Power Rangers Fan Fiction ❯ Dear Diary ❯ Teamwork is the Key ( Chapter 5 )

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Title: Dear Diary
Series: Power Rangers
Rated: PG-13 and might go up.
Warning: OFC
Note: Introducing Jaden Oliver, Tommy's little sister and first technical advisor in Power Ranger history. Spoilers for Season 1, episode 25.
Disclaimer: I do not own the series. I only own Jaden and the idea of this story.
Words before I start: I would like to thank everyone who commented so far. All the comments are much appreciated and it always makes me smile to see you guys comment on what will happen. Some of you are right; some of you will be surprised. So, thank you to all of you!
Dear Diary
Chapter 5: Teamwork is the Key
LOG #270
So, it's been a 2 weeks since I've become the technical advisor of the Power Rangers. Me. Of all the people! Okay... It helps that I found out that Tommy was one. We both have a long discussion because I felt pretty bad to force his hand and he felt bad because it was his fault (not really) that he had to tell everyone I discovered. Jason found out about the discussion and the guilt we both had about this... And just teased us with it. He called it the Oliver Guilt Complex. I'll hit him one of these days.
I have to admit I was a little peeved that they had to hide this from me. I understood the reasons, but still... Gave them a hard time for it. It couldn't be helped.
Two weeks and now, I'm cast free. NO MORE CAST!! I'm happy about that, but I'm pissed. If the cast came off just a few days sooner, I would participate in the Team Ninja competition with Tommy. But no... Darn! But I'm helping Zack and Billy to train the two of them... Boys are stubborn.
* Youth Center *
Jaden was holding one of the bamboo training swords, standing next to Zack, while the Blue and Black rangers were monitoring Jason's and Tommy's training. As they exchanged kicks and punches, Jaden couldn't help but frown. It was getting obvious that both boys were not working together. It was a wonder how they managed to qualify for the final round. It was until they started arguing about a move that Zack, thank the lord, decided to interfere.
“Hey! Hey!” yelled Zack. “You got a lot of more work to do before the Team Ninja Finals.”
“Yea,” added Billy. “This computerised training program I've created will get you in shape in no time. If you learn to cooperate.”
“If they learn Billy,” whispered Jaden, annoyed.
“Thanks a lot for managing us you guys,” replied Jason. “But I got a lock on this Team Ninja thing. Check this out.”
Both boys took their positions and started to fight. Jaden was really not convinced about they could do it. She could also tell that Zack and Billy weren't convinced at all either. As the little spare continued, it looked more like a fight than learning to team up. Jaden seriously wanted to take the bamboo swords and hit both of the guys. After a few seconds, both boys ended up on the mat. Jaden sighed and Zack walked up to Jason and Tommy.
“Guys,” said Zack. “This is supposed to be a team competition. Team.”
Jaden sighed, which Billy noticed. “Discouraged?” he asked.
“You have no idea,” replied Jaden. “If they keep being so stubborn, I'll gonna whack both of them behind the head.”
As the training went, Jaden was feeling more aggravated and Zack and Billy were feeling the same pain or discouragement that Jaden had earlier. Each time they changed weapon and style, both boys were turning this as a mini competition. At the end, a lot of people had gathered around to look at them. Kimberly and Trini joined the group.
“Hey! Has it going?” asked Kimberly.
“Well, they had a little trouble to develop a little teamwork,” replied Billy.
“You don't say...” added Jaden.
It was when Jason decided to show some moves, knocking Tommy on the mat, that Jaden wanted to get the bamboo sword out of Jason's hand and whack him on the head. Tommy returned the favour, putting the bamboo sword on Jason's back.
“You two have to learn to Gung Ho,” finally said Trini.
“Uh?” start Tommy.
“What?” finished Jason.
“You know, Gung Ho,” replied Trini. “It's Chinese for working together. You have to work together if you want to win the Team Ninja finals.”
Jaden wanted to say something, but seeing the discouraged face of Jason and Tommy when they got up, Jaden decided to keep it for herself. Trini had a point; they needed to start working together. She decided she needed a little break while Billy and Zack continued to supervise the other two. She went to the lockers.
“Those two are so stubborn...” said Jaden. “This could get worst...”
Suddenly, she got an idea. She looked at her communicator and thought of something. She grinned. She pushed the communication button and decided to talk with Zordon about this.
“Zordon, this is Jaden,” she said.
“We read you Jaden,” replied Zordon. “Is there something wrong?”
“Well...” started Jaden. “If you consider the fact Jason and Tommy have a little problem to work as a team for something little as a martial art competition... Yes, we have a problem.”
Jaden started to explain what was going on to Zordon, also admitting that she had no idea for once to how to deal with both boys without resolving to knock them out or push out Jason of the competition. Zordon had reassured her that he would look into this before closing the communication. She felt a little better and left the locker room. As she came back, both boys were arguing about their kicks; this made Jaden mad.
She took her place next to Trini and frowned. All of them seemed annoyed by now.
