Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Carry On, Blissey ❯ Teddy Bear ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ursula was not a friendly teddy bear. Let's put it this way, she would be the last thing I would want to hug. That aside, she had been in this hospital for three months. The trainer couldn't cope, so she was left to die in Route 212. Is it any wonder she's in distress? Ursula had behaved viscous ever since she was admitted. When she was put into the healing machine, nothing had happened so we had to investigate her case further. She had poor mobility and coordination: always falling out of her bed and breaking something. Simple tasks such as holding items and picking them up was grueling and would often end in violence.

I first thought her behaviour was due to ADHD and insomnia. The staff had a great debate on how to diagnose and cure Ursula. There were many disagreements with it and in the end it took us a fortnight to officially diagnose Ursula with Dyspraxia. I have dealt with patients with Dyspraxia before, but the patients I've dealt with before were usually optimistic and hopeful for a brighter future. I see none of that in Ursula. She threw tantrums like a human child.

I'm the only pokémon allowed in Ursula's room. We had moved her three times before we settled her into this room. I've seen no difference in her behaviour, but it keeps the staff safe. Six pokémon nurses had to use the healing machine. Plum needed to spend the rest of his shift in A&E to recover. If I was working in that other clinic, they would have used her as one of their personal fighting machines. They're weren't afraid to use a lethal injection on pokémon they considered to be useless. Bloody disgusting if you ask me.

I'm meant to have a human with me when entering her room, but they all seem to be either busy or on their lunch break. I reckon that they're scared that Ursula will bite their arm off. They can be pretty cowardly sometimes. That's perhaps why they leave us to do the dirty work, whilst their scoffing what our chefs, Swampy and Fusion have been cooking. Human behaviour is confusing, so I guess I'm going to be alone with Ursula.

Ursula was crawling about on the floor. She buried her nose into her arm and loudly sniffed. With her sharp claws she hopped over to the rail bars and clenched her teeth on the gate. I hope we're not having an inspection today, we're not allowed to cage pokémon; it's cruelty. They all thought that they had no choice. There had to be a better way to treat Ursula than to lock her up in a cage. We're a hospital not a zoo. She growled at me and yawned. She wrestled with herself on the ground it was as if she was trying to show me something.

"What's wrong?" I asked, shamelessly marching closer.

Ursula slowly lifted her head, grabbing onto my arms she roared and tried to jump on her feet. She tumbled and pulled me down with her.

"Did you want to go to bed?"

Ursula nodded, rolled over to reach her pillow and using the bars around the room, got back into bed. That wasn't so bad after all. She just wanted her pillow. I don't think the bed she's sleeping on is really appropriate for Ursula.

First of all, the bed was tattered in scratch marks and fluff. Secondly, the mattress was a joke, not only for being the state it was, but also because it's a human sized mattress; far too thin for Ursula's needs. If they started using beds that fit the patient's size, they'd probably save money from having to fix them. But some of these humans that work here, they're all paranoid about finical costs. Ursula slid off the bed again, landing head first on the floor.

In the heat of the moment I bounced over to the wall and pressed the emergency button. These falls are getting ridiculous. I'm going to get trouble for coming into Ursula's room on my own, but in all due respect, the human doctors should also get warnings for neglecting Ursula. I hope a human member of staff comes, I'm sick of them loafing about.

A tall man barged into the room in a heartbeat. I thought to myself, wow that was quick for a change. Never seen a human doctor run so fast in his life. I've seen him a couple of times in staff meetings, if I recall correctly, he was one of the digital monster doctors … I suppose it's better than waiting ages for a human doctor.

"How can I help?" the man asked. Engraved on his badge was the name, Joe Kido. Seems like everybody knows someone called Joe.

"We need to check if Ursula has any fractures or broken bones," I said. "Ursula's been frequently falling off the bed. She will need a bigger bed."

"I see what you mean," Joe responded. "Alakazam will need to teleport a mammoth size mattress for her. But first let's check Ursula."

"Be careful," I warned Joe before he dodged Ursula's sharp claws. "Ursula is a wild thing."

"It's okay," Joe responded. He smiled at me and said, "I've seen many wild things in my time."

I bet he has, being a digital monster doctor. I don't really understand digital monsters, they function very differently to pokémon, but there was a time where some people couldn't tell the difference. Digital monsters never really die according to the human experts who specialise in them. When they run out of energy they dissolve into millions of pieces and then reborn from an egg.

Even monsters not registered as pokémon are treated in this hospital. That's why they hire people like Joe for their knowledge in other creatures not registered by the Pokémon League. It's always been this way since Fantina was appointed as gym leader of the city. Gym leaders are more powerful than they think. Chances are if they were as loud as Fantina they could change the laws. There were times when the government wanted to lift the ban on Action Replay, but the gym leaders packed together against it.

I love Fantina. She's a hard-worker and a gym leader that actually does something for the community. She's good enough to be in the Elite Four, but that's her problem: she's too good. Aside from being a gym leader, she was also a contest judge and on top of that Fantina ran a dance club in Amity Square for pokémon with training difficulties and hybrids. The woman is going to tire herself out one of these days.

"Just a couple bruises," Joe confirmed. "A change of medication is required. And of course a new bed."

In that very moment, an alakazam suddenly appeared with a mattress fit for a wailord. The abra line were a fascinating species, using their psychic powers to full use. The psychic pokémon had to perfect their mind-reading skills to fulfill requests in an instant. The mattress was bigger than what I expected it to be, but it seemed to be perfect for Ursula. The height was perfect, it meant we wouldn't need railings and Ursula could easily roll herself back up if she falls off the bed, but I doubt that would happen due to the size. Alakazam dragged the new mattress to the bed with his mind. Soon the broken bed vanished and the new mattress was in place.

Alakazam vanished before we could even say thanks.

"What do you think of your new bed?" Joe asked Ursula.

Ursula crawled onto the new mattress. Her pillow was tucked under her arm. She growled, but it seemed to be more of an expression of happiness than anger. Could that even be a small giggle? She smiled as she rolled along the bed, until she slumbered into a comfortable position.

"Ursula will benefit from a walking stick," Joe told me.

"I was thinking the same thing," I admitted.

"Once Ursula has had some rest, we should try her on the healing machine again. If she still has problems, then we should refer Ursula to the physio ward."

"That sounds like a good idea. I still think she should go to physio anyway."

"We should get rid of these rail bars at some point," Joe admitted. "Ursula must find them really intimidating. She already feels isolated with her condition."

The digital monster doctor was pretty good. I didn't expect him to act the way he did. I assumed that since he was a digital monster doctor that he would panic whilst treating pokémon. I didn't know much about digital monsters, so if I see Joe again, maybe I can ask him. It seems he gets on well with the pokémon staff because of how quickly Alakazam responded to him. He seemed to be someone who tried to look at things through the patient's eyes.

Five seconds after Joe left the room, Ursula snored away to her heart's content. All the ursaring wanted was a good bed to sleep in.