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            &nb sp;                     Pokémon: The Adventure Begins Anew
                        &nb sp;                         &nb sp;      Prologue

It was dark times in the future of the Pokémon world, where the world came to its downfall by a Pokémon that was made for pure evil, by the villainous group known Team Rocket.

This Pokémon was created with the power of a dark plate, creating the ultimate being known to the world as Kuragari. But the organization failed to control it and met their end by its own hands, that soon followed by the inhabitants of the planet. Both humans and Pokémon.

The strongest trainers of the world united, but eventually had fallen, with every other hiding from the death bringing threat. Some formed resistances into try and stopping it, only to mostly fail with their lives along with their Pokémon.

Some of the legends had even came together to meet the same fate as them, even though everything they had tried led to nothing but death.

On this day though, hope had come for the creatures end. The night of which the Pokémon Master of this planet will once again come forth to save after seeking out the means to destroying the monster that is a big threat to all

Standing on top of the once resting place of a Rayquaza in the cold night, stood the Pokémon of destruction and death as they call him. Standing at the height of a Charizard and the appearance of somewhat of a human male.

Having pitch black skin, a slightly muscled body, its lower legs being encased in dark gray armored scales with three small fin like ridges on the side of the upper legs, with double pointed feet.

The torso had a six pack build, with a dark gray plate embedded in the chest similar to one of Arceus', having a red jewel in the center giving off its power. Its shoulders had dark gray point sided fitted armor on both of them.

Its wrists had thin gold like wrist bands, having similar colored anklets. The head was covered in an armored dark gray helmet similar to Arceus' head that had a metal thin ponytail that goes to the shoulders.

The helmet left the face exposed, showing the slight frown this Pokémon was giving off, its eyes closed and arms crossed. As if waiting for something, or someone.

“Kuragari!” A strong voice yells out to the creature, coming up from the entrance of the top of Sky Pillar. Getting the Pokémon to slowly reveal its blood red eyes to the person.

The man was a tall 36 year old, having a muscled body. Wearing dark blue cargo jeans, a brown belt with a rectangular case containing none of his six Poké Balls. Having a fitting black sleeved shirt, dark gray strapped gloves. A black opened trench coat and boots.

His skin was tanned, and a face that could get any girls attention, having short spiked up raven black hair, chocolate brown eyes and Z's on his cheeks, with a scar on his left eye.

As Kuragari gave a calm stare, the man known as Ash Ketchum gave a cold glare. A breeze blew passed them, without even an inch of a reaction from the low temperature, until Kuragari spoke in an emotionless tone, using telepathy it would seem.

(Do you wish to die along with the other 'strong' trainers that fought me and failed?) Emphasizing on the word strong as if really they were nothing to him at all.

Clenching his right fist at the words he spoke, Ash retaliated by speaking out. “Those trainers did their best in trying to beat you. So you shouldn't think of them as nothing.” His glare intensified with anger.

Kuragari was not fazed by it at all, staying as it stood. (And yet they all failed, each of them giving up their pathetic lives to be rid of me. Some females however refused to give up, so I read their minds, and you were in them. Thinking of how they didn't want to displease you, if they had lost... A pitiful human emotion they must've had to do so.)

Ash's teeth were shown and complete hatred came over him. 'Cynthia. Soledad. Everyone…' He thought. Picturing the ones he knew that had fallen before this mess had begun.

(So they were friends of yours, or were they more than that?) Kuragari asked, not caring of the reaction he received.

“Who gave you the right to go into my mind? What's in there is none of your damn business!” If Ash wasn't mad then he was furious now.

But the dark Pokémon again showed no reaction, but said ignoring the question. (You were the one who intervened with Team Rockets plans countless times. Not only that, but also the once known organizations that existed. The now Pokémon Master Ash Ketchum, the Chosen One I keep hearing about from time to time.)

Getting all of this from the man's mind, it was opened to him like a book. (Therefore, you should pose more of a challenge than the weak I had faced.) Unfolding its arms, waiting for what is to be hopefully a worthy battle.

