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The Hiroshi Triplets
A girl with long black hair and purple eyes was sitting on the shore line of the ocean.
My name is Rain Hiroshi and today is my sisters and my seventh birthday.
“Hey Rain come inside, people will be arriving soon! So let's get this party started!” yelled a girl with long silver hair and purple eyes.
That is one of my younger sisters by minutes, her name is Ivi.
“Coming sis, just let me finish this first, I'm almost done!” she yelled holding up a pad of paper. She looked down at the pad of paper.
I'm almost done with this manga, I need to finish this tonight and get started on a new one tomorrow. I'm having the story just thrown at me. My youngest sister by five minutes, Eve, she is the writer of the stories and I draw them into manga form. Ivi is the editor and our number one fan.
“There finished!” She said as she put the final touches on the manga. Rain walked into the house.
“Hey Ivi, Eve it's finished!”
“Awesome!” Ivi told her as Rain handed her the book.
Later that day
“Hey Sasame are you sure that she is here?”
“Yes, we just got to find her.”
“Hey Hiroshi, when are we going to be able to read the next installment? You two left us hanging.” A young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes said to a girl with long black hair and green eyes.
“Did you hear that? Some one is talking to a girl named Hiroshi. It's that girl with black hair.” Mannen told the other knights.
Sasame walked to the two girls.
“Excuse me miss, but are you Miss Mia Hiroshi?” Sasame smiled at her.
Wow what a good looking man. She thought to her self with a blush on her cheeks.
“N-No, my name is Eve Hiroshi. But I have heard of that name somewhere.”
“Thank you Miss Eve.” He said as kissed the back of hand, to cause her to be red as a tomato. There was a light that appeared. “How can this be? You said that you where not her. Could you please come with me Miss Eve?
Kei walked up to a girl with long silver hair and purple eyes.
“Hello are you Miss Mia Hiroshi or do you know where I can find her?”
“No, my name is Ivi Hiroshi. Now where have I heard that name from?”
“Thank you for your time Miss Ivi.” Kei said as he walked away.
The others where walking up to random girls asking what there name was. (A/N- I know kind of creepy just walking up to girls.)
“Hey watch where you are going there mister!”
“Hey I could say the same thing, you nearly crushed me!”
“You are very heavy!”
“You know that is no way to talk to a lady.”
“Lady? I don't see a lady, Tulip-head.”
“How dar…Tulip-head? Where did that come from?”
Himeno, why does this girl make me think of her? Hayate thought with a sad look in his eyes.
“Are you ok mister?”
“What of course I'm alright. I'm Hayate there is never anything wrong with me.”
“Well my name is Rain. It's been interesting to meet you Hayate.” She as she stuck out her hand to shake his. He reach for it and there was a bright light.
“How can you be her? If you just told me that your name was Rain. I'm looking for a girl named Mai. Do you know where I can find her?”
“Mai? I'm sorry but you are not going to find her.”
“Why the hell not? We need her.”
“She is my manga character, she doesn't exist.”
“What? How can that be?”
“Are you sure that you are alright? Maybe you should go see a doctor, because if you believe that fictional characters are real, then there has to be something lose upstairs.” She said as she walked away and headed for the shoreline.
“Why you, Come back here.” Hayate said as he ran after her.
Ivi and Eve saw their sister leave with a very handsome blue hair man chasing after her, and they left and followed her, Eve dragging Sasame with her.
The other knights followed Sasame out of the house.
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