going to be entering. They will a chance for you to copy your PokéRinger contest from Heonn. As well as some strange contests for Pokemon Stylists."

Alex started..."Looks like Ash's is going to get the region's bird Pokémon again: It think is it's...Star....
Eve replied, "Starly. Becomes Staravia at LV. 14. Then it evolves at LV. 34 to a Staraptor."
Alex said, "You are good."

Eve said with a bit of ego, "Top of my classes---especially when it comes to Pokémon."
Nina replied, "You may return to Johto well."
Billy stated, "Got to Dawn's equal of May's Kanto contests."
Nina replied, "We see what the bosses had in store for us. For now, we figure out how to do Dawn's intro."

Eve remarked, "Sounds like a plan."