Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Veiled Blessings ❯ Trial and Error ( Chapter 1 )

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Silence filled the air, except for quiet breathing coming from a child's room. The child's Grandmother quietly cracked open the bedroom door and peeked inside to check on her granddaughter. The sight that greeted her was her slumbering grandchild upon her bed and her Pokemon companion, Growlithe, sleeping at the foot of the bed. She slowly made her way into the room, careful not to make a sound. Upon closer inspection, the grandmother discovered her daughter had rolled over in her sleep and was close to falling off the bed. A concerned frown formed upon her features while she turned her head from left to right, looking for a certain someone. A small glimmer of moonlight which shone through the closed blinds reflected off a familiar gem, causing the mother to smile softly. She silently made her way over to the sparkling gem and knelt. She used her right hand to gently shake the gem, earning herself a quiet yawn as the gem moved to reveal a pair of beautiful lavender eyes: it was an Espeon. 


"Cassandra's about to fall out of bed." The Grandmother whispered.


The cat-like creature was out of its bed and in front of Cassandra in seconds. The Pokemon's eyes and body began to glow in the darkness, a sign it was using its' Psychic ability. The light gently enveloped both Cassandra and Growlithe, levitating them while Cassandra's Grandmother got up from her place on the floor and grabbed the covers which were on the bed. A few minutes later, Cassandra's grandmother gave the signal. Espeon slowly lowered the child onto the bed, far from the edge. Cassandra's grandmother quickly but gently covered her child up then signaled Espeon again. The pokemon gently lowered Growlithe onto the foot of the bed. Espeon's eyes ceased to glow, releasing the sleeping pair.


"Thank you, Espeon. Rest now." 




The pokemon slowly trotted back into its bed, exhausted from the night before. It wasn't easy being a Pokemon Aide, but it made everyone involved happy which in turn made Espeon happy. Espeon gave one last sleepy cry to the Grandmother before gesturing to the nearby nightstand and fell asleep. She turned to see a folded letter on the nearby nightstand. She reached and opened it silently, reading it to herself.


Dear Daddy, 

When are you coming home from Kalos? I miss you. I want to race you again on Skiddo. When can we do that? The bigger kids are going to see Cousin Oakie to get their first pokemon. I can't wait to be 11 and finally get mine; I'm only 8. Cousin Oakie has a helper named Tracy, who has a cute Merrel. We were playing in a pond and it got me with Water Gun. I want to tell you sumthin…… I can make things move just by looking at them! I will show you when your here. Momma says it is good were here becos i need a teacher for my special talents. But, I miss my frends in Kalos. I miss you too! I really like my teacher. She is so nice! She lets me play with her Pokemon when were flew with lessons. Alakazam made me fly last time. I wish you saw it!

I love you! Peas come home soon!!!!!!!!!



The grandmother smiled, folded the letter, and placed it back. She turned her gaze to her grandchild and her sleeping Pokemon companions. "I'll see what I can do for you, my little princess." She whispered as she turned and left the room, quietly closing the door behind her.


The following morning, the sun shone brightly over the horizon; both people and Pokemon were waking up to the sound of the resident Dodrio's morning call, all but one sleeping child who was snuggled inside her warm blanket cocoon. The sun peeked into the child's room, causing her Growlithe to stir from its slumber. The creature yawned while stretching and paused for a moment to look at the nearby clock. It was almost time for her grandmother to wake up, so it gently leaped down from its' place on the bed onto the floor to which it opened the bedroom door using its front paws. It turned left, ran down a long hallway lined with beautiful artwork, and stopped at the end of the hallway, turning its gaze upwards towards the doorknob. Growlithe barked and pawed the door a few times, waiting for the mother to open the door. A few minutes later, footsteps were heard. Growlithe released a happy bark as the grandmother opened the door, wagging its' tail excitedly. She smiled down the Puppy Pokemon, giving it a scratch on the ear before exiting the room and closing her bedroom room.


"Hey boy, today's a special day for Cassandra. Let Luka know he's to keep her distracted and away from the main gate until I call her. By the smell of things, Carver is already making breakfast. Don't worry, I'll wake her up." She gently said before walking towards Cassandra's room.


The Grandmother's smile grew even more when she heard Growlithe bark a reply as he took off down a nearby staircase. Once she reached her granddaughter's bedroom, she was greeted at the door by Espeon. She gave it a nod of approval as she walked into the room. The Grandmother walked over to the bed, placing her hand on the girl's shoulder, shaking her gently. Cassandra groaned in her sleep, turning over to face the window. The sun shone down on her through the blinds and onto her face, causing her to stir. Espeon leaped upon the bed and nuzzled Cassandra's face. A sleepy laugh escaped as she opened her eyes, nuzzling the Pokémon in return. The Pokémon returned her affection with a playful head butt before taking its place at the foot of the bed. Cassandra yawned and stretched before sitting up, smiling brightly at her Grandmother and Espeon.




"Morning, my dear, shall we begin?"


"I wanna try again!"


"Alright, but Espeon will step in if needed."


