Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ New Days in Second Life ( Chapter 1 )

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Newdays in Second Life
Since the time when humanity had almost lost survival to vengeful gods and immortals, everything had changed. Since the time when death seemed near on people's footsteps, everything had changed. Since the time when a vital fight between two opposites has been won over, everything…had changed.
Motoko; bounty hunter, heroine, and lover to a killer, walked along a blades of jade grass. She then looked up at the evening sun with the firmament all violet like a blanket of lavender swept across the skies. But then, a brush of wind crawled down her back that tingled her skin. She rubbed her shoulders to sweep off the coldness of the wind. But then, out of no-where, a pair of arms where then swept round her waist and was pulled backwards. Her back was then pressed onto the front body of a male. She was startled at first and struggled a little, but she then looked up above her head and saw a man; white midnight blue hair, pale turquoise eyes, and two navy blue tiger stripes on both cheeks.
“Sasuke, must you always scare me like that?” Motoko questioned him with a small tinge of irate.
“Like I said before; it's only because I love you.” Motoko then smiled calmly at his face.
“I'll never know where I would be without you.”
“Probably somewhere in a ditch.” Motoko kicked him gently behind her but Sasuke caressed her even tighter.
“You seem so different now.”
“I have you, Ashitaka and San to thank.” He then lowered his head and kissed Motoko softly on her lips.
“You soft touch.” Motoko cheekily whispered to him.
“I'm never soft.” Sasuke chuckled to her, and then stared at the sky. “It's getting dark; we must be heading back.” But then Motoko stumbled a little as then Sasuke wrapped his arms closer to her, but then they both looked at the sky once more as they observed the moons translucency fading into the indigo heavens.
In the clearness of the skies, came upon the silver stars that glistened in the reflection of the waters above. The waves of the grass blended within a whole flourish of light-hearted colors of sakura pink, ocean blue and jade green. A lullaby from the wind began to sing as she brushed her voice through the rustling leaves of the bushes and the trees, as if it was an earthly spirit. It was…peaceful, wondrous, surreal. But there was a manly figure standing on top of the soft blades of prairie. A sort of, 18 years old boy, his brunette hair flowed fluently with the zephyr, his healthy tone of a body stood still like a statue against the zephyr, but his eyes were grey, humane, yet the soul deep within his heart is half supernatural, not a mutation, but an evolution of the mythical world of gods and demons. He face was serenely smiling, maybe to something, or someone. He saw Sasuke looking at him; grumpy as usual, but there was still some sort of happiness inside his lips. However, when the wind blew a pixie dust f leaves and tears, the figure the boy was staring at changes into Motoko jovially looking at him, he still carried on smiling. And when the last time the wind sung, the fatigue change once more, into a girl he desires to share his life with. Greenish auburn hair, long athletic legs, wolf tribal markings sketched onto her cheeks and forehead, grey eyes, with a dress sewn from a pelt. She was, in his eyes, beautiful. And then, the boy saw her soft lips whisper a name.
The boy then woke his eyes slowly, as he looked above him, and saw the girl in his dreams, looking down upon him. She was sitting on his pelvis smoothly with her hands pressed down the brown pelt the boy was sleeping on, as she comfortably leaned her body weight onto him.
“You've been sleeping nearly all day today Ashitaka.” The girl spoke to him in a cool voice.
“I'm sorry San; this has been a really peaceful day.” Ashitaka replied as he looked around and reminded his mind that he was in San's cave.
“Were you dreaming of me?”
“Yes, and you looked lovely as always.” He then lifted his hand to San's face and brushed her hair away from it, revealing her inimitable markings. He slowly brought her face to his and kissed her lips tenderly.
“This is…nice.” San thought to herself. Princess Mononoke; the name that has been branded on her reputation as a human-hater, has then been strangely altered every time she draws her breath near Ashitaka. After the ceremony of the earth's rebirth, she finally understood why man and beast should be kept in harmony, but a dark experience still kept her tainted in wrath against the humans. Yet around Ashitaka, her anger and vendetta automatically switches off, or becomes malfunctioned from penetrating, yet calm emotions from the connection between herself and Ashitaka. She never regretted the time she didn't slit his throat, she never knew what he could mean to her, but now, she knows.
When the kiss was slowly broken off, the two lovers looked into each others eyes. But conflict within San made her push herself off and showed her back away from him.
“Damn you Ashitaka, why must I fall in love with a human?” Ashitaka looked quite strangely at San first, but then smiled quite seductively as he already knew what San is like; cute and confused. He then rose himself up and walked up behind as he caressed her waist and breathed in the dewy smell from her.
“I know, you can't forgive humans. But can you forgive me?” he whispered in her ear gently. San then began to hyperventilate heavily when tilted her head to the side a little to let Ashitaka suck softly on her neck.
“Ashitaka…still…I still…I don't know what to say….”
“Shh…you don't have to say anything tonight…just…stay with me.” San then belatedly looked back at his gorgeous face and smiled, kissing him back as she wrapped her arms around his back. The pair let their passionate kiss carried on without a pause or a stop. Ashitaka gently let San's back fall onto the pelt and embrace her in his chest, he never thought he would never end up with a headstrong, but perplexed girl like San; she was the one for him. They then caressed each other, smelling their natural scents.
“I hate you Ashitaka. I hate you and I love you.” San reminded him. But Ashitaka understood what she meant.
“It's okay to feel that way.” Ashitaka uttered back to her, as their little intimacy of kisses continued, and continued, and continued.
The sky was now carbon black with the glossy moon glowing white light onto earth. Back in the cave, Ashitaka laid on the ground, with his kimono and sleeves stretched away from him a little, showing his chest, along with San, revealing her breasts a little with her dress pulled away from her chest a little as she slept on top of Ashitaka. But now the young prince seemed quite restless. He still had his arms lingering close to San, but he couldn't help but hear deep thumps from the moonlight.
“What is this I am hearing? Is it my heartbeat? Is it San's heartbeat? It seems quiet yet strong. It might be both of our heartbeats.” He thought to himself as he saw the reflection of the light grew brighter with every pulse he heard. “Am I meant to hear heartbeats? Is it because I'm only half human now?” He then sighed to himself. “So many questions unanswered. Are there any others like me and Sasuke around? It can't be just the two of us. Father…I still don't understand. I need guidance…” But then Ashitaka's eyes began to fade away into a slumber as he clutched his hold of San even closer to him, and then he dreamed again throughout the rest of the Luna night.