Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ The Champion's Ball ❯ Good News and Shocking Questions ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter 8: Good News and Shocking Questions

Misty woke to find Ash missing from the bed. She put on her robe and went out to the living room. Ash stood on the balcony staring out at the ocean. He nearly dropped his coffee cup when Misty came and hugged him from behind. She took the cup and placed it on the table and turned him to face her. Misty put her hand on his cheek and asked “I’ve never seen you so serious. Are you still thinking about what Lance wants to talk to you about?”

He placed his hand over her own. Ash brought their hands down and he hugged her. “Yeah, it’s got to be something big. He wouldn’t even talk about it in front of Brock and Lucy and they are pretty high up in the ranks at the Pokemon League. The League has their hand in everything involving Pokemon. What could they want from me?”

Misty looked up and smiled. She reached up and kissed him. Snuggling into his chest, she told Ash “Don’t worry. Whatever it is, I will always be by your side.” Ash smiled. They sat down on the bench and held each other watching the waves crash into shore.

Pikachu sat inside watching the whole exchange through the screen. He had been worried when he saw his friend make coffee and take it outside completely lost in his own thoughts. When he saw Misty make Ash forget about his troubles almost instantly, he thought ‘Those two are perfect for each other’.

A few minutes later, Ash heard a noise from inside the room. He looked over Misty’s head to see Pikachu was trying to keep Marill occupied. Marill was nearly bouncing off the walls with excitement. She kept trying to make her way to the balcony. Ash kissed Misty on her forehead and she looked up. “ I think that you have a Marill that’s very excited that you’re awake.” She looked back into the room and saw Pikachu trying to stop Marill from diving head first into the screen. She giggled, got off the bench and went inside. Marill jumped into her arms and Misty hugged her.

Ash poured Misty a cup of coffee and poured himself another. He handed it to her and sat down on the couch. Ash looked at the time and grabbed the remote. At Misty’s confused look, he explained “ Wake up Pummelo is supposed to have Professor Ivy on this morning. She’s supposed to show some of the Pokemon that only live in Okinawa.” She nodded and he turned on the TV.

He had turned it on just in time. Both Ash and Misty watched as Ivy showed the Pokemon. Ivy explained that she had brought the three Pokemon that new trainers start with in Okinawa. Since the region was a group of islands, all three starters were part water type. The first she showed looked like a red Pikachu that had flames shooting out where Pikachu’s ears would normally be. Also, where Pikachu had brown stripes, this Pokemon called Flarequa had black. Ivy explained that this Pokemon was special. It was the first to be both a water type and a fire type at the same time. What was once a weakness, was now one of it’s strengths. It could also seal over the holes where the flames shot out from in order to surf or dive.

The other two were just as interesting. Ivy showed a Pokemon that was both water type and a grass type. It looked kind of like a forest green colored slowpoke, but instead of a Shelder attached to a tail, this Pokemon called Faltre had a leaf that had a flower bud growing out of it. The last Pokemon she showed was a pure water type named Sprindew. It looked like a blue Psyduck, but its head looked like a drop of water. Ivy finished up by saying “ Remember even though these Pokemon are starter Pokemon for new trainers, you experienced trainers can still find these guys in the wild. Faltre is the hardest to find and catch since it likes to use its tail to hide in the grass. Flarequa and Sprindew are a lot more common.”

Ash turned to Misty and asked “ You can’t wait to catch a Sprindew can you?”

Misty laughed and said “You know me too well, Ash. Way too well.” They watched the rest of ‘Wake up Pummelo’, got dressed and started to go down to breakfast when the phone rang. Ash answered it and found that James had left a message for the them at the front desk.

They went downstairs and picked up the note. He hadn’t even read the first line when James came up behind him. “Got my note I see. Well, how did it go?” Ash looked at him confused until he read the short note in his hand.


Let’s go have breakfast together tomorrow morning. We’ll meet you at ten in the lobby. I’m dying to know how the proposal went.

See you tomorrow,


Ash smiled and showed James the hand that he had been holding ever since they had left the room. Jessie came over to her husband when he had started getting excited over something. She came over in time to see the beautiful three stone blue diamond ring on Misty’s hand. Misty let go of Ash’s hand when Jessie gave her a huge hug. James put an arm around Ash’s shoulders and told him “Congratulations, Ash!” The two couples walked into The Corsola Café and ordered breakfast.

As they ate, Ash and Misty told them what had happened in the last two days. At the mention of Haruka, both Jessie and James smiled. When they were done, Ash and Misty asked about the other couples last two days. They talked about how they went out for dinner on Christmas Eve, stayed in their room all day on Christmas, spent the day at the beach the day before and that they had seen Brock and Lucy’s daughter. They agreed with Ash and Misty on the fact Haruka was adorable.

