Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Master Plan Revealed ( Chapter 21 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
Before we go back to our main character, let's see where Aragon went, shall we? He'd been called away for a very important meeting and if he didn't show up it could have very well cost him his position as gym leader.
`I can't believe someone caught that Electrike,' he thought as he was only minutes from a small house in a mountain region, `When we injected that thing with Pichu DNA and saw it actually gain one of its best attacks, we were thrilled. Then it escaped the lab somehow. I never thought I'd see it again.'
The landed was perfect as Aragon hopped off of Pidgeot's back returning her to her Pokeball saying, “Thanks, good friend, but now it's time you got some rest.”
As soon as he entered, his jaw dropped as he let down a sweat drop for the others had already shown up before him. Four of the people who showed up were Sarah, Jonathan, Derk and Marcy, but there was another there that hasn't been introduced yet. She had snow white hair and a rather gothic selection of clothing and her name was Veronica.
“How did you guys show up before I did!?” Aragon spat as Veronica rolled her eyes replying, “You took the long way again, you idiot. For god's sake, you fly here yet you don't take good advantage of that.”
Aragon's jaw and eyes were twitching and he was about to retaliate to that statement when the door to the only other room in this small house opened up, a young man with short silver hair and a business suit approaching. He bowed to the six gym leaders and took a seat in front of them, silent for a little while.
The others stared at him waiting for what he had to say as he glanced at the group asking, “Well, aren't you going to ask why I've called you here?”
The gym leaders all fell back in their seats in response to this and got up rubbing their tender spots. As soon as they sat down, Sarah simply sighed, “Kevin, you have to stop doing that.”
“Stop doing what?” the man known as Kevin replied as the girl sighed, “Never mind.”
“So why did you call us here?” Derk asked as Kevin nodded and turned to Jonathan saying, “Wipe off that silly grin of yours. It's creepy.”
Jonathan looked down, his creepy smile still on his face as he said, “I can't help what I am.”
Kevin slapped his forehead. He'd forgotten that smile never left. He grumbled a bunch of curses to himself before Marcy banged a wrench against his head bringing him back to reality.
“Sorry, guilt trip,” he said as the others twitched, growing really impatient at this point.
Finally, Kevin cleared his throat and said, “It's time you guys know what's going on. Regretfully, the eighth gym leader, Clarissa, could not be here. She's out on a very important investigation. However, I have sent her a letter about this most pressing matter.”
Upon hearing those last two words, the gym leaders started to grow concerned. What was this `pressing matter' he spoke of? Did it involve Team Advent?
“Here to help me explain the situation is a very special guest,” Kevin said as Aragon's eyes widened, the boy slamming his hands into the table and snapping, “KEVIN, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO LET OUTSIDERS IN HERE!!!! WASN'T THAT YOUR RULE!!!!??”
Kevin nodded and remarked, “I made it, I can break it,” and that shut the bird trainer up for good while the leader turned to the door he'd entered from and said, “You can come out now.”
The gym leaders all stared in absolute shock when a ghost-like Pokemon entered the room. Kevin pointed to the chair that was originally to be filled by the gym leader named Clarissa and the Pokemon shook his head acknowledging the fact that he was unable to sit.
“Is that Darkrai?” Marcy asked with sparkling eyes as Kevin nodded his head replying, “Darkrai is an old friend of mine. We met a few years ago under rather unfortunate circumstances, but these very circumstances helped develop a good friendship between us.”
Darkrai nodded as the others were simply amazed. The ghost-like being immediately went to the point as he said, “We are in a time of crisis! Team Advent has captured Palkia and Dialga!”
This was certainly an alarming thing to hear. But when Dialga explained that the two were under Team Advent's control, this caused a serious panic throughout the room. There was just no way this could be possible.
“Are we doomed?” Veronica asked as Kevin shook his head saying, “That jerk Varen's plan isn't going to work until he has control over each and every legendary Pokemon in the continent. Once that's done, he'll use their power to summon Giratina from the prison the two dragons locked him in years ago.”
“We have to stop him!” Aragon shouted rising up from his seat as Kevin signaled him to sit back down saying, “Don't worry, we will in due time, but we can't just rush into his base and expect him to go down so easily.”
Kevin walked into the back room for a few minutes while the others were silent. They were about to object to all of this when Darkrai gave them a look that told them not to worry.
After a minute or so, Kevin walked out holding a master ball, the others in shock. They'd heard rumors that Kevin had a rare Pokemon sealed up in a master ball but never truly believed it until now.
Kevin handed it over to Darkrai and explained, “Here's the plan. Darkrai is going to gather all of the others along with my most powerful Pokemon. See, I can only assume that if we launched an attack, Varen would send out Palkia and Dialga to attack us. We know very well that we cannot take them and Team Advent at once, so Darkrai has agreed to face the two dragons along with the other legends.”
“I see,” Veronica replied, “And while that goes on, we storm the Team Advent headquarters, right?”
Kevin nodded and the plan was clear. The man looked out the window and sighed, “This is a big risk we're taking, but if we wait any longer, it could very well get worse. It's best that we take down Team Advent now before it's too late.”
And so the plan was clear. It was a fairly complex one, but it made sense. There was no way Team Advent could prepare for this. They never would have expected that the gym leaders would even know of this recent action of theirs.
Meanwhile, Donavan and Jenna were face-to-face with a very powerful sea serpent-like Pokemon called Gyarados. It was said to be one of the most powerful water type Pokemon in the world, so the duo had to get it for their boss.
