Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ There for You ❯ Winter ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A/N: Like the summary says, this is the sequel to my story "Come Home." So… yeah, read that first if you want this one to make sense. :P

(I intentionally keep the summaries vague to avoid giving everything away. JS.)

And like always, don't read this if you haven't played Super Mystery Dungeon unless you want major spoilers.


"More please!"

The tiny blue crocodile joyfully held his mug in the air.

"Just give me one minute to help this customer," Kangaskhan called back from the counter.

"Umm… Totodile?"

"Yessssss?" He sat there all jumpy and jittery.

"Are you sure you need more hot chocolate right now? You seem to be experiencing quite the sugar rush…"

"Oh, come on, Chikorita! You gotta have some fun and let loose sometimes! Don't you think we've earned us a little sugar after all of our missions this month?"

"Yes, I think we've earned ourselves a little sugar," she teased.

"All right, I'm coming," Kangaskhan called over to them. She walked over with a fresh mug of hot chocolate. "How many mugs have you had tonight, child?"

"Ummmm, I dunno. 3? 4? Maybe 7?" He continued bouncing around.

"My goodness! Chikorita, I sure hope you're keeping him in check…"

She laughed. "Oh, don't worry. He's usually not this bad. We're just celebrating a month's worth of successful missions."

"We're also excited to go home tomorrow!" Totodile added.

"Oh, well that's exciting! I'm sure you two could use a nice vacation."

"Yeah!" Totodile hopped up and down. "It's getting chilly here in the Grass Continent, and, well… it'll basically be the same back in Serene Village, but the colder temperatures are making me miss my Pops and his warm home…"

"We're trying to be better with self-care," Chikorita said. "We exhausted ourselves a little too much back on the Mist Continent, so starting now we're going to try to go home at least once a month. I know my dad tends to worry when I'm away for a long time."

"Oh?" Kangaskhan looked a little confused. "I didn't realize you had a father in this world. I thought… you were a human before?"

"I was. He's not my real dad or anything. He sort of adopted me in a way. He takes care of me and looks out for me. Last time we were home, Totodile and I both promised our dads that we'd make an effort to visit more."

"Oh, I see. Well I think that's wonderful!" Kangaskhan smiled her warm, motherly smile. "I wish you two safe travels and a nice vacation. You'll have to tell me all about it when you get back!"


Several Pokemon were eating at the café, but Kangaskhan wasn't there.

"Hmmm. Weird…"

He turned to the M Unown who was also standing at the counter waiting.

"Hi there. Any idea where Kangaskhan might be?"

"Ermmmm… no, I don't. Sorry. And no, that wasn't a joke."

"Well, I reckon I'll just-"

"Oh, Mr. Nuzleaf! There you are!"

Kangaskhan came rushing back into the café. "I'm sorry. I was over getting some supplies from Kecleon. I received a very specific order for a large pie made with only perfect apples, and so… well, anyways. Thank you for bringing this!"

Nuzleaf handed her the basket of oran berries. "Always at your service, ma'am."

"Excuse me! Could I get some more tea?" a customer called out from across the room.

"One moment!" she shouted back. "I'm sorry, Nuzleaf. If you could just give me one quick minute…"

"Ain't no problem at all."

"You seem to be in a good mood," the Unown said as he faced him again. "Or should I say, an M-azing mood? Okay, sorry… I had to. Anyways. Any big plans for the weekend?"

Nuzleaf smiled, ignoring the bad pun. "I reckon it'll be a good weekend for lots of the parents here. My kid's comin' home tomorrow night, and ol' Carracosta will get to see Totodile likewise. I also hear Roselia's takin' a much-needed vacation overseas with Budew. Lord knows she could use some time off."

"Wait, you have a kid? Since when? I've never seen you with a kid."

"Well she ain't really mine, but I sorta adopted her. Believe me when I say it's one heck of a long story…"

"Mmmm okay. Well, I hope it's a good time. I think I'll get going home now… it's an M-ergency."

"An emergency? What's goin' on?"

"I need to get home quickly and work on my puns…"


"Here we are," Lapras announced. "Lively Town."

"Wow!" Totodile excitedly hopped off. "It feels like forever since we've been here!"

