Princess Mononoke Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of Princess Mononoke ❯ Wings of Wonder ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Wings of Wonder
Ashitaka dreamed again, only in a more, dark unnatural light.
He saw himself; walking on the bed of grass, looking at the moon so close you could touch it at the horizon, as the glow brightened the carbon black night sky behind it. With no stars sparkling, no silent rush of the singing wind, no waves from the blades of the prairie, just, the boy and the moon.
Then, in the distance, Ashitaka detected another being; another human maybe.
“Excuse me.” He called out in the dark abyss, but the human took no notice, and then began to walk away. “Wait.” Ashitaka stretched out his hand, but then he felt an energy pulling him further to the human. He also felt the force in his feet, when then his body just popped up from the ground. He slowly lifted up his leg, and then pressed it down on the air below him. It then gave him a sliding effect on his feet, walking but, skimming at the same time. His speed gradually increased with every step he took, and gradually got closer to the human.
They both reached to the end of the hill, with Ashitaka still a couple of giant feet away from the human. And then, something strange and mystical came crawling from under his back. Wings. Feathers of wings radiant of fire and sparks sprung out from his spine and gracefully spread out wide and open within the air. Ashitaka gasped by his mystical mutation. But then, the, not-so-human, rotated his head to look at Ashitaka. The prince automatically recognized his face, and saw, that it was father once again. And then he saw him whisper a phrase of words, whispering…
“They're returning…”
Ashitaka then turned a confused look on his face, when then his father flew away into the glossy darkness of the midnight. And then…Ashitaka developed a kind of, tingle in his fingers; they began to glow deep orange and golden yellow. Ashitaka panted air into his lungs, but then crouch down as he afterwards felt a churning sound in his stomach. And then, all of a sudden, the exact replica of his father's wings scorched out from behind his back. His canines grew rigid as his eye bleached from still grey, to fiery hazel, and began to growl loudly.
Ashitaka suddenly awoke from that mysterious macabre of a dream, with his arms spread out wide and sweat trickled from his bare chest, which made him wonder where his kimono was. But the tension was still quite high and hyperventilated quite heavily, and it was still dark and late, but a small firelight was calmly ablaze and San was away from his side, until she came back and dampened him with a warm wet towel.
“Ashitaka, what's wrong? Did you have a nightmare this time?”
“It was strange; it was both a dream AND a nightmare.” Ashitaka softly replied back. He then sat himself up and thought to himself once more.
“I need to return to my village.” San's eyes suddenly pricked up when she heard those words.
“There are questions unanswered that I need to find out. The dream I last had just showed me more curiosity about what my father did as an immortal. If my people knew that he was immortal…maybe they can tell some information about his past…” and then he began to sigh. “But returning to my town is forbidden to me. The fact that I'm now dead to them means that if I go back, they will kill me for intruding.” San then began to gleam closer to Ashitaka, and touched his hand.
“Go back.” He then pricked up.
“Go back. If this is what's going to keep you suspicious then go. You'll never know what will happen unless you try.” Ashitaka smiled and then caressed her hand. But then he gently pulled San onto the brown pelt with his eyes looking down at her body.
“I won't be gone long. Consider a matter of days San.” Ashitaka quietly spoke to San, as she then nod her head as a reply. The small flicker of flames glimmered out rays of warm auburn onto her skin. “I love you, my princess.” Ashitaka then slowly leaned onto San and began to touch her neck with his lips with pecks of infatuation. San moaned a little as Ashitaka enjoyed loving her every bit; their passion between each other never seemed so real or surreal before. They had been through a lot; they granted back the forest spirit's head, encountered with gods and demons, stopping humanity from reaching its destruction, no wonder their bond has been so strong.
Ashitaka then kissed her nape and chest as he tenderly rubbed her waist. San didn't care, it was Ashitaka all along. He's the only one who can touch her intimately, he doesn't need her permission to love her; he already knows. Ashitaka then looked up back at San and stared into each others eyes for moments. Although nothing happened between that time, their relationship has bloomed more intense, more brilliant within a matter of an instance. Ashitaka then kissed San on the lips; they both felt the internal warmth underneath their skins and tasted the bliss of sweet yearn below the stiffened worthy warriors they were. The fires then softly dimmer to a low glow of blue all of a sudden by a strange mystery of magic, yet Ashitaka and San were still hypnotized by the sentimental ecstasy of heavenly deep adorability. Ashitaka then lowered his head back down to San's chest, but then submissively moved down to her breasts, and pressed his head to them and exhaled out. He then gently fused his hand with one of them and gently connected their heat together.
“Ashitaka…” San uttered out his name, as then he looked up at her.
“Yes San?” She laid still and quiet as she looked at his lips.
“You will never leave me, will you?” Ashitaka was a little confused by what she asked.
“What do you mean San?”
“If anything bad happens to you…I think I can't live on without you.” Ashitaka then stroked her cheek.
“I will always stay to protect you; I would even to stay to die for you.” San then had the shimmer of the light glow within her eyes as she smiled so tearfully; an emotion that the great Princess Mononoke would never show to anyone. Ashitaka was touched when he saw her give that expression to him, he just couldn't help but kiss her again.
Their lips kindly pressed against each other when then they began to clutch onto each others bodies. San then placed Ashitaka's hand back onto her breast; Ashitaka looked down, but then gently groped it tenderly. San then started to undo his sleeve knot; taking off slowly the navy coverings to reveal his biceps. Ashitaka subsequently drew down the strings that held her dress to her skin, and decided to sensitively lick that snowy skin. San just looked up at the ceiling of the cave and saw the mirror image of the blue firelight blurring in with the rough contrast of the boulder. She breathed in and out a bit more heavily than before as she felt Ashitaka's tongue slid down onto her breasts again. The quiet stimulation between both San and Ashitaka was erotic in small amounts, but the sweet tension still kept themselves up and awake for the sensation to last; before Ashitaka must leave for his purposes. So they carried on for couples of hours, until the endearing yet silent activity dozed away into light dreams again, with Ashitaka embracing San in his arms…