Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Pokemon Quest ❯ Sampson's Dirty Little Secret ( Chapter 52 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Pokemon Quest
How could this have happened? Everything was going so smoothly. This should have been easily prevented, but unfortunately, it had happened.
Sampson just had to face the fact that he had lost the tournament. Jacob had taken his spot in the finals. The boy may even win the gold medal. That is... if there was a gold medal to receive.
'This is nothing more than a minor setback,' the man thought with a grimace as he headed down the hallway, Janette's battle going on during this time. But just what was he planning? Why did Sampson need that gold medal so much?
Sampson's eyes darted back and forth as he noticed a room labeled 'Do not enter'. The man grinned as he pulled out a Pokeball, summoning his Weavile. He gave the cat-like creature a nod as Weavile placed one of her claws through the doorknob's keyhole, turning it while a clicking sound could be heard.
Meanwhile, Jacob waited in front of the hospital area as Nurse Optimism pointed her head out, tears in her eyes as she cried, “Don't you worry! That Lucario of yours will live to fight another day!”
Jacob simply stared at the door, blinking after the woman had closed it and thought, 'That woman has issues.'
At that very moment, Izy and Anna entered the area, Anna embracing the boy and shouting, “JACOB, YOU DID IT!!!!!”
Jacob blinked and strokes the back of the girl's hair, grinning nervously while saying, “Yes, I did do it, didn't I?”
Izy patted the boy on the shoulders saying, “Jacob, you are in the finals! Once you win, you'll be taking home the gold medal, just like you wanted!”
“It's more than just that,” the boy replied as he sat on the bench outside of the hospital adding, “Don't forget about the prize money. Once I win that, I'm gonna give it to Harold so he can pay for his mother's health.”
Izy simply sighed, rolling her eyes. There was something about Jacob's helpful nature that just made him likeable. Of course, winning his final battle wouldn't be easy. He may be facing Janette, and she had a knack for winning even when the odds were completely against her. Jacob needed to be as prepared as he could ever be.
Meanwhile, Sampson had been walking down a long hallway for over three minutes. The man simply frowned as he thought, 'Where the hell is it?'
After another minute of seemingly endless walking, he finally found himself in front of another door. This one didn't have a label on it, but the man knew what it was hiding. He reached for the handle and pulled on it, his eyes widening a bit when the door opened up with ease.
'You'd think they would have locked it first,' the man thought with a grin, 'Oh well, this just makes my job so much easier.'
But when he stepped foot in the other room, his eyes went wide when a piece of the wall opened up, a pie slapping itself hard into his face. Sampson, who would normally keep his cool, was slightly annoyed by that childish joke.
But it didn't end there. Suddenly, a group of rocks shot out of another section of the wall. Sampson barely noticed it in time to duck under it, failing to notice an army of robotic spiders surrounding his feet, binding the feet down with sticky silk.
Sampson's eye started to twitch when a group of built-in flamethrowers pointed out of the wall and released a burst of flames around the area. Sampson leaned back just in time for the flames to miss, a small one grazing his shoes while also burning the silk off. Sampson dared not question the stupidity behind a trap freeing him as he was just glad to be alive right now.
Things got even worse when electricity started to run through the floorboards. Sampson grinned as the answer to this one was obvious, the man leaping while performing a back flip to avoid the electric current. This security system was far too easy for the man to take advantage of. It was actually quite amusing.
Suddenly, 4 scythes flew out of the wall like boomerangs, Sampson barely shifting his head in time to avoid his head being chopped off. Now he had a reason to be scared. These people meant business.
As if that wasn't enough, a strange black fog shot out of a set of a cannons also built into the walls, the man now unable to see anything coming at him. Finally, the room filled up with water as the man struggled to remain balanced, eventually slipping and falling on his back while the water passed through a conveniently-placed drain pipe.
While Sampson lay on the ground, he felt insulted. Was all of that a cruel joke? He also felt a bit mad at himself for actually falling for it.
Nevertheless, it was finally over. The man slowly rose to his feet, shaking off the pain and rubbing the back of his head. Now there was nothing stopping him as he gazed upon the very items placed in this room, the prize medals. There was a bronze medal for third, a silver medal for second and a gold medal for first. All Sampson wanted was the gold medal.
The man slowly approached it, eyes shifting just in case there was another trap. Luckily, nothing happened as he slowly reached for the medal.
“STOP RIGHT THERE!!!” came a voice from behind. Sampson gritted his teeth, turning toward the source seeing that Kevin was standing right there.
“I knew you couldn't be trusted,” Kevin said with a sigh, “but why do you want to steal the gold medal?”
“Are you kidding?” Sampson remarked, “Do you KNOW what this medal is!?”