"Sure does," Chikorita said.

"Come on! Let's go say hi to everyone at the Expedition Society!"

The two heroes made their way over to the base, listening to the group of singing Pokemon in the square along the way.

"It's a fine day for tunes, innit?" Murkrow chimed.

They entered the Expedition Society building, as the door was wide open like always.

"Hello? Anyone home?" Totodile called out.

"Who's that?" a voice came from a distance.

"Oh my! If it isn't Chikorita and Totodile!" Ampharos said as he poked his head out of one of the rooms. "Splendid of you to drop by! Come on over here and give ol' Ampharos a hug."

Before they could react, he came running full-speed at them, causing them both to fly and crash into a wall upon contact.

"Oh! My sincerest apologies!" Ampharos started sweating as he scurried over to help them up.

"N-no worries… it's the thought that counts, right?" Chikorita uttered as she slowly stood back up.

"I just missed you two dearly. Yes, undeniably. And so I'm afraid I got a little too excited…"

"Don't sweat it," Totodile said. "Where's everyone else?"

"Unfortunately you just missed Buizel and Dedenne. They just left for exploration, along with the others. Swirlix is in the kitchen, making her third pie for the day because she consumed the first two. Jirachi is upstairs, but he could very well be asleep."

"Guess we'll have to wake him up then," Chikorita said. "I just hope we don't have to battle him like that one time…"

"If you need any assistance, then, *pose* just call for the Dashing Wanderer!"

"Will do."

The two ascended up the stairs, and were relieved to find Jirachi wide awake.

"Totodile! Chikorita! So good to see you!"

He floated over to them cheerfully.

"Good to see you too!" Totodile greeted. "How are things?"

"I've been keeping pretty busy. These days I basically live up in this room most of the time. But it's been good, because I've been finding some interesting things through my studies!"

"What kind of things?"

"Well, if you really wish to know… it's led me to a theory actually. You know how all of us, including Arceus, got turned to stone back when you guys were inside the Tree of Life?"

They nodded.

"Well, I was thinking… how can that be? So many of us have viewed Arceus as the god of this world for a long time now, but if that were the case, he shouldn't have been able to be turned to stone like that! And so through my studying of space and history… I believe there's something, or Someone, even bigger out there! Someone… glorious, and present. Do you know what I mean? The others thought it sounded crazy at first, but Mawile has been looking into it too, and now even she argues that it's possible."

"That's cool! You'll have to update us when you learn more!"

"Absolutely! I feel a certain peace about this."

Jirachi paused for a second and noticed that they looked a little bit banged up.

"Did Ampharos tackle you two again?"

"…Yeah. But we're fine."

"He does it out of love!"

"Oh yes, we know that."

"Say, have you two ever considered evolving?"

That caught them both off guard.

"I mean," he continued, "I'm sure you're both strong enough by now to be able to. And maybe if you got bigger, you wouldn't go flying so much when the chief tackles you? That would just be an extra perk, of course."

"Well…" Chikorita began, "I actually have thought about it a little. Maybe someday. It just… doesn't feel like the right time now."

"Yeah, I'm happy with the way I am!" Totodile added. "But maybe sometime down the line?"

"I understand. Just thought I'd ask!"

Jirachi floated back over to his telescope. "So, will you guys be staying the night?"

"We'd love to, but we're actually heading back to Serene Village now."

"Okay. Well I won't keep you then. Have a safe journey back! As if you even need to worry about that…" he winked.

The two heroes said their goodbyes, received a small snack from Swirlix, and were on their way.


Night had fallen but Serene Village was well-lit. It was still early in the evening, so several Pokemon were still hanging out around the plaza. It wasn't too cold outside, but a few small snowflakes were lightly falling from the sky.

From a distance, the scene looked magical. Chikorita and Totodile took in the view of their beloved hometown for a moment, and then quickly scurried down the hill to the village's entrance.

"Hey, you two! Welcome back!"

An old, pink friend came prancing their way.

"Hi Deerling!" the two said in unison.

"It's good to see you guys! How long will you be in town?"

"Probably about a week or so?" Totodile replied.

