Power Rangers Fan Fiction ❯ Dear Diary ❯ Troublesome Siblings ( Chapter 2 )

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Title: Dear Diary
Series: Power Rangers
Rated: PG-13 and might go up.
Warning: OFC
Note: Introducing Jaden Oliver, Tommy's little sister and first technical advisor in Power Ranger history. Spoilers for Green with Evil part 1 to 5 for the moment.
Disclaimer: I do not own the series. I only own Jaden and the idea of this story.
Dear Diary
Chapter 2: Troublesome Siblings
LOG #249
One thing I've learn about this town is this: there's super heroes protecting this town. They're called the Power Rangers. They seem to be pretty cool.
Just one thing, seems like the green one turned on them or he's just evil from the start. It's weird... I mean, we never had that in L.A, but for A.G, it seems completely normal. Everyone seems to have their favourite. I don't... This kind of put me in a bind with others. Again. They all try to convince me that one of the colors is cooler. Personally, since I haven't seen them much in action, I can't choose.
And my brother got nastier today. I'm really wondering what happen to him.
Jaden was at her locker, putting her books away when she caught sight of her brother. He was still not the same. He was at his locker, putting books away and reading notes when Kimberly arrived and talked to him.
`Oh man... This is not going to go well...' thought Jaden.
“Tommy?” asked Kimberly. “So what happen to you the other day after school? I thought we were going to meet.”
“Something came up,” simply replied Tommy, putting his notes away.
“Oh...” she said. “I got kind of worried.”
“Hey! I'm a big boy Kimberly. I don't need you to worry about me,” added Tommy, somehow pissed off about it.
“Is something wrong?” asked Kimberly, even more worried. “Because you're acting like...”
“Like what?” interrupted Tommy.
“Like you are upset with me,” answered Kimberly, getting upset herself.
He approached Kimberly and got down to her size. “Did it ever occur to you that I have other things on my mind,” said Tommy. “News flash Kimberly, you are not everyone's center of the universe.”
“Well, excuse me for living!” replied Kimberly, even more upset by Tommy's attitude.
Jaden just stare at the two during the whole interaction. She was torn to run after Kimberly and simply whack her brother behind the head. She closed her locker and went to see her brother.
“Okay, what the HECK was that for Tommy!” said Jaden, pissed. “She was just trying to be nice!!!”
“Mind your own business twerp,” replied Tommy, glaring at Jaden.
“Not this time!” added Jaden. “I can understand a lot. I can take the anger you project because I'm your sister, but don't take it out on people that don't know you like I do. Beside, the heck did she do to you to get you all angry and all!”
Tommy grabbed her left wrist and held it tight, tight enough for her to feel a little pain. “I said mind your own business,” said Tommy, before letting her go and leave her.
Jaden was stunt; Tommy never done that before. He would never grab her like that or injured her. She closed the forgotten locker of her brother and decided to talk to Kimberly. It was the least she could do.
She walked toward the direction the petite girl went and found her with Zack. She walked quickly, not wanting to miss her chance.
“Kimberly!” she said.
The petite young woman turned around and was surprised to see her, but quickly changed her surprised expression to an upset one. That didn't stop Jaden to talk to her.
“What is it?” asked Kimberly, visibly upset.
“Look, about my brother...” she started. “I'm really sorry... I don't know what got to him. He's never like that. I mean, he never been mean to anyone except bullies. And he would never hurt anyone and...”
“Jaden, was he mean to you too?” asked Kimberly, now concerned.
Jaden hesited, biting her bottom lip and holding her throbbing left wrist. It was hurting from her brother's grip. “A little...” finally replied Jaden. “I kind of confronted him about his attitude and the little argument he had with you earlier...”
“You're sure it's all?” asked Zack.
“Pretty much...” replied Jaden, not wanting to tell about her wrist.
“Zack, can you go ahead and go to Billy's house?” asked Kimberly. She made it pretty clear to her friend she wanted to talk to Jaden alone.
“Sure!” replied Zack, understanding Kimberly's wish. “See you there!”
Kimberly waited for Zack to leave before turning around and looked at the younger Oliver sibling. She was worried and she could tell it was her left wrist.
“Jaden, did he do something else?” asked Kimberly, again. “Because I can tell there's something else.”
Jaden sighed. “You got me...” she replied. “He grabbed my left wrist a little harder he should have.”
“It's nothing,” added Jaden. “He's not himself and beside it's nothing really. It doesn't hurt that much.”
“But it still hurts,” interrupted Kimberly. “Jaden, please get you wrist checked again...”
“Okay Kimberly...” replied Jaden, after a few seconds of silence.
“And you don't have to be sorry on your brother's behalf,” said Kimberly. “You didn't do nothing, he did. If there's someone that has to apologize to me, it would be him. Not you.”
“I know...” replied Jaden. “It's just that I don't know what else to do. I mean, he's never been like that before and I'm worried.”
“Me too...” added Kimberly. “But you don't have to worry; I'll be here to help you if you want.”
