Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ The Champion's Ball ❯ Thinking and Decisions ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9: Thinking and Decisions

The next morning, Ash woke up and checked the clock. They had about three hours before they were to pick up Tracey and Misty’s sisters from the dock. Professor Oak and his mother were supposed to have come with them, but a sick Milotic had ended up making them postpone their trip by a day. Ash looked down at Misty, who was still asleep. As he brushed a hair off her face, she woke up.

She looked up and smiled. Misty grabbed his hand and pulled him down to her for a kiss. They broke apart for air, and they snuggled against each other. She asked him “Do we have to get ready to leave yet?” When he shook his head no, she whispered “Good.” They lied in bed for a few minutes when they heard Pikachu trying to keep Marill occupied in the next room. They let Pikachu handle it until they heard and saw the door handle to the bedroom rattle. The couple were still naked from last night’s activities and panicked, especially since they never locked the door.

They got ready for the day in record time. Clothes flew as they dug in their suitcases for their clothes. They washed in the bathroom at the same time, Misty in the shower, Ash in the tub. They had thankfully gotten over their shyness at seeing each other naked a couple of nights ago. They finished getting ready and went out to save Pikachu from Marill.

Pikachu was so happy when he saw Ash and Misty come out of the bedroom. When Marill had heard Misty wake up, she had become so excited that she was nearly bouncing off the walls. He had wanted to give his friend the most time alone with Misty that he could. With Misty now occupying Marill, Pikachu went over to Ash. He rubbed Pikachu’s head and told him “Thanks, buddy. For keeping Marill busy. I know it’s difficult.” He made coffee, poured a cup for Misty and himself, and they all went out on the balcony.

While they sat outside, Ash asked Misty what a gym leaders’ responsibilities really were. She explained that their really wasn’t much to it than he already knew. “ You basically just take care of your Pokemon and the gym, and take on any challengers. Also, for every trainer that challenges you, you have to write a small report to the Pokemon League about the battle and about the trainer. It’s never more than a couple of paragraphs. Also, the League is actually very good about keeping their noses out of what you’re doing. The only time you see anyone is if people send in enough complaints about your gym, like what happened when my sisters let the gym go.”

They sat outside talking about gyms for a while longer. Misty told him that “Ash, if you decide to take Lance’s offer, remember I’ll be here to help you. If it would be more comfortable for you, I could be co- gym leader with you. I already have the title. As long as I don’t royally screw up, I’ll always have it. Also, don’t worry about not going to Okinawa. It’ll always be there. If we don’t go now, we could always take a vacation there. Gym leaders get two weeks of vacation a year. But, remember that you’re the one that has to make the final decision. It’s up to you to figure out what you want to do. I’ll still be here no matter what you decide.” She got up and went to get Marill ready to go. Ash watched Misty get up and get Marill ready. As he watched her he thought ‘ Gods, I love her. I sure picked the right woman.’

Ash grabbed his wallet and they left to go pick everyone up. They got to the pier twenty minutes early and watched the ships in the harbor. Finally, the ship they had been waiting for pulled in to the harbor. As everyone came off the ship, they looked for Tracey and her sisters in the crowd. With the ball so close, the ship was nearly completely full. They finally found them when Misty heard Daisy yell at Tracey “ If you hadn’t overslept, we wouldn’t have had to get packed in such a rush!”

Misty looked on as Tracey and Daisy argued. She chuckled and went over to them. “You two still at it, eh?” The bickering couple turned and saw Ash and Misty behind them.

All three of her sisters yelled “Misty!” all at once. They hugged her and they all walked over towards the street to catch a couple of cabs. As they walked, they talked about their cruise to the island. Misty noticed that Daisy looked like she was dying to say something but couldn’t. Daisy was constantly looking at Tracey nervously. Eventually, Tracey grew tired of her stares and told her “ Ok, Daisy. Go ahead, tell her.”

Daisy raised her left hand and smiled. “Look. Tracey proposed!” Tracey blushed and scratched the back of his head as Ash and Misty congratulated the newly engaged couple. As they rode back to the hotel, Misty remembered how Tracey and her sister had become a couple.

Since Misty had left Ash and Brock to return to the gym, Tracey came over quite often to visit Misty. Misty hadn’t missed how Daisy constantly stared at Tracey. She was actually surprised at Daisy’s shyness, though. Tracey, at the same time, began to fall for her. One carefully planned night was all they needed to get together.

Misty had told Violet and Lily about what she saw happening between Daisy and Tracey. They came up with a plan that would leave the two alone in the house. The sisters decided on saying they were going to have a scary move marathon. They knew both Daisy and Tracey wouldn’t be able to resist. Just as they settled down to watch the first movie, the phone rang. First, it was Ash’s mother asking her to come to Pallet Town to help her with her garden. She had to leave that night so she could help her first thing in the morning.