Cassandra nodded and turned her attention to a specific chair in the far corner and raised her right hand as if to grab it. The chair was soon engulfed with a dim blue glow. Both Espeon and Cassandra's Grandmother watched intently as she girl tried to move her wheelchair with her developing psychic powers. The chair wobbled as it was lifted an inch off the ground, a look of frustration forming on the girl's face as she slowly began to move her arm to the side of her bed. The wheelchair moved in a jerking fashion, nearly crashing into a wall a couple of times. 




Espeon took this as its cue, adding its psychic power to the mix, surrounding the wheelchair in a bright blue shimmer. A frown replaced the girl's look as she guided the chair, with Espeon's help, over to beside her bed. Cassandra lowered her head, only to be nuzzled by Espeon. A sad sigh left Cassandra's mouth as she moved to the edge of the bed, a warm light embracing her like an old friend as she was lifted off the bed and lowered into her chair. Espeon walked over and crawled into Cassandra's lap, nuzzling her chest. Cassandra, in turn, gently hugged the Pokémon as her Grandmother silently placed a hand on the young girl's shoulder, offering some comfort before wheeling her out the bedroom door. The trio was silent as they ventured down the hallway, except for a frustrated growl that escaped from Cassandra's lips. The Grandmother frowned slightly, knowing she could not do much for her granddaughter in terms of her gifts. She had to discover and develop them herself. The pair reached the end of the hallway after several minutes of walking. The Grandmother pushed a button on a panel, a ding was soon heard, revealing an elevator as the wall slid open. A few minutes later, they were on the first floor with a happy Growlithe and an excited Lucario running up to greet them.


Cassandra happily outstretched her arms for a hug. "Luka!" 


Luka smiled while Espeon jumped down, making room for the bipedal Pokemon. He embraced her tightly, giving her a slight nuzzle as well. Luka glanced at the grandmother, who gave a nod in return. Taking this as his cue, he released the girl and took over wheeling her to the dining room, not looking back as he heard her grandmother walk away in the opposite direction. Cassandra glanced about, looking for her grandmother. She frowned and twisted in her chair, looking behind her. Luka stopped just before reaching the table, smiling gently at her, gently shaking his head in an attempt to convey his thoughts. She sighed, turned back, and reached down to lock her wheels. Luka grunted as he moved to her side, attempting to undo her work.


"No, Luka, stop. I want to walk from here. My legs won't improve unless I practice at home as well. Use Bone Rush. Let me use it to balance."


Cassandra glanced at him, determination firm in her voice. She was already attempting to stand on her own, gripping the armrests as she did so. Luka opened his mouth to object but quickly changed his mind as she wobbled forward. With a heavy sigh, he placed his paws together and extended them, a long bone of light forming as he did so. She gripped the bone just in time, leaning forward with a smile. She dragged her legs forward in a walking motion as Luka walked slowly backward. 


"Growlithe, go on ahead, Ready a chair for me and tell Carver I would like MooMoo milk with my breakfast today. Luka, please retrieve my chair and place it nearby once we reach the table."




The pair watched as the fire type bounded off towards the kitchens.


"Where's Grandma Eirwen?" She asked, glancing about as they stepped into the dining hall. 


Luka grunted and shrugged his shoulders, guiding her into a nearby chair and then headed out of the room to retrieve her chair. Cassandra let out an annoyed groan, crossing her arms with a huff. A door could be heard opening behind her, revealing both Growlithe and a tall fox-like Pokemon, a Delphox. Growlithe happily ran over to her and nuzzled her leg while the Delphox used its psychic abilities to levitate Cassandra's breakfast to the table. She turned in her chair and gave the Delphox a faint smile to which it was returned. Delphox quickly closed the distance and cuddled the child into his chest, nuzzling her head to comfort her.


Cassandra pouted. "Thank you, Carver. I wish I could do what you do. It's not fair."


She could feel Carver's body shake and pulled back, frowning when she realized he was laughing. He gestured for her to eat while he sat down beside her, his smile never leaving his eyes. With a huff, she ate and once finished, she attempted to stand. Carver gently helped her sit back down and gestured to the nearby fruit bowl. He used his psychic ability to move it close, placing it in front of her. Cassandra glanced at him in confusion and then turned her head towards the door, growing even more confused as to why Luka never returned with her chair. Just what was going on? Carver tapped her shoulder to distract her, earning her attention for the time being. Once again, he gestured to the fruit bowl.




"What do you want?"


He gestured again, this time levitating an apple for a short time.


"You want me to move an apple? I tried to move my chair when I woke up. I messed up bad! Espeon had to help me!" She yelled, tears beginning to form in the corner of her eyes.


"Del…." He replied encouragingly, leaning down to nuzzle her. He then reached over with his paw and placed an apple in front of her, giving her the ‘go-ahead' with his arms.


She turned her gaze towards the apple and concentrated, just like her teacher instructed. The apple wobbled in place, then shot into the air towards Carver. He caught it with ease and set it back down in front of her. This went on for another hour before Carver was pleased with her progress. This time, he gestured to the bowl. She understood and successfully raised it a few inches before putting it down. She happily embraced the large Pokemon, crying tears of joy. ‘Start small, Little One; you will get there.' Cassandra gasped and quickly leaned back, staring at Carver, blanking rapidly. She cocked her head and touched Carver's face with her right hand; he leaned into her touch.


"D-did you just-?"




"...Guess not."