Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Sampson vs. Russel ( Chapter 47 )

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Pokemon Quest
The crowd had to admit, they were once again in shock. Someone was actually matching blows with Sampson. Weavile sat on the ground, back against the large rock she'd been slammed into as Golbat flew towards her before latching his sharp fangs onto her face.
Blood trickled down the Pokemon's chin and forehead as Weavile groaned in pain, but suddenly, the pain she had taken in earlier seemed to become null and void. She growled, ignoring all of it while placing her hands against Golbat's body, prying it off of her before delivering a fierce uppercut to his chin.
This was her Revenge attack, and while it was true that fighting type moves did very little to flying types, its power did increase ten-fold when the user was attacked prior to its use. But that didn't seem to mean much as Russel placed his hands against his side and had a boastful smile.
Sampson glared at this as the obnoxious trainer gave a 'Gotcha' look saying, “That attack Golbat used earlier was Poison Fang. That Weavile of yours will now take in damage every time she moves.”
Weavile growled, but Sampson had a look of confidence. It was as if a poison effect meant nothing to him. Unfortunately, that look of confidence turned to one of irritation when Golbat opened his mouth unleashing an onslaught of sound waves.
“You didn't think that was it, did you?” Russel asked with a grin as Weavile was caught in the sound waves, her eyes starting to swirl, “That was my Golbat's Supersonic. That means your Weavile is now confused.”
Golbat proceeded to unleash an even louder sound hitting Weavile dead-on as Sampson gritted his teeth in frustration. This was known as Screech and what this did was lower the opponent's defense. Now Weavile was at a big disadvantage.
“Now let's try a nice Air Slash, shall we, Golbat?” Russel stated as the bat nodded and soared towards Weavile, but Sampson was not going to make it that easy for the smart-alek facing him.
He simply gave Weavile a specific look at the cat-like creature nodded, raising her claws for a scratch attack, waiting for Golbat to get as close in range as possible. However, Golbat was only mere seconds away when Weavile turned her claw around and jammed it into her shoulder, causing herself to bleed more as she cried out in pain.
The crowd couldn't believe what they were seeing. As Golbat's Air Slash hit Weavile hard, Sampson lost his cool and for the first time in a battle actually looked frightened. His eyes were wide open, his body trembling and his eyebrows lowering to the side closest to his ears. For the first time ever, Sampson had lost his confidence in my Pokemon.
Anna and Izy both stared at this, jaws dropped as Izy asked, “Is that the same Sampson we've become used to seeing?”
She was quite surprised to see that Anna had a smile on her face. The girl simply chuckled and said, “Sampson's going to get it.”
Izy's eyes went wide at the sound of that. It wasn't all too often that Anna predicted the outcome of a battle, but when she did, it always came true. Was Sampson actually going to lose? This was a sight Izy wanted to see.
Despite the horrible beating, Weavile was still able to move, but just barely as Golbat soared in for another Air Slash. Sampson bit his lip and pulled out a Pokeball much to everyone's surprise and shouted, “WEAVILE, RETURN!!!!”
However, Golbat's eyes glowed before the beam from the ball could hit. As such, the beam was deflected back. This wasn't good. Everyone recognized that as Mean Look, a move that prevented a trainer from returning Pokemon until the battle was officially over.
Despite this, Weavile didn't feel nearly as worried as her master did. She was still able to stand tall as Golbat came closer and closer to her, his wing out and ready to strike.
However, the audience and Russel were in shock when Weavile managed to fight through her confusion, snapping completely out of it while her claws became a bright silver color. They proceeded to ram hard into the incoming wing and both attacks collided.
The crowd watched in silence as Weavile's Metal Claw and Golbat's Air Slash fought with one-another. It was a test of strength, claws against wing. Who would come out the victor of this standoff?
Russel's eyes went wide when he saw Weavile's claws going farther inward, blood coming from Golbat's wing. However, Golbat ignored this as he soared straight past Weavile. However, his wing she not his her like many predicted it would. Instead, Weavile came out completely unharmed while Golbat lost his balance and tumbled into a rock.
All was silent as Russel's eyes were wide and twitching. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, but for some reason, there was a bloody wing lying on the ground right in front of Weavile, the cat-like Pokemon's claws drenched in the red liquid.