After Misty left, the phone rang again. This time, it was Lily’s friend, Jaime. She needed Lily to pick her up since her car broke down while she was on her way home to Cerulean City. Just as Lily grabbed her car keys off the counter, the phone rang for the third time. This time, it was the Cerulean City’s Nurse Joy. A wild Azurill had been found outside the Pokemon center. Nurse Joy had brought it in when it’s stomach growled. She tried to feed it several different types of Pokemon food, but it still wouldn’t eat.

Violet gasped as Joy told her about the Pokemon. This one was a real emergency, not one of the fake ones they had made up. She hung up and told Daisy and Tracey about the Azurill and that she had to go. Daisy and Tracey was watching the third movie of the night. As the main character turned the corner, a group of Zubats came flying towards her. As they did, Daisy screamed and buried her face in Tracey’s shirt. When she realized what she did, she went to pull away from him. He stopped her and put his arm around her. The next morning when Lily and Violet came home, they found the two still on the couch, snuggled against each other, fast asleep.

For the next four years, the two became closer and closer. Tracey had been telling Misty he was thinking of proposing to Daisy. He even bought the ring. Tracey had tried several times, but had lost his nerve every time.

As they approached the hotel, Tracey told Ash and Misty that hearing that Ash had finally proposed had finally given him the courage to propose to Daisy. Everyone got out of the cabs and Tracey and Misty’s sisters got settled in their rooms.

Ash and Misty went down to Tracey and Daisy’s room about a hour later. They sat for a few minutes discussing what they would do for the day. As they talked, the door that was between their room and Violet and Lily’s room opened and they came in. After hearing all the things the island had to offer, everyone decided on the beach. Ash and Misty went back up to their room to put on their bathing suits.

Fifteen minutes later, the group was setting out their towels and putting on sunscreen. They spent the day swimming, surfing, and sunbathing (Misty’s sisters insisted that they were going to have a tan before they left.). About three in the afternoon, they met up with Brock and Lucy. A few minutes after they met Brock and Lucy, they met up with Rudy and Kasumi. After Ash and Misty introduced Rudy and Kasumi to everyone, they stayed on the beach for another three hours.

At about six, Ash, Misty, Tracey and Misty’s sisters went to leave to get ready to go to the carnival. Kasumi couldn’t help but see the hopeful look in Lucy’s eyes that disappeared when she looked at Haruka. She scooped up Haruka and tickled her as Kasumi told her “ Are you ready to eat dinner with your Auntie Kasumi, so Mommy and Daddy can go to the carnival?” Haruka giggled and ,right on cue, her stomach growled. Kasumi looked up at Lucy and asked “ Lucy, if it’s alright with you, Rudy and I could take care of her for you. Oh, and don’t worry, Rudy and I both have tons of experience with babies. I’m the oldest of five kids and Rudy took care of his sister Mari since she was six months old.”

Lucy bit her lip as she thought about leaving her baby. It would be the first time since Haruka was born that she would be away from her. Brock put his arm around her and reassured her. “Hon, it’ll be fine. It’s only a few hours. They’ll take good care of her, I’m sure of it.”

“Okay, she can stay with you.” Lucy decided. They went back to the hotel and got ready to go to the carnival. Brock and Lucy met everyone after bringing Haruka to Rudy and Kasumi’s room. Lucy had to stop herself when she almost went back when she heard Haruka cry. She stopped when she heard Kasumi say “ Here you go, your bunny’s still here.” and the crying stopped.

Everyone had a great time that night. At first Violet and Lily felt like third wheels among all the couples, until two of their friends that were from Cerulean City , Danny and Bill, met them at the ice cream stand. Lily and Violet went off with them with their parting words being “Don’t wait up!”

They played games, nearly proving Ash’s theory that the fishing game was rigged, when it took Brock nine tries to win Lucy a stuffed Seviper. When they went to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel, Ash gave up his perfectly timed ride to Brock and Lucy. As the car reached the top the fireworks surprised the married couple. As they went off, Brock and Lucy kissed. On the slow ride to the bottom, Brock held Lucy tight and laid his free hand on her slightly swollen belly. In the next car, Ash did the same to Misty. Misty looked at him when he did. When Ash realized where he had put his hand, he went to pull it back, but was stopped by Misty’s hand and a smile. She leaned over, kissed him and said “ Someday, Ash, someday.”

They all got off the Ferris Wheel and went to walk on the beach. Ash still had one of the biggest decisions of his life to make and he wanted to talk to Daisy about it. As they walked, Ash told Daisy and Tracey about being asked to be a gym leader. They congratulated him and Daisy and Brock told him exactly what Misty had told him. He thanked them and they walked back to the hotel. Tracey and Daisy got off the elevator first, followed by Brock and Lucy a couple of floors later.

