Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ There for You ❯ While Unconscious ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A/N: This chapter is in reference to the previous story.


Flashback to six months ago…

"Yowch! Gahhh! Consarn it!"

Pain shot up Nuzleaf's leg as he knelt to lay down his very wounded child, who was still barely breathing. It had been an insufferably long journey out of Nectar Meadow, and his burned leg had started going numb after the first couple miles. But the pain all started coming back towards the end.

Still, he didn't care about it. All that mattered was that Chikorita was home, safe in bed, and that help was on the way.

"Hello? Mr. Nuzleaf? Are you home yet?"

Audino peaked her head through the doorway.

"Nurse Audino! Please, hurry! She ain't doin' no good at all…"

She quickly scurried over with her large medicine bag. She listened for a heartbeat, and then without a moment's notice, pulled a syringe out of the bag and injected Chikorita with it.

"What'd ya just give her?"

"It's a special medicine I made a while ago specifically for fire wounds. It's a mix of rawst berries, oran berries, and honey from the meadow."

"Do ya reckon it'll work?"

Nuzleaf was clearly panicked.

"I'm very confident that it'll work." She smiled assuredly. "I'll also leave this cold rag on her forehead, to help her body slowly cool down."

She pulled out a rag and placed it on her head, wrapped her biggest burn wounds up with bandages, and listened again for a heartbeat.

"Her breathing's already picking up. I have no doubt that she'll wake up no later than tomorrow morning!"

Nuzleaf let out a sigh of relief. "That's good. Real good. I reckon I can't thank you enough for comin' over here, and I promise I'll pay ya real good when-"

"Don't even worry about it!" she cut in. "I love this sweet girl. I wouldn't dream of asking you for money for treating her!"

"Hey!" a voice came from the doorway. "Mind if I barge in?"

Flygon entered anyway. "How's Chikorita? Is she gonna be okay?"

"She'll be just fine," Audino said, packing her bag. "The wounds will take some time to heal, but her breathing is normal again and her pulse is perfect."

"Okay. That's great! I was freaking out here. Thanks a lot, Miss… um…?"

"Audino," she giggled. "I need to head back to the clinic and restock my medicine. But I'll be back first thing in the morning to check on her, okay?"

With that she headed out.

"Gosh… I feel like such an idiot," Flygon began. "What was I thinking? I should've blown that fire the other direction. I should've-"

"Don't you pay that no never mind," Nuzleaf cut him off. "You put that fire out. I reckon it would'a spread all over the land if you hadn't shown up. It was just one sorry stroke of bad luck."

"I know. I just feel like a cruddy friend right now. But anyways, I couldn't find much help in Lively Town, but I did meet a Miltank who gave me this…" he held out a bottle of milk. "She said it's supposed to have healing powers."

"That's perfect. I've heard tales about this stuff healin' folks."

Nuzleaf took the bottle. "I'll give it to her once she's up and movin'..."

He turned his head and looked down at her, still with an extremely worried expression.

Flygon tilted his head and noticed his nervousness. "Hey… she will wake up. She will. Don't worry about it."

*Knock knock* "Hello? Mr. Nuzleaf? Mind if I enter?"

Roselia peered in.

"Come right on in."

"Wow. So many visitors," Flygon said. "I think I'll head home. Maybe someone in Sahra town will have more medicine. Oh, and the Expedition Society said they'll all come pay her a visit once Archen gets back in town. So… yeah, prepare yourself for quite the gathering."

He took off into the sky and Roselia made her way into the room.

"I apologize for barging in like this," she said. "I just think I might be able to help."

"You ain't causin' no trouble at all. How can you-"

"Hey Nuzleaf?" Carracosta called as he entered the house. "How is she doing? Do you need any help over here?"

"I was actually just going to do some aromatherapy," Roselia said. "It's supposed to help with all kinds of status conditions. Budew accidentally burned herself some time ago while playing with a candle, but aromatherapy healed her right away!"