Jessie grabbed James hand and looked at him. He smiled at her in encouragement. Jessie told the newly engaged couple how this morning she woke up and got to the bathroom just in time to make it to the toilet. Misty immediately looked at her in concern. Jessie smiled and continued her story. She went on to talk about how she and James were trying for a child. Apparently, James’ whole family had a history of problems below the waist, men and women. Most couples in his family only had one child and that was after a lot of trying.

Jessie’s family also had the same problems. Jessie had been an only child for the same reason. Her doctor had told her it would be almost impossible to conceive. Since James had been conceived without any doctor’s help, they were advised to try on their own for a year before coming back for further testing. Misty was starting to feel sorry for them until Jessie continued.

“After I was finished throwing up, I went and checked the calendar. Sure enough, I was two weeks late. I didn’t even notice. I went out to the drug store, came back and took the test. It was positive!” Misty got up and hugged her. Ash watched as the two friends talked. Listening to the girls had Ash thinking about how it would be if Misty was pregnant. Of course, it wouldn’t be wise for them to travel to Okinawa if she were in that condition. This had been on his mind ever since their first night together. They had been so focused on each other that any kind of birth control was on neither of their minds. This had happened every time they had been together.

Ash was brought out of his thoughts when James took the seat Misty had been sitting in. James put his hand on Ash’s shoulder. Before James could say anything, Ash spoke. “ I’m happy for you. I know you wanted kids.”

James noticed that everyone had finished eating and told the two girls “ We should start heading out.” He watched as he saw Ash follow Misty’s every move. As Ash went to put on his Donphan back into its Pokeball, James put his hand on Ash’s shoulder and told him “You wish Misty was in the same condition, don’t you? I remember the talk we had a couple of years ago. Almost all your dreams are realities. You have the girl, now the rest you need to make happen and it’s possible that one of those things is becoming true right now. In a little bit, you two will be telling us what we told you this morning. It’s only a matter of time.”

The girls got to the lobby before they realized the boys weren’t with them. They were about to go back to the café when they saw the boys come out laughing. Ash didn’t know, but Misty had been having the same thoughts about the lack of birth control. She hadn’t thought that their relationship would progress this far so quickly. The night before she left, her sisters had thrown her a little going away party. They had made up a basket of things she would need on her journey. To her embarrassment, right in the middle of the basket was a box of, oh god. She was so embarrassed, she couldn’t even remember the name of those little rubber things for guys.

Her sisters saw what had gotten her cheeks beet red. They giggled and pulled them out of the basket. Daisy took the box and waved it in front of Misty’s face and smiled. “ Look, you guys are two adults who love each other, even if you’ve never told each other. It’ll happen and it will happen when you least expect it. With these, you’ll be ready for when it does happen.”. The next morning, Misty packed everything she needed, purposely leaving out what she had dubbed ‘the box’. Violet saw ‘the box’ lying on Misty’s bed as she passed her room on the way downstairs to say goodbye. She grabbed it and a paper bag from the kitchen and handed it to Daisy as she was about to close the door to the gym.

While Daisy drove to the bus station with Misty, they came to a red light. She looked in the bag and saw what it was. She smiled and then handed it to Misty. When she went to open it, Daisy stopped her. She told her not to open it until she was on the bus and that it was a sandwich for lunch. Daisy could hardly hold in her laughter as Misty got on the bus with the bag. As the bus pulled away, Misty opened the bag since she had missed breakfast. Inside she saw ‘the box’ and freaked out. She opened the window and yelled at her sister until she could no longer see her. Angry and embarrassed, she jammed the bag and its contents into the bottom of her bag. The bottom of her bag was where ’the box’ currently was. Misty had always thought about them after they had been together.

Ash and James walked up to the girls. Ash noticed that Misty was thinking about something. He came up and put his arm around her. She came out of her thoughts and smiled. Each couple went back up to their rooms to get ready to go to the beach. Over breakfast, they decided to spend the day at the beach since the carnival was so packed.

Their day at the beach was fun. They swam, surfed, and sunbathed. Ash noticed that Misty was starting to get a very nice tan. When they went to get hot dogs for lunch, they met up with Drew, who brought them over to see May, Max, Norman, and Caroline. They ate lunch with them and when they went to leave, May asked them to join her group. They did and spent the afternoon playing with everyone. Having three gym leaders with him, Ash asked about what Lance could possibly want with him. All three gave him the same answer. All they had heard was the trouble was in south Kanto.

As Ash and Misty left everyone to get ready for dinner with Lance, he thanked them for their information. With a promise to tell everyone what happened, they said goodbye.

