Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ New Threats Add to the Fire ( Chapter 8 )

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Pokemon Quest
As the trio explored Celestial City, let's go to the Team Advent headquarters. Varen waited impatiently for results, twiddling his thumbs. Even his most trusted men hadn't been making much progress. He currently had 10 Tauros, which was fine except that it was getting redundant. For the other Pokemon he was receiving, they weren't much. It seemed even the higher class members couldn't handle the task of capturing the mightiest of Pokemon.
That was until the door opened up and a young woman with long violet hair and a serious look entered the room. This was one of the few who had proven herself good enough for the rank of a general, Perona. She approached the man's desk and held out a Pokeball, but this wasn't any Pokeball.
See, there were more than one type of Pokeball in the world and certain ones made it easier to catch certain types of Pokemon. The ball Perona had presented was known as a Master Ball, a ball that could capture anything regardless of its strength or health, meaning it could catch a Pokemon at full health with little to no effort.
“It's good to see you entering my office,” Varen said with a smile, “You always capture the best of the best for my arsenal.”
“That is most certainly true, isn't it?” Perona said with a look of satisfaction.
Varen placed the master ball on a computer that told him of the contents. After the scanning was done, the computer said in a female voice, “This ball contains Aerodactyl, a flying Dinosaur Pokemon said to be extinct.”
Varen was most pleased with this. Not only had Perona acquired a Pokemon that was said not to exist but she'd caught the most powerful one of all. There was no dinosaur Pokemon mightier than Aerodactyl. (Unless Groudon counts)
But Varen didn't realize that he would be more pleased when he saw Donavan and Jenna enter the room at this exact moment carrying a cage with a cloth over it. He really didn't want them destroying his good mood, but he may as well be happy with the fact that they'd captured something.
“We have a rare Pokemon for you,” Jenna said as Varen rolled his eyes saying, “Just show it to me already.”
The second they removed the cloth, Varen's look of annoyance turned to a smile, a smile much wider than when Perona presented her catch. He simply couldn't believe his eyes.
“Do you like it, boss?” Donavan asked as Perona just looked at them, eye twitching. How could they catch a legendary Pokemon with their lack of effort?
Varen stood up and shook Donavan and Jenna's hands saying, “I have truly misjudged you two. You have proven yourselves more than worthy of a promotion with this catch.”
Their eyes widened the second they heard this while Perona felt absolutely appalled. Next thing they knew, Varen had assigned them the rank of generals, meaning they were now allowed to attend all Team Advent meetings and partake in every major assignment and their vacation could start whenever they pleased.
“I wasn't expecting this,” Jenna said as she narrowed her eyes asking, “What's the catch?”
“You catching me a legendary Pokemon, of course,” Varen replied as the duo's eyes widened. Perona couldn't believe this. How could they not know that Shaymin was legendary? Were they really that oblivious? Either way, for them to catch something so rare seemed like nothing more than a fluke and that angered the woman with a passion.
“As further payment for this miraculous job, I am going to reward you each with some extra firepower. You have certainly earned it.”
“Sir, with all due respect,” Perona remarked, “can these two really be trusted with some of our most powerful Pokemon?”
Varen simply turned to her with a look of disrespect and replied, “You have no right to question someone who made a better find than you did.”
Perona couldn't believe this. Her boss had lost faith in her and it was all because of two bumbling idiots who happened to get lucky. She angrily left the room, refusing to make a big fuss out of this. To anger Varen could lower her rank and she didn't want that.
Donavan had received a dragon type Pokemon in the form of a cute sea serpent known as Dratini. Jenna's new Pokemon was a rhino-like Pokemon known as Rhyhorn.
Jacob, Izy, Anna and Lucario had wandered through the city admiring the amazing sights. See, it wasn't often that these three could be in a city. Anna bought a number of useless accessories at the mall and Jacob and Izy refused to object to this. At least she wasn't spending their money, right?
Izy bought a guide on flying Pokemon at a library and Jacob purchased a more improved guide on Pokemon. Maybe getting attack names right wouldn't be so hard from now on.
All that was left was to enjoy some ice cream that they bought at a parlor. Lucario's fell off the cone while Anna offered one of her five scoops.
