Prince Of Tennis Fan Fiction ❯ Post- Anacreontic ❯ Chapter 1

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"Post- Anacreontic"

A _Price of Tennis_ Fanfiction

By Andrea Readwolf <andrea_readwolf>

Chapter: 1/1

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Sengoku-Akutsu-Dan

Genre: randomness

Warnings: Hangovers, language, implied sex.

Spoilers: n/a

Summary: hangovers are a bitch to wake up with...but they're a heck of a lot of fun to create.


Disclaimer: Tennis no Ohjisama, characters and settings are the property of Konomi Takeshi.


Date Started: August 29, 2004

Status: complete


Word Count: 465/ 536


"Post- Anacreontic"



A whimper of pain invaded upon his pleasant blanket of unconsciousness. He knew--he just *knew*--that if he tried to open his eyes right now--or, for that matter, if he tried to even move at all--he'd regret it. Down right regret it for the rest of his life--or at least for the rest of the day. Whichever came first.


"Ah, fuck, my head," someone moaned and the bed shifted under him, and another whimpered sounded in what could have been agreement or could have been in protest to either sound or force movement. "Christ! What the fuck did you give us?" the same someone growled.


And he couldn't help but grin as he remembered....




"I filched me father's best whiskey!" the fiery haired young man announced proudly, in his best (worst) Irish accent, beaming at the room's two occupants as he produced a rather large glass bottle from his bag.


"OH--Sengo--don't you think your dad might miss it?" the youngest of their little group began to worry, but Sengoku just waved away his fears.


"Don't you fret none, Danny-boy!" he ordered happily. "Me father has plenty more where this one came from, and he won't be missing it none. Besides! We need something proper to toast with! This is a celebration after all, is it not? Eighteen and all graduated! Now you *have* to drink with us, right, Jin? Jin? Jin! What the hell! That's my whiskey!"


"Just how much of this have you already drunk?" Akustu demanded as he hefted the bottle and sniffed warily. And then he tilted his head back and drank straight from the bottle, wincing as the fiery liquid sloshed down his mouth. "Christ, that's horrible."


"Not much, not much at all!" Sengoku protested. And then, "Jesus, man, leave some for the rest of us! Here, Danny-boy, have a sip, won't you?"


"Err... shouldn't we have some glasses...or something?" the newly graduated teen asked nervously.


"Drink, or pass the bottle back," Akustu ordered.




Dan had been absolutely adorable, choking on his first mouthful of whiskey--eyes tearing as he coughed through the after-burn effect. But he'd bravely accepted another sip... and another... and another... Sengoku had been so proud of him.


And he'd told him so.


And one thing had led to another.


Until, well...


"I'm never drinking again," a small voice whimpered.


He ran a hand up the boy's back, half-surprised but all-together delighted to note that said back was sans-clothing. Of course, 'Little Dan-kun' was *not* so little anymore; that was for sure. The young man, although slimmer in builder, was taller than both Sengoku and Akustu. And an absolute hellion in bed.


"That's what they all say," Sengoku mumbled, smiling as he pulled Dan closer. "Just go back to sleep. The pain'll go away. Eventually."