Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Darkrai's Lair ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
With the gym battle and contest won, our heroes were back on the road with a new ally. Things were really looking up now. Unfortunately, Donavan and Jenna were close at hand.
“Look at that,” Donavan said with a look of uncertainty, “They have a new ally.”
“That's not a big deal to me,” Jenna said, “I've heard of that girl before.”
Donavan looked at his partner and blinked while the girl slapped her forehead explaining, “That's the Rowerberg Gym Leader, Anna. As a top member of Team Advent, it is my job to know these things. All of her Pokemon are rock types, so this will be no problem for you and your Corpish.”
Donavan had to admit she had a point there. Rock Types were weak against not only fighting types but water and plant types as well. Yeah, I don't see the logic either, but it's best not to question it.
The trio was headed towards a city known as Celestial City. It was said to be a very lively and modernized place, but to get there they needed to head through more fields and forests, but along the way was a bridge that they had to cross. Either way, it was no different than getting to Rowerberg. They were just going in another direction and meeting new Pokemon.
Anna was admiring the scenery for she hadn't left Rowerberg before while Izy looked high and low, unsatisfied with the fact that there were no flying types to be seen. Jacob, however, seemed content.
“So how far do we have to go?” Izy asked as Jacob shrugged and looked at Anna who also didn't know. But their question had been answered when they ended up in front of a bridge that spanned over a mighty brook.
“This bridge means we only have a little ways left,” Jacob stated, Izy sighing with relief while Riolu simply smiled happily as he was riding in Jacob's backpack with his head out of the pouch today.
But just as they were about to cross, a red ball spun towards the bridge forming into a crab Pokemon and cutting the ropes. Jacob's eyes went wide with fear as the bridge collapsed. Anna just blinked, feeling rather confused about what had just happened and Riolu, head turned away from the group, was trembling as it let out a loud cry.
“What's wrong, Riolu?” Jacob asked, and when he turned around, Riolu jumping out of his backpack, he gritted his teeth angrily. Donavan and Jenna stood there with wicked smiles on their faces as Jenna said, “You're trapped, little man.”
Anna's eyes sparkled as she couldn't help but marvel at Corpish's impressive look. However, Izy was steamed. Not only did that Corpish prevent a quick trip to the next town, but it belonged to the very group she hated ever so much.
Anna finally noticed the two humans and folded her arms saying, “Cutting the rope wasn't very nice,” as Donavan and Jenna both laughed. Anna couldn't believe this. Those two felt proud of themselves for cutting the ropes.
“Who are these jerks?” she asked as Jacob looked at her with surprise. This was the first time Anna had gotten angry. Truly this was a sight to behold.
Izy glared at them saying, “This is Team Advent, a group of trainers bent of capturing strong Pokemon for their boss.”
Jacob smiled and said, “Don't look so alarmed. It's not like these guys are a threat. We beat them last time and now that we got more and stronger Pokemon, they should be a snap.
Jenna felt rather stupid after hearing that. Not once had she considered capturing more Pokemon to improve her team. Nevertheless, she would not forfeit because of logic.
She summoned her Glameow, Anna marveling at its presence briefly, and Izy unleashed her Hoothoot as Jacob decided to use Heracross to battle Corpish this time. He figured Riolu deserved a break from winning just about every one of his battles.
Heracross delivered a fierce Horn Attack, the first truly successful one, to Corpish as Donavan felt completely unprepared for this battle. He had really hoped to face one of Anna's rock types instead.
He had Corpish use everything it had from Vice Grip to Bubble, but nothing seemed to work too well against Heracross who had a large advantage throughout the entire battle. Hoothoot was also doing an amazing job as she dealt some serious pain to Glameow with a ferocious Peck Attack to the cat's tummy.
Glameow gritted her teeth as Jenna said, “Don't give up yet, Glameow. We beat Hoothoot last time, and we can do it again!”
Riolu simply clapped his hands happily as Corpish was just about to go down. But when Heracross zoomed in for one last Horn Attack, Corpish raised its claw and rammed it into the beetle's horn stopping it in place.
“What was that?” Jacob asked as Donavan grinned wickedly saying, “My Corpish knows Crab Hammer. I am a very proud owner now.”
But the attack didn't seem to do much as Heracross simply ignored it, knocking Corpish's claw to the side with his horn and slashing it across the chest with his Night Slash. Donavan let down tears as he brought Heracross back.
While this went on, Hoothoot managed to defeat Glameow with Confusion, the cat laying there and Jenna in panic. How had Hoothoot managed to defeat Glameow this time when before it had failed miserably?
Jenna angrily returned her cat Pokemon as the two ran off once again, Izy not feeling satisfied enough. Jacob placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “Hey, at least we won.”
Izy kept her angry expression as she said, “They got away again. I wanted to punish them for what they put me through.”
“I agree with Izy,” Anna replied, “Those two deserve to be punished for ruining our trip.”
Clearly, Anna had other reasons to hate them, but nevertheless the three had a common goal now. All of them wanted Team Advent defeated.
But what of the bridge? It was now down, so the trio had to walk around, which was a long trip. If only Izy's flying Pokemon could handle human weight. Maybe then they wouldn't need the bridge.