Putting on a smirk that got the Pokémon to raise a brow slightly, having his eyes closed at the time, Ash said. “Sorry to disappoint you. But due to the situation I didn't bring my Pokémon for this.”

Opening his eyes at the displeasing scowl he was given. Ash dug in the pocket of his trench coat, bringing it out whilst continuing. “Instead, I have something that will end all of this once and for all!” Now holding out a green sphere to him, with the inside having a faint glow of spatial energy with a slowly spinning circle of what looks to be Arceus' plates.

(How is that supposed to help you?) Kuragari asks with little curiosity.

To answer his question Ash holds it up high, calling out to it. ”I invoke the power of Arceus!”

The sphere shined, beginning to grow until it consumed Ash's body, each of the plates appeared in a circular ring at the front. Once the sphere shatters in an explosion, Kuragari was unmoving at the sight of what Ash was wearing.    

Consisting of a round the neck to toe and hands full black body suit, with white armor. It was light but strong, each one of its pieces had design linings for an element. Round the upper arms was flame designed same with circular shoulder armor, which had a circle on the front and back, producing a couple of thin flames, one over the side and the other over the top.

The lower arms were gauntlets over the hands stretched close to the forearms, a pointed tip at the end on the back, having wind designs minus on the hands, having a pair of gold wrist bands and circled shapes on the knuckles.

His torso was slightly bulky, with no armor around the abdomen, leaving it exposed, showing the lines of his muscles. Being lined and chiseled markings, like the ground in the form of little wide cracks with yellow lines through each one on the chest.

Around the upper legs they had a wave design and a blank belt that has a circular gold buckle with the symbol of Arceus, consisting of its head in the middle and the golden cross like wheel around the head.

On both sides there were tilted up short curved back fins and attached were blank crotch and rear guard combined.

His lower legs had boots with lightning bolts on both sides, reaching below the knees, having pointed gold tipped boots. His knee's protected by the attached oval guards.

Ash’s helmet was in the shape of Arceus', but unlike Kuragari's, this one had a black lens visor covering the eyes, with a dark gray mouth visor that has a line in the middle and the tipped mane was shorter. Attached to the back of his armor was a pair of metal retracted dragon wings.

The two soon stared each other down, waiting for one to make the first move.

And it was Kuragari that launched a quick Shadow Ball, making Ash launched himself into the air with his wings quickly extended.

Following him by sight, the Pokémon soon went after him, clearly signaling that the battle had now begun.

As Kuragari gave chase with the two of them circling the tower. It let loose another Shadow Ball, having Ash ascend out of the way.

With the ball flying off ahead, he spun around and launched a ball of fire. Having its eyes glow blue, the ball struck but hit the barrier it summoned.

Flying out of the smoke, both of Kuragari’s hands charged with a purple surge of energy, soon to unleash an electrical blast in the same color.

Ash cups both his hands forward firing the same type of attack but being a yellow color, allowing them both to mix together and cancel each other out with sparks still flying.

Using this as a distraction for the two to fly at one other. A fist connecting with the other then a knee at the same time, until they broke into a fury of various punches and kicks.

A swung arm had Kuragari lean back, grab the limb, then it threw Ash into the wall of the tower with a tornado spin.

Clenching his teeth as he pushed him self off the now small holed and cracked piece. Ash was about to charge in again, until he saw the sight of Kuragari now a bit further away. It's right band expanding off of the wrist, moving forward and becoming thinner, in the shape of a rotating ring.

The center of the ring charged with orange energy to form what looks to be a Hyper Beam.

Recognizing the attack, Ash brought his left arm forward in a side ways block. But with it beginning to glow, a light green medium medieval like shield with yellow lining appeared, attached to the gauntlet. Ready to take on the attack.

Without a word of warning the powerful beam was fired, making an impact on the defensive weapon. Not enough to slow the paladin down as he crashes through the wall into the tower.

Bringing the ring back into band form, Kuragari soon flew in through the same hole, not even warmed up as it seems.

