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Chapter Three: Hate
People were beginning to worry. She could tell, by the way conversations sometimes suddenly stopped when she entered a room. On the fifth day she had had to convince Gonza that she was merely feeling a bit under the weather. She felt a little sad about lying to the man.
Ashitaka had left seven days ago, early in the morning. She hadn't gotten to see him go. She really wished she had, of course, except she was afraid she might have said something out of place. She hadn't been very hungry since then. The funny thing was, though, she slept very well. Sometimes she fell asleep in the middle of the day and wouldn't wake up for hours. She couldn't help it; things just seemed so boring. Unfortunetly she had never been much for sleeping during the day before, so after she woke up she would feel sick.
She would get over it sooner or later. Surely something exciting was bound to happen. She was really being quite silly about this, she knew. But she couldn't help but wish she could do things over again. If she had him here now she knew she wouldn't let him go so easily. She wasn't accostumed to wishing she could do things over again.
Slowly, Lady Eboshi fell asleep over the reports strewn across her desk.
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It was raining. That was bad, Ashitaka thought glumly. In addition to making the cold worse, it was washing away any possible tracks. He was beginning to wonder whether this was a vote of ill favor from the gods.
Not that there had been any tracks to begin with. San's wolf-siblings were huge and would normally have left plenty of deep tracks, unless - as he now suspected - they were trying to keep their presence hidden. Maybe 'knew' would have been a better word than 'suspected' at this point. He would have had to've been a very bad hunter indeed to not notice giant wolf tracks by now if there had been any to notice. And anyway, if San had wanted to see him then she could have come to him by now. He felt like he'd searched the whole forest.
Well, not the whole forest. There was one place he hadn't bothered with, because it was obviously far too obvious and anyway if was a real bother to get to. Surely... And it would be even harder to get to right now, what with the mud. If he went up there now and San wasn't there it'd be awefully annoying. On the other hand, he'd been thinking about looking for a place to stop for a while now, and who knew? Perhaps if he stayed up there long enough she'd come to him.
"Sorry about this, Yakkul," he said. The elk bent its neck down to nuzzle his cheek, and he smiled. "Just a little further now."
They headed toward the cave at the top of the cliff.
As he'd predicted, trying to reach the cave was a hellish experience in this weather. He was almost at the point of trying to leave Yakkul behind for fear of him slipping and breaking one of his long, thin legs, except he knew it would never work. The elk was much too stubborn.
Finally he reached the land directly below the cave. At which point several tons of snarling wolf lept out in front of him. Nothing wakes a person up like suddenly coming face to face with a jaw-full of teeth the length of your index finger.
"Leave here, human!"
He frowned. "I'm not here to hurt you. You know that. I want to see San."
The wolf sneered in such a way as to reveal even more teeth. "Maybe, but my sister doesn't want to see you. Leave, or I'll eat you for dinner!"
"Why doesn't she want to see me?" he implored. "Please, I only want to talk to her." The wolf snarled. "Please! If you let me by then I'll slautter a cow and bring it to you tomorrow."
"Hah! We don't need any of your dumb village animals to get by! The wolf tribe takes joy in the chase. Run away, human!"
Someone sighed loudly. "You're both so noisy. Go ahead and let him by or he'll never leave us alone.
Ashitaka looked up and saw San, though the expression on her face wasn't like her at all. It wasn't something he'd forget in a hurry, though he might try.
Inside the cave it was blessidly dry, and he spread his cape out in the hopes of it drying out a little. San watched him scornfully. "Don't get too comfortable," she snapped.
He stared for a moment before saying, "What's wrong? Why have you been avoiding me?"
She scoffed. "You're a filthy human, that's why!"
"But, San, you're human..."
"It doesn't matter! I belong with the wolf tribe! Everytime I go near it the smell of that woman's city makes me gag. I-"
He shrugged. "So? I'll come live with you then. I don't mind at all. I thought you'd learned not to hate the humans."
"No!" She scowled. "I waited for a week for you to come see me, like you promised, and then I decided to go look for you. I went into the city at night and kept hidden, and you know what I saw? I saw a human kill another human! I saw a woman beating her dog. I saw a, a man forcing himself on a woman. She called out for help and no one came! And you're trying to tell me there's any good in humans? I hate you!"
"Not everyone is like that, though..." It sounded pretty feeble, he knew. His voice seemed to be coming from a long way off.
"My human parents left me for dead at Moro's feet, Ashitaka. And now she's dead, thanks to humans. Go home to your evil city! Get out!"
She really means it, he thought, stunned. She looks so disgusted... She'd never looked like that at him before. Slowly, Ashitaka stood up, doned his cape, and left.
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