Kevin folded his arms stating, “As a matter of fact, I do. I was actually hoping you wouldn't.”
Sampson grinned wickedly, a face not often seen from him as he replied, “Oh, so you know how this medal was crafted by Darkrai himself and has the power to resurrect Giratina from the dead and force him to work for whoever uses it.”
“Why wouldn't I?” Kevin remarked, “After all, Darkrai was the one who entrusted it to me.”
Sampson's eyes went wide at the sound of that. Just what was Kevin's connection to Darkrai? But there was a much more important question in mind right now.
“May I ask why?” he asked as Kevin remarked, “I don't follow,” Sampson barking, “You know very well what I mean! Why would you put something like this up as a prize!? Did it never occur to you just how stupid that is!?”
“The thought had crossed my mind,” Kevin stated, “I'm already seeing the downside to it, guys like you trying to steal it and all that. However, there was a reason I chose this particular medal, or better yet, medallion.”
Sampson's eyes narrowed as Kevin started to walk back and forth, his hands behind his back while explaining, “See, I'm going to be moving to another region soon, as such, I have to leave the medal behind, but I don't feel any of the other gym leaders can truly take my place as the guard. As such, I intend to entrust it unto the winner of this tournament, someone who'd never want Giratina to return and will defend it just as well as I could.”
“What made you honestly believe that was a good idea?” Sampson remarked as Kevin chuckled and said, “You could call it a gut feeling if you want.”
At that moment, Kevin whipped out his two Pokeballs, Sampson quickly doing the same, summoning his Spiritomb at the same time Kevin's legends appeared, Mew and Mewtwo. All Sampson could do was laugh wickedly at this while Kevin narrowed his eyes.
“How stupid do you have to be to pit those two up against my Spiritomb?” he asked while still laughing, “You and I both know those two can't do a thing to my Spiritomb!”
“Of course,” Kevin replied while lowering his head, “You're right. They can't do anything to Spiritomb...”
Sampson grinned and was ready to grab the medal when Kevin lifted his head up shouting, “IT'S NOT YOUR SPIRITOMB THEY'RE TARGETTING!!!! NOW!!!!”
Sampson's eyes went wide as Mew and Mewtwo each fired and aura sphere towards the spirit's keystone. But seconds before the orbs landed, Spiritomb lowered his energy-made body, absorbing the shots.
“You forget that my partner's linked to the keystone,” the boy said with a grin, “You also seem to have forgotten that he can defend himself without my command. You were smart to attack the keystone, but it means nothing if you can't hit it!”
Kevin gritted his teeth in frustration. How could he fall for such an obvious trick? But perhaps it wasn't all hopeless. What about close-range attacks? Each time those got close enough to Spiritomb, the Pokemon was unable to do a thing about them.
He gave the two legends a serious look, nodding his head while Spiritomb prepared his Ominous Wind. Being a ghost type attack, it had a big advantage against them, so it was crucial that the attack wouldn't hit them.
Mew and Mewtwo looked at one-another, nodding their heads as they split up mere seconds before Ominous Wind could hit them. Sampson's eyes went wide as Mewtwo fired another Aura Sphere towards the keystone. While Spiritomb absorbed the incoming attack, Mew flew right behind him, fist glowing for a Mega Punch when he came to a halt.
Mew's hand stopped glow as a shadow had appeared behind him, holding onto that very arm. Then with a swift movement of the hand, Mew found himself thrown into the wall. So much for Kevin's sneak attack.
“I have to admit, that was a pretty genius tactic,” Sampson said with a shrug, “It's gonna be hard to top that, isn't it?”
Kevin gritted his teeth in fury. As much as he hated to admit it, Sampson was right. What else could he do? Seeing this, both Mew and Mewtwo started to worry. But soon, Mewtwo's worried look turned to one of confidence.
The legend turned to Mew and nodded at the cat-like creature, who took a while to realize what Mewtwo meant but soon returned the nod. Both Kevin and Sampson were confused, but Spiritomb was not willing to wait for them to attempt another tactic.
The spirit formed fist of dark energy, launching it towards the two as the legends easily dodged it. Mew sent an array of Aura Spheres towards Spiritomb who simply absorbed each one. It would take a lot more than that to stop him. However, Mew was preparing an attack of his own from behind. Spiritomb grew tired of Mewtwo's efforts to distract him as he hit the legend with ominous wind, Mewtwo's back hitting the wall hard.
However, Mew was just about to unleash his attack as Spiritomb turned his attention back towards the cat creature, but much to his shock, an onslaught of stones came at him. This was known as Ancient Power, and being a rock type attack, it actually had an effect against the spirit.