The inside was dark, but the windowless openings and holes leading outside brought in as much light as they could. Walking passed pieces of the fallen ceiling and holes made in the floor.

Looking in all directions, the pillars on both sides supporting the tower looked not to strong as they were supposed to be, so one powerful attack could bring them down.

Stopping its advancing, Kuragari slowly closed its eyes, seeing if it could sense Ash from somewhere. And he was found, coming from behind.

Shooting round and summoning a barrier with a raised right arm, blocking off a blade of a long sword. The blade being lighted by the flame colored energy, connected by a dark red thin flamed safe guard with a purple diamond in the center and a black hilt.

Ash tried to break through by having the energy of the blade become engulfed in flames, having them spread in each direction of the barrier.

Kuragari raised its free hand and the band took form of the rotating ring as the other did, charging up the same Hyper Beam.

Keeping up with the attack, Ash felt as if the barrier had fallen as he moved forward more. But he got struck by the blast that made contact with his blade as it moves him back and away, scraping the floor with his boots.

Next the Pokémon summons an all black katana with a square guard that was linked with a chain on the side, connected to the bottom of the hilt.

Shooting at the knight, Kuragari brought the weapon overhead and the two blades clashed, releasing a small surge of power, leaving a tiny trace after breaking.

Both flew backwards till at a good distance, Kuragari releases a dark wave from the dark sword and Ash did the same except in a flamed version for his own. Trying to push one another back, being a bit evenly matched.

Ash thrusts his sword blade first into the floor and with both hands cupped at his side, a ball of wind began to form. Glaring at the on going attacks, he thrusts them forward with a yell.

“Tornado Blast!” He launches the spiraling wind at his own attack, giving it a helping hand to push the other back.

Both being either unaware or ignoring the fact that the corridor around them was shaking, with cracks and crumbling sounds being violently heard.

A big piece of the ceiling collapsed just a few meters away from the paladin warrior, but he paid no heed.

Summoning on the ring formed band with its free arm again. Kuragari launched a Hyper Beam onto his attack to even the odds, making the structural integrity of the ceiling, walls and floor weaker and much worse.  

With too much power the attacks were made into an explosion, causing both the walls and ceiling to collapse. And both of them moved quickly back, with Ash grabbing his sword along the way.

Avoiding the falling pieces that fell through the giant hole, it didn't stop them though. Till it was showering small bits of stone, they flew at each other again, clashing between the gaping hole that led outside.

With a short pass they both spun and collided once more, sending out sparks. Kuragari's eyes then glowed, having one of the pillars behind Ash to be ripped off with a light blue aura around it.

Aimed for his back the pillar was sent flying, with Kuragari teleporting in a blue light. In slight confusion, Ash turns to late to dodge the pillar that slams into him, sending him flying down the floor below.

About to follow him, Kuragari moves out of the way of an incoming Fire Blast. Next, in a strange sight, a tornado of razor sharp leaves slams and engulfs him. The ones that passed left a cut that didn't leave the Pokémon flinching.

Covering itself in a fiery aura along with the eyes, Kuragari spread itself to unleash a ring of fire from all directions. Having the leaves become nothing but bits of raining fire.

Looking below it was later met with a tackle from the paladin's shield. Ash pushed forth and sent them both through the above hole in the ceiling.

With a roll Kuragari launches a couple Shadow Balls, getting them blocked by the shield.  The blade of its sword was then surrounded by dark energy, releasing it into a wave.

Taking it in his guard position, it felt strong as it drove him back slightly. But Ash only managed to move aside to send it flying behind, exploding into another ceiling.

With a raised sword to block off the coming black blade, Ash was eye to eye with the expressionless Kuragari. A couple of clashes occurred before the dark type engulfs the blade in the same energy, bringing it outwards onto the shield.

Breaking the blocked move, Kuragari brought its rotating ring close to his chest. Firing a close ranged Hyper Beam that sent Ash hurtling into a far off wall.

'At this rate, Sky Pillar will be nothing but ruins. This has to end.' Ash thought, unaware of the intrusion he had within his mind.