“Are you sure you can handle more than two?” Izy asked as Anna nodded and said, “I can eat a whale if I wanted to.”
Jacob seriously doubted that, but this was Anna after all. She was the same age as him, but her mind kind of worked like that of an 8-year-old. It was mostly a cute quality of hers.
But Izy sighed as she started to feel bored now. She looked around and said, “While we're waiting for that Jonathan guy to return, maybe you should train your Pokemon and get them ready.”
Jacob gasped and got up saying, “You're right. There's a forest close by. Let's go there.”
When they entered the nice wide-open space, Izy agreed to help Jacob train by having her Pokemon go up against his. The two stared each other down. This was it. For the first time, Jacob and Izy were going at it. Who would come out on top? It was anyone's game.
That all went into the gutter when green Pokemon with beetle wings and blades for arms known as a Scyther flew by. Izy knew that she just had to catch it, Jacob groaning.
“I thought we were supposed to be training!” he whined as Izy sent out Hoothoot to battle the Scyther stating, “If it can fly, it's mine. No one stands in my way, not even you.”
Jacob knew that wasn't particularly true as she had allowed him to catch Heracross, but he decided not to question her logic. Hoothoot swooped towards Scyther, landing a powerful peck attack to its belly only to receive a series of slashes to the face as a result of an attack called Fury Cutter.
As Hoothoot's face bled, Izy smiled with confidence as she mouthed a command that once again only Hoothoot could make out. Her eyes glowed as the Scyther took in a world of pain from the owl's Confusion attack.
Seeing her opponent nice and weak, Izy sent out her Pokeball and consumed the Scyther. The Pokeball vibrated for a few seconds, but in the end the Scyther had been caught and Izy was most pleased with herself.
“Can we get back to training now?” Jacob asked, but before they could do so, they heard a loud voice shout, “EUREKA!!!!”
The group followed the sound to notice a young man with short brown hair and a rather tubby build looking at a strange plant. He picked it up and twirled his body around saying, “I've found the perfect herb.”
He noticed four faces watching him with confusion and said, “I didn't see you there. My name's Jonathan.”
Well, on the plus side, the group had found the gym leader. All three introduced themselves and Lucario and Jacob explained how he wanted a gym battle with the man. Jonathan was quite pleased to hear this.
“Well, Jacob, we should start that battle sooner than later,” Jonathan said with a smile, “I've just been looking high and low for the perfect healing herb, and I have found it.”
Jacob was a little disturbed by Jonathan's smile. It didn't seem to leave his face. Izy was a little annoyed by it but Anna felt right at home.
Unfortunately, just before they could head back to the gym, a certain duo appeared with evil smirks on their faces, Donavan saying, “Where do you think you're going?”
“Why can't you two just leave us alone!?” Jacob retorted while Jenna held out her finger saying, “That was quite rude of you.”
“This shouldn't be a problem,” Izy stated, “These two suck, remember?”
“I hate to ask, but who are these people?” Jonathan asked as Anna frowned saying, “Those guys are members of Team Advent! They're bad people!”
“Well,” Jonathan said, his smile still not leaving his face but a Pokeball whipped out of his pocket, “if these two are members of the evil Team Advent, I'll gladly assist you.”
Jenna was a little bit alarmed by this as Donavan once again seemed uninformed. She knew that this man with the three was Jonathan, one of the gym leaders.
Then something hit them, something both had failed to notice. The two turned their gaze to Jacob's side where a familiar-looking Pokemon stood with a look of anger.
“Oh no,” Donavan said in fear, “This is not good. That Riolu evolved.”
“No, this is good,” Jenna replied, “If we capture a Lucario instead, the boss will love us even more.”
“I'd like to see you try!” Jacob snapped as the two villains simply threw their Pokeballs forward.
There were the two usual Pokemon, Corpish and Glameow with them of course, but the other two were a surprised. Izy blinked and asked, “When did you get a Dratini?”
“Not to mention that Rhyhorn,” Jacob added while Jonathan said, “Using both your Pokemon at once is unfair, so we'll even this up by having you face all four of us at once.”