“Hey! Come on!” yelled Zack.
“You guys only last 7.7 seconds that time,” added Billy.
“I swear... You guys are just bad...” said Jaden, as she took the bamboo sword.
Both boys looked discouraged and wanted to reply something when they heard laughters. Bulk and Skull arrived with the guys' competitions. If Jaden had been in a better mood, she would have smiled at the ridiculous outfit that the two bullies were wearing. As the discussion progress, it was more like a taunting competition between Zack and Bulk. After a few minutes, the ninjas' that Bulk managed took the mat and demonstrated their fighting and teamwork skills. No doubt, those guys were good. This was making the group nervous, but Jason and Tommy refused to show it.
The atmosphere was gloomy until Bulk was knocked out by the punching bag. They all felt a little better, but they still had a problem at hand. Now knowing what the competition was, they had to work both of them out.
“Well,” said Jaden. “You better start working you two because recess is over.”
“Right,” added Zack. “And we'll work for the rest of the day.”
The guys just nodded, agreeing with them. They kept practicing. After a while, Trini and Kimberly left, leaving the trainers and trainee working. It was after that it got a little out of hand. They were working on their hand-to-hand routine that Jaden got so annoyed with Jason and Tommy; they argued about a movement. She just grabbed the both bamboo swords and swing both of them on both boys head, followed about both their legs, making them fall. Zack and Billy were speechless and Tommy and Jason were staring at Jaden.
“Sis! That was uncalled for!” finally said Tommy.
“It was!” replied Jaden, annoyed. “Both of you have been ANNOYING the HELL out of me!!! We are trying to help the both of you to work together and you two stubborn idiots are wasting time with that little competition you have together! I swear, if by the end of the day I don't see any improvement, I'm taking Jason's place and I'll compete!!! AND DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT `CAUSE I WILL DO IT!”
“But Jaden...” tried to say Jason.
“What about...” wanted to add Tommy.
“Don't you dare say it's against the doctor's order,” cut Jaden. “I'm capable to compete and will be if you guys don't do something about it!”
She gave a death glare at the two, turned around and decided to sit down next to Billy, still fuming at the boys. Zack and Billy just stared at Jaden; that was the first time that they saw her that angry. Both coaches decided to help the other two getting up and decided some punching on a bag would help them. Jaden just followed them and stayed beside Zack.
After a little while Tommy started to critic Jason about his combination, while Jason complained about being tired. Jaden was about to groan when their communicators went off. They all gathered around Jason, who pulled off his glove.
“Kimberly and Trini have been attacked in Angel Grove's park,” said Zordon. “Hurry!”
“Right,” replied Jason. “Let's go!”
They all ran and Jaden was about to follow when her own communicator went off. She frowned and decided to go somewhere no one would see her.
“What is it Zordon?” asked Jaden, not too happy.
“Teleport to the Command Center immediately,” ordered Zordon. “I have to discuss the plan we have in mind to help them.”
“That was fast,” said Jaden.
She teleported to the Command Center, knowing that it would pleased Tommy; he would have told Jaden to go anyway. She arrived quickly and gave a quick look at the Viewing Globe. The guys had already joined up with the two girls and they started to deal with the Putties.
“So, what's the plan Zordon?” asked Jaden.
Zordon explain the plan; send Tommy and Jason on the quest to get the new weapons to destroy the new Super Putties that Rita created. The quest wouldn't be simple if they didn't have an opponent; Zordon talked about an ally, the Titanus, who would guard the new weapons.
“That could work,” finally said Jaden. “Or this could turn against us... Either way, they need to work together. If it gets worst, it would show in their Ranger duties.”
“I agree,” replied Zordon. “It is important to deal with this now and not wait later. You took the right decision to tell me this quickly.”
“No problem,” added Jaden.
Jaden looked at the Viewing Globe again and saw how much trouble they had. She was glad that Jason gathered everyone and teleported to the Command Center. They were exhausted and seemed to wonder what was going on with the Putties.
“Zordon,” said Jason, looking up. “We never had problems fighting Putties before.”
“Yea!” added Zack, annoyed. “What did she do with those Clay heads!?”
“They are not ordinary Putties Power Rangers,” replied Zordon. “They are Rita's new Super Putties. Behold the Viewing Globe.”
As Zordon explained how the new Super Putties, Jaden and Alpha were working on the panels. Alpha started to panic and told them the Super Putties were attacking the factory. Zordon asked Jason and Tommy to stay before sending the others to the front line. The others understood their task, morphed and left.
“By only working together you will be able to succeed in your mission,” said Zordon. “The way is traitorous.”
“Here,” added Jaden, handing two halfs of a map to each guy. “Use this map to find your way. And both of you be careful.”
“May the power protect you,” said Zordon.
“We'll get those weapons!” replied Tommy.
“Good!” said Jaden. “We'll teleport you close enough where the weapons are located.”
“Jaden...” started Tommy.
“We'll talk later,” cut Jaden.
Before Tommy could add something, Alpha teleported them. Jaden just sighed and start working on one of the panels. She was still a little peeved at the two guys for their lack of teamwork. She couldn't help it; she hated to see those two compete on every thing. They were supposed to be teammates, not rivals.
“Are you okay Jaden?” asked Alpha.
“I'll be fine,” replied Jaden. “Just hope they'll learn.”
“Let's watch the Viewing Globe to se how they progress,” said Alpha.
“You go,” replied Jaden. “I'll work on these while you watch.”
Alpha walked to the Globe and watched the progression of Jason and Tommy. At one point, he declared it was a bad idea to send them to this quest. Jaden couldn't agree more, but kept it for herself. She wasn't so surprised when Zordon replied it was the best way for the two of them to learn.
“They need to learn the hard way,” added Jaden.
“True,” said Zordon.
“I just hope the other Power Rangers can hold on,” added Alpha.
“They have too,” said Jaden.
They kept watching the progression; the Titanus shown up and attacked both guys. Jaden stopped working on the computer panels and joined Alpha. She was really worried. She voiced her concern to Zordon; she thought that the Titanus was over doing it with his attacks. She kept looking at the Globe and saw something she liked; they were finally working together. Jason, thanks to Tommy's shield, reached the top of the hill quickly and got the new weapons.
“About time...” said Jaden.
“Zordon,” said Jason, through his communicator. “We got them!”
“Good,” replied Alpha. “We'll teleport you and Tommy to the others' location.”
“Teleporting now,” said Alpha.
Jaden sighed; this was all over for Rita and the day.
LOG #271
Boys need to learn a few things about me; I know how to fight and do not piss me off. Yes, I got angry and Jason and Tommy. Yes, I used both bamboo swords to whack them on their heads and knock them on the mat. BUT MAN! They asked for it! Billy, Zach and I got HALF of our day wasted because they couldn't work as a team. Good thing Zordon found a way, because I would have taken Jason's place in to competition.
I think I scared Billy and Zack on that one... But when they told Kimberly and Trini what happened, those two found it hilarious. I think they both wished they had been there to see the guys' faces.
* Saturday afternoon *
Zack was doing his pep-talk to the two others while they were walking toward the ring. Trini, Kimberly and Jaden joined them.
“Hey!” greeted Trini. “You guys are ready?”
“Yea,” replied Tommy. “We finally learned how to Gung Ho. Right partner?”
“Right,” replied Jason, hitting Tommy's fits like a teammate would.
Suddenly, the communicators went off and they all gather around. Zordon had congratulated the team for a nice work they had done and explain to Jason and Tommy that Titanus was only a test and that it was valuable ally.
“Good thing too,” said Tommy.
“Jason, Tommy,” added Zordon. “You'll also have to thank Jaden. She was the one who warned me about the situation.”
Jaden was about to whine when Ernie got everyone's attention; the tournament was about to start. They all looked at each other and looked at Jaden; only Tommy seemed a little annoyed with Jaden. The youngest Oliver just gave her brother a look, knowing they would talk later. Jaden went to sit with the girls while the boys went on the ring, ready for the fight.
As the tournament advanced, it was obvious that Jason and Tommy had the advantage; using both of their strength, they were fighting the ninjas very well. Everyone was cheering for them. At the end, it was pretty clear who was the winner. The girls joined up with the guys.
“You guys are awesome!” said Kimberly.
“Nice teamwork you guys!” added Trini. “That's the way to Gung Ho!”
Ernie came with the trophy and walked toward them and gave Tommy the trophy. “Congratulation you guys!” he added.
“We did it partner!” said Tommy, giving a high five to Jason.
“We make a great team!” added Jason.
They were paying attention around them until Skull came to take the water bucket and accidently throw its content on Bulk. Jaden grinned; the day couldn't be any better.
* Later that day *
Jaden had stayed with the others for most of the afternoon, but had left after they decided to go play basketball. She needed to have some time for herself; she wanted to prepare for the discussion that was surely coming between Tommy and her.
She was sitting in their room when Tommy came in and sat next to her. They stayed silent for a little while until Jaden sighed and looked at Tommy.
“Tommy...” started Jaden.
“Why did you do it?” asked Tommy.
“Because I was worried,” replied Jaden. “Have you thought that if this competition went on between Jason and you, this would have affected your Ranger duties and your teammates? I did. I told Zordon because if it went on, it could have been a problem. I just...”
Tommy interrupted her by give her a hug. She couldn't help but smiled.
“I'm sorry sis,” said Tommy. “I'm glad you did it, but really... A little warning next time?”
“I'll try,” replied Jaden, getting out of the hug.
“And one more thing,” he added. “Give us a warning when you decided to let that anger out. I think you scared Jason, Billy and Zack.”
Tommy's only reply on the last line was a laugh coming from his sister.
To be continued
Author's note: Sorry for the lateness! I took my time with this chapter because I wasn't sure if I was going to put two episodes or just one in this. In the end, with the length it took, one was going to be okay. So, please read and review!!!