Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ A Mysterious Man ( Chapter 39 )

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Pokemon Quest
After an hour, the entire stadium was filled to the brim with spectators, all looking forward to the many battles that would ensue. Professor Moro and a young attractive nurse next to him stood up on a stage, tall and proud, while the floor of the stadium opened up revealing a battlefield. It mostly consisted of brown soil and had white paint that formed the shape of a Pokeball in the middle. There was also a large white line spread out across the halfway point. This was meant to represent the sides the trainers were to stand on.
“Welcome to our stadium, one and all!” Moro shouted as the crowd applauded. Izy and Anna were, of course, in the front row awaiting Jacob's battle. The audience had no idea what the lineup was, so the girls had no idea which opponent Jacob would face first let alone which battle he would be in.
“I am Professor Moro!” the young professor stated as the young nurse next to him weakly held up her microphone, let out a yawn and said unenthusiastically, “I'm Nurse Boredom. Thank you all for coming.”
Moro slapped his forehead as he thought, `Why couldn't Nurse Excitement have come instead? I'd even take Nurse freaking Anger over Nurse Boredom!'
Moro saw that he was starting to lose the audience and quickly held up his microphone shouting, “We are about to witness a very exciting event, folks! We are going to see various battles between the top trainers in the region! They have all defeated eight gym leaders and have proven their worth in this tournament!”
“WOULD YOU JUST GET TO THE BATTLES ALREADY!!!??” shouted one obnoxious audience member while others nodded and started shouting at Moro who trembled, sweating nervously until a voice shouted, “SHUT UP AND LET THE MAN SPEAK!!!”
Many were shocked when they turned their heads to the voice and saw that it belonged to Kevin, the head gym leader in the region. Sitting near him were all of the other gym leaders. Their presence alone struck a strange fear into the majority of the audience members and this managed to quiet them down.
Moro sighed, wiping the sweat off of his forehead as he said, “Without further ado, let's get the first battle started.”
Nurse Boredom rose her arm up unenthusiastically letting out a weak, “Woohoo…” while the audience cheered, clearly more excited than the nurse was.
Jacob's mother sat in front of the TV and sighed. She knew her son would be battling soon and all she could was pray that one of the opponent's Pokemon didn't hurt him.
Izy was quite excited to see Jacob enter the battlefield, however, she was disappointed when two complete strangers entered, each coming in from a different side of the stadium. She sighed, knowing that she had gotten her hopes a little too high, especially with 62 contestants in the tournament. The odds of Jacob partaking in the first battle was 32 to 1.
The contestant to emerge on the right end of the battlefield was a mysterious man wearing black leather and a hat that covered most of his face. With his hands in his pockets, he simply went under the name Sampson. The trainer on the left side was a younger boy with yellow hair and a taste for green clothing named Archie. Surprisingly, the kid seemed to have quite a following as the crowd broke out into cheers.
“Thank you, everyone,” Archie said while blowing kisses to his public, “I knew having my battles filmed worldwide on the news network would pay off.”
“I feel out of the loop,” Izy said, scratching her head, “Who is this guy?”
“That's Archie,” Anna replied, “He has a reputation for defeating all gym leaders without his Pokemon ever taking in damage.”
Izy felt concerned upon hearing this. If this boy was really as good as Anna said he was, Jacob would have a hard time if he had to face him.
Sampson sighed and pulled a Pokeball out of his pocket as his opponent laughed, “So you're not even gonna talk to me!? I didn't realize I was THAT intimidating!”
Sampson frowned and hurled his Pokeball into the battlefield. The crowd's eyes went wide when quite possibly one of the strangest-looking Pokemon emerged from the ball. Not many had seen such a creature before. Its lower body looked like a small stone pedestal while its upper body was made of dark energy. It had two creepy green eyeballs, one with a swirling eye, and the inside of its mouth was also green. Surrounding its face was a ring made up of green circles, some big with yellow dots in the middle.
“What is that supposed to be?” Izy asked, feeling a tad frightened by its appearance as Anna tilted her head to the side saying, “I have no idea.”
This was certainly a bad sign. If Anna didn't know, then perhaps Sampson was the only one who did.
“That doesn't scare me,” Archie said with confidence while winking to his screaming fan girls, “That's clearly a ghost type, therefore it must be weak against psychic attacks.”
And with that, the boy summoned Kadabra to the battlefield. Kadabra was an odd creature with bit of a squirrel-like body, including a large tail, a mustache and a spoon in his right hand.
To some, this was both stupid and smart. While ghost types were generally weak against psychic attacks, psychic types were weak against ghost attacks. It didn't matter to Archie. His intention was to hit first and hard.
“KADABRA, USE PSYBEAM!!!” the boy shouted as the Pokemon sent a beam from his spoon into the opponent's face. The crowd gasped when Sampson's Pokemon seemed to absorb the psychic energy like it was nothing.
“My partner is immune to psychic attacks,” the man stated as the crowd gasped, not only at the fact that a ghost type was immune to psychic attacks but the fact that Sampson could actually speak.
The man said no more as he pointed towards Kadabra, his Pokemon grinning wickedly while a dark fist made of energy appeared next to him. The fist proceeded to ram hard into Kadabra, knocking the creature out cold while the crowd gasped. Archie's Pokemon had never taken in damage before, so this was a real shock, let alone the fact that Kadabra had been beaten with one Sucker Punch.
Archie returned his ally and gritted his teeth, finally losing his temper as he shouted, “YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ONE OF THE GREAT ARCHIE'S POKEMON IN BATTLE!!!?? THINK AGAIN!!!!”
