Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Perona vs. Dialga and Palkia ( Chapter 17 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
Before we go right to Haruka City where a gym battle and contest would take place, we now go to another area. This was an island not recorded on any map. Despite not having cold weather, it was covered with crystals and in the center, there was a large crystal with an opening in it. This big crystal was actually a home for a certain pair of Pokemon.
One was a large dragon with a bright pink color and two shoulder pads with red orbs in the middle of them. It also had violet streaks and a sky-blue head. This was the legendary dragon, Palkia.
Another was a blue creature that looked more like a fusion between a wolf and a dragon. It had white armor in certain areas of its body and a blue orb on a chest plate. This Pokemon was known as Dialga.
Palkia and Dialga were the legendary dragons and had a fearsome reputation. It was said in legend that they had defeated a huge threat to the world known as Giratina years ago.
You're probably wondering why they're even in this chapter. At this very moment, a large plane had ridden to this island. A familiar woman, namely Perona, came out with a number of her finest allies.
She grinned and said, “I actually managed to find Dragon Island. This gives me a nice warm feeling inside.”
At this moment, both dragons were asleep. However, Dialga had heard the plane and woke up from his slumber. He peeked outside of the cave and noticed the Team Advent members exiting the plane, none of them actually spotting the dragon just yet.
He felt a bad aura coming from them as his eyes glowed a dark shade of blue briefly. He then took off out of the cave, making sure to stay hidden.
Perona looked back and forth before noticing the cave. She'd heard the stories of how the legendary dragons lived in a cave and she knew in her heart that this was that very cave.
“Men, infiltrate the cave,” she said with an evil grin, but just as the Team Advent members were about to enter, Dialga leapt out from behind one of the crystals and shot a powerful flame from his mouth, starting a fire in front of them. This was known as Dragonbreath.
Perona's eyes went wide when she saw her pray, but her look of shock turned to a wicked smile. Despite the disadvantage she and her men were in, she was happy with the fact that she'd managed to bring her target out into the open.
“Men, stand down!” the woman shouted as she pulled out her Pokeballs, “This is between the two of us.”
The assistants looked scared until she winked at them, making it clear that both she and her people knew that they weren't going to lose. The men all fled as Dialga let out a loud roar.
This wasn't just to show how furious he was with Perona's presence. It was also meant to awaken Palkia from his slumber. The winged dragon flew out of the cave and landed in front of Perona, the woman not at all afraid, and she should have been.
One of these two was already amazingly powerful, but to face both of them at once was like wishing for death. Dialga and Palkia were both very strong, so this duo was not to be taken lightly.
Perona hurled all six of her Pokeballs sending out her team. There was Garchomp, Feraligatr and Sceptile, the obvious specimens, but she had much more in her arsenal as well. One was a large mammal-like creature with a blue back and a white front, a flame coming out of the back of his neck. This Pokemon was known as Typhlosion. Another had yellow skin with some brown spots holding a pair of spoons known as Alakazam. Her last Pokemon was a very unexpected one. In fact, this one was a legendary Pokemon.
It was a large yellow bird with a long, pointed beak and its feathers pointed out to resemble an electric spark. This was the legendary bird Pokemon, Zapdos.
The team Advent members stared in shock as Perona laughed shouting, “Varen doesn't even know that I captured this last summer on my vacation to Kanto! I've been looking for an excuse to use her!”
This in itself was truly a frightening thought. Perona had a legend in her arsenal, but she knew how dangerous owning one was, so to play it safe, she kept it stored during for battles she knew didn't require Zapdos' assistance.
Alakazam focused hard unleashing his powerful psychic attack upon Palkia for they all knew that Dialga had an advantage over psychic attacks. Palkia shook off the pain dealt from it but was unable to respond when Sceptile leapt at him unleashing his Leaf Blade. Despite being part water type, Palkia didn't have too much of a weakness to this, but it still dealt a good amount of damage, Zapdos only adding to the damage with a huge bolt of lightning simply known as Thunder.
Now, Dialga did not have a whole lot of weaknesses, so he was more of a threat. In fact, he had a bolstered defense against a number of types. And while most dragon types were weak against other dragon attacks, Dialga was not.
Feraligatr unleashed its hydro pump upon Dialga who easily ignored the pain, but just before he could strike, Typhlosion hit him with a large blast of fire known as Eruption. Unlike the water attack, which Dialga had an advantage over, fire attacks dealt a descent amount of damage thanks to the dragon's steel DNA, so this was a good distraction for Garchomp to nail the beast with a powerful Dragon Rage.
However, none of the attacks used on either really had a huge advantage over the dragons, and as such, they were furious. Perona was going to pay for her actions dearly, they would be sure of that.
Dialga's claws turned to steel as he slashed Feraligatr across the chest, the gator's blood pouring out while Perona had no choice but to return him. Typhlosion sent a flame thrower to the back of Dialga's neck, the dragon roaring in pain and responding with a powerful ball of energy from its mouth known as Aura Sphere.
