Pretear Fan Fiction ❯ Himeno, Princess of Disaster ❯ There's A Chance! ( Chapter 3 )

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Himeno sat on her throne, as she looked across the room at Hayate’s body that was strapped down into a chair. “Horithu. . .come forth.” Horithu appeared in front of her kneeling down with his head bowed. “Y-Y-Yes my lady? What do you need?” She lightly yawned as she covered her mouth. “I shall be off to bed now. . .Watch him. . .and don’t let him escape. . .” She said as she glared at him. She walked off an went into her bedroom chambers. Horithu stood up, and glared at Hayate. *So this is the man, my lady loves so much? Hmm.* Horithu withdrew his dagger from its sheath as he walked towards Hayate. He placed the tip of it against his soft neck, and gently glided along Hayate’s neck.

“If you’re going to kill me. . .Kill me, and get it done with already. . .” A smirk slithered onto Horithu’s face as he leaned against the table that was infront of Hayate. “So you do not wish to see your dear Himeno’s face again?” “She tried to kill me but failed, and how can I love a monster like that!?” Hayate’s voice boomed throughout the whole room. “She is beauty beyond beauty! An she did kill you. . .but she decided she didn’t want you to die. . .” Horithu growled. Hayate had a smug look upon his face as slowly removed his hands from the ropes. “So you are in love with Himeno? An yet she’s quite taken with me?” Horithu sprung at Hayate with hate in his eyes. They wrestled on the ground as Hayate tried to pry the dagger from his hands, Horithu fell onto his stomach letting out a loud grunting sound.

Hayate slowly got up as blood dripped from his hands onto the floor. “W-W-What have I done?” The blood of another is on my hands. . .”Himeno walked out of her chambers wearing her bed sheets wrapped around her body. “Horithu what is this noi–“ She clapsed a hand over her mouth as she ran over to Horithu’s body completely ignoring Hayate. “HORITHU! HORITHU! WAKE UP! PLEASE WAKE UP!” She held his body in her arms as tears started to flow down her face, an onto his face. “M-M-My Lady. . .” He softly spoke as he looked into Himeno’s eyes and placed his hand on her cheek. “P-P-Please don’t weep for me, you’re far to beautiful to weep for someone. . .” “Sssssh don’t speak, safe your energy. You have to live Horithu. . .” She lightly smiled down at him. “My Lady. . . love you. . .An I will keep on loving you even after death parts us from one another. . .”

Himeno sniffled as she kissed Horithu on his soft lips, with the last of his energy he kissed back. She sat there holding his limp body as his blood drenched her bed sheets. “Now. . .I am. . .Truly alone. . .” She got up holding his body walking past Hayate without a word. “Himeno. . .I-I-I. . .” “Hayate leave this place. . .” She said in a cold voice as she kept on walking out of the room. Hayate stood there all alone, he looked down on the dried blood on his hands as he thought to himself. *I’m sorry Horithu, my your soul rest in peace. . .But at least I know Himeno’s heart still beats inside.*

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