(It will not only become that, but also your grave.) He hears plainly. Looking on, the demon of a Pokémon gave a steady glance without missing anything.

“Stay out of my head.” Ash said, seething with anger if he already wasn't, bringing his sword back. “And I mean it!” With a swing of his arm he unleashed a wave of fire. Having it shoot right at its target.

But as the attack came closer, Kuragari raises its own weapon. Then sends it passed after slicing it in half.

(An empty threat to me.) The Pokémon states. Just two seconds after and still in place, it appears in front of Ash the next, with the palm of its hand close to his chest. As Ash looks down a Shadow Ball was primed and ready to blow.

Coming outside through the wall with an explosion, Ash uses his wings as a means to slow himself. Having a circular motion of smoke coming off where the ball had blown.

Leaning back from a swift swing, Ash sent in one of his own, having it knocked aside. Kuragari holds up his free arm, summoning the ring. Spinning back from the oncoming sword, the Dark Type takes aim once more, charging up for the attack.

Ash brings his shield in front. “Nature's Tornado!” And a tornado of leaves shoots out of it like the first time. Kuragari uses Teleport to escape out of its path, having the attack go through nothing.

Lowering the shield to take a look around, he did not pay attention behind. The next thing Ash knew was that he was being sent to the wall of Sky Pillar by the fired Hyper Beam.

About to make his way out, Ash soon went through along with his attacker, who drove him in with a strong kick.

Various explosions were released either of fire, electric, wind, whatever they had used previously. Until they came to a halt about two floors before reaching the top.

Despite the power and energy granted by the armor, Ash held out well, till he was on a knee, sword being held as the blade was embedded in the ground. His armor and weapons were shown to have gained some scratches, as well as the user of them panting for breath.

Kuragari did show injuries in various places, but did not show any signs of fatigue, just the same look. (You held out well for a human.) Showing signs of little admiration for the trainer.

Ash couldn’t help but give a short chuckle at those words. “I trained for this day. So don't count me out, yet.” Slowly he got to his feet. And as Kuragari watches, a sense of something slightly rising from within the knight’s body could be felt, but there was no telling what it could be.

Once again their swords have met, releasing their power again. Letting go to move back, the two release a wave from their swords, colliding with an explosion.

Coming out of the smoke was Ash's Tornado Blast, colliding with Kuragari that brought it onto its back. Tearing up the floor from the force created from it.

With a flip, psychic energy surrounds smaller pieces of stone, having them shoot off like missiles. Having Ash defend with his shield, he also held his ground in the process.

With his sword ready, he knocks the small shower away with his shield and then swings downwards, his sword releasing shockwave of flames, burning down any of the stones that remain.

Kuragari was soon in front to deliver a punch to the side of the man’s head, followed by a spinning kick to the same place. Sending a now weakened Ash against the wall with a small crash.

Again with the rotating ring it began to charge up a ball. (As this became interesting, you must now die. So join the pathetic fools that have faced me and tell them, no hope exists that can vanquish me.)

After launching the beam, Ash snapped his eyes open with them glowing. Shooting his left arm out, having the beam get caught in psychic energy. Getting the attack redirected into the ceiling.

Both ignore the falling bits as Ash struggles to keep to his feet, beginning to feel a little shaking in the knees. But what he had to say was dripping with anger.

“No hope? Ha! They might have been fools to you, but to others they were brave enough to stand up against you. Despite failing, I will honor their names...” A light blue aura appears around his body and eyes, beginning to turn red with anger.

In the middle of his chest a blue circular light also shows itself. Making Kuragari raise a brow as whatever that was sensed before, began to make itself known, being quite powerful.

“Those trainers…” Saying that as his swords shatters, “The Pokémon…” He continues, this time the same thing happening to his shield. “I WILL NOT LET THEM DOOWWWNNNN!!!”

His arms spread and head held back, unleashing a yell of power as the aura around him began to ignite. Sending energy waves throughout the place, having Kuragari shield itself from them with a summoned barrier.