Soon, all became clear when Golbat lay unconscious, his wing no longer attached to his body and a bit of blood coming out of the side of him. Russel fell on his knees, trembling with fear as Anna had a shocked expression in her eyes, a look no one was used to seeing from her.
'Her prediction didn't come true,' Izy thought, 'How is that possible?'
All was silent in the crowd as even Sampson himself was in shock. He didn't want for things to get this out of hand.
“Weavile...” he said slowly, “you didn't kill that Golbat, did you, because we'll be disqualified if you did.”
Weavile was unable to respond as her poison finally got the better of her and she passed out. Maybe this was what Anna meant when she said Sampson was going to get it.
Of course, no one could just assume Golbat was dead, so Nurse Boredom leapt out of the stands in an over-dramatic fashion while Moro rolled his eyes, no longer feeling the need to question this. The nurse approached Golbat and held his up, the bat breathing at a normal rate as Boredom let out a sigh.
“He's okay, everyone,” she said as the crowd let out a sigh of relief, “He's just lost his wing, but he's not dead. However, I wouldn't recommend using him in any more battles until his wing grows back.”
She then performing a flip back into her seat before resuming her unenthusiastic composure, Moro mumbling curses under his breath. Russel sighed with relief before returning his Golbat and placed the ball back in his pocket saying, “Well, now that that's settled, I still have a battle to win.”
Sampson's look of worry was also gone as the battle resumed. Anna's prediction still had a chance to come true.
The arena opened up, replacing the Earth theme with a fire theme, the whole area covered in molten rock, artificial magma rising up from some mini volcanoes. Russel simply let a smug grin cross his face as he said, “This is perfect for me.”
With that, he sent in the large fire dragon, Charizard. Once again, Russel had made a choice that gave him the upper hand. But Sampson was not going to lose this time. As such, he sent in his trusty Absol.
“I'm not so sure about this,” Izy said with a look of doubt, “It looks to me like Sampson might win after all.”
“No,” Anna said shaking her head, “I can tell that he has no intention of using that mystery Pokemon of his, and without that, he can't win.”
Izy had to admit that was fairly good logic. It was still creepy that Anna knew these things, but to see Sampson lose would have been a treat all the same.
The battle started with Charizard opening his mouth and unleashing a blast of flames known as Flamethrower. Absol simply leapt to the side sent a series of wind blades from the Scythe on the side of his head. Charizard dodged to the side, but due to his slowness on the ground, he was unable to avoid taking in damage to his shoulder.
Russel scowled and said, “Not bad, but my Charizard can fly circles around your Absol. Charizard, take to the skies.”
That said, the dragon flew up into the air. Due to the hot environment, his fire attacks would be stronger, so Sampson needed to ensure that Absol wouldn't get hit.
However, things were looking uncertain when the dragon opened his mouth, unleashing a Smokescreen upon his opponent. Absol was trapped in the cloud of smoke, Charizard opening his mouth and sending a series of flames downward to where his opponent was.
This wasn't just any old fire attack, either. It was Fire Spin. The fire surrounded the smoke and, thanks to the extreme heat, expanded in size while Absol was none-the-wiser, Sampson lowering his eyebrows inward.
“Now fly around the ring of fire, Charizard,” Russel said as the dragon nodded and flew towards the flames, soaring gracefully around it. The breeze emanating from his wings caused the fire ring to start spinning along with the smoke. After a few seconds, the flames grew bigger and closed in on one-another, the smoke only feeding the flames further. Absol still had no idea what was going on thanks to the smoke screen, but that soon changed when the ring of fire caved in covering Absol's entire body, the wolf howling in pain before passing out.
Sampson's eyes went wide as Absol lay on the ground for some time. Had the wolf actually lost? The battle hadn't even lasted two minutes and it was already over. To see this from Sampson was truly a shock to everyone.
'Looks like Anna was right,' Izy thought, 'If he doesn't use that mystery Pokemon of his, there's no way he can win.'
Sampson returned his Absol and looked down thinking, 'This boy may be smug, but he's a genius when it comes to Pokemon battles. I don't stand a chance.'