"Awesome! If you want to join, all of us from class are hanging out up by the big tree right now. We'd all love to see you and hear about your adventures!"

"Oh, that sounds fun! But I should go home to my Pops first. Maybe later?"

"Sure thing! I'll tell everyone hello for you."

With that, Totodile broke out into a sprint down the road to his house, creating a trail of dust.

"I should get home too," Chikorita said. "But we'll all have to catch up soon!"


Nuzleaf was at home, refilling the water bowl and putting food away. Kangaskhan had left a surprise basket of baked goods from the café by his door as a thank-you for all of his help.

"Hi Papa!"

Nuzleaf spun around and found a happy Chikorita standing in the doorway, with the gentle snowflakes falling behind her.

"Hey, kiddo! Welcome h-"

He suddenly caught her in his arms as she ran up and jump-hugged him.

"Well… hello there," he laughed.

"I missed you."

"I missed ya too, kid."

He slowly set her back down after a long embrace. "Kangaskhan came and left lots of good eats earlier today. I reckon you could use a good meal after your journey over here?"

"Yes! I'm starved!"

She hopped excitedly. Totodile's hyper personality had been slowly rubbing off on her over time, and it was quite noticeable.

Nuzleaf started unloading the basket onto the table.

"This table's new?"

"Sure is. Carracosta helped me build it some time ago."

Chikorita's eyes widened at the sight of all the fresh food. "Man… the Kangaskhans sure do love us, don't they?"

"Well, considerin' she went and custom-made all of our favorites, I'd sure say so."

Chikorita started violently munching away, hardly taking a breath between each bite.

Nuzleaf smiled as a sweat drop started forming. "Well, uh… I sure hope you ain't been starvin' over there on the Grass Continent or nothin'…"

She caught her breath. "Hehe… sorry. I kind of got into the habit of inhaling food when I joined the Expedition Society. It's how we all eat at dinnertime…"

"Don't you worry about it." He couldn't help but laugh. "I reckon all that savin' the world could really build up an appetite, huh?"

"You bet!"

"How are all them missions treatin' you?"

"It's all been really good! The dungeons are a lot less intense on the Grass Continent than the ones on the Mist Continent, so it hasn't been quite as draining. We've had about two or three rescue missions each week, but lately most of our missions have been finding items and treasure that others have lost. I still don't understand how so many Pokemon manage to lose their things so easily… but it's still rewarding to help them."

"I find that pretty puzzlin' myself. But I reckon it's best not to pay that no never mind as long as you can help."

"That's true. What about you? I imagine you're still being the world's best servant to everyone here?" she winked.

"You think too highly of me, child. I do rightly try to help out wherever I'm needed, but these days I'm spendin' most of my time just helping ol' Carracosta plant oran berries on his field. We've been reapin' a harvest, and it's been helpful to Kangaskhan's business too."

"I don't think anyone could think too highly of someone who dedicates his life to serving his neighbors," she said, taking another large bite out of a croissant. "But I really love your humility."

"Thanks, kiddo. So tell me, have y'all had any memorable stories from missions since I last saw ya?"

"Actually yes. A couple weeks ago, Totodile and I took a trip back over to the Mist Continent and we fought Mewtwo!"

"SAY WHAT NOW?!" Nuzleaf gasped in shock.

"It was a last minute thing… we were fine though. And we won! We brought our friend Dragonite with us, so that was really helpful. Mewtwo was just doing a little soul searching… and after the battle he connected with us!"

"Well… I'll be darned…" Nuzleaf slowly started to breathe easier again. "I reckon you should be careful out there… don't get too reckless. Though, I will always rightly stand by my philosophy that kids learn best by experiencin' things."

"You should come with us next time!"

"I'd sure love to. I'm sorry I haven't been able to join y'all much… I'd just feel awful bad leavin' these here villagers short-handed after I made a commitment to 'em…"

"Don't worry about it, Papa. This village is a mission field too. But if you ever do get a free day or two, we'd love to see you more!"

The two continued catching up and sharing stories for the rest of the evening. And the soft, glittering snowflakes kept falling.


A/N: Yes, I know snow in Serene Village probably wouldn't be a thing. But I wanted to do it anyway. (: