Pretear Fan Fiction ❯ Giving White Snow Red Color ❯ Becoming Who I Am ( Chapter 1 )

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the white Snow Red Color- Becoming Who I Am
Created By: Resa12

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters from Preatèar.

The Princess of Disaster laughed humorously at the fading bodies of the Leafe Knights. Hayate was the last one standing bleeding and bruised. He winced in pain, but gathered all the strength he could muster just to look up at her... Her... The Princess of Disaster. But it wasn't the one that they had fought before... No quite the opposite...

Hayate looked up at the woman and spoke as he dropped to his knees "" he spoke the last final words as the last of his Leafe was drained from him and he disappeared. Himeno... The Princess of Disaster.

Himeno shot up in her sleep wide eyed from the dream that had been brought upon her. For many nights now she had been given these nightmares, and not once could she explain what they meant they only frightened her of what the future might hold. She shook her head
No, this can't be it. The Princess of Disaster...I mean Takako is free from the Great tree Fenril. It should be all over. She recovered from her thoughts and sat up in her bed clutching onto the blankets. She got out of bed throwing the sheets off of her heading towards her desk that held her flowers she adored.

"Oh, mother. What am I going to do, what do these dreams mean, I can't apprehend any of them!" Himeno hit her head on the edge of the desk and stayed still for a moment. "Ow..." She said lifting her head up as a red mark replaced where she had hit it. She rubbed her forehead feeling the mark that had been left there and she sighed. "Great..." She looked back at the flowers diligently "Oh well, I guess there's nothing I can do but wait right mom?" the flowers blew; wafting in the wind. She got up from the chair and headed out on her balcony. She stood out there looking at the surroundings of the mansion.

She thought about the last battle when she faced Takako. It frightened her dearly when she thought about Hayate dying. The thought of Hayate made her smile. Although she wouldn't tell, she felt a lot for him. She sighed and began to look around again she spotted something this time. She looked closer, the Leafe Knights stood there at the same place where they all had first met. What are they talking about without me! she thought angrily as she put on some shoes and opened the door stepping out; her ankle was grabbed and she soon found herself hanging upside down by a rope. She thrashed trying to get down from where she was, the laughing of a mischievous familiar laugh came. "Mayune!" Himeno hollered.

"Hahaha! Himeno, I knew you where to stupid that you would never know something like that was going to happen!" she laughed again with that irritating voice.

"Okay! I was, now let me down!" she screamed again That bitch!! Himeno thought, knowing her step-mother, Natsue, would probably scold her for saying such improper things.
"No, I'm sure since you’re a "black belt" Himeno, you can get down yourself." She turned and walked off with that laugh of hers. Himeno struggled until she felt something...something that wasn't a very good sign. She felt her body began to lower herself to the floor and she froze in mid action. Almost as if she was on a timer she sighed as soon as she felt herself stop lowering and: SNAP! The rope broke and she fell face first on the floor.

"Oww." She groaned getting up from the floor. She glared in the direction that Mayune went and she brushed herself down heading down to the garden where she had spotted the Leafe Knights. As she approached the garden she saw that the whole group was there including Takako.
"I guess we will have to leave here..." Hayate was the first one to speak.
"I guess you're right it's just sad saying goodbye to this new world." Goh said thoughtfully. Everyone nodded in agreement except for Mannen.

"We can't leave here" he yelled, "what about Himeno? We can't just leave here without telling her! She's our friend, we just can't do that to her!" he shook his head angrily. Himeno was like his older sister, she cared about him the same way.

Himeno's eyes widened T-they were going to leave me...

"Don't you think we know that Mannen?" Kei said dully.
"But we can't just leav-"Mannen was cut off.
"Mannen, we have already done our mission here in this world. Now we have to go back to Leafeania and restore what was left of The Great Tree Fenril." Sasame spoke pulling Takako closer to him.

"But I don't want to leave Hi- Himeno." Shin said with a wavered voice.
"Aw come on don't cry!" Goh said dropping to his knees messing up Shin's hair trying to calm him. Shin put his hands up to his face while they were balled up into a fist crying into them.
"See! You guys don't understand!" Mannen said
"Yeah!" Hajime agreed along side him. Before anyone could say anything Mannen grabbed shins hand and ran out of there with Hajime running close behind. All of the Leafe Knights, and Takako, stood there with a pained face.

Hayate turned away, "We'll leave tomorrow, early in the morning." He disappeared as they all turned to look at him. They had nothing else to say, truth was they hadn't even thought about how Himeno would feel when they left, they just thought about there mission. The group soon began to part each of them heading there own directions, and leaving to sleep.

Himeno was the only one who stood there shocked and hurt. Tears began to stream down her face. Didn't Hayate feel anything; anything at all? She pressed her fingers against her lips remembering the feeling of Hayate's lips against hers. She leaned against the gate that the vines curled and weaved themselves into. She closed her eyes tightly as if that would prevent the tears from falling, but it didn't seem so.

"Hayate..." She spoke solemnly and coldly. She brought herself down to the floor knees pressing up against her chest. She placed her hands over her face sobbing into them uncontrollably.