“Thanks Kimberly,” replied Jaden.
“You're welcome,” said Kimberly. “And Jaden, go see your doctor for your wrist.”
She nodded, before saying good bye to Kimberly. She felt a little better. And she knew that Kimberly was right for her wrist. She should check with a doctor. She walked back to the exit when she was Jason asking around for her brother.
“Hey Jaden! Did you see your brother?” asked Jason.
“Last time I saw him was near his locker,” replied Jaden. “Why?”
“I promised him to practice with him but something came up and I have to cancel,” replied Jason. “I want to reschedule and all.”
“Oh! I'm sure he'll understand...” said Jaden. “Well, I got to go. Nice to see ya Jason!”
“Same thing here!” replied Jason, before leaving to search for Tommy again.
She left the school area and decided to take a short cut through the park. She found that the park was a very quiet and beautiful one. She was walking when suddenly some grey looking monsters appeared and surrounded her.
“What the heck?!” said Jaden before taking a defensive position. She was not about to run.
The monsters started to attack her. She defended herself for little while with her knowledge of martial arts until one of the putties kicked her left wrist. She hissed from the pain and was about to retreat until someone appeared and attacked them back.
She looked and saw someone wear green spandex and golden armour. She knew from the looks it was the Green Ranger. He turned around and looked at her.
“A kid like you can't even handle the Putties,” said the Green ranger. “No surprises from someone as weak as you.”
“HEY! Watch it!” yelled Jaden. “I'm not that weak!!! I could have handled it myself!”
“I don't believe the likes of you,” coldly replied the Green Ranger before disappearing.
Jaden was angry that he disappeared like that before she could reply to the last reply. She just let a frustrated growl before taking her school bag back and head to the doctor.
LOG #250
It's official, I HATE the Green Ranger. He's a total jerk! He called me a weak kid! And he... He... Okay, he's defiantly on the evil side! I saw what happen on the news. He beat up the other Power Rangers! And those guys seemed to have a very busy day. I think they had at least 3 or 4 fights during the day, one with the Green Ranger and another one with some weird woman. Those are the one I recall. The rest was on the news, but I can't seem to recall much of them...
Beside that, I've managed to talk to Kimberly and apologized to her about Tommy. She's okay with me, but she's still mad with Tommy.
The little stunt Tommy pulled and my fight with the Putties made my wrist feeling worst... Broken. My wrist is now fricking broken! Dr Stein was not happy with me. I had to explain that I had a run in with those grey monsters and all. I guess the doctor was surprised that I fought them... He reminded me not to do it again. Learned my lesson for that.
Now, I have a cast and I have to wait two months before even hoping to do any martial arts. DAMN IT! Oh well, back to homework...
*Later that day, Command Center *
The rangers, thanks to the program that found out about the Green Rangers identity, were now discussing the situation. All of them were worried and very upset, especially Kimberly.
“Guys, what are going to do?” asked Kimberly. “I mean Tommy is the Green Ranger. And right now, he might also hurt his own sister in the process.”
“What do you mean Kimberly?” questioned Billy.
“Kim?” said Jason, worried.
“Jaden came to apologize to me because of his attitude and admitted that she confronted him about it,” answered Kimberly, upset. “After I told Zack to leave, she admitted that Tommy had grabbed her injured wrist a little too hard.”
“No way...” said Zack.
“Tommy never seemed the type to do such a thing,” added Trini. “I mean, from what I could understand, he loves her very much and seems protective of her.”
“Man... That makes me angry!” said Jason. “Jaden is a good person and the only person she trusted with everything is turning on her because of Rita! And there's nothing we can do when we're not in Ranger mode!”
“I agree with Jason,” said Billy. “It's the spell is on that causes this change.”
“How can we explain this to Jaden?” ask Kimberly. “I mean, I don't let her in the dark about this. She's suffering and feeling guilty because of his actions. Not to mention that...”
“We can't!” interrupted Billy. “Zordon said we can't tell anyone about being Power Rangers.”
“But there has to be a way we can tell her that Tommy is under a spell or something,” said Kimberly.
“I have to agree with Billy on this one,” said Jason. “But that doesn't mean we can't protect her in our own way.”
“What are you suggesting Jason?” asked Trini.
Jason just told his plan to his friends.
*Later, Youth Center *
Jaden decided to check the Youth Center and relax a little. She brought with her a note book and prints of her new program with her so she could work on them. She was not paying attention to anyone when she heard someone ask for her brother. She pulled her nose out of her notes to see Kimberly walking toward her brother. She couldn't hear the conversation, but by the looks of it, it was not good. Kimberly was upset and scared. Tommy left the machine he was working on and past by her. He didn't even notice her. She looked at him leaving; this was very bad.
She turned around and saw Kimberly standing next to her table. She looked very upset and worried about what was going on with her brother. Jaden just signalled her to sit down.
“He brushed you off again didn't he?” asked Jaden.
“Yes...” replied Kimberly. “Jaden, can you do me a favour?”
“What is it?” asked Jaden.
