Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ The Champion's Ball ❯ Departures and Arrivals ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1: Departures and Arrivals

Ash leaned against the doorframe watching as Misty and his mom were putting the food on the picnic table. They were having a farewell party for him before he started his next journey to a region called Okinawa. He couldn’t wait for this journey since this would be the first that he would be going on alone with Misty. She decided that she could no longer be cooped up in that gym everyday and decided to follow him to Okinawa. Her Sisters became the gym leaders once again after a grueling training course from Misty. The next day they were to leave. Misty put down the tray of potato salad and looked back at Ash. She caught him staring at her and blushed. Misty walked up to him and asked “Are you sure you have our tickets?” “Yeah. They’re in my backpack’s front pocket.” “Well the food’s all set up, let’s eat.” “Sure.” Ash replied. As they walked to the table and helped themselves to dinner, Mrs. Ketchum watched them and said to herself ‘My little boy is growing up so fast. It seems that just yesterday he got Pikachu and left on his first journey.’.

After eating and cleaning up, as they checked their bags and Ash making sure he had their tickets for the sixth time, at Misty’s insistence, Ash got a phone call. He picked it up and answered “ Ketchum residence. Ash speaking.” “Hey, I was hoping you’d be there!” He immediately recognized the face and voice and answered “Drake! How are you?” “Oh, I’m fine. Are you doing anything in about two weeks?” “ Why, Drake?” “Well, in celebration of the 250 th anniversary of the Orange Cup we’re having a party and as a champion, we want you to come.” “ Well actually, Misty and I are on our way to Okinawa tomorrow.” “Well, that’s no problem. We’re right in between Kanto and Okinawa.” “Really, Let me ask Misty.” Misty hearing the conversation came right over and said “Hi Drake! Sure we’ll come. Our connecting ship is going to be on Pummelo Island anyway.” “It is?” asked Ash. “Yeah. I told you when we bought them. See you Drake!” Misty continued packing as Ash finished his conversation with Drake to get all the details. Afterwards, he joined Misty in his room. After getting everything ready and tucking in Pikachu and Azurill they went to sleep in their usual positions: Misty on his bed, him on the floor.

The next morning, they awoke to the sound of Ash’s alarm. After getting ready, they went downstairs to eat breakfast. Mrs. Ketchum hugged Ash and Misty goodbye and nearly broke down when Misty without realizing it called her ‘Mom’. As she watched them leave, she remembered how excited he was when he got his adult trainer’s license two weeks ago. It was nothing but a laminated piece of paper, but to him it was the world. He wasn’t treated any differently, he was just ‘official’ (As he said.)
She also remembered how happy Misty was to leave the gym behind. Although, she couldn’t help but think Ash had something to do with her decision. Over the years she had watched Misty and Ash grow closer and closer. She hadn’t missed the stares and blushes. They had gotten more frequent as they each matured , especially physically. It had been eight years since they met, Ash’s birthday being the week before. She was brought out of her memories by an arm wrapping around her waist. “Hi Delia. Did they leave already?” “Yeah, Sammy. They left about 10 minutes ago.” “Ready to go to the lab?” Sure. Lead the way.” As Mrs. Ketchum and Professor Oak reached the lab, Ash and Misty reached the pier.

When they were done putting their things in their room, Ash and Misty went to the top deck of the ship. As they watched the ship leave Kanto Harbor and pull into the ocean, Ash turned to Misty and said “ You know what? I think the next time we return here it will be for my mom’s wedding.” “You really think so?” “Yeah. Plus, I saw him pull a ring box out of his desk drawer and when I came in he stuffed it into his drawer really quickly.” “That would be so great for both of them.” After a bit, they ate dinner, went back to their room and played cards while Pikachu and Azurill played ball. After tucking in the Pokemon, they went back up to the top deck. Standing at the railing, they stared at the sea. They saw schools of Magikarp and Seaking. After a while, Misty shivered. As Ash gave her his coat, their fingers touched. They both blushed as Ash held them there a little longer than necessary . Not seeing any rejection from her he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulled her towards him, and rested his cheek on her head. They stood like that until they heard a wail coming from downstairs and Pikachu yelling. The two broke apart hastily, very embarrassed. Misty and Ash returned to the room and after calming down Azurill, who was scared when it woke up and didn’t see Misty, they went to bed their positions reversed from last night, at Misty’s insistence.

They woke up at 8 O’clock the next morning. Misty went for a swim in the pool and then met Ash for breakfast. During breakfast, they talked about the party. She had found out that it would be formal. She watched as Ash told her that she would be there as a representative of the Cerulean Gym and he blushed as he whispered “ Also as my date.” After sitting for a couple of minutes in silence, Misty broke the ice by putting her arm around his shoulders(Making her think about last night.) and saying “I’d love to be your date, Ash.” The rest of the meal was spent talking about Okinawa. As they left the table, the two Pokemon looked at each other and smiled. As Pikachu jumped on Ash’s shoulder, he thought to himself as he looked at Misty ‘I think I may be getting a sister soon.’

The afternoon was spent at the pool. Misty let out her Pokemon, swam with them, and sunbathed. Ash couldn’t keep his eyes off of Misty’s skimpy aqua blue bikini. About an half hour before dinner Misty began to pack up. They got dressed and went to dinner. When they were full, they returned to the room. They played cards once again and after making sure they were completely packed, and tucked in the Pokemon, they once again went to the top deck. They didn’t see any Pokemon that night but they didn’t care. All they could care about was each other. They resumed the position they were in the night before, before Azurill’s cry and watched the ocean. After a couple of hours, not changing their positions, walked back to the room. No words were exchanged for fear it would ruin everything. They changed into pajamas and as Ash went to go to the futon on the floor he was stopped by a hand on his arm. Wordlessly, she pulled him to the bed. They fell asleep holding each other tight.

Ash tried to get up but couldn’t move. He suddenly remembered what happened the night before. He smiled and pulled Misty tighter to him. At the movement, she woke up. “Morning, Ash.” “Morning to you too, Misty. How’d you sleep? “ “ Great.” They got up and got ready. Making one final sweep of the room to make sure they didn’t forget anything, they grabbed their bags and left the room. After breakfast, the boat would be pulling into Pummelo Port. They ate and left the ship.

At the end of the pier, they looked for Drake, who would be picking them up. After five minutes, they didn’t see him. They were about to call him when he heard his name being called. “Ash, Hey, Ash!” He looked up to see Rudy running towards him. As Rudy got closer to him, Ash pulled Misty to him by her waist. He had figured out what had happened at Trovita Island between him and Misty and what he had told Ash about when he left. “Drake couldn’t make it. Last minute preparations for the party. He asked me to come and get you..” Rudy said breathlessly. He noticed where Ash had his hands and joked “ You figured it out. Good for you!” At this Ash relaxed and, much to her dismay, let Misty go.
They all piled into Rudy’s car and drove off.