But as they continued along with their journey, Jacob noticed something odd. It was a temple of some kind with strange markings on it. He blinked and wandered towards it as if a strange force was pulling him in, Riolu chasing after him feeling confused by all of this.
“Hey, Jacob, where are you going?” Izy asked, but the force seemed to overcome her as well for she started to wander towards the temple.
Anna didn't really feel the effects they did, but she liked temples, so she followed them just for the fun of it all, unaware of the fact that the two had no control over what they were doing. The second the group entered, the door to the temple closed shut. Now all 4 were trapped with no way to escape.
“Oh no,” Izy said, “OH HELLZ NO!!!”
She started beating her fist against the door but to no avail as it refused to open. This was horrible. How were they supposed to fulfill their goals if they were trapped in a temple?
“How are we supposed to get out of here?” Jacob asked as Anna smiled calmly saying, “Most temples have a secret exit. We just need to find it.”
Jacob looked at her and replied, “You got that from TV, didn't you?” Anna nodding her head followed by Jacob performing a face palm.
Riolu was scared now. He didn't like this place. Not that he found it too cramped, just that he felt a bad omen resonating through it.
The group had no other choice, so they simply trekked through the temple looking high and low for some kind of exit. Izy stepped on a floorboard that seemed to sink into the ground as her eyes widened.
“What's wrong, Izy?” Jacob asked as Izy smiled nervously saying, “Uh… whoops?”
With that, a trap door opened up as all three humans fell through it, Riolu all alone and scared. He wanted to dive down there just so he could have Jacob's company, but the floor closed up again.
Then a booming voice filled the temple saying, “Young Riolu, you have now been accepted for a most dangerous test of your courage and strength! You must brave this temple and find your friends in the basement! If you refuse, they will be mummified!!!”
Riolu's eyes widened with fear at the thought of his three human companions being turned into mummies. What sort of sick joke was this?
Riolu sat down feeling helpless and started to cry. He knew he couldn't do this alone, but he also knew that if he didn't his friends would be undead. After two minutes, he wiped his tears and decided to face this challenge head-on.
Jacob, Izy and Anna all found themselves chained to tables as they started to panic, even Anna who was mostly calm. Jacob was quite glad that Anna at least had some sense of what danger was but now was not the time to think of that.
Suddenly, a dark shadow rose up forming into a ghost-like Pokemon with a black body, white head and what looked like a red lower lip with sharp jaws. (Seriously, can anyone tell me what that's supposed to be?) The Pokemon looked at them and much to their shock spoke in English.
“Welcome to my temple,” he said, “I am Darkrai. You were not brought here by accident.”
Izy and Jacob's eyes went wide as Anna blinked asking, “Who's Darkrai?”
“How can you not know who Darkrai is!?” Jacob remarked, his eyes sparkling, “We're in the presence of a legendary Pokemon! This would be so cool if we weren't chained up like this!”
“Come to think of it…” Izy started as she glared at Darkrai saying, “I don't mean to be rude, but I would like an explanation behind this.”
Darkrai nodded and said, “I understand. You and Jacob were brought here by my magic for I saw great potential in you.”
Both were still confused as the ghost continued; “Team Advent wishes to get a hold of the legendary Pokemon. Their boss figures that this will give them a bigger advantage over us. We may be powerful, but those creeps have the technology to capture us. We cannot allow that. I know they're on the verge of finding me already.”
“So what does this have to do with us?” Jacob remarked as Darkrai stated, “You are to help me, make sure this horrible event doesn't happen. But first I need to see if you have trained Riolu well enough for this.”
“How do you know about Riolu!?” Jacob spat as Darkrai grinned saying, “You know how his egg mysteriously appeared in your room? I sent him to you.”
There was just no way. Jacob knew that the egg's appearance defied logic, but this was really something. But why him? What was so special about a boy who didn't even know what attacks most Pokemon had?
He brought up this very point as Darkrai replied, “I don't know why you happen to have a more positive feeling than most others. You just happened to be the one who I sensed had the potential to defeat Team Advent. Your Riolu is coming here to rescue you and you are chained up because I cannot allow you to help him.”
This frightened Jacob. Riolu was not very good by himself, so what were the odds of the Pokemon passing Darkrai's dangerous test.
Nevertheless, there was nothing he could do. Izy was just too confused to comment on the whole thing and Anna just smiled. She felt confident that Riolu could pass this test.
At this very moment, Riolu had managed to make it through various rooms with boulders, spikes and many other traps that one often could expect from temples. However, the last room would be the most difficult of all.
But it didn't seem all that difficult. Riolu noticed a statue of a rock snake called Onyx but that was pretty much it. There was nothing too dangerous about this room.
Suddenly, the statue started to move as Riolu's eyes widened, the small Pokemon seeing himself face-to-face with an Onyx that was larger than a typical Onyx, and that was saying something for this particular Pokemon was one of the largest in the world.
Riolu was about to cry until he remembered Jacob, Izy and Anna. He couldn't let them down, so he took a defensive stance, knees shaking and body trembling. There was no way he would back down after coming so far.