“IN HONOR OF THE FALLEN! GALLANT BUURRSSSTTT!!!” The waves ceased. But this time the floor beneath Ash broke apart because of the power he was unleashing, except he floated in place, his wings extended as far as they could reach.

When it finally calmed down, the aura remained as well as his eyes and the glowing circle. His white armor now becoming a light red glow as if it were burning red hot.

Kuragari actually looked stunned at the sight of the changed warrior, unaware of what this form was capable of doing.

With a simple stare, Ash was instantly in front of Kuragari as if he used Teleport, and had his right fist to the still erected barrier. Sending out a blast of wind that forced it back, the same with Kuragari as the barrier itself was then gone.

Just as the creation was about to swing its sword, Ash had moved like a blur. After the swing he appears behind, bringing his arm outwards, sending Kuragari sideways into the wall.

Coming out of the wall, it shook its head before feeling the back of its neck being grabbed and the both of them then flew through the remaining ceilings on to the roof level.

Ripping easily through before he tossed Kuragari, getting it to roll about onto an outstretched leg to stop.

Landing with his wings slightly folded, Ash still had his boosted powered form. Watching Kuragari get to its feet, Ash sped his way over in a zigzag, appearing in front with a swung boot to the side of the head.

Being flown to the right Kuragari made its weapon shatter into darkness before flipping a few times to its feet. Feeling as if a mark had formed to where the boot had made contact from what was felt.

The instant it stopped to its feet, cupped hands were brought to its side. Charging up a strong Shadow Ball, Kuragari began to take aim, till Ash vanished once more.

Keeping the ball primed, eyes scan round till they could spot the target the attack was meant for. Until something was sensed coming from behind. So Kuragari spun round and thrusts the ball forward, just as a fiery covered fist came towards him.

With an explosion by the two warriors, the two of them flew backwards out of the smoke cloud they created.

They tore the floor beneath them in the process of keeping themselves up. The energy Ash was using was being depleted with the mode he was in, giving him enough power for one more attack. Cause if it doesn't count, then he was done for.

Both stood at the ready, seeming to charge up with what they have left. Except Ash has something up his sleeve.

With a clap of his hands, the energy surrounding Ash’s body erupts, creating glowing versions of the plates to slowly circle round in front of him. Turning his armor back to its original color in the process for whatever was planned.

A dark aura surrounds Kuragari as it stood ready, along with purple glowing eyes, a surge being emitted from its own body.

Transferring the remaining energy from his Gallant Burst move into the plates, his eyes began to glow yellow.

With cupped hands once more at the side, a ball of swirling dark energy formed, having small electrical sparks flow out.



Releasing the ring that had energy on the inside with a double palm thrust, it shoots off for its target.

Shooting forth the attack in not just a powerful ball, but also a dark wind that followed behind to speed it up.

When they collided the explosion they let off was tremendous. Allowing a dome of their mixed energies to form that engulfed them both, and close to the edge of what remained of the giant pillar.

Causing blasts of wind and bolts of purple lightning to shoot out, striking some of the clouds close by.

On the inside both of them stood, wielding their swords for one final charge. Ash, ignoring the pain that now wracked his body, started to lose focus with his eyes. As Kuragari had slowly taken a tight hold of the hilt of its own weapon.


(Ash Ketchum…)

Both, even though far on opposite sides, somehow heard that the other had spoken their name in displeasure.


Shooting forth with glowing blades, Ash went for an upward thrust, while Kuragari went for a diagonal downward swing.

On the outside, the dome explodes into a tornado that blew up several floors of the pillar below them, causing the waters below to get blown into small waves. Also littering the sea with what remains of the structure.

But what occurred in mid air was where the climatic event was really placed.

Ash's armor was either cracked or began to fall to pieces. His wings slowly turning to bits that fell below, the left one being worse than the right, the fiery rings on his shoulders were extinguished and his helmet was cracked in various places, including a long one going down the left of both his visors.

Kuragari on the other hand had the left shoulder guard partly gone and the right one completely. Its lower legs getting cracked or pealing off. Letting out blood along with the rest of its revealed wounds that look bad. The helmet was in the same condition as Ash's with the ponytail being half gone.