As Ash and Misty continued to the top floor, Brock and Lucy picked up Haruka. Kasumi told them that Haruka had been a good little baby. As they left, Kasumi warned them that she might need a diaper change soon. Just as they got into the elevator, Kasumi’s prediction became a reality. As they changed her, Brock turned to Lucy and said “ Man, she’s good.” Lucy giggled and after washing up, they went to bed.

Ash and Misty made their way to their room. When they got there, since it was so late, they decided to go straight to bed. Misty went to release Marill from it’s Pokeball, but was stopped by Pikachu. When she looked at him in confusion, he pointed to the ball and then pretended to be asleep. As she saw Pikachu lay down on the floor she realized that Marill must be asleep and that letting her out would wake her up. Misty bent down and rubbed Pikachu’s head and said “ Thanks for telling me. I love her dearly, but letting her out would have been a mistake.” When they went to go to the bedroom to get ready for bed, Misty saw Pikachu go towards the couch. She yelled over to him “ Don’t you want to sleep with us, Pikachu?”

Pikachu jumped off the couch with a loud “Pika!” and ran into the bedroom. He jumped on the bed and waited for Ash and Misty to get ready for bed. When they climbed in, he went in between them and after Ash gave Misty a quick kiss good night, the two humans went to sleep. Pikachu looked up at Misty’s face while she slept. His little nose twitched as he gave Misty a large sniff. He had noticed that Misty had started to smell more and more like Ash. He was even more confused when he noticed the scent was stronger near her stomach. As he thought, he became shocked at what he realized.

Earlier that night on the Ferris Wheel, Ash must have had some kind of sixth sense, because inside Misty’s body a miracle was happening.

The next morning, Misty woke up with Pikachu curled up against her stomach. She pet him and smiled when his ears twitched. Ash awoke to Misty humming to Pikachu and stroking his fur. He smiled and Misty noticed he was awake. Knowing it wouldn’t wake him up, Ash whispered to Misty “Was he like that when you woke up?”

She nodded and shrugged her shoulders. When Misty stopped petting him, he woke up and let out a huge yawn. He stretched and looked up at the couple. They both smiled down at him and said “ Morning, Pikachu.” They both got up and when Pikachu let out another yawn, Misty said “ You can sleep longer if you want, we aren’t going out for a few hours.” Pikachu nodded, laid back down on top of the rumpled sheets, and fell back asleep.

After having some coffee and watching ‘Wake up, Pummelo!’, they woke up Pikachu, let out Marill and waited for his mom and Professor Oak to call from the front desk to let them know they were there. When they did, Ash and Misty told them that they would meet them in their room.

As Ash told his mom about how Lance asked him to become the new gym leader, there were tears in her eyes. She pulled out her wallet and showed Ash a picture and said “ Your father would have been so proud of you.”. The picture was of her and a man that looked like Ash standing in front of a gym. “This is your father and I in front of his gym. This was taken when we were first married. You’re there too, you know?” Ash looked confused until Delia pointed to her stomach. “I found out I was pregnant with you the next day. We were only a year older than you two are when he became a gym leader and we got married. I guess it runs in the family.”

As she looked at the picture, the memories of her husband flooded her mind. They had a great life. It all came apart when she got the call saying her Ashton had died when the brake on a cable car broke and the car crashed, killing him instantly. It broke her heart when she had to explain to a four, almost five, year old Ash, who asked if his Daddy would make it back in time for his fifth birthday party, would never come back.

After the funeral, Delia could no longer stay in the Edo region. Being surrounded by so many memories of her husband was too much and she handed the gym back over to the league instead of taking it over. She moved back to her hometown of Pallet Town, in the Kanto region, and the rest is history.

An arm wrapping around her shoulders brought her out of her memories. Sammy wiped the tears off with his handkerchief. She smiled and leaned into him.

Ash watched as the other couple held each other close. He had literally seen this romance develop right before his eyes. When they had first moved to Pallet Town, his mother had been really sad. They had visited Professor Oak almost everyday. The Professor was a childhood friend of his mom’s, even though he was about five years older. The grey hair had fooled several people. He was now only either 39 or 40, he couldn’t remember which.

As he got older, he saw them become closer and closer. The night before he left on his journey, he had felt bad about leaving his mother alone, but what he saw before he went to bed erased all his doubts. As he went to close his curtains, he saw Professor Oak and his mother in a very passionate kiss. The next morning, as he started out, he looked back to see them holding hands and smiling.

Hearing Misty talk to his mom brought him back to the present. Professor Oak and his mom only had three days on the island and wanted to do everything they could while they were here. They decided that today would be a beach day. After getting ready, they went down and went to the beach. They spent the rest of the afternoon there. At about five, they went back to the hotel. Ash and Misty told them of Satoshi’s Steakhouse as they rode in the elevator. Delia and Sammy decided to take their advice and went to their room to get ready.

