Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ The Champion's Ball ❯ Festivities and Beaches ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4: Festivities and Beaches

A loud buzzing interrupted Misty’s dream. Just as she was about to win the Gym Leader of the Year award too. Grumbling, she turned, out of Ash’s embrace, to turn off the alarm. She sat up and looked down at the man next to her. He still slept, as always, like a rock. She smiled as she remembered what had happened in the past four days. Misty was brought out of her memory by someone tugging on the comforter. She leaned over the bed to see Pikachu looking up at her. It took a moment, but she remembered what that look was asking. She nodded and Pikachu jumped up on the bed. “ Time for plan B, Pikachu.” Misty whispered. He grinned at her, charged up, and shocked Ash with a thundershock. The lightning threw Ash out of the bed as he yelled “All right, all right, I’m up!”. He stood up and looked at Misty as she giggled at him and stroked Pikachu‘s head. He smiled back as he thought ‘ Man, I’d love to wake up to that every morning. I could do without the shock though.’ Misty got up and the two trainers stretched. Ash let Misty shower and change first while he went out to the living room.

While Misty changed, Ash turned on the TV. He wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to rain since they were going to the beach. After he found out it was going to be 80 degrees and sunny, he was going to shut off the TV until he saw Drake on the screen. He was standing with a reporter outside the arena where Ash had defeated him years before. He was surrounded by half-finished floats. Misty came out of the bedroom and joined Ash on the couch. They watched as the blonde reporter interviewed Drake.

“Welcome back to Wake Up Pummelo! I’m here with Drake, the leader of the Orange Crew. He’s here to tell us about the festivities that’ll be happening in the next week or so as part of the celebration of the anniversary of the Orange Cup. Drake, could you tell the people who don’t know about the festivities that will be happening in next week and a half?”

“ Sure. There will be a few thing happening around the island. One is that the Hall of Champions will be having special exhibits. They will all have something to do with the history of the Cup or its champions. In the evenings, past battles will be shown on a big screen on the lawn in front of the hall. Also, next week, the battles that took place before the invention of television, will be reenacted by trainers in the arena. On the boardwalk, there will be special rides and games and there will be fireworks over the ocean every night. Then, of course, there’s the parade. It starts at Pummelo Port and will work its way down the shore to the end point, which is the arena. There will be several floats. Let me show you a couple of them. Even though they’re not finished yet, you can kind of see where were going with them.”

He walked to a float that had a base that was lined with tropical flowers just like the others around it. It had a platform rising above the base that had a replica of the golden cup that held Moltres’ flame during the Kanto conference with fake flames in it. On top of the base were eight of the archways you see at the entrance to Shinto shrines. Each of the archways had a large sized Kanto gym badge attached at the top of the arch. Underneath each arch was a square stone just big enough to sit on. “ This is the float for the Kanto gym leaders. Each leader will sit under the arch with their badge on it, although due to a couple of leader changes we have to add a couple of the seats to this float. This one is the most complete of them all, but it’s not done yet. “

He walked to another float that was for the Johto gym leaders. On top of the flowery base, it was like a mini map of Johto. Each gym leader would be placed in the middle of a small display featuring what type of Pokemon they specialized in. Above the scene, a mesh canopy was placed and just above each leaders section was a large sized cutout of their gym badge dangling down from the canopy. “ This is the float for the Johto gym leaders. We will also have floats for the other 6 regions in the southeast area and one for the Frontier Brains of Kanto. The members of the Orange Crew will each have their own float, including me. There will be a few more floats and other things but I’m keeping those a secret.”

The cheerful reporter replied “ Well, that sound like fun! Now could you tell us about the most secretive of the festivities, the ball? Everyone wants to know more about it. Especially since all we know is that it’s by invitation only and so far the only people we know that have been invited are gym leaders, The Orange Crew, and past champions.”

“ The ball will take place in the grand ballroom of The Dragonite Hotel. It’s formal and there will be a live band and a DJ who will play later on at about 10 o’clock until the last guest leaves. We did that so both young and old can have a good time. The dinner is going to be buffet style and, for those old enough, there will be an open bar. We actually wanted to invite more people. Our first guest list had over 500 people on it. The biggest ballroom in the Orange Islands is in The Dragonite Hotel and when we went to book it, we found out it only holds 300. So, we had to cut it down to people who had a direct connection to the Cup and ,of course, we had to think about everyone bringing a guest. Even with that minor setback, it should still be a fun ball.”

“ It sounds like this ball should be exciting. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us this morning. I know that you’re very busy with all the preparations. This has been Veronica Jones talking to Drake, the leader of the Orange Crew. Now back to Eric and Rachael in the studio.”

Ash got up and left Misty to watch Eric interviewing Professor Ivy about the two new Eevee evolutions while he went to get ready. Ten minutes later, Ash came out and they went to breakfast. They sat down at an outdoor table at The Corsola Café. After ordering their croissants and coffee, they gave their Pokemon their food and talked about their day.

Ash asked “ What do you want to do after the beach?”. She grabbed his hand and with a sultry look in her eyes replied “I don’t know, but I know I’d like a nice dinner alone with you tonight.” Realizing what she really meant, he squeezed her hand back and answered “I’d love that.” Their mood was broken when the waitress brought their breakfast. They ate, put their Pokemon back in their Pokeballs, and went to meet Rudy and Kasumi.