As blood came down its left eye, Kuragari felt utmost pain flow through its body. Slowly looking down, the sight it saw could shock anyone.

Ash had his blade thrust upwards just below the plate, reaching out the other end of its back. Then it looked to where its own blade had partly made it through the knight’s weakened stated attire, between the neck and shoulder.

Now Kuragari stared into the visor covered eyes of the man that had fought the genetically created Pokémon. (The armor… held much power than I… anticipated.) It said, beginning to cough out a little blood.

Ash tried to push in as much of the blade as he could before stating to it. “It’s not only that, but the will of the person using it.” Ash then released the grip on his weapon, surprisingly watching Kuragari hold itself in the air.

Feeling its eyes getting heavy, one more question was asked before the last of the used energy was depleted. (Who are you, really, Ketchum?)

Staring hard at the dying creation as it probably deserves the real name of the person that vanquished it.

“My name is Satoshi Ashura Ketchum...” Taking the dark sword out of where it was and placed his hand over the bleeding wound before tossing the weapon away. “The Paladin of Arceus.”

A smile graced the face of the named demon, as it finally gave in to its pain and began to fall headfirst down. Sending one last telepathic thought to Ash as its final words.

(You were a worthy opponent than the other souls I have taken... I... thank you…) Before its body began to disintegrate into black shadows. Leaving behind only the sword and the dark plate it was powered from and possibly corrupted by.

Finally giving in to his own pain, Ash gave a wince before he began to fall. Until a blue spherical shield appears around him half way, keeping him from a quicker death.

Ash opened his eyes slowly to find that the one that saved him was the legendary Dragon of time itself, Dialga. And it wasn't alone either; with it were the legendary Dragon of space, Palkia, and the creator of not only his armor, but the Pokémon universe as he knew it, Arceus.

(Well done, Chosen One. You have defeated the darkened one.) Arceus' calm voice spoke telepathically to him inside his head.

Slowly nodding his head as a thank you reply, Ash manages to ask, ignoring the pain just. “What will happen… now?” Clutching onto the wound harder now, as blood seeps through, covering little of his hand.

With a saddened sigh, Arceus nods to Palkia, who agreed back for some reason. Raising one of its arms it began to glow with its aura.

The next thing Ash knew was that the dark plate was in front of the being of space, inside a protective sphere.

(Alas, the darkened one known as Kuragari shall return, as long as the dark plate of which it resides in remains intact.) After finishing, Palkia gave a roar before flying off into the sky.

Before Ash could ask what was happening, Arceus beat him to it.
(Palkia is giving Dialga and myself enough time to proceed.) Now looking down at the injured human.

“Proceed? With what?” Ash asked, trying to raise himself, but failing.

(If you wish, we could send you back to a day where you will relive to become stronger before Kuragari's plate was even discovered. That way none of this chaos would have happened… You will also need to pass certain tasks as before, as I will send the armor back along with you, plus one Pokémon of your choice.)

Arceus practically sensed the smile on the man’s face if it were not looking, as if knowing who he had picked.

“If it’s to fix this, then I'll do it!” Not needing to think about it if it were to help make everything right.

Without words Arceus' eyes glowed. Having Ash's armor, body suit and weapons become plate form, then begin to slowly circle the encased man on the outside of the sphere.

Dialga's eyes were then the same as Arceus, allowing a harmless light blue beam fire onto the sphere from its chest. Allowing the plates to spin faster and faster, generating more energy that made the blue sphere transform into an explosion of light.

Each plate flew inside to join in on what was happening, that would change the world to make it a better place than what it is now.

On the inside, as his vision slowly began to blur, Ash thought of one last thing before he was slipped away. 'I'm sorry, everyone, but I have to do this to see you all happy like we once were before all this… I'll never forget any of you.'

With this the chaotic future had come to a forgotten end for all, as their only hope was sent far back to who knows when to fix everything, and maybe make it a better place than the nightmare they all had to live in because of one single Pokémon.

End of Prologue!