All that was left was Garchomp, who was probably in the most trouble of them all. Garchomp, being a dragon type, was weak against dragon-type attacks, but despite this, Dialga did not share that weakness. Garchomp attempted his Dragon Rage again only for Dialga to let out another fearsome roar. This wasn't just any roar but an attack called Roar of Time. Not only did this severely damage an opponent, it also stopped time for that opponent leaving it wide open for further attacks.
Perona, knowing Garchomp couldn't with stand another attack, returned him just before Dialga released his Dragonbreath while the remaining Pokemon continued their battle with Palkia.
Palkia angrily threw out his claws putting a huge gash in Sceptile's chest. Alakazam held in power for an attack known as Future Sight, which took quite a while to use. He hoped that Zapdos would provide a long enough distraction.
The bird soared at Palkia with her beak spinning around like a drill only for the dragon to send her back with an aura sphere of his own. But just as it seemed he had the advantage, Alakazam grinned wickedly sending out a huge blast of energy, hitting Palkia dead-on. The dragon grimaced as Zapdos recovered from the damage dealt earlier and unleashed a wave of electricity called Thunder Wave. Since the attack had succeeded Palkia was now paralyzed while Alakazam and Zapdos dealt more damage together with the best move they could use on such short notice.
However, Palkia was strong enough to resist the paralysis enough to knock both down with a large orb of water called Water Pulse. Alakazam was defeated, but Zapdos had survived despite the damage she'd taken in. It made sense. Not only was Zapdos strong against water but she was more powerful than anyone else in Perona's arsenal.
However, with Palkia and Dialga together, the woman knew that Zapdos didn't stand a chance and returned the thunder bird. Despite all of this, she still had a wicked grin and soon Palkia and Dialga saw why, their eyes wide with fear.
As it just so happens, that battle was all a distraction while Team Advent prepared a large beam. Perona grinned wickedly saying, “Unleash the energy sphere,” the beam firing and surrounding the dragon duo in a dome made of light.
While the dragons both stood there, worried expressions on their faces, Perona walked over them and said, “You two certainly are as powerful as I imagined, but even you can't escape from this prison.”
Palkia and Dialga both unleashed their strongest attacks upon the dome only to get no results. It was truly over for them. They had been captured by Team Advent.
“You'd best cooperate,” Perona said, “If you resist, the orb will only hurt you further.”
The dragons had to admit defeat as the dome was lifted up by a magnetic beam, revealing itself to be an actual orb. The other half had just been underground at first, so it only looked like a dome.
“Alright, men, we're done here!” Perona shouted as the agents gave her a salute, boarding the plane and taking off while taking the dragons with them. Now that they had two more legendary Pokemon, powerful ones at that, Team Advent was far stronger than ever before. Soon, Varen's master plan would take effect and the world would be his to control.
Meanwhile, Jacob, Izy, Anna and Lucario had finally reached Haruka City. They marveled at all the attractions this city had to offer. It was even more impressive than Celestial City.
Jacob noticed the gym nearby and said, “Good luck with your contest, Izy,” the short-haired girl nodding and giving her friend thumbs up, running off to find the contest building.
Anna blinked as she sent out her Vulpix asking, “Vulpix, would you like to be entered in a contest or would you rather watch Jacob battle?”
The small fox pointed towards Izy, Anna nodding as she decided to partake in the contest as well. After her first one, she found contests quite enjoyable.
Jacob entered the gym and found himself in what looked like a processing plant. At that moment, a young woman entered the room carrying a wrench and wiping sweat off her forehead, her worker clothes covered in oil.
“I tell you, this town wouldn't have electricity without me,” she sighed to herself before noticing a boy standing there and asked, “Are you here for the gym battle?”
Jacob blinked and replied, “Yes, I am. What were you doing in that other room?”
“Sorry,” the woman replied, “My name's Marcy and I'm not just the Haruka gym leader but the one who runs the city's electricity. It's my job to make sure everyone has power.”
She then proceeded to raise her wrench in the air while posing heroically and stated, “I am the working light bulb that brightens up your home! I am the socket that makes your power chords work! I am Dark…”
Jacob just stared at her like she was crazy, Marcy realizing that she'd gotten ahead of herself and smiled nervously, letting down a sweat drop. After getting things sorted out, the battle was finally ready to begin as the girl sent out her first Pokemon, a small yellow rat known as Pikachu.
Jacob hadn't expected such a simple starting Pokemon, but then he remembered Jonathan's Ledyba and realized that this wasn't to be taken lightly. Marcy may have been weird, but she was also a gym leader. Jacob could not take her lightly.
Now what was the best thing to use against an electric type? Well, Jacob didn't have any rock or steel types, but he did have a plant type.
“Go, Cacnea!” he shouted hurling a Pokeball into the battle area as the cactus Pokemon stood tall and proud, and now the battle was underway and was sure to be intense.