Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Gligar is Frustrating ( Chapter 16 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
Once again, the group was on the road now headed towards Haruka City. Here, a contest was being held and the forth gym battle awaited Jacob. This showed a lot of promise and was quite exciting.
However, they failed to realize that Donavan and Jenna were sneaking about the area with evil grins on their faces. With their Pokemon now evolved, they were certain that Lucario would be easy pickings now.
“So we just have to pass through a cave to get to Haruka city?” Jacob asked as Izy nodded saying, “We're right in front of it.”
And that they were. The cave looked uninviting as all caved did, but since when did anything like this stop the teens before?
Just before they could enter, a beam of light shot at the top of the entrance dropping chunks of the Cliffside, blocking all chances to getting inside. Jacob, Izy, Anna and Lucario all turned with angry expressions when they noticed Jenna and Donavan standing there with their four Pokemon by their side.
“How do you like my Dragonair's Hyper Beam?” Jenna asked as Anna's eyes sparkled.
Despite how much she hated Team Advent, she could never control herself around new Pokemon. To her, Dragonair was beautiful, Crawdaunt was cool, Rhydon was even cooler and Purugly was cute. (This does not reflect my thoughts towards Purugly)
“Let's see how you defeat us now!” Jenna spat as the group nodded and sent in the Pokemon of their choice. Jacob decided to test out Cacnea, pitting him up against Crawdaunt. Since Crawdaunt was a water type, this was perfect. Izy chose to have Noctowl up against Purugly just because it always seemed to be that way. Anna knew that her new Vulpix wouldn't stand a chance against Rhydon, so she chose Nosepass much to the rhino Pokemon's displeasure. Lucario volunteered to go up against Dragonair and now the battle was ready to start.
Cacnea threw his thorny arms at Crawdaunt who attempted to block the attack with Crab Hammer. This proved effective for a while, but due to Crawdaunt's attack being a water type and Cacnea's being grass, Crawdaunt's claws were suffering a bit of damage and couldn't handle anymore. Cacnea threw one last Needle Arm at the crab Pokemon and hit him in the face while he was exhausted, Crawdaunt flying into a tree with a look of fury in his eyes.
Lucario attempted to his Dragonair with a series of attacks but missed with every attempt as Jenna laughed and shouted, “DRAGONAIR, USE DRAGON RAGE!!!”
Lucario was caught off guard as the blue flame hit him dead on, but he came out of it just fine. Jenna blinked wondering how an attack that involved a flame dealt so little damage.
“That wasn't such a great idea,” Jacob explained, “See, that was a dragon type attack and Lucario is resistant to such moves, so you just wasted a perfectly good opportunity.
As Jenna's eyes widened from the shock of this realization, Lucario hit Dragonair in the face with an Aura Sphere sending her into a tree of her own. Meanwhile, Noctowl swooped towards Purugly, delivering a fierce peck attack to her chest. Purugly growled and attempted to strike Noctowl, but the owl Pokemon dodged with ease and unleashed a power Air Slash.
However, the results weren't looking very good as the cat Pokemon snarled and sent her claws towards the shocked Noctowl, slashing her across the chest. Izy just had a confused look as she gritted her teeth thinking, `Of course, Purugly has four times Glameow's defensive capabilities. Physical attacks won't do too much to her.'
So she changed her tactics a little and had Noctowl use Confusion. Sadly, Purugly seemed to be ignoring the pain induced by this, despite it being much greater, and delivering another powerful Slash attack to Noctowl's chest, leaving more bleeding marks as the owl breathed heavily.
Nosepass was doing quite well as he rammed into Rhydon with a powerful tackle attack. But Rhydon ignored the pain rushing towards Nosepass, his horn spinning like a drill and rammed it into the totem's chest. While Horn Drill wasn't all too effective, it did leave a small hole in the rock Pokemon, but the worst was yet to come as he lifted up his arm ramming it into the totem's face.
This attack was known as Hammer Arm, and as it was a fighting move Nosepass was weak against it. The totem fell on his back as Anna started to worry, but smiled warmly when she noticed the rocks left behind courtesy of Dragonair's Hyper Beam.
“Use Rock Throw with those rocks over there,” Anna suggested calmly as Nosepass struggled up to his feet lifting up the rocks and molding them into one giant boulder, throwing them into the now spellbound Rhydon's skull. The two-legged rhino's eyes swirled as he collapsed and had officially lost. Not only had Rhydon lost, but now the cave was accessible again.
Crawdaunt had unfortunately survived the previous attack. I mean, come on, his opponent was still in his first stage. There was no way one attack from Cacnea would do him in.
Donavan had a smile on his face when the crab leapt at Cacnea with his claw wide open. This was not a good sign. This was a devastating attack known as Guillotine and any Pokemon it hit would go down instantly.
But Cacnea hadn't taken in any damage or really worked up a sweat for that matter, so he simply leapt to the side, Crawdaunt's attack missing and delivered yet another Needle Arm, this one managing to take the crab Pokemon out for good.
As it looked like Purugly was going to deliver the finishing blow to Noctowl, the owl's head started to glow as she rose to her feet, soaring towards Purugly. The cat just stood there wide-eyed and took in the powerful blow falling on her side unable to continue. Noctowl had just used Zen Headbutt and despite making little difference against a Purugly, it had certainly done its job.