Ash and Misty met Rudy and Kasumi in the lobby at six. They were shocked when Rudy and Kasumi asked to cash in their I.O.U. by going to Satoshi’s Steakhouse and then going to see the new horror movie. As they walked to the restaurant, Rudy asked about what had happened with Lance. Ash told them and they congratulated him. Rudy asked the one question no one else had: “Are you going to do it?”

Ash looked at everyone, his eyes lingering on Misty when he said “Yes. I am.”

Misty jumped up and yelled “ Yes! I knew it!” while pumping a fist in the air. She hugged Ash and they continued on to the restaurant. They ate after quickly introducing Rudy and Kasumi to Professor Oak and his mother. When they got to the mall, they decided to hit the record store, so Ash and Misty could use their gift card. After they got their CD’s, they all went to the movie. They came out of the theater after being scared out of their wits for a hour and forty minutes. As they walked back to the hotel, they talked about the movie. All four loved it, even Pikachu liked it. Over the years, Pikachu had learned to love horror movies just as much as his trainer did.

In the lobby, they met Jessie and James. They had come down for a quick snack at the coffee shop when they spotted Ash and Misty. The two were very happy for Ash when he told them about becoming a gym leader. Seeing that the coffee shop was starting to close, Jessie and James said a quick goodbye and left. As the two remaining couples made their way to the elevator, the girl at the front desk ran out from behind the counter and yelled at Ash “ Stop! I have a message for you from Drake. It’s really important! He made me promise him I’d give it you tonight!”

He thanked the girl and opened the note. “I don’t believe it.”

Misty asked “What?” and took the note from him and gasped. She noticed it was also for her. She read it again to make sure she was reading it right. It said:

Ash and Misty,

Congratulations on your engagement! I hope you’re enjoying your stay on Pummelo Island. I hope this note reaches you in time. I’m sorry it’s such short notice, but I need the two of you to ride on floats tomorrow. Ash: You will be on the float for Orange League Champions. Misty: I want you to ride on the Kanto Gym Leaders float with your sisters.



Jessie and James came back over after getting their snack. Ash told everyone about the note. Kasumi pouted and said “I’ll be watching the parade all alone tomorrow morning.”

Misty put her arm around her shoulders and told her “No, you won’t. You can watch it with Tracey, Professor Oak and Ash’s Mom. They’re not on any floats either.” Kasumi smiled and nodded.

All three couples got on the same elevator. As they rode up, Rudy told everyone about a party that a restaurant was holding for New Year’s Eve on Sunday night. He asked if they would all like to go. Misty spoke for all of them when she said “Sure, we’d love to. It sounds like fun.” Before he got off the elevator, he reminded her to ask the others. Misty nodded and Daisy agreed to ask Violet and Lily, while Ash said he would ask Professor Oak and his mother.

Ash and Misty went into their room. Misty walked over to the couch and flopped down on it. She patted the seat next to her and Ash came over and sat down. When he did, she crawled onto his lap and snuggled against him. Ash smiled and put his arm around her. Over the years, Ash saw that there were times when Misty got like this. Back when she didn’t have him to hold, she would hold Togepi just like he was holding her. Something was bothering her. He kissed the top of her head and asked “What’s wrong, Mist?”

Misty smiled when he asked her that. She was awed by the fact he could tell something was wrong. Turning her head to look at his face she answered “I don’t know. I’ve just felt not quite right for the past couple of days. Not sick, I feel fine. You know? Like something’s going on inside my body.”

Pikachu sat watching them talk. He jumped on the couch and sat on Misty’s lap. He proceeded to place his paws on her stomach, smiled and looked up at Ash and Misty. The two looked down and watched as he snuggled against her stomach, nearly completely shielding it. Misty knowing something about Pokemon breeding gasped. Pikachu was acting like a father protecting an egg. Quickly she asked Ash “What’s today’s date?”

He looked at her confused and told her “It’s the twenty-ninth. Why?”

Misty covered her mouth, in shock. She looked up at Ash and told him two words that made him pass out: “I’m late.”

He woke the next morning on the couch. The smell of coffee made him sit up and look towards the kitchenette. Misty was bringing him a cup, but had something else in her hand. He took the cup and laughed and told her “ I had the craziest dream last night. We were sitting on the couch and you told me your period was late.”

Ash went to continue until Misty handed him something. He looked down to see a stick with two pink lines on it. He looked at Misty and she smiled and told him “ It wasn’t a dream. I’m pregnant.” Ash looked at her and smiled. He pulled her close and kissed her.

As they sat there, Ash looked down at Misty and told her “My mom was right, it does run in the family.”