They met the other couple in front of the hotel. Ash and Misty laughed as Rudy struggled with two towels, an umbrella and a cooler, while Kasumi only carried her hat. After Ash grabbed the umbrella from a thankful Rudy, they went to a spot halfway between the boardwalk and the ocean. They laid out their towels and stuck the umbrella in the sand but didn’t open it in order to sunbathe for a while. They all took off their clothes to reveal swimsuits underneath. As she started to put on sunscreen, Misty was amazed at the beauty of the beach. It had white sand and crystal blue water. When you went into the ocean, you could see your feet.

When they all finished putting on sunscreen, Rudy turned to Ash and asked “ Will you finish your story from the other day, Ash?” “ Well the whole story is too long and would probably bore you, so I’ll give you the shorter version. After Hoenn, I returned to Kanto and battled the Frontier Brains.” Rudy gasped as he ended his tale of the Frontier Brains by saying “ After I won my seventh Frontier Symbol, they asked me to become a Frontier Brain myself. I declined, deciding I had wanted to continue traveling.”

Ash told the rest of his story as they sunbathed. Every region he traveled in was pretty much the same. He won his eight badges, met new friends, and captured new Pokemon. In the last four conferences he had battled in, he worked his way up from being in the top eight in Shinou all the way to coming in second at the Shinjuku Conference. He surprised Rudy again when he told him “ One good thing is that I’m now one of Professor Oak’s favorite trainers. I’ve ended up, without even looking for them, seeing and scanning with my Pokedex all the legendary Pokemon from every region I’ve been in so far.” Ash ended his story by saying “ We’ll see. Maybe, with my luck, I’ll win the Okinawa Conference.” Rudy replied “ You just might, Ash , you just might.”

Kasumi then looked at her watch and had realized it was now 1:30. She looked next to her and freaked when she saw that Rudy was starting to turn red as a tomato. After everyone else realized they were also in the same boat as Rudy, they all quickly reapplied their sunscreen and opened the umbrella. They sat under the umbrella as they ate the sandwiches and rice balls that Kasumi and Rudy had brought. After resting a while, they went into the ocean. Ash and Rudy surfed, while Misty and Kasumi let out everyone’s Pokemon and played in the water.

At about five, they started to pack up. They had been lucky, the beach had been nearly empty where they had laid their towels. As they walked back to the hotel, Ash pulled Rudy aside. “ Rudy, could you do me a favor?” “ Sure, Ash. What is it?” “ Well, Misty and I want to be alone tonight. Could you watch Pikachu, Azurill and the rest of our Pokemon tonight for us?” Rudy put his arm around Ash’s shoulders and answered “ Sure, no problem. You two have fun tonight, OK?” When he winked at him, Ash blushed and struggled out of Rudy’s grasp. In the lobby, Ash explained to Pikachu what was going on while Misty, since it was still a baby, told Azurill it was going to a sleepover in Rudy and Kasumi’s room.

After telling the Pokemon goodbye, they went up to change for dinner. Ash wore his normal black outfit, but carried a black tie in his pocket just in case they went somewhere fancy. Misty changed into a long aqua blue skirt and matching tank top with sequins around the collar. She wore a hair tie and shoes to match. Ash’s jaw dropped as she entered the room. Misty kissed Ash out of his stupor and waited for him by the door. He came up, took her arm and left the room.

Deciding they had eaten enough seafood, they went to the front desk to ask if there were any steakhouses in the area. Surprisingly, Kasumi sat at the front desk. After explaining that she had to cover for a sick co-worker, she directed them to Satoshi’s Steakhouse. Misty ordered the pot roast while Ash ordered the rib eye steak. As the waiter was bringing their food to the table, he smiled as he saw them holding hands and the look in their eyes. He remembered how him and his wife acted like this when they were younger. He hated it when he broke the mood by giving them their food. After they ate their dinner, they shared a piece of chocolate cake and had coffee for dessert.

After paying the bill, they left and slowly walked along the boardwalk, holding hands. They passed by all the noisy rides and games to walk along the quiet beach. Ash put his arm around Misty’s shoulders and she snuggled against him as they walked. As they neared the hotel, they stopped walking and turned to the ocean. The full moon lit up the sky. He turned to Misty and looked in her eyes. As the moonlight lit up he eyes he leaned down to kiss her. They gave each other a long, slow kiss full of love and affection. As they parted, they gave each other a wordless promise to continue this upstairs and walked back to the hotel.

Ash took the card key out of his wallet and opened the door. They walked in and Misty went into the bathroom to change while Ash changed in the bedroom. As he lied in bed, Ash was drawn to the bathroom door as soft music began to play. Misty stood in the doorway holding the remote to the stereo wearing a short red, spaghetti strapped, silk nightgown. Her hair was loose hanging just below her shoulders. He stared in awe as she came across the room, put the remote on the nightstand and joined him in bed. They continued what they had started on the beach. Their kissing soon turned passionate and as they touched each other, what little clothes they had on came off. Hands roamed lower and soon the couple became one for the second time that week. Just before they both fell asleep, they both said the same thing to each other at the same time: “I love you.”