For what seemed like hours, but only minutes she soothed herself with memories of the past and she got up gloomily. Sunrise began and she wondered when they were to leave. She wondered if maybe she should run away, leave for awhile, not go to school, and just leave. She slowly made her way up to her room and collected the things she needs getting dressed in her every day uniform as if going to school. She put her bag over her shoulder and looked back at her plant. "Mom, I'm going to be gone for awhile. Please take care, I'm sure father will keep you company."

And then that was it. She walked out of the room without a trace left of her. She headed down the hall with her head hanging low, and then she saw Hayate. He looked at her as if wanting to say something, but she walked passed him without a second thought. Himeno heard him turn and she took off in a run. She couldn't endure staying near him, nor could she talk to him. She ran out of the gate of the mansion and ran wherever as long as it wasn't there.

Back at the Mansion

Hayate watched as Himeno ran and he looked at her worriedly. He turned back to face her room and he stood still sensing darkness nearby. It can't be... he slowly made his way towards Himeno's room. He slowly reached for the door knob and he opened the door to her room. His eyes widened as he saw the ominous aura of darkness surround the room. But it wasn't just that; that was shocking him. It was the Leafe that was drained out of Himeno's flowers...her mother.

He wasn't sure of what was going on but he stumbled backwards and turned out of the room running towards the door, and running outside immediately turning into his regular uniform. "Sasame, Kei, Goh!" he called in urgency and they all appeared just then.

"Hey Hayate, what's going on? Is everything all right?" Sasame asked.
"No! Everything's not all right! Something's going on!"
"Well what's going on?" Kei asked impatiently.
"I was just in Himeno's room, and I could sense there was an ominous aura and the Leafe was drained out from her plants." Everything went quiet and each one of them looked at one another.

"What could have done it?" Goh asked.
"I'm not sure." Hayate said uncertainly.
"We'll check around the area to see if we sense anything. If not we need to head back to Leafeania." Sasame spoke reasonably. They all nodded their head and disappeared one by one.

As they all scouted the area nothing seemed to be drained of it's Leafe and nothing suspicious occurred. They all met back up at the same spot they met last night.
"Anything?" Hayate asked.
"Nope." Kei said and Goh just shook his head as did Sasame.
"Hayate, are you sure you sensed Leafe being drained in her room?" Sasame asked.
"Yes I'm sure! There's no doubt about it."

"Maybe you're seeing things." Kei said.
"I know I'm not! Here I'll show you!" he led the group to her room and opened it. But what appeared before wasn't there any longer. They each looked at Hayate who had an exasperated face. "I know what I saw!"
"Come on Hayate, we need to leave." Goh said with doubt in his voice. Hayate stared angrily at the room before turning with a cold hard face.
"Let's go." He walked passed the others and headed to meet with all of them so they could head back to their destination.

In Awayuki Town

Himeno walked the streets of Awayuki Town. Looking from side to side, trying to get away from these people. She wanted to be left alone, where no one could touch her, now one would talk to her just...alone. She headed towards the beach where the waves moved gently making calming noises of serenity. She remembered when Hayate had come for her, he was worried. She never would have imagined him doing something like he did that day, but he really was sweet and nice. She stepped down the steps getting closer to the water. She kicked off her shoes and felt the wet sand underneath her feet. She stepped closer so the water barley touched her, but to where she could feel it. She crouched on the floor and picked up a hand full of sand and let it fall to the floor.

She repeated it over and over again until she felt at ease. She closed her eyes and when she did she felt calm and as if new life was beginning to enter her. Himeno enjoyed this feeling and she opened her eyes. Not sure what it was, but it felt as it something was growing inside of her. Something ominous, but even so she enjoyed it all the same.

"Do you enjoy that feeling?" a deep voice whispered.
Her eyes fully snapped open and she stepped backwards trying to find where the voice was coming from. "Who are you?" she asked.
"It is not you who is to be asking the questions." this made Himeno angry.
"What do you mean by that! I'll say whatever the hell I want, now I'll ask again! Who are you?"
The deep voice laughed "I am The Great Tree Fenril." This time Himeno gasped in fright and looked around.
"Where are you!?"
"I'm here, you just can't see me. You know... Your friends are no use to you, neither is this world. They're leaving you for their own world you should destroy both of them and make them repay for what they've done."
"No! I would that..." Her sentences seemed to drift off the more she thought about it.
"You know they're abandoning you. They're using you, do you remember what the last Princess of Disaster spoke of? Isn't it the truth? They're throwing you away just like she said they would. They used you and now they don't need you anymore."

This struck Himeno as the truth, "N-no... that's not true. I shouldn't even be talking to you! Leave me alone!" She cried out tears streaming down her cheeks while her whole body shook.
"You know it's true. Look, they're leaving you even now. They don't care where you are they just wanted you gone."
Pictures flashed through her eyes of the knights leaving. Laughing at her for falling for such a foolish act. She placed her hand over her mouth as she began to see --what looked like it to be-- the truth.
"Do you see it now Himeno? Do you see how they'll just throw you to the side? Well that can all change now! Join me Himeno, and become another Princess of Disaster! Show them your power, show them that they can't do this to you ever again!"

She dropped to her knees as she looked up into the sky and it almost seemed as the world around her began spinning. It was getting darker as she let it overcome her. Her mind being taken over by dark thoughts. Maybe this was the future for Himeno. Maybe she was born to be another Princess of Disaster.