Just as it looked like Lucario was going to defeat Dragonair, the dragon Pokemon unleashed a power hyper beam from her horn. Lucario was unable to dodge and skidded across the ground, moaning in pain. One more like that and it was over.
But just as Dragonair prepared to deliver the finishing blow, Lucario's eyes glowed violet as the infant threw his arm out, striking Dragonair with a powerful shadow claw and taking the dragon out for good.
Donavan and Jenna returned their Pokemon and fled as usual with tears in their eyes. They were really confident that they could win. This was just devastating to them.
“Well, they were a bit more challenging I guess,” Jacob said as Izy sighed, once again disappointed that the two had escaped. It didn't matter as Anna pointed calmly at the cave saying, “The rocks are gone now,” actually sounding a little surprised. She seemed to have forgotten that Nosepass used the rocks blocking the entrance to defeat Rhydon.
Upon entering the cave, Lucario felt a chill down his spine and hugged Jacob's leg, the boy petting the infant's head. He smiled and said, “It's okay, Lucario. Nothing's going to jump out and eat us.”
He must had jinxed the group with that statement as seconds after he'd let the words out, a horrifying bat-like creature with a scorpion's stinger and claws and pink flesh appeared before them, sticking out its tongue with eyes wide open, the teens all in panic. As they backed up, the bat-like creature revealed to be a Pokemon broke out into hysterics.
Anna, who was the only one who didn't freak out, had sparkling eyes as she said, “Oh my god, it's a Gligar! It's so cute!”
Izy's look of panic turned to a grin as she pulled out a Pokeball shouting, “If it flies, it's mine!”
That said, she sent out Noctowl once again. She knew that Scyther and Beedrill weren't the best choices as Gligar had an advantage over bug types. Izy mouthed a command to Noctowl who nodded and unleashed Confusion as her eyes glowed while Gligar cringed, feeling a pain coursing through its body.
Nevertheless, Gligar just shook off the pain and flew towards Noctowl. The owl dodged to the right only for Gligar to make a swift U-turn, hitting the owl hard in the back. Nothing could dodge Quick Attack.
Gligar laughed like a maniac rolling around in hysterics, Izy groaning. This Gligar was starting to remind her of Jacob's Floatzel.
Nevertheless, she once again mouthed a command so the opponent couldn't hear it as Noctowl swooped at Gligar preparing another attack only for Gligar to crab onto her beak with its scorpion claws. As Noctowl attempted to escape, the bat-like Pokemon threw its tail at the owl, jamming the stinger on the end into her chest as blood trickled out. This was known as Poison Sting and if it managed to poison an opponent, the enemy would slowly lose his or her vitality even if he or she was in a Pokeball.
Gligar broke out into hysterics, now on the ground beating one of his claws against the surface and tears running down his eyes. Izy saw this as an advantage, but right now, Noctowl wasn't feeling quite herself. The poison had taken effect.
Jacob and Lucario were both worried that Izy would lose while Anna was in her neutral state again. Right now, it was anyone's game.
Gligar was distracted by his own sense of humor but Noctowl was poisoned. However, in the end, Noctowl fought off the pressure from the poison and soared towards Gligar despite knowing that the poison would damage her for doing so.
Gligar finally stopped its laughing fit too late to dodge an incoming Air Slash as it groaned in pain, unable to move. Izy hurled the Pokeball consuming it, but rather than stopping the vibration after a few movements, Gligar escaped from the ball. No longer was it in a happy mood. It was steamed now. Literally, steam was pouring out of its ears.
“Darn, I should have guessed two attacks from its own kind wouldn't be enough,” Izy said with a grin, “Let's just try again, Noctowl!”
But Gligar would not allow Noctowl to hit it again as its body started to sparkle. The second Noctowl's beak hit Gligar's chest for a peck attack, she ended up backing off and rubbing her beak, once again taking in damage from the poison.
“This isn't good,” Jacob said, “Gligar just used Harden. That halves the strength of physical attacks.”
But luckily, Izy knew a way around this and had Noctowl use Confusion once again. There was no actual reason for this, but somehow, Gligar didn't seem to feel any pain from the attack and just flew towards Noctowl, sending its claws down in a cross formation for an X-Scissor. This was pretty stupid as bug type attacks didn't work well on flying types but the attack did manage to put a gash on Noctowl's stomach.
For some strange reason, there was a violet liquid mixed in with the blood as it dripped to the ground. This, for some reason, made Noctowl feel a tad stronger. Could it be that this cut had helped remove some of the poison within the owl's body?
Well, it hadn't gotten rid of all the poison, but at least the effects were weakening as Noctowl went in for one last Peck Attack. Gligar attempted to strike the owl only for Noctowl to dodge as she planted her beak into Gligar's belly. Gligar let out a cry of pain as he fell to the ground, unable to move.
“I've got you now,” Izy said as she hurled her Pokeball and thus, Gligar was finally captured.
After that, she hugged her Noctowl and said, “I'm so sorry I didn't use this earlier,” and pulled a small vial from her pocket, spraying a liquid that seemed to make Noctowl feel healthier.
Jacob blinked and asked, “What is that, Izy?”
“I know what that is,” Anna said with a warm smile, “That's an antidote. It cures a Pokemon's poison.”
And so the group continued through the cave until they exited out the other side and it was time for Jacob to challenge the gym leader of Haruka City.