Unfortunately for them, their Pokemon weren't doing all too well. All had taken in heavy damage from the serpent's hydro pump.
“Well, this blows,” Donavan groaned as Jenna sighed, “I guess we're just going to lose another target.”
But that moment of doubt turned to one of hope for the two as something started to come over Rhydon and Dragonair. Could it be that they were evolving into their final forms?
Dragonair's body transformed entirely into that of a tough dragon with yellow skin. She now had arms and legs along with strong wings and a horn atop her head. She had become Dragonite.
Rhydon's body became a bit bigger, his tail rounder and his skin darker. He also had what looked like red armor around his head and chest and what looked like two cutters coming out of his arms. Rhydon had evolved into Rhyperior. (BTW, I am well aware that can't just happen naturally)
Jenna and Donavan let down tears of happiness as the two went in to teach Gyarados a lesson, allowing the duo to capture it. The Team Advent members were so proud of their allies they didn't even care that they'd just captured a powerful Pokemon.
Meanwhile, Jacob, Anna, Lucario and Izy were all headed to the next town, Jadetown, unaware that the gym leader here was off on important business. During this time, the group hadn't realized that they were being watched. Not by the obvious suspects but rather a much more qualified member of Team Advent, namely Perona.
`I don't understand,' she thought as she looked back to earlier this day.
She had been called down to Varen's office where the man told her of how he'd gained control of Palkia and Dialga. Of course, Perona was thrilled to hear this, but what he said next was shocking.
He showed the woman a photo of a young girl with green hair. How he managed to get that was beyond her knowledge, but she did recognize the figure in the photo as the girl traveling alongside Jacob and Izy.
“I want you to get me this girl,” he said, “Don't fail me.”
Perona grinned wickedly as she pulled out a gun firing a beam that hit Anna in the back. The girl's usual calm smile turned to a look of shock as she fell to the ground, unable to move.
“WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!!!!??” Jacob spat as Izy looked up towards the source, scowling.
Jacob saw what she was looking at and grimaced. He recognized Perona's face anywhere. She was the one who single-handedly defeated his entire team with only one Pokemon.
Lucario growled angrily as the girl leapt down from the tree saying, “I'd love to stay and chat, but I only need the girl,” firing beams at the two other teens. Like Anna, they were unable to dodge it and fell to the ground.
Perona picked up Anna and held her over her shoulders while Jacob shouted, “YOU GIVE HER BACK!!!!!” trying his hardest to move his body. Even Lucario was unable to move as the woman just laughed, “Try as you might, you can't move for another ten minutes. That's the power of my stun gun.”
Izy and Jacob just lay there, eyes wide open and jaws dropped while Lucario let down tears. Perona had completely shown up out of nowhere and kidnapped their friend. Team Advent had gone too far now.
Izy breathed heavily as Jacob looked at her with concern. He knew how strong her grudge against the organization was. But she wasn't the only one angry right now. Anna was Jacob's friend too.
“Forget what Darkrai said,” he stated as Izy's look of anger turned to shock.
“What do you mean?” she remarked as Jacob turned to her with a serious look and saying, “Come on, I know you're thinking the same thing. Darkrai may have told us not to get involved until it was necessary, but now those jerks have gone too far! We're going to break into their headquarters and get Anna back!”
Izy's eyes went wide as a smile crossed her face. It was good to know that Jacob had the same idea as her. That way, no one could stand in her way. Jacob was a very good friend in her mind.
But there was just one problem. The teens had no idea where Team Advent's headquarters were. How were they going to find it? This was quite a predicament.
Speaking of Team Advent's headquarters, the gym leaders were there right now hiding behind a bush atop a hill just outside of the dirty city the criminals ruled over. Kevin was discussing the strategy that would be used.
“So we're all clear on the plan, right?” he asked as Aragon nodded replying, “I especially like that we're going to be splitting up for this.”
“Yes,” Kevin replied, “you'll be splitting up into teams of two.”
Aragon let out a groan as he remarked, “You know I work better alone!”
“BS!” Sarah snapped, “We all know you just love to show off in front of others!”
“DON'T START WITH ME!” Aragon snapped as Kevin shushed them stating, “You guys better get along. I'm pairing you two up,” the two gym leaders letting down light tears of disappointment.
But before they could plan any further, they noticed a Garchomp flying towards the base. They ducked down so not to be seen as the dragon flew over them.
Sarah's eyes widened when she saw a woman riding atop it with a familiar young girl in her arms. She got up with fury in her eyes shouting, “THAT WITCH HAS MY SISTER!!!!”
“Calm down,” Kevin said, grabbing onto her shoulder and stopping her, “We're sorry this had to happen, but we can't let little events like these ruin our plan. Besides, everyone help captive will be free when this all comes together, so don't be alarmed.”
Sarah nodded with her look of fury refusing to leave her face, sitting down and taking a sigh to calm her nerves. She looked up with worry in her eyes and thought, `Don't worry, Anna. I'll save you from their evil clutches.'
Perona entered Varen's office with the young girl in her arms as Anna had just woken up. Her eyes went wide as a rare occurrence was happening: the girl was afraid.
Varen got up from his seat with a smile and open arms saying, “Hello, Anna. I haven't seen you since you were just six years old.”
Anna trembled, not knowing what the man meant, and she didn't trust him either. She may not have met him before, but seeing his office and how Perona had taken her to him and no one else, she figured that this man must have been Team Advent's leader. But what did he want with her?