Power Dolls Fan Fiction ❯ Love Comes First ❯ OMG It's the Professor!! ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
LW: ^O^ fighting crime trying to save the world yes they come just in tiiiime the powerpuff girls!

Bubbles: *giggles* LW-chan doesn't own us!

Boomer: ¬.¬ Bubbles did you give her your candy?

Bubbles: ^^ why ever do you say that?


Boomer: =-_______-=


Summary: Sana Wolf, a new scientist who admires Professor Utonium's work. She decides to make 3 little girls of her own. As soon as these girls were made they run away afraid and bump into Mojo. Now Mojo decides to make them evil since the RowdyRuff Boys has betrayed him. Now that Sana regrets what she's done she makes a group of boys to protect the PPG and retrieve her first creations. Will the two superheroes fall in love? Or fall in love with someone from a different superhero team? FFG(oc)/RRB/PPG/TTB(oc) -----> FFG/TTB, RRB/PPG

Light brown eyes watched a monitor behind thin framed glasses as the fingers began to type rapidly. "OMG!! IT'S HIM!!" she screamed, her short black hair in small pigtails as she did a victory sign. "I found Professor Untonium's webpage!!" she said again grinning. The 13 yr.old girl jumped up and did a victory dance as she saw a picture of The PowerPuff Girls next to the Professor. "They're so kawaii!! I wish I could make one!!" she said, her eyes shining with admiration. "Hmm...what makes perfect little girls anyways?" she thought, what was that old saying she used to hear? "Sugar...spice...and everything nice?... I think that's it!" she smiled and began to go grocery shopping as she dumped in what SHE thought was nice, a few teddy bears, anime plushies, guy magazines, skateboards, electric guitars, and some other stuff. "What?" she said outloud, "where did the "Boom" go?" she said again. She sighed and took her skateboard and skated outside. "I might as well ask the famous Professor Utonium himself" she stopped in her tracks. "Meet the professor..."

Sana: O___O

Birds: *chirping happily* ^_^

Townsville folks: ^o^ *walking by*

"I'M GONNA MEET THE ALL FAMOUS PROFESSOR UTONIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed outloud skating as fast as she could. The birds stopping chirping, some falling out of their nests and townsville folks stopped walking and stared at the hyper active girl. She laughed and grinned as she was at the door of the Professor. She rung the doorbell and waited patiently.

Inside the house Blossom and Brick were currently reading a book, Buttercup and Butch were sparring, and Bubbles and Boomer were playing with the toys.

"Oh woah hoah!!" Brick said grinning as he was currently reading a magazine, seeing the many injuries you can get by playing a sport. Blossom rolled her eyes as she read a book for school and flipped a page getting a bit annoyed by Brick's remarks out of nowhere.

"Blossom can you atleast read that thing quieter?" Blossom said, her eyes not leaving the book as Brick frowned and glared at her.

"Atleast I'm reading something interesting, not that stupid word after word book of yours" he replied smirking, Blossom just ignored him as she was a bit into the book to not notice the doorbell ring.

"Then we can have Octi here save the world!" Bubbles said enthusiastically as Boomer laughed and nodded, his firetruck next to a group of building blocks as Bubbles made her toy octopus swoop in and save a bunch of stuff toys around the building.

"Then my firetruck can wash out the fire!" he said grinning as Bubbles giggled at him.

"Then they go through the roof!" they both jumped up floating in the air, Boomer holding his firetruck and Bubbles holding her stuff toy as they began to laugh/giggle insanely, still floating in the air. Their voices drowning out the sound of the doorbell.

"HIYA!! AAHHHH!!!" Buttercup and Butch yelled in a sychronized manner as they both charged towards eachother. Buttercup took Butch's leg throwing him down, but before she could Butch grabbed her leg making them both throw eachother towards a wall, the crash interrupting the sound of the doorbell.

Sana puffed her cheeks and began to knock and ring the doorbell repeatedly. Soon the PPG and RRB stopped what they were doing, "GET THE DOOR!!" they all yelled.

The Professor walked camly towards the door and opened it smiling brightly, "Hello!"


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