Power Rangers Fan Fiction ❯ Dear Diary ❯ The Weird Turtle and Insanity ( Chapter 3 )

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Title: Dear Diary
Series: Power Rangers
Rated: PG-13 and might go up.
Warning: OFC
Note: Introducing Jaden Oliver, Tommy's little sister and first technical advisor in Power Ranger history. Spoilers for Season 1, episode 22 and 23. Also, I want to thank people who have reviewed the first 2 chapters! It's really appreciated! Just to let you guys know, Chapter 2 was written very late... I was done at 2AM the other night.
Disclaimer: I do not own the series. I only own Jaden and the idea of this story.
Dear Diary
Chapter 3:The Weird Turtle and Insanity
LOG #258
The last few days have been epic! But I still want to slap Tommy behind the head! It was okay for a day or two that he kept apologizing and fussing about my broken wrist, but this is getting old. Really! I keep telling him it is okay, but he's feeling so guilty. And I keep telling him that it's the Putties fault that my wrist is broken.
Anyway, I'm getting use to this city and all. Even with the fact we have super heroes here. I've also been checking the news and it seems like the Green Ranger is on the good side now. Weird... I wonder if this was a strategy or something.
I've also noticed that the others kept disappearing on me for some reason. It's like they suddenly remember they have to go somewhere, leaving me behind. Jason and Tommy always seem to feel very bad about it.
I'll get to the bottom of this when I'll get the time.
It was a sunny afternoon in the basketball field. Jason and Zack were playing, while Tommy waited for this turn and the rest, including Jaden, where sitting at the picnic table, cheering on the guys. Zack kept showing off and distracting Jason by showing off.
Jaden wasn't really paying attention to the game; she felt like she was being observed. It was until Tommy switch with Jason that Jaden had enough, turned around and looked. She didn't see anything.
“You're okay Jaden?” asked Kimberly, who was sitting beside her.
“Yea...” replied Jaden. “For a minute there, I thought someone was observing us. Must be my mind playing games...”
“We're in a park Jaden,” said Trini. “Maybe a guy was watching you and found you adorable.”
“Trini!!!” whined Jaden. “And no... It's more like someone was watching us and was planning a bad prank on us... Again, I think it's my mind playing games because I didn't see anyone.”
The three rangers frown at this comment, but they couldn't tell the youngest Oliver that it was kind of normal since they were Power Rangers. The afternoon basketball match was going well; Jason decided to join in and play. Zack dominated the other two no problem. Jason was obviously not the best player of the three and Tommy wasn't so bad since he scored a few points. They kept playing until Zack blocked Tommy and the ball went rolling out of the court.
Suddenly, Puttie Patrols appeared, grabbing the ball on the floor. Everyone got up, including Jaden. Tommy went toward her sister.
“Jaden, you go to the Youth Center and...” started Tommy.
“No! I can fight!” interrupted Jaden.
“Sis, you have a broken wrist!” said Tommy, annoyed. “I don't want to get hurt!”
“But Tommy...” started Jaden.
“Jaden, we'll be okay,” said Jason. “Go to the Youth Center, we'll be go and join you after we deal with them.”
“But...” added Jaden.
“We'll be fine!” said Kimberly.
Jaden let it be; she couldn't win with them about this. It was not the first time they ask her to leave when the putties appeared from no where and they decided to deal with them. She grabbed her bag and left. She heard Jason gave the order to spread out, but she kept going.
She ran until she was out of the park, exhausted. She was decided to walk the rest and wait for them at the Youth Center for 30 minutes. If they didn't show up...
* Thirty minutes later, Youth Center *
Jaden was pissed and that was the understatement of the year. She knew it didn't take 30 minutes to deal with putties, so either they forgot about her or they were even more in trouble. She had it with waiting for those guys. She had drunk a milkshake while waiting for them, but right now, she was feeling restless. She could understand that Tommy wasn't here; he had karate practice today, but the others did not.
She finally got up and when to see Ernie.
“Hey Ernie! Can you tell Jason and the others that I'll be at the basketball court if they show up?” said Jaden. “I'm tired to wait inside.”
“Sure! Take care Jaden!” replied Ernie.
“Thanks!” she added, before leaving for the park.
A few minutes later, Tommy arrived to the Youth Center to start his practice. He looked around and noticed his sister wasn't there. He went to ask Ernie.
“Hey Ernie! Have you seen Jaden?” asked Tommy. “She was supposed to wait for the others here.”
“You just missed her,” replied Ernie. “She left to the park, at the basketball court. She wasn't happy to wait 30 minutes for the others.”
“I see... Man, I fear for Jason's head right now,” joked Tommy.