Archie's fans started cheering again, knowing that such a great trainer wouldn't allow such a thing to happen again, but unfortunately, the boy's last two Pokemon were defeated more easily than his Kadabra had been. The boy had, after all, made some rather dumb moves back there.
Assuming that Sampson's Pokemon wasn't really a ghost type, he sent out a fighting type known as Hariyama, whose attacks were completely ineffective against this opponent. He'd also tried his luck with a Fearow, and while certainly a better choice than his first two, the bird had also gone down.
“I heard of how you never allowed your Pokemon to take in damage during battles before,” Sampson said with a sigh, “Now I realize what your secret was. You focused too hard on building up your Pokemon's speed and strength but failed to realize that defensive properties are also important.”
Archie gasped in response to that. When the crowd saw the look on his face, they realized that Sampson's assumption was right. Archie wasn't the great trainer everyone thought he was. He was but a mere coward who had been unprepared for the day his Pokemon would finally take in damage.
Sampson returned his partner and glared at Archie saying, “By the way, the reason I didn't talk to you until now is because I don't like talking to idiots during a battle.”
The crowd gasped as Archie fell on his hands and knees, letting down tears. It was embarrassing, but he knew that Sampson was right.
“Some champion,” Izy said with a sigh as Anna glared at Sampson, another of her rarely seen looks and thought, `Something doesn't feel right about that guy.'
After another eight battles, it was finally time for Jacob to step up. Izy and Anna cheered wildly for Jacob while the some other audience members clapped. Some recognized Jacob as the hero who defeated Miles and stopped a horrible crime from taking place. He was, after all, interviewed after that by a news team.
When Jenna entered on the opposite end, Anna and Izy's jaws dropped. Not only were they surprised to see Jenna battling in the Ultimate Pokemon challenge, the two had never really considered her strong enough to defeat even so much as one gym leader.
“I don't know how you managed to make it this far in such a short time,” Jacob said, “but this is going to end like it always does. You're going to lose.”
“You would think so, wouldn't you?” Jenna remarked, “but I'm afraid I have gotten much better since last time. Besides, every time you won over me, it was with that girl's help.”
That was true for the most part. Usually, it was Jacob facing Donavan and Izy against Jenna. Sure, he'd had his Lucario go up against Jenna's Dragonite before, but Izy had one of her Pokemon handle Purugly.
Nevertheless, he still viewed Jenna as a waste of time to face in battle. Even without Lucario's powers, the boy was sure he would win.
Jacob turned to Lucario and said, “Don't worry, Lucario, I won't leave you out of this.”
Jacob's first Pokemon was Manectric. Jenna grinned wickedly and said, “That's a good first choice, but I'm afraid you could have chosen better.”
Jenna hurled her own Pokeball into the battlefield as a very odd-looking Pokemon appeared. Izy, Anna and Jacob were all shocked to see this Pokemon. It may have looked like three Pokemon, but it counted as one. All three parts were similar to moles with big red noses and each part was a different size, much like a parent, a teenager and a kid. The mole in the middle was big, the one to the left was slightly smaller and the one on the right was the smallest of all. Jenna had just sent out a Dugtrio.
This wasn't good at all. Not only were Dugtrio fast Pokemon with amazing digging abilities, but they were also ground types. This meant that Manectric's electric attacks would do nothing.
“USE BITE!!!” Jacob shouted as Manectric charged towards his opponent only for Dugtrio to sink into the ground. This was its trademark Dig attack.
Manectric looked back and forth in confusion, both he and Jacob wondering where the mole trio would appear next. Jacob had made a horrible first choice, and according to the rules, he couldn't substitute Pokemon until a whole minute was up.
Jenna laughed maniacally and exclaimed, “THIS IS PAYBACK FOR ALL THE TIMES YOU HUMILIATED ME!!!” as Dugtrio rose up from underneath Manectric, ramming his heads hard into the wolf's chin.
Manectric stumbled back a bit, but regained focus as Jacob bit his lip. He needed to plan this better. Dugtrio was too fast and smart to succumb to a forward assault. How was Manectric to defeat such an opponent?
Before he could think this through, Jenna shouted a command as Dugtrio sunk under the ground again. She was going with Dig again? This was not a good sign. How was Manectric to dodge this?
“I can't believe what I'm seeing,” Izy said, “It looks like Jenna might actually beat Jacob.”
Anna had her warm smile on and replied, “It's okay. Jacob will know what to do soon enough.”
As predicted, Jacob did indeed come up with a plan at that very moment. He grinned before putting on a scared expression and said, “Wow, Jenna, you really showed me just how good you truly are. I don't even feel the need to give commands.”
Jenna smiled with confidence, Donavan cheering from the crowd as Jacob winked at Manectric, who understood perfectly. Manectric put on the same helpless look that Jacob had as the crowd gasped. Was Jacob really going to let himself lose?
But unbeknownst to them, Manectric and Jacob were keeping quiet for a reason. Manectric had his eyes closed but his ears were on high alert. He heard a rumbling sound coming right behind him as he leapt into the air the second Dugtrio lifted his heads up from under the ground.
The crowd cheered wildly as Jenna's eyes went wide, Jacob shouting, “USE FIRE FANG!!!” as Manectric aimed his body downward towards Dugtrio before jamming his fangs into the mole's biggest head. Fire emitted from his fangs and surrounded Dugtrio's body as the mole trio cried in pain, Jenna returning him immediately and sighing, “That could have gone better.”
The crowd cheered, but Jacob knew not to let this go to his head. This battle was far from over.