Ash stood looking in the mirror, fussing with his collar. Misty came up to him and grabbed his hands to stop him. She smiled and told him “You’re going to ruin your shirt if you keep doing that.” He chuckled and turned to look at her. Once again, she was breathtaking. She wore her normal yellow tank top, but instead of her normal jean shorts, she wore a knee length skirt that was light pink with small yellow flowers all over it. Her hair was not in a ponytail, but loose, and she had a barrette with a yellow flower on it.

He hugged her and looked into her eyes. He whispered “You’re beautiful. I love you, Misty” She blushed and he kissed her. When he pulled away, she bit her bottom lip and looked up into his eyes. She said “I love you too, Ash.” and went to kiss him when there was a tug on her skirt. Pikachu was looking up at her and pointing to the clock on the wall. She giggled and let Ash go. When he started to pout, she whispered into his ear “ We’ll finish this later.”.

They made their way downstairs and bumped into Rudy and Kasumi on their way to dinner. Ash asked Rudy about what Lance might want, but Rudy only knew what everyone else had told him, that the trouble was in south Kanto. Ash thanked him and they made their way to Maria’s. When they got there, Lance was waiting for them outside. They were seated and they placed their orders. Ash was surprised when Lance had told him that he had been keeping a close eye on Ash in the last few years. They ate their dinner and ordered dessert. Misty started to wonder when he was going to talk about what he wanted to ask Ash about, when he did.

“Well, I know that by now you’ve asked all your friends that are gym leaders about what I want to ask you about, so I know that you know that there’s trouble in south Kanto.” At Ash’s nod he continued. “ Koga of the Fuchsia City gym is retiring. Normally, we give the leader’s children a chance to run the gym if the leader retire or die, like in Misty‘s family. If none of their children take over, the Pokemon League takes control of the gym. This time though, we have a little bit of a problem.”

“Usually, we own the gym building and the land its on. In exchange for their services as gym leaders, they and their families live in the house that’s always either in the same building as the gym or right next to it. Also, whatever money they get for beating a trainer is theirs to keep, minus taxes of course. This time, Koga’s only daughter Aya doesn’t want to take over the gym. That’s not the problem though. The Fuchsia City gym is the only gym in Kanto that the League doesn’t own. It’s been in Koga’s family for centuries.”

“We want to build a new gym. There was a few places we could build one, but we unanimously chose Pallet Town. Ash, this is where you come in. The League also wants you to lead it. Ash, would you be the gym leader of the Pallet Town Gym?”

Ash nearly choked on his cake. After a drink of coffee, Ash asked “What?!”

“You heard me right, we want you to lead the new Pallet Town Gym. You are more than qualified. You’ve won nearly every battle you’ve ever fought. Ash, you’ve battled all seven frontier brains and won against all of them. You beat all the members of the Elite Four. You would have beaten me, the champion, if Pikachu hadn’t become sick from storing too much electricity during our battle. Remember, my Dragonite fainted one second after Pikachu did.” Lance saw Ash trying to process what he had just told him.

“Ash, you don’t have to answer me right now. Think about it a little. Talk to your fiancée. Talk to your friends. I leave very early Sunday morning, so I’ll need your answer by Saturday night. Well, I’ll leave you now.” Lance picked up the check. “You guys take your time eating your dessert. I’ll take care of this. See you Saturday night. Bye.” Lance stopped the waitress and paid her on his way out.

Ash made a fist with one hand and covered it with his other. He put his elbows on the table and rested his chin on his hands. He looked at Misty with a confused look on his face. “Me, a gym leader?” he asked. Ash grabbed Misty’s hand and asked “Misty, what should I do?”

She smiled and told him “You do what your heart tells you to do. I will stand by your decision, no matter what it is. I will always be by your side.” Ash took her hand and they left Maria’s. They went down to the beach and walked on it all the way to the hotel.

After Pikachu and Marill fell asleep, Ash and Misty went to the bedroom. Ash changed while Misty looked through her Cds for some music. She found one just as Ash came out of the bathroom. Misty went in and changed. Next to the sink, she had her toiletries. In the bag she had ’the box’. She had moved it there after Ash nearly found it before they went to the beach this afternoon when he was looking for her hair tie for her. After a minute of thinking, she took ’the box’ and dumped it in the garbage. Smiling, she walked out, put on the CD, and joined Ash in bed.

He would think about his future later. Right now, he had a woman who needed him. As they continued what they started earlier, each moan was an unspoken word of love. Every touch made them feel alive. They soon became one once more.

What Misty didn’t know was that soon, she too, would have something happen to her that would change her life forever.