“She can't be that bad,” said Ernie.
“Nah, but she hates waiting,” replied Tommy before he started to practice. Tommy almost felt bad for the others. Almost.
* In the park *
Jaden looked around and was annoyed that the others weren't there, but it past when she found the basketball destroyed on the ground.
`Maybe they left to get another ball,' thought Jaden. `That would explain why they didn't show up.'
She sighed and decided to wait for them at the court. She waited for another 30 minutes when the others came back, with a new ball speaking about what was obviously another Power Ranger battle. She got up and glared at them.
“You know, when you say you're going to meet up with someone, it's expected that you hold your word,” said Jaden. “You never shown up at the Youth Center!”
“Err... Well,” started Zack.
“The putties destroyed the ball and we had to find another one,” interrupted Jason.
“It never occurred to you guys that at least one of you come and tell me that at the Youth Center?” said Jaden.
The five teenagers looked at each other; they knew they should have, but they couldn't since they had no time because of Shellshock. They felt really bad to do that to Jaden. They all apologized and promised not to do it again. They got back to the court, where Zack shot some loops until Tommy came back.
Tommy noticed the satisfied grin on his sister face; she must have chew a few heads off and now was enjoying the rest of the day. He knew he would have to tell the guys about not letting his sister wait too long, but than again, some people learned the hard wait.
After Tommy challenged Zack for a second round with the deal that the loser bought lunch, it was a surprise that Billy decided to double the odds, shown off and won the game against Zack. Jaden was very amused.
“Way the go Billy!” said Jaden.
“Thank you,” replied Billy, pretty happy about what he did.
“You did very well Billy,” added Trini.
“And won it the fair way,” said Jaden.
Billy was very proud of himself and the others continued to congratulating before changing the subject and get lunch.
LOG #259
I hate it when people say they are going to meet you at one place, but never show up. I hate to wait. But I love making people sweat a little. It's what happened today.
You see, we were having fun in the park when the putties attacked. Tommy, being the over protective brother that he is (I swear, he needs to stop that), ask me to leave. I understand that I have a broken wrist, but I still can fight. Jason told me to go to the Youth Center and the group was going to join me there.
Went there, waited for 30 minutes and finally got fed up. I left and went to the park to wait for them. I found out I missed Tommy by a few minutes. He arrived after I left to practice his fight routine.
Anyway, I got to the park and found no one, only a blown up basketball. And I waited again for 30 minutes for the others until they arrived. I kind of had fun when I made them sweat a little. Never thought I see Jason all nervous around me.
The rest of the day was pretty fine. Billy actually beat Zack in basket. He did very well.
Tommy asked me what happen and probably wished he hadn't missed the scene when I made the others feel bad. He was laughing by the end of the tale.
* A week later *
Jaden was helping Billy and Trini to get signatures to save the statue. She had learned, thanks to Billy that the statue protected the city from bugs. She found it pretty funny, unless the bugs were actually some of the evil monsters. She was walking around, getting signatures when Bulk and Skull decided to be smart asses and question Trini about the reason for this all show, as they put it. Trini and Billy explained to them, and everyone, the reason and some of the history of the statue. It was then that Zack admitted he hated bugs. Jaden went next to Zack.
“You could sign the petition Zack,” said Jaden.
“Sure!” he replied, signing more to forget the bugs next to him.
“And Zack,” added Trini. “See the flower on the statue's head. It's to remind all of us that insects are useful to humans.”
Jaden nodded. She was about to add something when they heard people screaming; she saw Bulk and Skull throwing bugs around the students. They took one of the insectariums containing ants and threw it at her direction. They barely missed her and she moved away. It was then she noticed that a spider was on Zack's shoulder and that Tommy was about to hit it with his binder. At the last second, the spider fled and Tommy hit Zack.
“Look you bionic bead brains,” said Kimberly. “What goes around; comes around.”
Bulk and Skull mimicked her when she left, not caring about the consequences. Jaden just sighed and join the others.
“Those idiots...” said Jaden.
“Don't worry,” added Kimberly. “They'll get it later.”
“Hope so...” said Jaden, before looking at Zack. “You're okay?”
“I'll be,” replied Zack. “But your brother has one mean hitter.”
“I'm really sorry Zack!” said Tommy. “I was aiming at the spider, really!”
“I know, don't worry man,” said Zack.
They decided to clean up the mess that the two idiots made. Jaden felt a small itchiness in her cast, but didn't care. The more the day advance, the itchier it became, it was at lunch time that it became unbearable. It didn't go unnoticed to the group.
“You're okay Jaden?” asked Jason.
“My arm is itchy,” whined Jaden. “It's like someone put scratching powder in my cast!”