“That if you have to confront Tommy again about his attitude, please ask one of us to be with you,” asked Kimberly. “With what you told me earlier, I'm scared for you... I...”
“You what?” asked Jaden. Kimberly didn't answer, but looked at her left arm. She was horrified; did Tommy break his sister's wrist? Jaden understood what was going on and decided to clarify the situation right away.
“Oh!” said Jaden. “It's not Tommy's fault. I had a small meeting with those infamous Putties in the park earlier... I blocked a kick with my arm and the impact broke my wrist.”
“Jaden...” started Kimberly.
“I know I shouldn't have done it, but I couldn't help it,” added Jaden. “And after that, the Green Ranger shown up, beat those guys up and then proceed to call me a weakling! I'm not a weakling! I mean, I can fight with Tommy no problem without breaking a sweat and...”
“It's okay Jaden,” interrupted Kimberly, almost amused with Jaden's rant. “But next time, try to avoid them, okay?”
“Fine...” answered Jaden, bumped.
“Look, I'll meet with you later,” said Kimberly, getting up. “I have to go and meet with the others. And please, try to not anger Tommy?”
“Don't worry about it,” replied Jaden. “I won't. Don't want him to break my cast or anything...”
Kimberly left her, still worried. If Jaden was starting to get scared about her brother to hurt her, this was not good. She quickly left to go to Billy's house. She could see the guys talking together about a new plan.
“Hey Kim!” said Zack, when he noticed her. “What's up?”
“I've found Tommy at the Youth Center,” replied Kimberly, bumped. “And I also saw Jaden.”
“Is she okay?” asked Jason.
“She is for now,” replied Kimberly, stopping next to Jason. “Guys, this is really bad... She had an encounter with the Putties after she left school. She fought back, but they broke her left wrist.”
“What?!” said Zack and Jason at the same time.
“And that's not the worst,” added Kimberly. “Tommy shown up as the Green Ranger and insulted her and when I confronted him about being the Green Ranger, he never denied it and when he left, he ignored her... Not to mention that Jaden is now scared of her brother. I mean... The way she said she was going to try not to anger him...”
“Damn it!” said Jason. “He shouldn't do that to her!”
“I agree,” added Billy. “But we can't tell her about this.”
“I know,” said Kimberly.
“How did it go with Tommy anyway,” asked Zack, wanting to change the subject since it was obviously upsetting Jason and Kimberly.
Kimberly began to tell the encounter she had with Tommy in more details until Trini shown up to tell them about a new attack in the business district.
* Later, Command Center *
After Tommy was officially now a member of the team, the group started to talk about what happen. Tommy kept apologizing about what he has done and the others kept telling him it wasn't his fault.
“Really guys... I'm sorry,” said Tommy.
“It's okay man,” replied Jason. “It was Rita's fault and you know it.”
“But...” started Tommy.
“Tommy,” said Kimberly. “There's maybe just one person you have to apologize to.”
“You mean...” started Tommy, realizing that he might have done something very wrong.
“You need to talk to Jaden,” added Trini. “You might not realize it, but you scared her a lot.”
“Oh man... I remember grabbing her left wrist and she looked in pain but...” started Tommy.
“The putties did more damage than you for that,” interrupted Kimberly. “But it is how you acted with her that probably scared her. From what I can get is that if she was not injured, she would have fought back with equal strength...”
“Kim... What did she tell you?” asked Tommy, almost scared of what none sense Jaden could have said for once.
“That she could fight with you without breaking a sweat,” replied Kimberly, amused.
“Is it true?” asked Zack.
“Yes...” replied Tommy. “But she must have been upset if she started to talk...”
“She was...” said Kimberly. “She was very worried about you.”
“You know what to do,” added Jason.
Tommy nodded; he had to see his sister and talked with her.
* Evening, Oliver's Residence *
Jaden was in her room, reading a book when she heard someone knocking on her door. She just sighed before telling the person he could come in. She didn't look up until she felt someone sitting on her bed. She looked up and saw her brother looking at her with a very guilty expression. She sighed and closed her book.
“Jaden... Can we talk?”asked Tommy.
“Sure... I can't guarantee that I'll be in the mood for another of your angry outburst...” replied Jaden, annoyed.
Tommy sighed; it was not going to be easy, but he knew she had the very right to be angry. “Sis... I'm sorry,” started Tommy. “I'm sorry that I've scared you and I'm sorry that I've hurt you... I'm...”
“Why?” asked Jaden.
“It's complicated...” replied Tommy, knowing fully well he couldn't tell his sister he was a Power Ranger now, especially if he was the Green Ranger. “I had issues with something and I took my anger on everyone else, including you. I... I don't know what I was doing. It's just...”
Tommy was interrupted by a pillow in his face; he looked at his sister. He could tell by the smile she had on her face that she had accept his apologizes.
LOG #251
I got my brother back. He even apologized. Yes! Hope he did the same thing for Kimberly. She deserved one too.
And Tommy fused about the cast. Oh joy...
Okay! Now to bed.
To be continued
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