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Adding my spin to the one shot  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8307903/1/The-Words-They-Say

Cilan didn't let Ash out of his sight as they walked to the police station. People glared and said hateful things among themselves, with some intention of being overheard. Cilan put his hands on Ash's shoulders with the most determined look on his face. Iris returned the glares, while smiling for Ash and Cilan on the inside. Cilan made sure his point got across about the importance of the testimonials to the offices when they arrived. Jenny was more than happy to do anything that would slap some common sense in the island citizens. Ash waited outside of the recording rooms as Iris and Cilan spoke up for Ash. Normally sitting and waiting was so far from Ash's "style", but as he sat he had a lot of thinking to do. It's not like he wasn't waiting on something that wasn't going to benefit him, anyway. As he didn't have to be worried about being attacked in the police station, Ash thought about what happened with Cilan and the day's events. The way Cilan bought the supplies, and even some extra things for him; how Cilan was ready to jump in to help Ash, and he would have if he weren't being held back; the way he expressed his anger about the people, and to ash when he tried to avoid the subject. When Cilan held him he was so close... and Ash felt soft about being hugged so warmly. Thinking back to some of the other things Cilan had done before today. He just thought of it as the green haired gym leader being extra nice, but putting more thought into it he wasn't any nicer to Iris than when they started traveling together. Ash started to blush as he became lost in thought. How did he feel about Cilan? He was 15, and he still hadn't had a boyfriend or anything. When he started his journey at 10 none of this kind of thing ever had to be on his mind. When he turned 13 it was like things started to change, but he was committed to his goal. Even when his mother expressed the concern all he could do was joke about how he was in love with his traveling! He could feel something being held by the A class Connoisseur - something he hadn't felt since the last time his mother held him. She wasn't a very gentle woman when she was emotional but he could feel the heat of love for him in her embrace. Cilan was different, as his softer hold was more desired but it was the same warm feeling. Ash rubbed his mouth then covered his eyes as he sighed. "Maybe I'm overthinking it. I can't let Iris put those stupid thoughts in my head. Maybe he's just being brotherly." He took off his cap and moved the hand over his eyes to comb through his hair. "But, what if it really is more than that? But, why me? He's so out of my--"

"OK, all done!" Cilan said coming out before Iris. "I hope that helps," Jenny said coming up to them from a nearby desk. Ash stood up next to her, and just smiled without a word. "But, we still may as well leave. We can't afford another night in the hotel, and they probably won't accept it right away. Sleeping outside would be dangerous for us," Iris said, and put her hands on her hips. "I can step you up with a decent room at the Pokemon Center," Jenny stepped in. Cilan smiled brightly and looked over to Ash. "Ash, do you want to do?" he asked kindly. Ash looked away blushing a little. "I think we should stay,if we'll be safe," he answered in his normal tone. "OK, then. I'll call them up and tell them to fix rooms for the 3 of you," Jenny said with a hopeful expression. As the others got ready to go with a final chat to the officers that recorded them, Ash ran over to Jenny while she was on the phone. "Umm.... Officer Jenny... 2 rooms please. Not 3. Umm... Pleas?" Ash asked her quietly, but she got the message. "Right, 2 rooms, please. Thanks Joy." She hung up the phone then winked to the tan skinned trainer. He blushed deeply and silently thanked her with a bow before running to the others.

She escorted them back to the hotel, and then to the Pokemon center. They all checked in their Pokemon when they got there. Cilan and Iris immediately noticed how quiet Ash had fallen, and how he avoided eye contact with both of them. Nothing was said about it until they set themselves up in the Pokemon center. "I thought we were going to get 3 rooms, but whatever." Iris finally said to herself. "Hmmm..."