"Yes! Do it! Anything that'll help…"

Roselia held out her rose hands over Chikorita, and released some petals and incense. Within just a matter of minutes, some Chikorita's visible wounds started disappearing. But the petals ran out after a few moments.

"I'm sorry, that's all I have," Roselia said. "It's not perfect, but I hope this will ease her pain for when she wakes up."

"Thank you very much, Ms. Roselia. That was awful kind of you to do."

She nodded. "Well, I should get back home to Budew. Goodnight, gentlemen."

Carracosta turned back to Nuzleaf. "Sorry to intrude. I just wanted to make sure the child was all right. Totodile was worried sick, but he passed out the moment we got home."

"The nurse reckons she'll be just fine…"

Nuzleaf walked over and sat down in a chair across from her bed. "But I ain't restin' 'til I'm sure of it!"


The next morning…

"Good morning!" Audino's voice sang. "Is everybody awake?"

Nuzleaf went to the door to lead her in.

"I hope you let yourself get some sleep last night, Mr. Nuzleaf?"

"I slept a little. But that ain't concernin' me right now. Chikorita woke up 'round midnight and was up and movin' for a short while."

"Excellent! See? Nothing to worry about!"

"She conked out pretty quick though. I reckon her energy levels ain't gonna be too high while she's healin'."

"Yeah, that'll happen with burns. Just give it some time."

Audino started digging through her bag. She pulled out a syringe and gave Chikorita another dose.

"Thank you kindly, nurse."

"Of course! Now then…" she dug through the bag again. "Let's do something about that leg of yours."

Nuzleaf looked down at the festering wound on his knee. "Oh, that ain't important. I'll be fine. You need not pay no never mind to me."

She smiled her usual, kind smile. "Unfortunately, walking out of here without fixing you up would go against my moral code as a nurse. Sorry! Have a seat."

He reluctantly complied. Audino pulled out some burn heal spray from her bag.

"This might sting a little…"

"GYAHHHHHH! DAGNABBIT!" Nuzleaf screamed, gripping the chair's arms and trying to breathe through the pain. He looked over at Chikorita, surprised that he didn't wake her.

"My goodness. I can't fathom how you walked so far with a burn like this…" she said appalled, as she started bandaging his leg up.

"I ain't really sure myself, if I'm honest." He was still mildly cringing as the pain slowly eased up.

"Well, in any case, you're good to go! I have clinic duty in a few minutes, but don't hesitate to come steal me away if Chikorita needs anything!"

"I surely will."

She began heading out, before briefly looking back at him.

"You're a good dad, Mr. Nuzleaf."

And with a wink, she was off.

A good… dad…

After she left, he walked over to a window, finding it much easier to walk at that point. He gazed out for a few short moments, when in due time he saw a little blue rascal racing over that way.


"Calm down, son! You don't want to overwhelm them."

Totodile came sprinting to the doorsteps, with Carracosta following, trying to keep up.

"Hi Mr. Nuzleaf! How's Chikorita?! Can I see her?"

He led him over to the bed. Totodile knelt down and started trying to shake her awake.

"Hey? Chikorita? It's Totodile. Can you hear me?"

"Careful now," Nuzleaf said. "Remember she's hurt all over."

He eased up a little, and the sleeping Pokemon started grunting a little as she slowly opened her eyes.

Her vision was blurry at first but she could make out his shape.

"Hi Totodile…"


Her partner fell down to his face, nearly bawling. "I was… so… worried!"

"I'm okay, I promise."

She let out a soft giggle as she tried to comfort him. He was always so animated.

She looked behind him and saw Carracosta talking to Nuzleaf. It was then that she remembered what she… called him, the night before as she was falling asleep.

Nuzleaf looked over after a moment and they met eyes. He simply smiled warmly and nodded. And she immediately knew that it was okay.

And from that day forward, it never felt weird to call him Papa.