“Are you sure it's not your arm becoming numb?” asked Billy.
“Yes I'm sure,” replied Jaden. “My arm was okay until this morning.”
“Maybe we should go see the doctor Jaden,” said Tommy.
“Can we go now?” whined Jaden. “Because I don't think I'll be able to stand it.”
Both of the siblings said good bye to their friends before calling their parents and leave the school for the rest of the day.
LOG #260
I will find a way to get back at those two idiots!!! Guess what happened today at school? I helped Trini and Billy for a petition to save a statue and while Trini explained to everyone the history of it, and I gather signature, Bulk and Skull threw the insects we had gathered to expose at everyone, including me. They threw ANTS at me!!!
Guess what? Some of those poor little ants managed to crawl under my cast. No wonder it became so itchy!! It became unbearable at lunch and I have to leave school with Tommy to go see Doctor Stein. I swear, I probably annoy or amuse the poor doctor with my unbelievable stories. I had to explain how the heck ants got in my cast. Not funny.
So, I got a new cast and half day off. But I'm still not pleased with those two idiots.
* The next day *
Jaden and Tommy joined up with their friends. They noticed they were laughing at something that had happen. Jaden noticed the small mouse in Billy's hand. She just shivered; she didn't like mice or rats.
“Hey guys! What happened to make you guys laugh?” asked Tommy, wanting to be as amused as the others.
“Bulk and Skull tried to make me run at Jack, but it backfired,” said Billy, showing the small white mouse. “Jack crawled under Skull's clothing.”
“You should have seen that guys! Skull was wriggling around, trying to get Jack out,” added Zack.
“Well, they got what they deserved,” said Jaden, amused.
“Is it about what happen yesterday?” asked Trini.
“Yea! No thanks to them, I had to change my cast!” replied Jaden. “They threw ants at me and some of them crawled under my cast.”
“Ewww!” said Kimberly.
“No wonder it was bothering you,” added Jason. “Hey, you guys want to help us to get some insects after class? We're helping Trini and Billy to gather new ones because of those two.”
“I can't” replied Tommy. “Karate class.”
“And I have music class today,” added Jaden. True to be told, her mother decided that Jaden was going to at least practice a little bit on his violin. She was going to practice the basics today since she couldn't play like she normally did with a cast. The doctor had told her that moving her fingers was going to prevent them to be swollen.
“Music class?” asked Kimberly. “I didn't know you played an instrument.”
“She plays the violin,” said Tommy.
“Tom!!” whined Jaden.
“Wow! You'll have to play for us one day,” said Kimberly, very impressed.
“I'm not that great...” said Jaden.
“Says the one that plays very complicated melodies,” teased Tommy.
Jaden glared at her brother who just laughed it off. She didn't want everyone to know about it. She just sighed; it was too late for that. They all headed to their classes and the day went as normally as it should. At the end of the school day, Jaden quickly packed her books and left for home. She didn't mind practicing violin under her mother, but Helena was a drill sergeant when it came to music.
After an hour and an half, Jaden was beat and was sitting in the small common room that her dad made for Tommy and her. It was a room where both of them could read, listen to music, do their homework or just hang out. She was reading when her brother entered and slumped on one of the bean bags.
“Was practice that hard?” asked Jaden.
“Yea,” said Tommy. “I might have over done it.”
Jaden didn't say a thing, but she didn't believe her brother for once. It has been like this for weeks; Tommy was exhausted, he disappeared any time he wanted and he fought putties when everyone but their friends escaped. She was going to find what's going on... Or let Tommy tell her when he was ready.
* Next day *
Tommy, Kimberly, Jason and Jaden had meet up until Trini and Billy announced that the Spirit Statue was saved. Everyone was happy to hear that the City council decided to make the statue a historical landmark.
“Hey Zack,” said Tommy. “Did this experience help you with your fear of spiders?”
“Absolutaly man!” replied Zack. “I can positively say that's one problem I overcame.”
Jaden knew what was coming just by the grin Tommy had on his face. She just hoped that Zack had a sense of humour.
“That's cool man,” said Tommy, putting his hand on Zack's left shoulder. “Because there's a really big one on your left shoulder.”
Jaden just shook her head while chuckling; this was just a typical Tommy prank. She could tell the others were finding this funny too. Zack's reaction was priceless; he started to panic at the sight of the fake spider that Tommy put on his shoulder. He kept panicking until Tommy took pity on him and putted the spider off.
“It's rubber dude!” said Tommy, amused. “It's a good thing you overcame your fear of spiders.”
They all started to laugh it off, even Zack did. At least he had a sense of humour.
To be continued
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