In the room across from her, the 2 male trainers were getting relax in there own way on their separate hospital beds. Ash wanted to say something so many time already, but whenever he looked over to Cilan with his mouth open all he could do was close it and turn back around. "Ash... Is something wrong?" Cilan asked finally catching Ash's turn around game. Ash waited a moment to think of what to say. "Well, i still feel bad that this has to happen." Which was true, but that wasn't what was overwhelming his mind. Cilan sighed and walked over to Ash and sat next to him. "Why? This is perfect! We're in a much better location to the Whirl Cup," he said then put his hand over Ash's shoulder. Ash's shoulders dropped as he looked up to Cilan, and that suddenly turned into a staring match. He couldn't pull his bright brown eyes away from Cilan, and the Connoisseur wouldn't dare pull his sight away from those lovely brown windows. "Cilan... Do you...?" was all the younger trainer could finally get out of himself but then he looked down. "Do I what, Ash? Please. What do you want to ask me?" Cilan asked with a clear plea in his tone. "I... Well, i just..." He gave a short pause then looked back up with a forced smile on his face. "I just had this crazy idea that you might...," he stood up "...like me. Like more than a friend, and something different from a brother." He rubbed the back of his head looking over to the wall. "I don't see why take would ever happen!" he said adding more volume to his voice. "I mean, what would someone like YOU see in someone like ME? You're in a totally different class! You're so smart! You're a lot of great things!" He turned around with a smile, and his eyes closed. He really didn't want to know Cilan's reaction. "Oh, you think so?" came from Cilan. He crossed his legs and frowned slightly when he saw Ash's eyes were closed. "Yeah, you know! Everything that's so... OVER me!" He shrugged still with the fake smile, that was starting to hurt. The strain he was putting on his face was clear to the Gym Leader, so he stood up and moved over to put his hands hands on Ash's face. Ash opened his eyes, and then looked away from Cilan. "Well, if you think I'm out of your reach what makes you think I like you?" the green haired one ask then put his hands on Ash's shoulders again. "Someone putting crazy ideas into my head..." He muttered then looked back to the taller boy. "I can't say." Cilan chuckled lightly and nodded. "That's fine. Well, how do you feel about it?" "How do I feel?" he repeated with the blush returning to his cheeks. "If I liked you, how would you react?" he asked with a completely gentle aura over him. "I don't know. I've never thought about anyone liking me outside of friends or like family before. I guess-- I think--" This just wasn't going well from Ash's point of view! He had to turn this back around! "Well, it doesn't matter, because like i said - it wouldn't make sense for you to like me!" he said with a pout and looked away. "What if i told you that didn't matter?" Cilan retorted remaining calm. Ash looked down to the floor then between himself and the black vest, then finally made his eye's way back up to Cilan's sweetly smiling face. "Is that even possible?" he asked in a lower voice, to which Cilan nodded. He pulled the tanned one into a hug, and it was automatic for the shorter boy to hug back. "But, why?" Ash asked absorbing the warmth of the embrace. "Because, you're you." He slowly moved Ash's cap from his head and kissed the boy's crown. ash was ready to melt onto Cilan right there. "So... you like me...and i like you. Does this mean we're... boyfriend and boyfriend?" Ash asked still looking down with his face glowing at this point. "Do you want it to?" Cilan asked and Ash finally looked up to him. Ash inhaled soundly then pushed his lips into green eyed boy's. Cilan smiled into the kiss, and they both giggled a little when they parted. "Yes. I want you to be my boyfriend!" he exclaimed happily and hugged Cilan tighter with a big grin.

The Connoisseur returned the hug, grinning brightly. "I accept you enthusiastic invitation!" he replied cheerfully. "Hey, Cilan? What do boyfriends do?" Ash asked innocently with his big bright eyes. In true A Class fashion Cilan inhaled with all his confidence and boosted out "Whatever they want!" Ash laughed out loud and Cilan joined him. Somehow a totally ruined day turned into absolute magic! He started off his day running out of money and getting beat up to having Cilan of all people as his boyfriend! The words they say. It depends on who "they" are, but today nothing else matters!