Jacob understood what he meant as he pulled out a Pokeball and said, “Sorry, Lucario, but I feel you've done enough for us so far,” sending out Chimchar.
Chimchar's opponent was going to be Dratini, which may not have been the best idea but it just seemed right to the boy. Anna sent Geodude to go up against Corpish, which also seemed like a stupid idea as rock types were weak against water attacks.
Izy decided to test out her new Scyther on Glameow, which unlike the other two wasn't such a bad choice. Jonathan smiled and hurled his Pokeball forward shouting, “Go Ledyba!” a Ladybug-like Pokemon making a grand entrance.
Jacob had to admit, he expected better from a gym leader, but nevertheless, he saw Jonathan's grin and figured the man knew what he was doing. Chimchar leapt at Dratini who simply dodged to the side with its swift movement. Due to its serpent-like body, Dratini was very fast.
“Dratini, use Thunder Wave!” Donavan shouted as Dratini released a wave of electricity that his Chimchar. See, while thunder wave didn't necessarily deal damage, it had the ability to paralyze its target.
Dratini proceeded to perform slam on the paralyzed Pokemon, the monkey groaning in pain. Jacob was starting to worry until Chimchar got back up and unleashed a short flame that didn't seem to go very far. However, Chimchar spun her body around engulfing herself in the flame as it became a wheel. Jacob's eyes sparkled as Chimchar had taught herself Flame Wheel.
The wheel charged at Dratini who easily dodged to the wide only to be hit when Chimchar turned her wheel around striking the dragon in the back and knocking it out. Donavan groaned, but was even more worried when he saw Corpish being beaten by a series of tackle attacks by Geodude.
“CORPISH, USE BUBBLE!!!” the man snapped as the crap shot a group of bubbles into Geodude's face. Geodude groaned as he started to weaken, Anna starting to worry now.
Corpish then proceeded to deliver a series of Crab Hammers. Despite not looking like one, Crab Hammer was a water type move and seemed to be dealing quite a bit of damage as Geodude felt helpless to stop the onslaught.
Luckily, Glameow was having just as bad of luck as usual while Scyther had put a number of cuts all over her body. He crossed his blades delivering an X Strike as Glameow was about to pass out from the pain.
“Come on, Glameow, you can do it!” Jenna shouted but the cat could not sustain anymore and passed out.
Jonathan wasn't fairing quite as well as one would expect a gym leader to fair, especially considering he was using a flying bug Pokemon against a rhino. Jenna was at least pleased to see one of her Pokemon winning.
Rhyhorn rammed its horn into Ledyba causing some small bleeding, but Jonathan's smile was still on his face. No one knew if this was just a permanent deformity or what, but he seemed confident all the same.
“Ledyba, that's enough punishment,” he said, “Use Comet Punch!”
Rhyhorn attempted to dodge the incoming super powered punch but it took it in full-force and was knocked unconscious. All that was left was Corpish, who surprisingly was still putting up a good fight.
Anna started to worry for the first time as she shouted, “GEODUDE, STOP GETTING YOUR BUTT KICKED!!!”
Geodude couldn't allow himself to let his master down, so he gritted his teeth and used his arms to force Corpish away from him, a suddenly feeling entering his body. Suddenly, his rock body became bigger and heavier and he sprouted two extra arms along with a pair of legs and now had a rather threatening grin on its face.
Anna's eyes sparkled as she shouted, “My Geodude evolved into Graveler! I'm so proud!”
Jacob and Izy were also relieved to see this as Lucario wiped the fear sweat off his forehead. Anna gave the command for Graveler to use Rollout as he rolled his body into a ball and rammed into his opponent like a bowling ball, knocking Corpish out for good.
Team Advent once again took off as Jenna let down tears shouting, “WE SHOULD HAVE WON THIS TIME!!!”
Jonathan laughed and said, “That was truly something. I look forward to that battle later.”
But despite his smile, Jonathan really wished those two Team Advent members hadn't escaped. Like Izy, he hated them with a passion but for a much more simple reason, the fact that they were evil.
And so it was off to the gym for Jacob's second gym battle, but not after healing up from the battle first of course.