“You can still win,” came a voice as Sampson looked around, everyone in the arena wondering what he was looking for.
“Are you looking for a way out?” Russel asked as he laughed and said, “You could just give up.”
“Don't give up,” came the voice again as Sampson's eyes went wide, him whispering, “Who are you?”
“I am your partner, Spiritomb,” the voice said as Sampson started to twitch, the voice continuing, “I know you're just looking out for me, but let's face facts. Without me, you can't win.”
Sampson thought he had gone crazy, but the voice was right. Looking at his options now, this seemed like the only logical one.
Sampson slowly pulled out his Pokeball as Anna's eyes went wide. Izy looked over at the girl and asked, “What's wrong?”
“He's going to use it...” Anna said, Izy also shocked. How could Anna have been wrong? When she predicted an outcome, it always happened no matter what.
However, just as Anna had said, Sampson sent in the Pokemon that had struck fear and uncertainty into the eyes of the crowd in all of his battles up to this point. It was the one Pokemon he just couldn't lose with.
When the arena changed into one with clouds and light gusts of wind, Russel simply returned his Charizard and sent in a Honchkrow, Aragon shouting, “HONCHKROWS RULE!!!” Sarah pulling on his ear and forcing him back in his seat.
Once again, Russel had made a good choice. This was a wind Arena. As such, flying based attacks were much more powerful here.
“It looks like I will be the one who single-handedly defeated that overpowered abomination,” the boy said smugly while Sampson took a deep breath. His best bet was to be patient and wait for the right opportunity to strike.
“Honchkrow,” Russel said, “hit that thing with Wing Attack.”
The mystery Pokemon felt more than ready to counter this, but Honchkrow had other plans. The crow simply swooped to the side, quickly getting behind his target and soared toward the mystery Pokemon's back, his wings out.
But Sampson had a look of confidence as if his partner could easily respond to this. The audience gasped when the dark Pokemon's eyes and mouth vanished before appearing on the other side of his body. Some found this pretty cool, but the majority of audience members found it frightening.
Seconds before Honchkrow could land a blow, Russel's eyes went wide as Sampson's partner landed a quick Sucker Punch. While Honchkrow flew back a ways, trying to shake off the pain, the mystery Pokemon's eye started to swirl, a ray of dark energy covering the crow's body. This was confuse ray and it did as the name implied, it confused its opponent.
“That doesn't mean a thing to me,” Russel said with a sigh, “Honchkrow, be a dear and with Dark Pulse.”
However, just before doing so, Honchkrow spun his body around, smacking himself in the face with his own wing. Now it seemed the shoe was on the other foot as the mystery Pokemon used his own Dark Pulse, the large crow Pokemon falling to the ground in defeat.
Sampson sighed with relief, feeling confident once again as Russel shrugged, saying, “Whatever. I still have my Charizard.”
However, those words meant nothing when the arena switched to a water theme. Russel's eyes went wide as he realized how bad this was. Water was a fire type's weakness, and with the water emitting a light mist from it, the damage dealt by fire attacks would be cut in half.
The smug boy simply looked down and sighed, “Alright, Sampson, you win,” the crowd in shock while the boy left the arena, Sampson's victory made official.
Anna looked down as Izy patted the girl on the shoulder saying, “It's okay. You can't always be right.”
'No, this isn't right at all,' Anna thought as he bit her lip, 'That man reversed his fate. He went against the outcome that was supposed to happen. But what was it that changed his mind? What made him choose Spiritomb in the end?'
Now Sampson was an even bigger threat in the girl's eyes than before, and that was saying a lot. It was already difficult trusting the man, but now things had gotten out of hand. Just who was Sampson really? Was he only here for the tournament or did he have other intentions?
Nevertheless, his battle was over and it was time for Jacob to go up against Sally. The crowd cheered while Izy and Anna applauded Jacob, the boy waving at the crowd. Sally also got some cheers from the crowd, but her support wasn't nearly as strong as Jacob's.
“Soon, them fans is gonna be mine,” Sally said to the boy with a grin, “Your days in the spotlight are over, ya hear?”
Jacob rolled his eyes, but was this girl really as easy as she seemed? She had made it this far, after all.