Sampson's eyes were wide as Kevin laughed triumphantly saying, “Excellent thinking, boys!” the rocks hitting Spiritomb hard in the face, the spirit crying out in pain while Mewtwo recovered from the earlier attack, rushing towards the keystone, Mew doing the same.
Sampson covered his eyes, unable to watch, but after a few seconds, he didn't hear anything. He had expected to at least hear the sound of rock shattering.
When he uncovered his eyes, he noticed Kevin's jaw dropped and soon noticed the reason. Two shadows had grabbed hold of the legendary duo, trapping them in place.
“Spiritomb...” he said with a wicked grin, “You actually managed to use a double shadow sneak. I didn't think you could.”
When Mew and Mewtwo were each tossed into the wall, Kevin knew it was over. Their most fool-proof strategy had failed them. How could they possibly stop Sampson's Spiritomb now?
But as all seemed lost, no one in the room noticed a rock flying straight for the keystone. When Spiritomb saw it flying towards him, it was too late. The rock covered the keystone, crushing it under its weight as the spirit cried out in pain, his body vanishing in mere seconds.
Sampson's eyes went wide as he fell on his hands and knees, eyes and mouth twitching. Kevin looked over at him and realized the man was in a state of shock. After all, his best Pokemon had just died right in front of his face.
But where had the rock come from? The gym leader turned his gaze toward the entrance, his eyes widening when he saw Sarah standing there with her Golem by her side.
“I figured you could use some help,” the girl said with a grin, “I would have helped out sooner, but Golem needed a rock that he could use Rock Throw with.”
Kevin smiled and chuckled, shaking his head saying, “I can't thank you enough, Sarah.”
The woman ran over to Kevin while he returned his legends and said, “I'm sorry for doubting you, Kevin. You were right. Sampson did have bad intentions.”
“It's okay, don't you dare apologize to me,” Kevin remarked with a grin, “How were you supposed to know? It's not like anyone else saw it coming. Even I was beginning to doubt it.”
Now one question remained: What were they going to do with Sampson? The man was still in shock, unable to move from his spot, so the two shrugged and decided to hall him off to the police station, but all the while, they agreed not to breathe a word of this to anyone else. If they found out, they could very well get the same idea Sampson did.
As expected, Janette won her semi-final battle with ease while the crowd cheered. But rather than staying to give her opponent some spirit or cheering up like she usually did, she immediately left the arena. But why?
All the while, Jacob was busy training his Pokemon for the final battle when a hand tapped him on the shoulder. He slowly turned to the source and was shocked to see Janette standing right in front of him.
“Hello, Jacob,” she said with a bow as the boy grinned nervously saying, “Uh... hi...”
And so, the girl and Jacob sat down after the boy returned his Pokemon. Janette was silent for a few seconds before she opened her mouth letting out the words, “I'm your last opponent.”
Jacob sat there silent for a few seconds. While this was a surprise, it wasn't a big one. In a way, he had pretty much expected this.
“I just wanted to wish you the best of luck tomorrow,” the girl said with a smile as Jacob sighed saying, “You too, Janette. Don't you dare go easy on me.”
The two shared a quick laugh after that line before Janette headed off to prepare herself. Jacob needed to stay focused. Sure, the girl who had gotten him out of a tight spot was his last opponent, but so what? He'd worked hard to get this far and there was no way he would throw it all away now. He was determined to win at all cost.
As he sent out his Pokemon once more to continue their training, Izy and Anna entered the area. Izy walked over the boy and said, “Hey, Jacob, your final opponent is Janette.”
“I know,” Jacob said with a grin, “That's why I'm training extra hard.”
“That's good, I guess...” Izy said as Anna smiled in understanding, exiting the area.
Jacob turned to his friend with a look of worry and asked, “What's wrong, Izy?”
Izy simply blinked and looked down while saying, “Nothing's wrong. Why would something be wrong?”
Jacob sighed, sitting beside her and said, “I'd just like to thank you, Izy.”
The girl looked at the boy with silence as he continued, “You've been nothing but a great friend to me this whole time. You stuck by me even after Team Advent was defeated. To do all that for me... you're a great person.”
Izy blushed a little as she placed a hand on his shoulder saying, “I know you're going to beat Janette tomorrow. I just know it.”
And so, the two shared a quiet moment together. Izy wanted so desperately to tell Jacob her feelings right now. This was the perfect environment. They were alone, the scenery was beautiful... and yet, she just couldn't bring herself to tell him yet. For one thing, telling him now could throw him off-guard and hinder his performance in the finals. Secondly, Lucario was there, but it wasn't like he would interfere. But most importantly, she didn't feel it was time.
Soon enough, night came and everyone was fast asleep. Tomorrow was a big day for everyone. Jacob and Lucario both needed to be well rested for this event.